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Hot for Teacher

A Sexy Retreat



I’d just bought this little house on Pine
street and was probably the only person of color who was under the
age of fifty, in the entire neighborhood. No bother. The neighbors
were all really nice. My next door neighbors were nicer than most.
Dylan Banks and his wife Cindy lived next door. Both of them seemed
to be mid thirties and were really good looking, both blond and all
American types.

Cindy had the bluest eyes I had ever seen
and such a pretty smile. She was petite, about a size two, and
always had a smile. Dylan was tall, built and sexy as all get out.
He had deep chocolate eyes and blond hair that seemed to sparkle in
the sunlight.

It was hard to understand why they fought
the way they did. I always heard them yelling at each other and
slamming doors. I‘d even seen them sit at the table to eat and not
say a word to one another. But whenever I saw them they would smile
and hold me a conversation.

My job didn’t start for four more weeks and
I was still cleaning up my house. I heard Dylan’s car pull in as I
was pulling weeds. He got out with his briefcase in hand and walked
to my fence.

“Hey neighbor.” He said I stood and I saw
his eyes roll over me. “How’s it going?”

“Good now that you’re home.” I flirted. He
smiled biting his lip. “Everything ok over there.” I tossed my head
in the direction of his house. I’d heard him yelling at her this
morning. They fought a lot. I knew there was some intense untapped
sexual tension there.

“Fine.” He said smiling. “A little trouble
in paradise.” His eyes back on my breast. He watched a trickle of
sweat as it rolled down between my breast and disappeared.

“Well trouble’s never good.” I smiled. “Take
it from the divorced chick.” I tossed the weeds I held into the
garbage can I had stationed next to the fence.

“We’ll work it out.” He said. “Anywho see ya
around, Ava.” I smiled at him.

“You too.” I said. I watched him go inside
and went back to my work. Now that was a man I could gladly add to
my collection.


Later on after a shower, I poured myself a
glass of wine and went about putting my dishes into the China
cabinet. There was a tapping at my screen door and I turned to see
Cindy standing on my front porch. She was still in her work
clothes. A black pencil skirt and a white button down. I smiled at
her and walked over opening the door.


“Hey.” She said. I stepped aside and let her
in. She walked pass me and into the house.

“I was just wondering if you needed a little
help. I just need a little time away from home.”

“Are you ok?” I asked. “Wine?”

“Yes.” She said to the wine. “No not
really.” She sat at my dinning room table. I went into my kitchen
for glass and the wine.

“I don’t turn him on anymore. At least I
don’t think.” She said as I poured her wine staring at her. She was
gorgeous. She turned me on. I knew that was just impossible.

“Impossible.” I said. “You’re a beautiful
woman.” I sat close to her.

“He looks at you. I’ve seen him.” She sipped
her wine and tossed me a quick look. “Is it true?”


“You know.” She said. I shrugged not knowing
what she meant. “Well once you go Black-,” I laughed.

“Good sex is good sex sweetie. Color has
little to do with it.” I said. She gave me a brief smile and sipped
her wine. I bit my lip and crossed my legs. “I think,” I moved
closer. “Maybe you two need a refreshing experience.”

“I think so too.” She said innocently. I
slowly ran my hand up her thigh. She froze, her glass raised to my

“A new experience.” I whispered. She lowered
her glass slowly. Cindy looked at me and smiled lowering her

“Oh that.” She said. “I don’t know if
he’ll-,” She stopped herself. I slid my hand over her knee and back
up the inside of her thigh.

“Should I stop?”

“No.” She whispered. I went higher, her
breathing labored. She cocked a brow panting. Her soft lips
trembled. As my fingers moved closer to her there was a knock at
the door. Cindy jumped to her feet nervously. I smiled and stood
walking out into the living room to the front door.

Dylan looked up at me as I came into view.
He exhaled softly opening the door before I could.

“Have you seen Cindy?”

“Uh, yes-,”

“I’m here.” She said walking to the door.
“Thank you Ava.” She said. “I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Yes, of course.” I smiled. Her eyes ran
over me slowly and she walked out. He reached for her but she
pulled away and stomped down the path out the fence. Dylan looked
back at me and smiled briefly before following his wife.


Cindy didn’t drop by the next day or even
days after that. I didn’t see her again for a week. Dylan had left
for a business meeting the next county over as I heard him say as I
made my breakfast and I didn’t see Cindy leave for work like every
morning. I wondered if she was alright.

The day was a perfect rainy spring day and
slightly chilled. I had just finished painting the kitchen when I
heard knocking. I walked out to find Cindy on my doorstep. She was
wearing a short denim skirt, white slip-ons and a green top. The
outfit was better suited for a twenty-something college girl than a
thirty-something professional.

I opened the door for her and she slipped
pass me, very close to my body. In her hand was a pink gift

“Hi.” I smiled.

“Hi.” She smiled. “I just want to drop a
gift off.” She handed me the bag and stood watching as I sat and
opened it. Inside, wrapped in pink tissue paper, was a box. I
looked at her as I took the paper off.

“Is it something nice?” I asked.

“Yes.” She smiled.

