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Copyright © 2013 by Adela Knight


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This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


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First edition: September 2013


Subway Girl: an erotic novella/ by Adela Knight – 1

p. cm.


Couple meets in subway and has instant chemistry only to lose track of one another and spend months looking for each other.


The author acknowledges the copyrighted or trademarked status and trademark owners of the following wordmarks mentioned in this fiction:

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ISBN:  978-1492362524

ISBN:  149-2362522

sat on the train and read my trashy novel on my e-reader. I hated the subway. It smelled like body odor and urine, with a little vomit thrown in for good measure. The floors were sticky with only God knows what, and there were always seats covered in gum—I’d found those the hard way.

Worst of all, I hated the way people bumped against me, invading my personal space. On a busy day it was like we were a can of sardines shoved
against each other. People totally got all up in my personal bubble. But it just wasn’t worth having a car in the city. So I rode the subway and walked the short way from the stop to my apartment. It really wasn’t a bad set-up.

Generally, there were the same people on the train as always. Me, a grandmotherly type, a couple of business dudes, a soccer mom and an artist looking guy. We all smiled at each other every day in greeting, but otherwise kept to ourselves.

But then one Friday he showed up. I tried not to stare, but it was damn hard not to. The man was gorgeous. He sat across from me with his legs stretched out. Long legs—he had to be tall. He’s lean from what I could see, but tight.

The car slow
ed to a stop and Grandma stands to get off. Mystery Man helped her gather her things and held her hand while she walked down the steep steps of the car. A group of rowdy teenagers pushed their way into the car. They knocked into Grandma and she dropped some of her things.

Bunch of brats.

But Mystery Man to the rescue. He scooped up the items and handed them to her with a smile.

“Oh, thank you,” she says.

“Anytime.” He smiled and sat down. And damn. He’s nearly perfect.

I got a good view of his ass when he bent down to help Grandma down the s
teps. Perfect. I was right, he was lean, but his body was ripped. I got a glance at his abs when he picked up the woman’s things.  Yeah, I looked up his shirt. What of it? Plenty of men have looked up my skirt. Consider it karma.

And his smile. That’s enough to give me an instant orgasm.

Jenny’s right, I need a man.

I haven’t been with anyone since my break-up with Jackass. Yes, Jackass is his name. Officially. Once we broke up he was deemed Jackass and has been referred to by that name ever since, even to his face. We’d been together for two years. We’d just gotten engaged when I
came home from work one Monday and found him banging my next door neighbor six ways from Sunday in my bed. That’d been eight months ago. Jenny, my best friend, had been hounding me to find someone to replace Jackass ever since.

“If you don’t want to date the guys
, don’t,” Jenny said. “Just fuck their brains out and move on. But you need to get laid.”

Looking at Mystery Man sitting in the seat across from me, I started to think Jenny had the right idea. His black hair
was stylishly messy and fell over his forehead, giving him a boyish look. His lips were full, but not feminine. Just the right fullness. I felt a familiar heaviness settle between my thighs as I wondered how they’d feel sucking on certain areas of my body.

I shift
ed in my seat. The movement caused my thong to pull against my clit and send waves of heat through my body. I closed my eyes and squeezed my legs together willing the feeling to subside.

When I open
ed my eyes, he was staring at me. A small grin touched his lips. He stood and motioned with his head that I should follow. I hesitated for a beat and he arched his eyebrow at me. I smiled, grabbed my things, and followed him to the last seat in the train.

were alone. Well, alone as we could get. The rest of the passengers were sitting in the front of the car.

“Here, let me take that,” he murmur
ed, and, shit, even his voice was sexy. Raspy, but warm, like aged brandy.

took my purse and e-reader and set them on the seat second to the last. “You sit here.” His hands barely touched my waist as he guided me into the last seat. I scooted all the way in, until I was pressed against the wall of the train. He slid in next to me.

I didn’t realize how big he actually was until he sat down. His broad shoulders nearly touched mine even though he sat at a respectful distance.

“So. You’re having a slight problem?”

Oh my, God. How in the hell can he know that?

“What do you mean?” I played dumb. It’s not like I was going to admit that just looking at him got my panties wet.

He slid one hand under my knee and jerked it up. I’d worn the shortest skirt I could
to work—I never knew who I might want to impress—and it bunched up almost around my waist giving him a great view of my thong, which had slid to the side and barely covered what it was designed to cover.

He leaned forward, his lips near my ear. “Are you telling me that if I touched you right now you wouldn’t be wet?” He whispered. His voice deep and husky and sexy as hell. “That your clit isn’t swollen? That you aren’t ready for me to glide inside?”

I tried to push him away. “I don’t even know you.”
And you’re turning me on like a water faucet. I’m gonna be dripping in a minute I’m so wet.

“You don’t want to know me. You just want to fuck me.” He grabbed my hand and led it to the front of his jeans. He rubbed it roughly across several times, closing his eyes and groaning deep in his chest. I could feel his hardness through his jeans and a shiver of excitement swirled through me. “Mmm, yeah. I want to fuck you, too,” he groaned.

His fingers ripped the lacy side of my thong off and he pushed it down my leg. His fingers moved up and down my sex. I moaned in frustration each time he moved over my clit. He chuckled. “What? Is there something you want?”

“You know there is.” I lifted my hips from the seat when his fingers moved over my clit, but they didn’t stop. He kept moving, up and down, up and down the entire length of me, from the top of my mound to below my slit, where he’d swirl the tip of his finger in my juices before pulling it up the length of me again.

“Tell me what you want.”

