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Welcome to Sanctuary 3
Summer Loving


When Summer Ryan arrives in North Carolina for her sister’s wedding, the last thing she expects is to stay for more than a week. Her life is half a world away. Then Cole and Dawson claim her as their mate.

With their brothers claiming Spring and Winter as their mates they hope, but hardly expect to find their mate in the Charlotte Airport. She’s not surprised by their abilities, but before they can fully claim her as their own, an emergency call comes, demanding their return to help find a lost child. Summer agrees to go with them, and then she makes a demand she wonders if they’ll be able to fulfill.

Will Summer be able to give up her vagabond life for two shape-shifting Irish Wolfhounds? Will Cole and Dawson be able to commit to marriage as their brothers are doing?

Ménage a Trois/Quatre, Paranormal, Shape-shifter
21,764 words







Welcome to Sanctuary 3


Cooper McKenzie








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Welcome to Sanctuary 3





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Chapter 1



As Summer Ryan approached the front doors of Charlotte Douglas International Airport, she scanned the crowd for a familiar face. Winter had promised to meet her plane so they could surprise their sister at her wedding. She would also serve as Winter’s witness for his commitment ceremony to Garrett and Hawk, the two men he’d met and fallen in love with just weeks before. Her eyes passed over then returned to a pair of tall, dark, and handsome-as-sin men who were staring at her like they hadn’t seen a woman in ages.

They were gorgeous and looked like they might be willing to help her ease the sexual tension that had been building over the last three months, but they weren’t Winter. Her brother had promised her a shower, a soft bed for some sleep, and a few hours to pick up a man and scratch the sexual itch that burned in her pelvis. Tomorrow, they would drive to wherever the hell it was he and Spring were now living.

Though she continued looking around, her gaze went back to the men again and again. It wasn’t often one saw adult twins together, and she smiled as a woman walked into a couple because she was busy gawking at the men. But the men didn’t notice the small commotion. They were still staring at her.

Tired, hungry, and jet-lagged after innumerable hours of flying from the other side of the world, Summer had little patience left for big, sexy men who were probably married. She expected their petite, skinny, sexy blonde wives would make their appearance with a gaggle of kids in tow any minute now. In the meantime, she was not averse to giving them back a little of the intense attention they focused on her. Let them know how it felt to be a piece of meat on display.

Looking them up and down, she was reminded once again that it had been way too long since she’d been with a man. Unlike her sister, Summer was a sexual creature who some might call a slut, but she didn’t care. She was a healthy woman who liked men and had yet to find one who could bring her to more than one orgasm during an evening of play.

And these two were her favorite kind—tall and muscular with shaggy, dark brown hair and a yummy bad-boy air. Broad-shouldered, narrow-hipped, and with long legs encased in tight-fitting jeans that emphasized impressive bulges behind their flies, they looked like they would be creative and demanding in bed, alone or together. When the one on the right tilted his head as if silently asking if she liked the view, she smiled in response.

As they slowly closed the distance between them, Summer’s pussy clenched and her nipples stiffened. Then she looked down at herself and wondered what the hell they found so attractive. She was four inches too short for her weight, too curvy for current social dictates, and rumpled from three days of traveling from the middle of Russian nowhere to be in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina for her sister’s wedding.

The men didn’t seem to mind her appearance as they continued forward. They appeared relaxed and assured until they got about five feet away. Then they froze, and each took a deep breath. From this distance, she saw the one on the right had bright blue eyes while the other one had equally bright green ones. As she watched, their eyes changed, the color going deeper. Something about these two was different than other men.

After exchanging a long look and a nod, they moved forward until only inches separated them.

“Hello, Summer,” the one with green eyes said.

He shocked her speechless when he leaned in and hugged her, rubbing his smooth cheek on hers as he took another deep breath. He growled deep in his chest as he exhaled. When he backed away, he took the briefcase hanging from her shoulder and transferred it to his own.

Before she could get offended, the other copied his brother’s actions, whispering, “Our mate,” just before nuzzling his nose along her other cheek then kissing it.

Summer frowned in confusion as her body reacted to their nearness. Her nipples beaded painfully tight, and her pussy overflowed with her fluids, dampening her panties. She’d never reacted this strongly to a stranger before, even ones she’d picked up in a bar.

“How do you know my name? Who are you?”

Blue eyes answered. “I’m Dawson Sullivan, and this is my twin brother, Cole. Winter couldn’t get away, so he sent us to pick you up.”

His voice was just as deep, just as rumbling as his brother’s, though somehow it carried a slightly different timbre to it. She had a feeling that she would be able to tell them apart even without seeing their eyes.

Pulling her phone out of her pocket, she hit Winter’s number and then put the speakerphone on. When Cole’s pocket rang, her sense of unreality deepened. When he pulled it out and answered, his voice emerged from her phone.

So, they had Winter’s phone. That was a good thing, right?

“Who are you?” she finally asked.

“Your sister is marrying our brothers, Adam and Brock. Winter is mated to our youngest brothers, Garrett and Hawk.”

“Huh? How many of you are there?” she asked.