“Then it’s not for me.” I said softly. She
smiled getting on her knees next to me. I looked at the box. “A
strap-on.” I smiled.

“I’ve been thinking a lot about what
happened the other day and-,” I stood looking down at her.

“I need a shower.” I told her. “I have paint
all over me.” She nodded.

“I’ll wait out here.”

“Or get in with me.” I said. She stood

“Get in.” She whispered. I grabbed her waist
pulling her against me and kissed her. I was shocked when her
tongue slipped into my mouth. But she was timid about the kiss
until I grabbed her ass pressing her to me. She whimpered kissing
me deeper. Her tongue was sweet and warm in my mouth. She pulled
back lowering her head.

“Ok.” She whispered shivering. “Ok.” Cindy
took my hand and led me up the stairs. She knew exactly where my
room was.

“How do you know?” I asked smiling.

“I watch you get undressed every night.” She
said smiling as I closed the door.

“Oh really.” I pulled her against me,
tossing the strap-on on the bed. “You want to undress me now?” I
asked. She smiled biting her lip as she slowly pulled my tee over
my head. She ran her fingertips over the lace of my bra.

“Take it off.” I told her. She wrapped her
arms around my back and I latched onto her neck. She whimpered
loudly unhooking my bra. “Baby.” I whispered in her ear.

“Mmm.” She whimpered.

“You’re driving me nuts, please move
faster.” I whispered. Cindy smiled kissing me slowly, pinching my

“I’m nervous. I’ve never . . . I’ve only
been with Dylan.” She whispered.

“Then this is about you.” I said against her

It wasn’t long before we were naked. I
pressed my body to hers giving her a tender peck on the lips. Cindy
bit my lip moaning as I ran my hands down her back.

“Come on.” I took her hand leading her down
to my bathroom.

The moment we were under the water we were
lathering each other up. Her hand sliding between my legs, she
whimpered when she touched my clit. I shivered a bit running my
fingers over her pink nipples.

“Oh my god that feels so soft.” Cindy
whimpered as I gripped one of her breast and wrapped my mouth
around her nipple. Cindy whimpered holding my head. I stroked her
clit moving to the other nipple. She moved her hips timidly

“Are you going to let me fuck your pussy?” I
asked. She whimpered loudly.

“Yes.” She grabbed my wrist pulling away
from my hand. Her body jolting as the pleasure subsided. I lowered
on my knees in front of her.

“What are you doing?” She asked. She, like,
me was trimmed. Her pussy was pink like her nipples and looked so
wet. I bit my lip.

“Is that pussy for me?” I asked her.

“Yes.” She answered. I kissed the lips of
her pussy tenderly. She quivered as I slowly slipped my tongue
between the lips of her pussy and over her clit. Cindy gripped the
wall gasping.

“Oh my god what are you-,” She stopped
herself gripping her hair and rotating her hips against my lips.
Cindy cried out as I sucked her clit hard. Her thighs trembled, she
shook her head grabbing my hair and pulling me from her.

“Oh shit.” She cried. “Fuck.” I fingered her
staring at her. Cindy covered her mouth closing her eyes. She
pulled away before she could come. I stood pressing my wet body to
her, sliding my thigh between hers. She rubbed against it
whimpering as I kissed her.

“Come on.” I whispered turning off the
shower. She quickly got out of the shower and I followed.

We kissed as I backed her to my bed. Cindy
running her hands all over my body.

“Please rub your pussy against mine.” She
begged as she climbed back onto the bed. I climbed on sliding
between her legs.

“You wanna feel my pussy?”

“Yes.” She whimpered. I slipped a leg under
hers lowering my pussy to hers, staring into her eyes. Our pussies
touched and Cindy whimpered holding my waist. I put my clit against
hers and began to fuck her slowly. Cindy held on to me tightly,
moving with me. Her cries making me whimper. Her pussy was so warm
and wet against mine. I fucked her hard throwing my head back.

“Fuck.” I whimpered. She rose against me
meeting my thrust as she gripped one of my ass cheeks and pressed
me to her. I pushed her legs open fucking her pussy slowly. Her
nails dug into my ass cheek, she screamed coming against my

“Don’t stop.” Cindy begged me and I didn’t,
her pussy was too good to stop. I ground my pussy against hers
slowly, speeding up when my climax grew. Cindy grabbed my thigh,
arching her back and moved with me. Our pussies grinding against
each, so wet they smacked with our juices. I came crying out as I
pressed to her harder. She came too sitting up quickly. I kissed
her laying her back down.

“You’re a naughty pussy.” I panted against
her lips. I slapped my pussy against hers loving the feeling if her
sticky wet pussy against mine.

“Bad girl.” Cindy whimpered twisting my
nipple and running her hand down my flat tummy. She sat up as I
rose from her, watching.

“Oh my god.” She moaned. I looked between us
seeing the sticky sweet strings of come we had made. It did look
delicious. I pressed to her again rubbing against her, sending
shockwaves through our sensitive clits. Cindy whimpered biting her
lip as I pulled away completely. She stroked her clit whimpering as
I stood and slipping into the pink strap on.

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