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Spread 'Em

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By Jasmine Dayne

Copyright 2011 by Jasmine Dayne

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Spread 'Em

Tina turned slowly, admiring her body in the trio of mirrors in the dressing room. She loved how the black stockings made her tanned skin seem to glow. The garter belt framed her ass like the work of art she'd been told it was by many men. Her credit card was a little too close to its limit, but she couldn't keep from buying. Besides, she thought, good lingerie is an investment in her future. Personally and professionally, it always helped to be able to flash a little something naughty. She pulled her black mini-dress back into place and headed to the register to pay for her purchases.

She left the store giggling at how embarrassed the mousy little sales clerk had been from having to cut the tags high up on Tina's thigh to ring up the items. Maybe if the girl bought one of the many push-up bras her store sold she'd be shopping instead of working there. 

"God, you're such a brat," Tine muttered to herself as she walked out to the parking lot. She strode surely and seductively on four inch heels to the space she'd left her car. It was empty. "What the fuck?" She looked around, hoping she'd just picked the wrong row. But no, there was no black convertible to be seen in the mostly empty lot. "I can't believe some asshole stole my car!"

"Uh, everything all right?" 

Tina spun around. A guy was leaning out the window of his pick-up truck. "No. Everything is not all right. My car's been stolen."

"Was it parked right there?"

"Yeah, duh."

"Dark Miata?"

"Yes. Did you see it?"

"Sure did. But it wasn't stolen, miss. It got towed."

"Why? It's not like I was parked illegally."

"Can't say. But it was a police tow truck, I did see that much."

"Fuck!" Tina put her hands on her shapely hips and tried not to scream. "What the hell am I supposed to do now?"

"Go to the impound lot. They can tell you what's going on. But you better hurry, they close in less than an hour."

"I can't get someone to take me that soon." She eyed the man. He looked a few years older than her twenty-two. A little scruffy, but not too bad. "Unless you want to take me." She pushed her shoulders back, displaying her impressive cleavage. 

"Er, I'm kind of running late."

"Please," she asked, softening her voice and her eyes in a way few men could resist. "You'd be saving my life."

"Hell, okay. Get in. But I gotta just drop you off. I don't have time to wait around."

She beamed and skipped over to the truck. "Thank you so much." After climbing inside she placed her hand on his denim-covered leg. "I really appreciate this."

He stared down her top for a while and then cleared his throat. "No problem. I'd hope someone would do the same for my wife."

"Oh, you're married? Figures... cute and such a gentleman." In truth she'd already lost interest in talking to him. She needed to get her car and get home. Her best friends were planning a night out on the town and she wasn't going to miss it for anything. It had been almost two weeks since she'd had something hard between her legs and that was a record that left her frustrated and short-tempered.


The impound lot was a dump in the middle of nowhere. Tina scrunched up her face and looked around as her ride left. She slipped through the open gate and headed towards the little shack that must have held the office. Out of the corner of her eye a familiar sight drew her attention. Her car was just to the left of the structure. She could see a long scratch down the side.

"Oh, fuck no. They did not mess up my car." She ran over and patted the hood. "You poor baby. What did those nasty people do to you?"

"If that car talks back to you miss I'll eat my shoe."

She turned quickly, short skirt revealing the stretch of naked thigh above her stockings. There was a tall, imposing man leaning against the wall. He wasn't wearing a uniform but had the cocky smirk every cop seemed to wear. "What the hell happened to my car?"

"I'll ask the questions. What are you doing in here?"

"Trying to get my car back, obviously."

"We're closed. How'd you get in?"

"The gate was open."

"Fucking assholes must've forgotten to lock it. Well, come back tomorrow and we'll see about your car." He turned and walked inside without giving her another look.

"Wait!" She followed him inside and froze. The room was full of cops. Three in uniforms and two in plain clothes. They were sitting around a metal table playing some kind of card game and drinking from a wide selection of beer cans and bottles of alcohol. "Um, sorry."

The one she'd seen outside was glaring at her. "Listen, missy, I told you to come back tomorrow."

"B-but I can't," she stammered. "I got dropped off here and have no way to get home." Tina couldn't remember the last time she'd been nervous in front of any man, but something about them intimidated her. "Can I borrow a phone to call a cab or something?"

One of the uniformed officers sneered at her as he fiddled with the handcuffs on his belt. "Don't all you kids have cell phones?"

"I lost mine the other day. Haven't had a chance to replace it."

"Typical. Let her use your phone, Trevor, so we can get back to the game."

The man next to him nodded. "Yeah, come on. I'm with Rick. I'm not going home to my bitch wife without a pile of your money in my pocket and a gallon of whiskey in my belly."

Tina giggled. 

His eyes turned to her. "Think that's funny, huh? Some man'll be talking about you like that in a couple years."

"The hell he will. When I get married my husband will run home to me every night."

He snorted and looked back down at the table, dismissing her.

Now she was really pissed. Men did not ignore her or disrespect her, police officers or not. She was about to give them all a piece of her mind when the first guy, Trevor they called him, grabbed her arm and led her to the back of the room. There was a desk with an old computer a pile of papers and a phone. "Hurry up. And you got to wait outside. When you're done with your call I'll walk you out."

"Fine." She didn't have money for a taxi so she dialed the first number she remembered. Of course her friends were busy getting ready for their night out. She left a quick message and hung up, still pissed.

Trevor was still right behind her. "No one home?"

"No, but they'll come get me eventually."

"Okay, off you go then."