My face flamed with a blush. I couldn’t believe
what I was doing! I wasn’t this person. I didn’t have sex with men I didn’t know. In the fucking subway! I turned my face from him and buried it in the seat back.

“Hey, it’s okay,” he murmured. He let go of my knee and scooted closer to me, taking my chin in his hand he turned my face to his. I looked into his eyes. Green. Beautiful with his black hair.

He leaned in and kissed me. His lips were moist and soft. They molded themselves to mine. There was something tender in the kiss, but demanding at the same time.

“If you want to stop just tell me.” His lips moved over mine as he spoke and he rubbed his fingers over my clit. A surprised gasp escaped me when his fingers expertly massaged my nub. He kissed me again to silence the moan that crossed my lips. He raised his head and looked in my eyes. “Do you want me to stop?” He asked and slipped a finger inside me.

I sucked in a breath. “No.”

His mouth crushed against mine. His tongue urged my lips apart and slipped into my mouth. He explored every inch of my mouth and tongue with his own. He pulled his head back and slid his tongue across my lips before nipping my bottom lip gently before sucking it into his mouth. The entire time his fingers rubbed the nub between my legs.

He kissed along my jaw line to my ear. He bit my ear lobe before sucking it into his mouth and flicking it with his tongue. He kissed the hollow behind my ear before moving to the spot just in front.

“You’re so beautiful. Auburn hair and big hazel eyes. A face of an angel. Innocent. I bet you’ve never done anything like this before have you? Fucking a stranger on the subway train.” He slipped two fingers inside me and pumped them in and out. A low growl sounded in the back of his throat. “You’re so damn wet. Maybe you do fuck strangers. Is that what gets you off? Huh?”

My thoughts were fuzzy. His fingers moved expertly over me. And the two moving in and out of my slit were just rough enough to cause my thighs to tighten and my hips to squirm.

“No,” I breathed.

He grabbed me by the legs and pulled me to him. He pushed one leg over the seat back next to us and the other over his shoulder. His tongue was on me before I realized what he’d intended to do. I moaned and my head rolled from side-to-side.

His tongue flicked over the bundle of nerves while his fingers still pumped inside me.

“Oh, God.” I grabbed his head and curled my fingers in his hair.

“You gonna come for me, baby?”

“Yeah. Keep doing that.”

He flicked his tongue over me again before sucking me into his mouth. My hips rose off the seat and I let out a loud moan. At that point I’d forgotten where we were, who was there, and I didn’t really give a damn. “Shh, or we’ll have an audience.” He flicked his tongue over me again before pulling my nub into his mouth and grazing it with is teeth before sucking on it.

I lost it. It felt like I was falling. Lights exploded behind my eyes and the warmth between my legs gushed throughout my body and my muscles tightened. When I finally came down from probably the best orgasm I’d ever had, I still jerked with aftershocks. The man eased my legs down and moved up my body.

“That looked like it was a good one.” He smirked.

I smiled. “It felt fan-fuckin-tastic.”

“Good.” He kissed me gently. He ran his tongue around the shape of my lips before sucking my lower lip into his mouth. He kissed down my neck to my collarbone and to the other side of my neck. He made his way to my ear
and outlined it with his tongue. I fisted my hands in his shirt. “’Cuz we aren’t done yet.”

My heart did a nose dive at his words and warmth spread between my legs. He pulled back and looked at me. His eyes roamed over my face. His green eyes were dark, hungry. I knew what it meant. I’d had my turn. He was going to take his turn now. Somehow that thought made me hot all over again. I wanted him even more.

“I hope not,” I said, looking up at him through my lashes.

He started to unbutton my shirt. Slowly, one-by-one, he pushed the buttons through the holes until my shirt was completely open. He pushed one side away and then the other. Goose bumps spread over my skin everywhere he touched—and he touched everywhere. He skimmed his fingers over my stomach, up and down my sides, across my chest, and between my breasts. He flicked open the front closure of my bra. My nipples hardened in anticipation. My breasts swelled with want. I needed his hands on me.

He slowly opened my bra. His fingers grazed over my skin when he moved the silky fabric to the side. My breasts were so tight it was almost painful. And the pulsing between my legs caused my hips to move. I ground into him and he groaned. “Hold on, baby.”

He bent his head and took one nipple into his mouth and sucked it. He pinched the other with his fingers. Heat exploded between my legs. I needed him there now. I lifted my hips and moved them in a small circle against his hard-on straining against his jeans.

He bit my nipple and I sucked in a sharp breath. Then he licked the pain away. He repeated the process on the other side. I arched my back into him.

He chuckled. “What do you want?”

I reached for his jeans and opened the button and eased down the zipper. His hands covered mine. They grabbed my wrists and held them behind my back. He put a knee on the seat to give him leverage and used his other hand to rub the ball of nerves between my legs. A moan crossed my lips and my eyes fluttered closed.

“Oh no, open your eyes and look at me.” His hand stilled. When I opened my eyes, His hand started to work my clit again. He pulled out sensations I didn’t know were possible. Primal. Raw. Animalistic. I didn’t know this man and I didn’t care. I needed what he could give me. Release. Sex.

“Tell me what you want.”

“I…um…” I hesitated and his hand began to still. “I want you inside me,” I blurted. “I don’t want your hand to stop moving.”

“This?” He stopped for a few beats and then started again.


“You like that?”

I pulled my bottom lip between my teeth and nodded.

He chuckled. He took his hand away and I whimpered. “It’s okay. I’m just getting my jeans down.

I sat up to give him room. He pulled his jeans down low enough to give him room to pull out his cock and slip on a rubber.

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