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Jordan Silver

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"Fuck, me, this is so

Shit, if she could still form words
then I must not be doing this shit right, time to up my game, just because she
started it doesn't mean I can't bring it on home.

I turned her over onto her back,
pulled her legs up and over my shoulders and dug down deep in her pussy.

"Owwwwwww..." She bucked
under me and howled.

That's more like it.

I watch my dick slide in and out of
her wet slobbering pussy, the muscles in her legs are straining and her sweet
ass is caught in my hands pulling her harder onto my cock.

"Fuck baby, so tight, squeeze my
dick...that's a good girl."

"Get ready, I'm gonna do you
rough from behind."

I turned her over and plunged all ten
inches into her little cunt, there was no time for niceties we already made
love last night, now it's time for some serious fucking.

I'm feeling dirty, it's the mountain
air I guess, I reach for the lube and oil up my fingers pushing two into her
ass, her pussy goes on overdrive, clenching around my meat.

She cums on my cock and I pull out
and hit the ass, she takes it all at once because she's been well primed.

With three fingers in her pussy my
thumb on her clit and my dick in her ass I dare her to form a thought much less
a sentence.

She locked down on my shit and I
slapped her ass hard until she released me and still she kept cumming.

My little city girl is my cum slut,
she loves it, any way I give it to her.

I stole her five years ago, she came
up on my mountain backpacking and got lost. She came, I saw, I conquered.
That's the law of my mountains I take what I want, the fact that she's grown to
love me is a bonus for us, either way I would've kept her.

Young sweet as fuck and innocent, not
anymore, from early on I introduced her to my dick, she fought me for weeks
before I broke her down.

Now she can come and go as she
pleases but she hardly ever leaves the mountains though, she doesn't like to be
too far away from me.

She teases that she doesn't want me to
find another lost pussy while she's gone, as if; she's my one and only.

I hear the kids moving around in
their rooms, time to finish us both off before I get the day started.

She came on my fingers and I pulled
out so I could spray her back and the top of her ass.

"I think it's time to work on
kid number three." I whispered in her ear.

She didn't answer me, her body is
still shaking in the aftermath, but she nodded. Good girl.

I went to get cleaned up and get
ready to make breakfast, it's gonna be a while before she can function it’s
always this way when I’ve given her a good pussy pounding in the mornings.

The twins will be needing their
breakfast soon, I'll see to it, I'm thinking today will be a fuck fest. I'll
drop the boys off at the little pre school at the bottom of the mountains and
then come back for her ass.

"Stay in bed, I'll be back in a
little while after I get the boys taken care of."

Our boys are exactly four years and
three months old, I bred her the first week I fucked her, now it's time to add
to our little family.

I stole one last kiss and a finger
fuck before I headed out of the room leaving her sprawled all over the bed with
a smile on her face.

"I'm gonna fuck that smile when
I get back."


She came to my mountains to hike I
guess, like all the others that kept trespassing on my property over the years.
No matter how many signs I put up they still ignored them and the county was no
help at all, nothing we could do about that Mr. Sheridan, well I've decided to
take matters into my own hands.

I set some traps around the property
and some trip wires that would set off a silent alarm in the house when anyone
came around. I had surveillance set up as well, that's how far I was willing to
go for my privacy.

All that took a good chunk out of my
pocket but I could easily afford it, that's why I lived the way I did, most
people didn't realize it, but it took millions to be able to live in the
mountains in the Rockies, to own as much land as I did, not to mention the five
bedroom custom built log home with its state of the art everything.

Getting water and electricity and
your basic everyday necessities also cost an arm and a leg but I liked having
the best, for all that I lived in isolation.

I was in the kitchen when the alarm
went off that day; checking the monitor I saw her sitting on the ground trying
in vain to remove the trap from her ankle. I felt the usual anger that always
boiled in me when one of these townies blatantly ignored my signs and came on
to my property.

I was going to teach this one a
lesson, maybe she could go back down the mountain and tell the other assholes
about the experience and that would keep them away from here.

At least that had been my thoughts
until I got a closer look at her. You ever hear people talking shit about being
hit by lightning or falling for someone with just one look? Well I always
laughed that shit off but I'm here to tell you that shit is real.

She was a tiny bit of a thing, five
and a half feet at a guess, no more than maybe a hundred pounds soaking wet.

I noticed her perky tits first, I
guess at some point she got hot on her hike and took her over shirt off, right
now she’s just wearing a skintight tank that revealed the fact she wasn't
wearing a bra.