"Wait." The last thing she wanted to do was stand by the side of the road for who knew how long. "Can I stay in here? I won't both you all." She put so much sugar in her voice it made her teeth ache.

Trevor laughed. "I get it. Now that you need something you're sweet as pie."


From the table came a gruff voice. "Let her stay so we can play this damn game."

"Whatever." Trevor waved her off. "Have a drink if you want but stay out of the way."

"Okay." She grabbed a beer and scampered back to the desk. There weren't any extra chairs so she perched on top of it with her legs crossed and as downed the cold liquid.


"Oh for fuck's sake." The cop with the cuffs pushed back from the table and kicked over some of the empties at his feet.

The sound startled Tina, who'd become mesmerized by the rhythm of the game.

He stood and started pacing the room. "I hate poker."

Trevor laughed. "No, you hate that you suck at poker. There's a difference, Rick."

"Shut up." He took a swig of beer and walked over to Tina. "What are you smiling at?"

"Nothing. I just never thought police officers would be so much fun."

"Oh yeah, we're a real good time." He slurred his words a little as he stepped closer to her. "What you got on there, girl? Stockings or whatever?"


"Kind of old fashioned, ain't they?"

"No. I like them."

"Me too. Why don't you let me see some more of 'em."


"Come on. I'm bored. Entertain me a little."

The idea of showing off her body in front of so many men was a turn on, but she hesitated. "I don't know..."

"Do it. Ain't no place safer than a room full of law enforcement officers, right?"

"I guess." She pulled her skirt up a little, showing him where her garters connected to the stockings.

"Very nice."

"Thanks. I just bought them today."

"They look soft. Mind if I feel?" His eyes bored into her, making her wet.

"Be my-"

"Hey you two, cut it out." Trevor was suddenly there and he looked pissed off.

Rick mumbled "buzz kill," and wandered away.

"Watch your mouth, rookie," Trevor spat after him. He looked at Tina and sighed. "You're gonna get us in trouble, miss."


"Yeah, I can tell. Listen, let me find out what the deal is with your car, maybe I can get you out of here now."

"Really? That would be great."

He shuffled through the piles of paper on the desk. "Your plate number start with XTC?"


"Well damn. Your car isn't going anywhere tonight. Or for a while maybe."

"Why?" she whined.

"You have a dozen unpaid parking tickets from this year alone. Our next step might be calling out a bench warrant on you."

"Oh," she whispered. "I guess I got a little behind on things. Can I pay it off now?"

"You got two grand?"

"What? Of course not."

"Then you're shit out of luck. Honestly, we could put you in jail over night for this."

Real fear coursed through her. "No, please."

"Don't worry about that. But you got to get this settled and soon."

"I will."

Rick stumbled back over and leered at her. "I got an idea."

"Tell me. I'll do anything."

"That's the plan... do anything and everything we say and we'll make this whole thing go away."

Trevor grabbed the other man by the arm. "Shut your mouth, Rick. Right now."

"Aww, come on. You guys been telling me stories about how things used to be around here. Why not get back to it? Have some fun and help this little lady out at the same time."

Tina was confused. "What are you talking about?"

"It's easy as pie. You and your nice stockings there spend a couple hours making us feel good. You'll leave here with a clear driving record and some great memories."

She finally caught on. "Oh, you all want to fuck me, is that it?"

"Sure do."

She'd never taken on five at once, but the idea was pretty hot. "All the tickets disappear?"

"Hell, do a good enough job and you'll get carte blache in this town. And I know a pretty little thing like you has plenty of troublemaking in her future."

Tina looked from man to man, across the room. Some were staring back at her. Others were pretending not to pay attention. When her gaze settled back on Trevor the decision was made. There was hunger in his eyes, but also concern. "Give me some of that whiskey first."

Rick tipped his bottle over her mouth and she took two gulps before the rest spilled down over her chin, soaking the front of her dress. The liquor burned going down her throat but created an immediate soft buzz, enough to give her the courage to go for it.

"Oh no. I got my dress all wet." She wiggled the hem up until she could pull the whole thing off over her head. 

Rick stepped closer. "Got some on your bra too."

She unhooked the garment and slid it off. When her round, full tits came in view the room went perfectly silent. She palmed them, sliding her thumbs across her nipples. "Got some on these too. Help me out, lover?"

He almost tripped in his haste to get to her. Rick leaned down and pushed her hands away to make room for him. He licked wide circles around her 34C mounds, tasting the whiskey and sweetness from her skin. 

Tina's head fell back, her long dark hair cascading down her slim back. She reached a hand out and squeezed Rick's crotch. He was hot and hard. More than ready. She could feel the eyes of all the men on her as they moved closer to watch or join in the action. Trevor retreated and the snarky guy Vince took his spot. He scooted in next to Rick and pushed his hand between her legs. She moaned as he shoved her panties aside and attacked her smooth little pussy. "Mmmm, bare, just how I like it."

"You haven't even reached the best part. Get those fingers inside me."

He obliged, jamming two thick digits into her tight cunt. She was wet but no match for his rough handling. It stung in the best way and she moaned again, pushing her chest into Rick's mouth.

"Oh, you like it rough, huh?"

"Yes," she whispered.

Rick bit down on her nipple and pulled at it like he was trying to get milk. She cried out and ground her juicy twat onto Vince's hand. He yanked his fingers out, slapped her pussy hard and sucked her juices off. "Come down from there. I got something even better for that slutty cunt of yours.

Even though she was used to men being almost worshipful when she got undressed, something about them treating her like a sex toy was amazing. She'd never been so wet, so willing to do anything.

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