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Strangers on a Train



To fulfill her ultimate fantasy, Charlotte wants to have the
best sex of her life with a gorgeous stranger on a train. When the hypnotizing
stare of a blue-eyed mystery man promises to make her dream come true,
Charlotte is ready to take him on with no questions asked. To seal the deal,
she promises to give him whatever he wants, however he wants it, as much as he
can take for the duration of the trip. What Charlotte doesn’t know is that a
man who can fulfill her ultimate sex fantasy will demand more than her body. To
have the ultimate pleasure, she must offer the ultimate surrender.


An Exotika ®
erotica story from Ellora’s Cave


Strangers on a Train

Erin Aislinn


Chapter One


Charlotte took a deep breath and opened the dining-car door.
Three men sat at the bar. All of them noted her entry. The two on the left gave
her the once-over, their gazes making a requisite pause at chest level. The
third locked eyes with her and held.

A flush rushed to her head. The force of her heartbeat went
up a few notches. A distinct shift came over her and she was aware of her body
moving through the aisle in suspended animation. She could feel her pumps
touching the floor and her legs propelling her forward, but her body didn’t
feel like her own. The most magnetic pair of blue eyes robbed her of control.
Suddenly a puppet helpless against the pull of invisible strings, she glided
toward him. The need to get closer to those eyes defied common sense. Never
mind that the rest of his face and body could top the chart for the most
desirable male to screw a girl’s brains out.

Although she could not take her eyes off that deadlocked
stare of his, her animal attraction meter registered the sensuousness of the
silky black hair that caressed his shoulders and the succulent shape of thick
lips. Her mouth watered. Damn, if he was just the type of guy she’d hoped to
encounter on this train ride. She just had no idea this type of guy would even
notice her let alone give her the stare that almost made her wet her little
black thong.

Over the years, Charlotte had gotten used to turning men’s
heads. Not because they admired her looks, but because she was one of the toughest,
most successful litigation attorneys to step into any courtroom anywhere
between San Francisco and New York. Many of them were attractive enough to win
her attention but to them, she represented opposing counsel, not a romantic
prospect. Not a single man she’d ever been attracted to had desired her as
woman. Until this moment.

What wonders a pair of stunning blue eyes could cause.
Charlotte’s center of gravity drifted down into her sex. An elemental feminine
force called to her, bringing her attention to every small movement of her
body. God, it felt great to relish the moment. How often did she have to remind
herself to get grounded? How often did she require conscious effort to shift
from the frenetic intellectual life to something as simple as noticing her
breath? Mr. Hypnotic Eyes over there sure helped propel her into the space of
the earth sex goddess in less than sixty seconds flat. And dang it if she
wouldn’t drag out every last delicious moment of it. After all, he was already
making her fantasy come true. A girl needed little imagination to take their
little staring contest to the next level.

Her awakened clit issued a full-on mating call. Charlotte
welcomed it and let it bring a sensual sway to her hips. Keeping her eyes on
him, she marveled at the wash of arousal as it burned up her spine and down her
legs. The raw power of it radiated through and out of her. As if taken aback,
Mr. Eyes leaned back on his barstool and held her gaze hooked with his
unblinking stare.

As soon as she reached an open booth in the middle of the
dining car, a waiter approached.

“Good evening, ma’am. Dining alone today?”

When she finally broke her lust-at-first-sight staredown to
respond to the waiter, all of her awakened sexuality turned right along with
her gaze.

She spoke to the young, thin man with the full clarity of
her intent. “I hope not,” she said in a sultry tone that could have come from
some gorgeous femme fatale. She also said it loud enough for the trio at the
bar to hear.

While the waiter held down the corner of the tablecloth to
give her easier access to the booth, Charlotte noticed every motion of her
muscles. The fabric of the little black dress encased her thighs and buttocks
with a sensation that made her certain of being noticed. Because she’d rarely
attracted male regard she didn’t quite know what to do with it when it came.
Tonight would be different.

