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G E Griffin has asserted her right under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 to be ident
ified as the author of this work.


This book is a work of fiction. Names and characters are the product of the author’s imagination and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


All rights reserved; no part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying or otherwise, without the prior permission of the publisher. G E Griffin has asserted her moral right to be identified as the author of this work.


First published in Great Britain in 2014


Published by G E Griffin


ISBN 978-0-9576745-4-7


Copyright © G E Griffin 2014


Cover design by Lucy Rose Griffin



To all my wonderful loyal CG Blog followers, because without them I would never have had the confidence to write my own book.


To Sue B. and Renata B. for their editing and proof reading skills.


To Jane Harvey-Berrick for all her help and advice about self-publishing.


To Lizzie for all matters BMW related.


To Nick and Daniel for putting up with all my weird questions.


And of course a huge thank you to my husband and three daughters for their endless support and encouragement.


Prologue ~ Kimberley ~

Chapter 1 ~ Liam ~

Chapter 2 ~ Seraphina ~

Chapter 3 ~ Jamie ~

Chapter 4 ~ Liam ~

Chapter 5 ~ Seraphina ~

Chapter 6 ~ Liam ~

Chapter 7 ~ Seraphina ~

Chapter 8 ~ Jamie ~

Chapter 9 ~ Liam ~

Chapter 10 ~ Seraphina ~

Chapter 11 ~ Liam ~

Chapter 12 ~ Seraphina ~

Chapter 13 ~ Liam ~

Chapter 14 ~ Seraphina ~

Chapter 15 ~ Liam ~

Chapter 16 ~ Seraphina ~

Chapter 17 ~ Liam ~

Chapter 18 ~ Seraphina ~

~ Liam ~

~ Sera ~

Epilogue ~ Five years later ~

~ The Eulogy ~

~ Finbarr’s Song For Seraphina ~

Prologue ~ Kimberley ~


I’ve always been
a very determined and strong willed person, and I’ve always believed that if you want something in life badly enough, you should keep trying and not accept rejection.  Life is full of knock backs, but you have to keep plugging away until you get what you want.  That’s how I got myself through law school and then clawed my way to achieve my goal of getting a position with Lewis and Kirk, the prestigious law firm based in The Gherkin building in London.  Dogged and persistent is how I’ve sometimes been described, and I wouldn’t disagree.

When Liam Starr called time on our ‘friends with benefits’ arrangement, I admit I was disappointed.  Disappointed, but not deterred.  I’d been warned about him by Scott Franklin, my contact at the Butler’s Wharf fitness centre, when he’d passed his details on to me.  Apparently, I was exactly the type of curvy blonde Liam liked to have for his playmate, and according to Scott, Liam was exactly the type of tall and commanding guy I liked.

I’m five feet ten, I like to wear heels, and I'm not keen on short guys who end up being eye level with my boobs.  And I like a man who takes control in the bedroom.  I can't stand men who are hesitant and fumble around, unsure of what they’re doing.  I freely admit I like sex, but I can't be doing with all the preamble of dating and finding out if the guy is up for doing the kind of things that I like doing.  That’s why I prefer being up front and having a fuck buddy.  It keeps things simple if we’ve both agreed about what we want out of the arrangement.

“I should warn you not to get any ideas about this one, Kim.  Liam’s your classic commitment-phobe, so you’ll be lucky to last a month with him before he’s ready to move on again.  Don’t take it personally though - it’s nothing to do with you, it’s just the way he is.”  Scott told me.

“You make him sound like the ultimate challenge, Scott,” I mused.  “But don’t worry, I’ve met his type before and I'm sure I can handle him.”


I have three major boxes that need ticking before I would classify a man as being worthy of long-term consideration, rather than just providing me with some transient amusement.

It turned out that Liam Starr ticked all three of these important boxes.

Physically attractive -
hell, yes
.  Liam wasn’t one of those pretty boy sorts.  He was a proper man.  Six feet four, totally ripped and totally hot.  Tick.

Good in bed -
hell, yes
.  Liam was the best lover I’d ever had, without question.  Tick.

Successful and affluent -
hell, yes
.  Liam owned a penthouse apartment in Butler’s Wharf, and I knew they were worth millions.  Tick.

I also knew he ran his own extremely successful and highly profitable company.  A lot of men have issues with a career girl like me, because it makes them feel inferior if I make more money than them.  Being so successful and affluent meant I doubted Liam would have those kinds of issues.

Perhaps it was also something to do with my approaching landmark thirtieth birthday that made me look at him differently from all the previous guys I’d been with.  Did I really want to continue with my current lifestyle?  Or was it time to think about ‘settling down’, as my mother termed it?  If it was, looking at the cold facts made Liam Starr pretty much the perfect guy for me as we had so much in common, and were so well matched in our sexual experience and appetites.

And no question, he’d certainly be able to afford the huge diamond engagement ring I’d always thought I’d end up with on my finger eventually.

All I had to do was convince Liam that he needed me in his life as something more than his fuck buddy.  I knew this might prove challenging, but I had a few tricks up my sleeve.

Firstly, Liam might have been the best lover I’d ever had, but I have some pretty impressive skills myself.  I give great head, and can deep throat even the biggest guy, which was just as well because Liam was very impressively endowed.

