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Stone Beast

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Stone Beast





Chapter One



She should’ve known better. Bethany could
hear the giggles and panting as she came closer to her bedroom
door. She’d seen Patrick’s car in her spot when she’d pulled in for
lunch. Usually she didn’t come home. But she’d forgotten her wallet
on the kitchen counter and she only lived a few blocks away from
work. Her hand reached towards the gleaming fake gold knob and she
closed her eyes when she heard Patrick spew out a series of curses,
and two giggling women return them. Her throat contracted as her
fingers wrapped around the cool metal. She twisted her wrist and
shoved. The door swung open and the usual creak that accompanied
its forward motion was silent as she took in the scene before

All the times Patrick had stayed out late.
When he’d come home smelling of potent cheap perfume and Thai
food—aka sex. The lies. The deceit. It was all too much for her to
handle. Before she could turn and head out of the room, one of the
women whined.

“Another one, Patty Cakes?” The voice carried
a pout. “You said I only had to share you with Clare bear. After
all, you are mine!”


Was he?


Patrick looked up from where he was kneeling
on the bed facing the door. The other girl had a mouth full of his
cock. The one who spoke was playing with the girl deep-throating
Patrick. It was like live porn and Bethany didn’t know how to
respond to that. The ache that was building in her chest only
fueled the fresh bile that gathered in her throat, and she wanted
to just get away.


“Fuck. Shit. Bethy.”

“Don’t call me that,” she whispered.


“Who is she, Patty Cakes? I like chicks, but
you know fat girls make me grossed out,” the woman purred against
his ear. “But for my Patty, I can make an exception.”

Bethany was shaking her head. She could feel
the light tickle of her messy curls brushing against her neck. She
pressed her fingers against her chest and took a step back. Leaning
forward, she grabbed the door and slammed it shut. She turned as a
sob tore from her throat.

“Bethany! Don’t you fucking leave!” Patrick
roared from the other side of the door.

She left.

Bethany James didn’t just leave; she raced
through her apartment grabbing everything she could. She snatched
up her wallet this time and gathered a few other things that
belonged to her. She would come back for her clothes. Then she
raced out the front door and back to her car. She just sat and
cried for a good ten minutes. Patrick never came down. The blow was

She brushed away more tears and saw the
smears of mascara on her fingertips. Bethany twisted the rear view
mirror in her direction and noticed her make-up was making a very
ugly trail down her creamy skin. Her eyes were swollen and red, her
cheeks were blotchy, and her lips were puffier than usual. As she
tried to clean herself up, she took in her chubby—looking face. She
thought she’d been doing well. She’d gone from a size twenty to a
sixteen in the last five months. It was all Patrick’s idea. He said
it was simply just a healthier way of living to try and get rid of
the extra weight. Patrick had started dating her when she was
heavy. He told her she was beautiful, and it didn’t bother him
because she was just so damned pretty.


They were all lies.

She looked down at her trendy, torn-up jeans
that she’d paired with red and black check stretch pants. Her black
V-neck t-shirt exposed her abundance of cleavage, something Patrick
had been particularly fond of. Maybe he really wanted fake tits.
Both those girls in the room had them. She wrapped the sweater
around herself tighter and looked down at the clock, and realized
she was late coming back for lunch.

On the short drive back she called her
friend, Ashley. Bethany gave her the blow-by-blow, and asked if she
could stay with her. Ashley released a series of curses that
rivaled what she’d heard Patrick say back at her apartment. Then
she vowed to beat the shit out of him. She offered to go pick up
Bethany’s clothes but she told her no. She wasn’t in the mood to
bail her best friend out of jail for killing her ex.

“What a fucking twat, Bethy. Seriously. You
gave that fucker everything. You even paid the goddamned rent, and
you’re the one that’s leaving?”

“Yeah.” She couldn’t find another word.
“Look, I’m back at work and I’m gonna head in. Organizing library
books will get my mind off things.”

“Only you would be soothed by fucking books.”
Ashley sighed through the line. “Fine. But I expect you here right
after work, okay?”

“Okay, and thanks again.”

“Not a problem.”