The waiter leaned forward to drape a cloth napkin over her
lap. She could smell his manly breath and the starch of his white shirt. He
handed her the menu.

“Would you like to hear our specials?”

“Please,” said the femme fatale, her voice a few notes lower
than usual.

Even though the waiter was now the lucky recipient of her
attention, she sensed the blue eyes that followed her every move. She could feel
his gaze on her face as she smiled to the waiter’s description of dill salmon
with saffron rice. By now, the cream of her arousal began to wet her thong.
What had possessed her to put on that blasted thing? It served no practical
purpose at all. If this went on too long, she might embarrass herself by
staining her not-so-little black dress.

She picked the salmon and ordered a glass of the Mirassou
pinot grigio. The waiter extended his hand to take the menu. When he walked
away, Charlotte hesitated to shift her gaze toward the bar. Would Blue Eyes
still be focused on her, waiting to meet her gaze? Do or die. Better to snap to
it and move on. She looked up toward the bar.

The piercing azure stare cut through flesh, heart and soul
as if she was the one and only possible object of attention. Her belly churned.
Not only was he still looking at her but he’d leaned forward, ready to spring.
The expression on his face could have been read by a blind man as raging
testosterone shrank the space around her.

By the time Charlotte’s brain registered the cause for
alarm, it was too late. The other two guys at the bar were no longer mere
observers of her curves. They had turned into predators. When it dawned on her
that they were together, both of them slid off their stools.

Charlotte’s mouth and throat dried out. She wanted to
swallow the bitterness that coated her tongue but her throat wouldn’t work. She
cast a pleading gaze to the third man, resisting the urge to leap out of the
booth and run to the shelter of his arms.

Before the other two got a chance to take a step, he was
already in front of them, blocking their way as he strode toward her. His long
legs, clad in blue jeans and worn cowboy boots, swallowed the distance to her
booth. He placed one hand against the back of the seat and the other on the
table in front of her, crowding her and shielding her from view at the same
time. He leaned closer until she could feel his breath on her ear and another
buzz in her clit.

“Kiss me and better make it look like you’ve been kissing me
all your life.”

Before she could gather her senses, his mouth opened against
hers. The force of the kiss exploded in the pit of her spine. Her arm wound
around the back of his head, pressing him to her. Her mouth opened and sucked
on his luscious lower lip. She let out a moan when his tongue stabbed past her
teeth to spar with her own.

Charlotte was falling fast. His taste shot to the back of
her head, muddling her sense of physical reality. Even though her butt was
firmly pressed to the vinyl-clad seat of the booth, she felt herself swaying as
if she floated on air.

This single contact of his lips allowed him to conquer her
utterly and completely. Already she could feel him inside her. Not just his
tongue and his lips and his hair between her fingers. She was aware of his
whole body and how close he was and how she could breathe him in with every
breath. As seconds passed while their lips devoured each other, he staked a
claim on her body and her body begged for more.

When he finally pulled away and placed a peck on her
forehead, Charlotte closed her eyes, certain that when she opened them again,
she’d discover she’d been dreaming.

“Good job,” he said and slid into the booth across from her
with a commanding fluidity of a martial artist. “From this moment on, you will
keep your eyes only on me. Don’t for one second look back at those bozos at the

As if she could look anywhere else. The greatest hunk she’d
ever laid her eyes on had just made a meal of her mouth in front of the entire
dining car and was now sitting opposite her and clearly determined to stay

“Good evening, sir. Would you like to hear our specials?”
the waiter asked.

Hungry blue eyes zeroed on hers. “I already know what I

Warmth spread over her face and she wished she could hide.

“Sir?” the waiter asked.

“I’ll have what she’s having.” His eyes fixed on hers in an
undisputable declaration of a man staking his territory. No other man had ever
looked at her like a predator guarding his kill and ready to tear apart anyone
who dared to challenge him.