Her hair was a mass of burnish copper
curls and her beautiful sea foam colored orbs with their sloe-eyed slant sent
shock waves to my dick, hey I'm a hermit not a monk.

She saw me coming and started to
smile, I don't look like what I am, it fools a lot of people especially
females. They see the chiseled cheekbones, the wild as fuck jet-black hair that
had a mind of its own and my pale green eyes and they thought ' city slicker',
if they only knew.

She lost the smile when she got a
good look at my face, no smile, I was sure my frown of disapproval would put
fear in grown men much less a little slip of a girl.

"Could you help me please? I
seem to be stuck."

"This is private property, you
shouldn't be here."

"I know, I'm sorry, I was
following the stream and got caught up in the beauty of the mountains so I
missed the signs until it was too late, can you help me?"

"Where's the rest of your


"What, oh, I'm alone..."
She stopped short as if just realizing it wasn't the safest thing to tell a
stranger that she was all alone and at his mercy.

The traps I'd set weren't meant to
hurt or do permanent damage, but still there was no getting out of them easily.

As I watched her, I don't know what
came over me, maybe I'd been in these mountains too long and had somehow regressed?
I don't know, but the thoughts that were going through my head were not the
thoughts of a rational human being.

I had retreated to the mountains to
get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, I had enough money that I
didn't need to do anything else for the rest of my days but laze around if I so
desired, which is pretty much what I've been doing for the past three years
except when I was building something.

I had a workshop full of finished
furniture that I'd built to keep myself busy. I had a television, no telephone
but my SAT phone and a fully stocked library.

What I didn't have and didn't think I
wanted or needed was human companionship. When I got the urge to fuck I would
visit one of the nearby towns and pick up some pussy in a bar, but even that
had grown old fast. It must be five months since I'd broken one off, but
looking at this little slip of a girl, my mind went in a strange direction.

Before I could second-guess myself I
found myself putting my half formed plan in motion.

"Wait here I'll be right back, I
need to get something from the house to cut that off." That wasn't exactly
true but she didn't know that.

I ran back to the cabin and got what
I needed, returning to her side. Kneeling with my back turned, under the guise
of releasing her from the trap, I injected her with a sedative, something I
kept handy in case of large predators coming onto the property, but I used a
lesser dosage.

She was out in less than two minutes.
I checked to make sure she was still breathing and that I hadn't given her too
much before releasing her and heading back to the house with her clutched in my

Going through her belongings I found
her ID, Simone Clarissa Tatum, she’d just turned eighteen. Good enough.

I knew the sedative would take a
couple hours to wear off so I got busy. I tied her to the bed in one of the
guest rooms after cutting her clothes off of her, leaving her in just panties
and socks.

When she finally came awake she was
afraid, of course, she was tied to a bed with a strange man looking down at

She started to cry and beg and plead
with me.

"Please don't hurt me, please,
just let me go, I won't tell anyone I swear, please just let me go."

"No Simone, I don't think so, I
think I'll keep you." I smiled at her, I'm sure she thought I was a nut

That first day I bathed her, she
cried and thrashed around the whole time. As much as I wanted to, I didn't just
jump on her and fuck, no, I had a better plan, a more sinister plan if you

For the next three days I stayed with
her reading to her from the books I'd found in her bag. Classics excellent.

I bathed and fed her while she
remained tied to the bed but I never tried to fuck her.

On the fourth day I started playing
with her little pussy, I say little because everything about her was little,
except her thirty four C breasts. Her frame was barely past that of puberty her
pussy lips were still tight which meant she was either virgin, or not very
experienced. My mouth watered at the thought.

"What are you doing?"

"What do you think I'm
doing?" She didn't answer but I didn't expect her to.

I stayed on the outside of her cunt
at first, just rubbing my fingers over her vulva, not going in, I rubbed her
little clit until it came out of its hood.

Her hips, which had been stiffly
still before started moving of their own volition.

"Uhmm, what, wait, no."

Of course I ignored her.

The next day and the next was more of
the same, only on the last day I pushed my middle finger slowly inside her.

Ah yes, there was her hymen still

By now she had no control over her
body's movements as she fucked my hand. I played with her clit as I eased
another finger in her tight as fuck pussy. Soon she was bathing my hand with
her juices, her whole body was in full blush.

Looking into her eyes I licked her
juices from my fingers and her body trembled.

8.22Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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