And I was happy with pretty much all of the kinky shit guys like, so whatever Liam wanted, I was up for, especially on the great Tantra sex chair he had in the well-equipped bedroom we always used at his place.  I had to hand it to him - he had everything perfectly organised to maximise sexual pleasure.

I was so glad that before I’d met Liam, I’d had my breasts enlarged, so now they were the perfect size that he preferred.  My boob job would be worth every penny if it helped me to land him.

So I was sure that I could keep him physically satisfied; it was just the other areas of his life that I needed to concentrate on.

We never really spoke about anything personal that wasn’t to do with our sexual arrangement when we hooked up.  Liam wasn’t the kind of guy to indulge in idle chit-chat, so we never discussed topics such as décor but in my opinion, although the layout of his penthouse apartment was stunning, the décor lacked any kind of character and was cold and bland.  I thought that he was probably just a typical guy, scared to try anything more adventurous.

So the next time I stayed over, I thought I’d make a few simple suggestions to show him how a feminine touch could liven the place up.  The addition of cushions would be an easy enough first step to break him in gently.  But the look of horror on his face when I made the suggestion showed that even cushions were a step too far for him to take as yet.  I supposed it was inevitable that a confirmed bachelor in his thirties was going to be resistant to change, and I was just going to have to find other ways to convince him that he needed me in his life.  I knew what he needed, even if he didn’t.

I tried a different tack.  Liam was obviously close to his younger brother Jamie, because he saw him every Sunday for lunch, unless he was out of town.  So I realised that if I wanted to get myself a
ccepted into Liam’s life, I needed to get this brother on side.  Normally, it’s the mother you have to worry about with guys, but I’d managed to glean the fact that both his parents had passed away, so this made getting on with his only relative even more important.

On Sundays, I was expected to be out of Liam’s apartment well before Jamie was due to arrive, but this time I offered to stay and prepare lunch for them, as a way of getting to meet him.  Liam turned me down, but I thought with some distraction and delaying tactics, I could still work things so that I was around when Jamie arrived.  I was pretty curious to see him, to discover if he was anything like his big brother. 

I took extra care with my appearance and made sure my assets were displayed to their best advantage by wearing a clingy and very low cut wrap dress.  I’ve never understood why being an intelligent woman means that you’re supposed to dress like a frump.  If you have a great figure, why not flaunt it and use it to your advantage?  That strikes me as the intelligent thing to do, but it’s earned me some bitchy comments from other women.  Usually the butt ugly ones, so I put it down to jealousy and ignore them.

When Jamie arrived, I could see the family likeness to Liam, but he was a lot younger, like a softer, prettier, longer-haired version of his brother.  He definitely had potential though, and was a very good-looking boy.

“Hi, I’m Liam’s brother Jamie,” he smiled, staring at my boobs rather than my face.  I didn't mind though - that’s the whole point of wearing a low cut top, isn’t it?

Jamie’s eyes were a much softer blue than Liam’s, and he had a lovely warm smile.  He was casually dressed in low-slung washed out jeans, with a white linen shirt that was unbuttoned low enough to show off his black leather griffin-claw necklace.  It suited him, but I couldn't imagine his brother ever wearing something like that.

“And I’m Kimberley, Liam’s friend.  I think he told me you were a student?”  I smiled back, ignoring the way Liam was glaring at me.  He hadn't told me any such thing, but I’d made it my business to find out.  I always do my homework when I’m working on a project, and Liam Starr was my latest project.

“Yeah, I’m at the LSE.  The London…”

“The London School of Economics,” I finished off for him.  “Wow, I’m really impressed.  You must be clever as well as handsome,” I flirted.  I could tell Jamie was rather vain by the way he’d glanced at himself in the mirror in the entrance hall on his way in, to check his blonde surfer boy hair was in the correct state of careful mussed-up-ness.

“Kimberley was just leaving,” Liam said pointedly, as he handed me my coat.

“Don't feel you have to leave on my account.  You could stay and join us for lunch,” Jamie offered. Such a sweet boy.  I knew I could have him eating out of my hand in no time at all.

“That won’t be possible.  Kimberley has a prior engagement,” Liam insisted, as he started guiding me towards the door.

“Let me just get my bag.”  I leaned over Jamie to reach my bag, making sure he got one last good eyeful of my cleavage.  I noticed Liam rolling his eyes - okay, it was an obvious ploy, but it was my last chance to make an impression on Jamie, when I knew I was about to be bundled unceremoniously out of the place.

As we made our way through the entrance hall, I turned to Liam.

“So, usual arrangement for next weekend?  That seems such a long time to wait when I know how insatiable you are.  And I have needs as well, so do you maybe fancy hooking up mid week?”  Liam glanced back nervously towards the living area where his brother was now sat sprawled on the sofa.

“I’ll let you know,” he said brusquely as he showed me out, and closed the door firmly behind me.

As I drove the short distance back to my place, I told myself that I’d given it my best shot with both of the Starr brothers today, so now I’d just have to wait and see what happened.


.  What Liam let me know was that our arrangement had come to an end.  He thanked me and wished me well for the future, but he no longer wished to see me. 
.  I'd pushed him too hard too soon and scared him off.  I’d played the wrong hand of cards.  But all was not lost.  I wasn’t giving up on that ginormous diamond ring yet.

BOOK: Starr Destined (Starr Series)
8.15Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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