Bethany disconnected the call and headed
around the back of the building to the front. As she came around
the corner
came into view.
was the enormous
gargoyle statue that decorated the front of the building. Well over
seven feet tall, he looked like he could save the world. With a
deep breath, she reached out and ran her fingers down the rough
stone that should’ve been cold—but he was warm. Her brows furrowed
and she stepped closer as her fingertips coasted over his chiseled

“A hero would do just fine right about now.
If only you were real.” She smiled and shook her head. As she
stepped away a scent teased the air. It was pleasant, male,
something like midnight. Bethany took a step back, then headed up
to work. Her body was on fire and she wanted to go straight back
and rub against him.

God, watching her now ex fuck two girls
must’ve done things to her.







Deacon didn’t have to think about this. The
little librarian that always smiled at him when she came into
work—was his. All his. He was sure of it now more than ever. His
creator had brought him to this odd little town and made him take
his place on these stone steps over ten years ago. When he first
saw the girl she was young—too young. But he’d wanted her. More
than fucking anything he wanted to lay claim on the curvy little
blonde and plant his seed inside her.

He could feel his stone start to crack away
as he snarled. Deacon scanned the area to make sure no one was
around before he let the shift take him over. The stone façade
slipped free from his powerful body. He didn’t shrink much in his
shift, still towering a good six and a half feet over the world. He
was naked and knew that he couldn’t just stroll up into the
building and snatch her up. She had to be taken, seduced, and
fucking loved.

Deacon had smelled sadness on her when she
came up to him. Her eyes had been swollen, and those fucking juicy
lips were even more pouty than usual. She’d leaned closer and he
got a fucking glorious view of those juicy tits. He wanted nothing
more than to bury his head in all that feminine beauty and bottom
out in her sweet, tight cunt. Deacon snarled again and headed
around to the back of the building where he kept a car with clothes
at the ready.

It’d been so unclear for years what this
woman was to him. He’d protected her on many occasions, and chased
off many would-be lovers. But this Patrick male. He was a fucking
pushy fuck and got himself right in. His little librarian had been
with that man for over two years and it was about to come to an

Deacon slipped on low-slung jeans and a white
t-shirt. He knew that it wasn’t the best first impression but it
was all he had at the moment. His muscles bulged through the tight
cotton. He ran his fingers through his untidy blonde hair, trying
to tame it.


His dick had been raging and hard since she
touched him. Fuck. Her hands were warm, and so soft. He wanted them
all over him, wrapped around his pulsing cock as she brought him
off and he spurted his seed all over those huge tits. He adjusted
his cock and stalked back around the building, only to come to an
abrupt halt.

She was there, sitting in his resting spot.
Her face was buried in her hands as she cried. When she looked up,
her face was smudged and blotchy. Those lips. Fuck. He was going to
fuck her. Right there in the middle of the goddamned day. She
looked so pretty as she suffered. The warrior and sexual beast that
hid under the surface of a human man flared to life, and he imaged
her bent over in front of him as he pounded into her; spanking her,
making her pink on that round, luscious ass.


Before he knew what he was doing, he was
right in front of her.

“Who hurt you?”



Chapter Two



A very deep snarl and demand came from above

Bethany looked up slowly. Her gaze caught him
at the knees and then worked its way right up to his groin. Oh, he
was hard. And big. She licked her lips. Her fingers toyed with the
shattered rock that was around her. She’d come out to get something
out of the car when she noticed her beast gone. It’d been too much.
She’d shattered right there on the ground. Her one comfort in all
this bullshit, the one constant since she was in high school. She
used to breeze by him when she came to study and told him
hello—just gone.

Her gaze travelled higher to his huge expanse
of chest. The man’s muscles rippled through that tight white


Then his face. It was like he was created
from stone. All his features were strong and defined. She shifted
and tried to curl up tight, hiding her overabundance of curves from

“Don’t do that!” he barked.

Bethany sucked in a breath and scooted back.
He came closer. He towered over her. She jerked her gaze up and
caught his bright blue eyes. They were nearly glowing and
just—damn. Hot holy damn. His blonde hair was untamed and looked
wind-blown. He came to his knees in front of her and reached a hand
out. She was frozen and couldn’t move when he brushed a tear away,
then tucked some of her messy curls behind an ear.

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