Did men have to resort to such cavemen tactics in order to
warn every other male away from their female? While it embarrassed her, she
gladly submitted to it as the novelty of the experience washed over her. His
cavemen antics made her feel safe and protected. And the strangest thing of
all, she trusted him implicitly. She would be willing to bet her life on this

“Same for the drinks plus a glass of scotch, Glenfiddich,
neat,” he said.

“Right away, sir.”

When the waiter walked away, Charlotte and her fantasy lover
became the last two people alive on the planet and the planet shrank to the
size of the empty space between them.

His scrutiny gained a note of seriousness that made her
squirm. The wet thong situation was reaching alarming levels of dampness. The
unwavering intensity of his attention and the perfect stillness of his body
made all of her nerves stand up and take notice. From close up, his physical
power became imposing. The thin material of his camel crew neck emphasized
every line of his ripped chest. The shirt might have been chosen for its
ability to make a woman want to trace the line of his biceps up to his
shoulders and across his pecs and down his flat abdomen. Charlotte had to
swallow as saliva once more accumulated in her mouth.

“Tell me now that you mean to go through with this,” he
warned. “Or not.”

Was her desperation so obvious? Did he think she was some
kind of a slut who rode trains looking for a fuck?

“’Cause, honey, I’m not in the mood to be teased.”

Another blush rose to her cheeks and she wished she could
rip the tablecloth off and pull it over her head. She had self-respect, damn
it. She’d worked on it for so long that she’d gotten to be known as the
ball-busting frigid bitch. When she’d finally managed to take her estrogen out
for some fresh air, she came off looking like a slut to the only man whose
respect she actually wanted.

Better to keep this real. She was on this train because she
wanted to have sex with a stranger and because the ride from Albuquerque to
Chicago provided a sufficient time frame to fulfill her fantasy and prove to
herself that her female sensuality was alive and well.

“What’ll it be, sweetheart?”

“Whatever you want, however you want it, as much as you can
take for the duration of the trip,” she said.

His lips stretched into a mocking grin. “Let me be perfectly
clear that you cannot begin to imagine the limits of what I can take.”

The waiter returned with the drinks. “Your scotch, sir. And
the pinot grigio. Your salmon will be out shortly.”

Mr. Eyes nodded without releasing her gaze for even a blink.
As soon as the waiter’s departure plunged them both back into the tight space
of animal lust, her gorgeous stranger picked up the glass of scotch and downed
it in a single gulp.

“Still up for it?” he asked. “Two nights and a day is a lot
of debauchery.”

She grinned. “And to be perfectly clear, you better be
prepared to leave it all between the sheets.”

He leaned toward her across the table as if to share a
confidence. “I thought you said ‘wherever’ I wanted it. Having second thoughts

The tone of his banter warmed her insides. She couldn’t
believe that he was making her dream come true in a much better way than she
could have imagined. He had the arrogant confidence of a male who thought way
too much of himself but he also had humor and seething sensuality that promised
to ignite dormant passions she’d come here to reawaken. She’d always been told
she was plain so she’d turned herself into an attorney worthy to be reckoned
with. Except that the man before her wouldn’t care about that. He’d acted with
her as if she were the only woman in the world he wanted to possess. In fact,
she’d bet he would welcome the challenge of proving to her just how passionate
and sensual she could be with a man who knew what he was doing.

He raised his glass and made the gesture of toasting her,
but before he had to chance to take a sip, she placed her palm over his glass.
He let her guide his hand down until he sat the goblet back on the table. She
dipped her finger into the wine and, reaching toward him, ran it across his
lower lip. She rose, slipped out of the booth and walked around the table until
she stood poised over him the way he’d done to her only a few minutes ago.

While she stood there, it dawned on her how much she ached
for him and could hardly wait to feel his cock inside her. What would he do
first when he had her alone? How long would it take before they were lovers?
The anticipation drew her down until their breaths mixed. She licked his lower
lip from one corner to the other, drawing the flavor of wine and its scent.

“Cheers,” she whispered.

BOOK: StrangersonaTrain
6.3Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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