Stepbrother WHOA! (The Stepbrother Romance Series #5)


Stepbrother Romance Series Book #5


Claire Adams


book is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places and incidents are
products of the writer's imagination or have been used fictitiously and are not
to be construed as real. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, actual
events, locales or organizations is entirely coincidental.


© 2015 Claire Adams


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I woke up gradually the next morning, still in
Jaxon’s arms, warm and happy in spite of the ache deep down between my hips. I
smiled to myself, burying my face in his pillow, laughing as quietly as I
could. It seemed to me like the harder we tried to stay away from each other,
the more and more inevitable it was that we ended up throwing ourselves at each

I felt Jaxon shifting next to me in the bed, and I
turned over onto my back carefully, tilting my head to look at him. “Hey,”
Jaxon said, smiling slightly. “You’re not going to freak out on me again and
storm out of the room, are you?” I chuckled quietly and shook my head.

“I was just thinking about the fact that the more we
try to avoid each other the more we seem to end up jumping each other’s bones.
Freaking out and storming off would probably just lead to us screwing around
again.” Jaxon snickered.

“Yeah, you’re probably right. Besides, I’m just so
tired of trying to pretend like everything is good between us when it isn’t.” I

The whole frat house was quiet; if the guys had come
back the night before, I’d been too deeply asleep to notice. It occurred to me
that I’d actually slept through the night for the first time in weeks, instead
of tossing and turning, trying so carefully not to think about Jaxon, or to
tell myself over and over again that everything was great with our
brother-sister tactic. Even when I had been neck-deep in denial, I hadn’t been
able to convince myself that it was really okay with me, that it was better
that way. Maybe that was why I hadn’t even mentioned the situation to Mom—it
was too stressful keeping it all in my own brain, and talking to her about it
would just make things worse.

It was so incredibly nice to be in the house without
a ton of noise going on around us; it felt somehow even more private than it
had been at Bob’s house during break—even though there were several times more
people in the building. “It’s so weird for it to be this quiet,” I told Jaxon.
He nodded, smiling in a sleepy, dreamy way.

“Yeah—it’s weird, but nice. I don’t have to worry
about anyone walking in on us, or someone setting off the alarm, anything like
that. It’s a good change.” He pulled me closer to him in the bed; I knew that
we were going to have to talk more about the situation, but for the moment it
was nice enough to just be close to him, to feel his skin against mine, to
remember how good the sex had been the night before.

“So, how are your classes going?” Jaxon rolled his
eyes, his hands beginning to wander over me. In the morning quiet, I could tell
neither of us really wanted to talk about what was really on our minds: what we
were going to do about the incredibly screwed up situation we’d found ourselves
in. It was obvious to me that we just couldn’t cut it with the
avoiding each other, give each other space,
and just be brother and sister thing
, but I couldn’t begin to think of how
we could do anything else.

Instead, we lay around in his bed and talked about
everything else under the sun; I told him about my mom, about losing Dad,
getting into sports. I told him about losing my virginity, about the parties
I’d gone to in high school, the fact that Mom had taught me how to take a
tequila shot at the age of eight as the result of already being drunk from too
many tequila shots of her own.

Jaxon told me about joining the frat, about his
Mom—and how they’d ended up without her. He told me about the friction between
him and Bob. “What did Dad say about me after I left?” He asked me, his brow
crinkled with concern. I hesitated; some of the things Bob had said were vile.
But I told him about it, and Jaxon nodded slowly, looking unsurprised. “You
know I’m not that guy anymore, right?” Jaxon’s bright eyes stared down into
mine and I smiled.

“Well, if you were, I wouldn’t have any problem not
having anything to do with you,” I told him. “It’d be dead easy because you’d
be a jerk and a loser.” Jaxon frowned; not angrily, but with the same defeated
look in his eyes he’d had when Bob was shouting in the middle of the lodge
about what a useless teenager he’d been. “Look,” I said, turning to face him in
the bed. “None of us are the same way we were in high school. You were going
through a lot of shit, and you acted the way you did because you were a dumb
kid. We were all dumb kids back then. It doesn’t bother me—because you wouldn’t
be the great guy you are now if you hadn’t done that stuff back then.” Jaxon
held my gaze for a long moment before nodding.

“I’m so glad you understand,” Jaxon told me with a
smile. “I probably shouldn’t admit it, but every single time Dad brings that
shit up I just feel…like it’s still happening, like I’m still that person.” He
shook his head.

For a moment, I considered bringing up the fact that
Bob’s tirade had made me feel really—really uncomfortable. I remembered all the
things that Jaxon and Bob had shouted at each other, the pure rage and
bitterness in their voices, the way they seemed to absolutely hate each other.
I thought about telling Jaxon how scared it had made me to see them ripping
each other apart that way—especially to see Bob treating Jaxon so horribly. It
was on the tip of my tongue; and then, looking at Jaxon, I realized that it
would be the worst possible thing to do.