“Is this all of your luggage?” he asked as he took control of her carry-on.

Summer nodded. “I want to talk to Winter.”

Cole nodded and used his phone to speed-dial another number. When someone answered on the other end, he said, “We’ve got her, but she wants to talk to Winter. Yes, she is. Uh-huh. Don’t worry, we’ll be there.”

A moment later he handed the phone to her.


“Hi, Summer. Are you being overly cautious for the first time in your life?”

Summer made a face, causing both brothers to chuckle. “You’re not here and two men walk up to me, sniff me, hug me, and tell me that you sent them. What do you want me to think?”

“I want you to go to the hotel with them, take a long, hot shower, and then let them relax away all your tension,” her brother said, sounding way too happy.

Summer looked at the two men as her cunt tightened with excitement. “All right, but if I end up in a harem somewhere in the world, it’s on your head.”

“You won’t. These are two of the good ones. Consider them your very own cabana boys,” Winter said, referring to the inside joke that they were both looking for cabana boys to take care of them so they could focus on their work.

“So, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“If not tomorrow, the next day.” Her brother giggled before hanging up on her.

Summer turned to the men who stood before her in a protective stance.

“Okay, I’m all yours.”

She tried to read the expression that flashed over the brothers’ faces, but couldn’t put a name on it. When Dawson took her hand, her breath caught. His warm touch sent pulses of pure heat through her body, sending her into an embarrassing arousal overload that she’d never felt before.

“You’re traveling very light. Most women I’ve met need twice the stuff that you’ve got in this little bag for a weekend,” he said, returning to their earlier conversation.

“I can only stay for a week,” she said as he led her through the thinning crowd and out the front doors.

“We’ll see about that,” Cole muttered behind her.

“Besides, after doing this kind of traveling for the last five years, I’ve learned that it’s easier to buy what I need instead of lugging it through customs.”

Once on the sidewalk, Dawson turned to where a line of taxicabs waited. “We got a room for tonight, and we’ll head back to Sanctuary tomorrow,” he said.

“How far is it?”

“Over there.” He pointed to a large hotel across and down the street from the airport.

“Would it be okay if we walked? I need to stretch my legs,” she asked before he could open the door to the first car in line.

“No problem,” the brothers responded as one.

As they walked across the parking lot in a direct line toward the hotel, Cole took her other hand, sending more shivers through her bloodstream. While Summer tried to organize her questions, the brothers remained silent as they walked on either side of her.

“Are you hungry? Thirsty? Or do you want to go straight to the room?” Cole asked as he opened the door to the hotel lobby and allowed Dawson to lead her inside.

Summer blinked and tried to think beyond her body’s demand to take these two men any way they wanted. “I’m sure I am, but more than anything else I’d really like to take a long, hot shower.”

Dawson chuckled as they crossed the lobby. “Sure thing, baby girl. Anything you want.”

While the brothers seemed oblivious to anyone but her, she watched as other women tracked them across the lobby. The older ones smiled with appreciation for the handsome men and the care they showered on her. Several of the young women stared with envious expressions. She was surprised at the lack of men until she saw a sign advertising a writer’s conference for romance writers.

Once they were alone in the elevator, Summer turned to Dawson and asked the question that was at the top of her list. “What did you call me when you hugged me?”

Dawson looked uncomfortable. She watched as he glanced at his brother who nodded in response. “Why don’t we wait until after you’ve had your shower? We’ll order some dinner and talk while we eat.”

Summer shrugged. “Okay.”

After dinner, she would try to talk them into some sexual fun and games.

When they stepped out of the elevator, three men were waiting to enter. They had obviously already been drinking. When two moved to separate her from the brothers, she squeaked out a protest.

Faster than she could register it, the two men were against the back wall of the elevator. She stood on the opposite side of the hallway with Dawson wrapped around her. He held her tight and growled at the men then lowered his head and kissed her. Summer felt his erection grow and press into her abdomen. Her body softened and molded more tightly to his as her arousal grew exponentially.

His lips were hot and hard against her as he traced the seam of her lips with the tip of his tongue once before pressing between. She parted her lips with a sigh, welcoming his heat, his taste, and the touch of his tongue brushing over hers. Pressing even closer, she kissed Dawson back with every ounce of passion in her.

She couldn’t see Cole, but heard him bark at the men, “Our mate.”

“Yeah, sure, man. Whatever you say,” the third man assured him just before she heard the elevator doors slide closed.

Then Cole pressed in close behind her. She felt his cheek brush over the top of her head as he breathed deeply and slid his arms around her chest, resting just under her breasts. When he pressed his pelvis against her ass, she sighed at the feel of his erection as well, and the need to feel both cocks in her hands swelled up in her.

She moaned in denial when Dawson finally released her lips and sucked a quick breath when Cole spun her around just before he took his turn kissing her. Like his brother, he was a master at it. As he licked his way into her mouth, both men made chuffing sounds as if talking in a language that sounded nowhere near human.

Then it hit her.

Pulling her lips free from his, she looked up wide-eyed at Cole. “Oh my God,” she whispered, “you’re shape shifters!”

BOOK: Summer Loving
4.23Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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