It was obviously too sensitive a subject. It was too
personal. I changed the subject, asking about Jaxon’s experience snowboarding.
He was so much better than me—I had to know how he’d gotten to be that way. We
joked and chatted, taking advantage of the quiet of the frat house.

We spent the entire morning in bed together,
cuddling, talking, touching each other; Jaxon pulled my body close to his,
slipping his hand down between my legs while we continued to murmur to each
other. He stroked and rubbed my clit, sending jolts of pleasure through my
body. I reached behind me as Jaxon turned me on more and more. I wrapped my
hand around his cock, stroking him slowly as he rubbed me. Without even
discussing it, it seemed like we had decided amongst ourselves to not touch on
the subject of our status as brother and sister.

Jaxon got me off over and over again; it seemed like
now that we had gotten started, it was impossible for us to stop. He buried his
face between my legs, devouring me again and again, licking and sucking my clit
while I got hotter and hotter and wetter and wetter. He held me tightly against
him and stroked and rubbed me while I squirmed and writhed. He kissed me
everywhere, caressing me, teasing me,
nipples between his fingers.

I returned the favor all morning, stroking and
rubbing him, wrapping my mouth around him to suck and lick him. I couldn’t be
sure if there were more than a couple of spots on his body that my mouth didn’t
eventually find, that I didn’t eventually kiss, suck, or lick, while we tumbled
among the covers. He took me from behind, he pulled me on top of him and I rode
him, we seemed to be able to go on and on, switching positions, trying out
everything we could think of with the golden opportunity we’d been given. After
all, we’d already gone back on our agreement not to treat each other as
anything other than brother and sister—what was the point in stopping now?

While we were lying around, barely able to keep our
hands off of each other, I realized I didn’t have any classes for the rest of
the day. “Oh, hey—Jaxon, do you have classes?” Jaxon smiled slowly.

“Nope. Free for the rest of the day.” I curled up
close to him, kissing along the line of his throat.

“Why don’t we grab some lunch—because I am
starving—and then we can hit the slopes.” Jaxon’s eyes lit up.

“You know,” he said, cupping my breast and giving it
a squeeze. “I was watching you the other day at the tournament, and I was
thinking there were some tweaks you could make to your tricks—get higher points
next time and maybe even take home the gold.” For a moment I bristled; the
confident tone of Jaxon’s voice and his insistence that he could help me get
better made me feel instinctively defensive. But I couldn’t help but admit to
myself that he was much better than me. He had been incredibly impressive on
the slopes—both at the tournament and when we’d been just on the mountain
fooling around.

“I guess it can’t hurt,” I said, nuzzling against
Jaxon’s chest. “But lunch first. There’s no way I won’t end up face planting of
I don’t get some food in me.” Jaxon laughed.

“Especially after all that cardio you just did.”

I hurried over to my dorm and grabbed my gear,
dressing warmly for the snowy conditions on the mountain we were going to. The
good thing about the season was that we could actually practice on real slopes
instead of in the practice warehouse on the artificial slope. It would be even
better to get some worthwhile time to go over my tricks, and maybe Jaxon really
could give me some advice.

Jaxon met me at the parking lot, and I loaded my
stuff into his car. I felt tingly all over; Jaxon had gotten me off two or
three times that morning while we had been lying in bed together, and I was
always excited to go boarding. “Where do you want to grab lunch?” Jaxon asked
as he pulled away, heading off campus. I shrugged.

“That chili place maybe? Or maybe El
—I think they have a special on tacos.” We chatted
as we made our way across the sleepy town and grabbed a quick bite; still,
neither of us wanted to discuss the issue of our parents. Instead we talked
about everything else. Jaxon told me about how he had trained, and we compared

“You know, I’m still in touch with my cross-training
guy; maybe he could suggest some workouts for you in the gym. Shake things up a
bit.” I was intrigued in spite of myself—and I agreed to hit the guy up.

It was a beautiful day, and I was, for once in the
past several weeks, at ease. It would be a fun day out on the slopes, and
getting some advice from a guy as good as Jaxon at competing would add to that.
Best of all, for the moment at least I didn’t have to think about keeping him
out of my mind. It would all change soon enough, I knew, but for the moment I
was just glad for the break, glad to be with him without having to hold back or
try and think about something else. I could tell Jaxon was in his element
too—the snow on the ground, the prospect of great conditions on the mountain, a
day free from classes and all of the stress of homework and studying was just
what we both needed, and something that neither of us had really gotten even
during winter break. We’d been so wrapped up in avoiding each other, and
everything had been so incredibly tense, that neither of us had been able to
relax at all.

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