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Surrender #1

Ahren Sanders



Table of Contents

The Day We Met

Chapter 1- House Hunting

Chapter 2- Dinner with the Girls

Chapter 3- Moving Day

Chapter 4- It’s Him

Chapter 5- Good Morning

Chapter 6- Let’s Talk

Chapter 7- Movie Night

Chapter 8- Sparkle

Chapter 9- The Steamroom

Chapter 10- Give Me a Chance

Chapter 11- A Bunch of Firsts

Chapter 12- Let Me Take Care of You

Chapter 13- Tell Me I’m Not Imagining This

Chapter 14- Tell Me What You Want

Chapter 15- Boyfriend

Chapter 16- Deceive Me

Chapter 17- The Truth

Chapter 18- I’m Not Giving Up

Chapter 19- Girl’s Weekend

Chapter 20- Hoedown Throwdown

Chapter 21- Meet My Mom

Chapter 22- Thank You

Chapter 23- It’s Only You

Chapter 24- The Feeling is Mutual

Chapter 25- 425

Chapter 26- Live in a Bubble

Chapter 27- Rewarded

Chapter 28- Lucky Man

Chapter 29- Thanksgiving

Chapter 30- Birthday Weekend

Chapter 31- Atlanta

Chapter 32- Holidays

Chapter 33- Chance Meetings

Chapter 34- Social Media

Chapter 35- Valentine’s Day

Chapter 36- Gone

Chapter 37- We’re Okay

Chapter 38- Guilt is Killing Me

Chapter 39- Cut Him Some Slack

Chapter 40- Graduation

Chapter 41- Believe in Us

Chapter 42- Leaving

Chapter 43- Surprise


Meet the Author


The Day We Met



Whoosh! Oh shit, ouch! Please tell me I didn’t just bust my ass in front of the whole park. Please tell me that I’m in some sort of cryptic nightmare and will wake-up laughing. Nope, I’m pretty sure I’m lying down on damp grass with everyone staring in my direction. What do I do now? How do I gracefully stand? How can I become invisible until I get away?

And that’s when I hear him. I know he’s talking to me because he’s leaning over my body and bracing himself on his elbows. I can’t comprehend his words because my brain is focused on his perfect biceps and flawless mouth. Holy Hotness!

“Hey, are you alright? Let me help you up.” Holy Hotness sounds worried as he lifts himself off of me. He extends his hand for support.

I give him my hand and allow him to help me off the grass. Once I’m standing, he bends back down to pick up a football that has landed a few inches away. When he stands back up, I realize he is a vision of perfection. He’s about 6’2” and all muscle. His chest, arms, and back strain under his t-shirt. A trail of ink that resembles a tribal design snakes around his right upper arm. His dark hair is cut close on the sides and longer on top. He has the greenest eyes I’ve ever looked into. All of a sudden, I feel my knees go weak as I stare at him.

“I’m sorry about that. I was running backwards trying to catch the ball and didn’t see you there. Are you okay?” It is a question he expects me to answer. However, I can’t get past the velvet drone of his voice and the gorgeous green eyes staring at me.

“Yeah, I think I’m fine. It was a bit unexpected, but I’m glad to know that I was hustled to the ground instead of tripping on my own feet.”
Lame Raven- lame

He grins at me and starts to laugh. Not just any laugh, but a loud, boisterous and fun laugh that makes me smile. There are butterflies in my stomach just listening to him

“No, that was all me,” he states. “But I must admit, if I’d have looked back, I may have ran into you anyway. It’s not every day that I get someone as beautiful as you underneath me.”

It’s then that I snap out of my hotness coma. Really? He had to ruin a perfectly good fantasy with the worst line ever? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that someone as gorgeous as him would be arrogant.

“Well, sorry to disappoint, but that’s the only way to get me under you,” I smirk. “Next time, you should watch where you’re going.” I reach down to gather my yoga mat and bag that had fallen. I realize I’m standing in front of Holy Hotness in nothing but yoga pants and a sports bra. And I see that the bra is revealing everything I have to offer. I quickly cross my arms and make an effort to move on.

“Beautiful, anytime you change your mind and find you want to explore that option, you can find me here on Saturday mornings. I’d love to see what you’re hiding under those tight clothes and that sexy attitude.” And with that, he runs towards the other guys waiting to resume the game.

I watch his retreat and think for a second about how fine his ass looks in his athletic shorts. Then I remember he’s probably a player. Albeit he’s gorgeous, but I’m not looking for this type of distraction right now.

I need to hurry if I’m going to be at Finn’s on time. Today is going to be a huge day for me- I can feel it.


Chapter 1

House Hunting

“Come on, Finn. It wasn’t that bad. Just because the woman had five cats in her loft, doesn’t mean we had to run out of there like the place was on fire.”

“Rave, seriously, I know you want to see good in everything, but that place smelled like piss and I could see her sizing me up. I was frightened for my safety and wondered if we’d get out of there in one piece. I think she thought I was moving in with you and that’s why she kept insisting we could have an open-door policy.”

“Okay, you’re right, but what do we do now? We’ve looked at six places today and none of them have even come close to being acceptable. I’m starting to get nervous that I’ll have to live on campus, drawing names for roommates. How embarrassing for me. I’m in the homestretch of my educational career; I deserve to have a little fun. I deserve to have my own room and privacy and the right to party anytime.”

Finn finds my statement amusing.

“Raven, if you ever decide to have a party, I expect to be invited.”

Finn and I have been scouting places for the last three hours. We’ve looked at lofts, apartments, rooms for rent, and studios. And so far, no luck on any of them. I realize Finn is right. For the last three and a half years of my academics, I’ve been pretty straight-laced.

I was one of the few students in my high school that took dual enrollment classes my senior year. And combined with summer classes, this allowed me to graduate from Emory University in three and a half years. After graduating with my undergraduate degree and a 4.0, I decided to pursue my MBA at Vanderbilt. Now I’m twenty-one years old and I’m finally starting to understand how much I’ve missed out on. I plan on living the next two years of my life as a normal student, enjoying every minute of my college experience. Of course, I need to find a place to live to jump start my plan.

“Okay, we have one more place to look at today. It’s a house about a mile from campus. The other two rooms are already occupied and they want someone to sign a year lease. The good news is that the room is available immediately. Keep your fingers crossed that this is a good deal.”

“I wonder if the roomies are hot.”

“Please make sure we’re at least able to look at the room before they throw us out. Seriously, Finn, you’re charming, but behave until we see what these girls are like.”

“Just let me know when to turn on the magic.”

Deciding it was time to change the subject I say, “Hey, did I tell you about my fall this morning in the park? It wasn’t really my fault because after I was lying on my ass in the grass, a gorgeous guy leaned over to help me up. Apparently, he was running backwards in a game of football and didn’t see me. Then I remembered I was in my yoga clothes lying under a complete stranger and got embarrassed.”

“Rave, I’ve seen you in your yoga clothes and I can guarantee you that you had nothing to be embarrassed about. Even though I can’t touch, doesn’t mean I can’t look – and appreciate the view.”

“Finn! Stop talking like that; it sounds like you’re flirting with me.” I wink at him with complete ease.

I’ve known Finn Black most of my life. He’s my brother’s best-friend and served in the Marines with him until recently. An accident this spring caused him and my brother to come home; they’re currently on an extended leave. Finn decided to utilize some of the government money available to finish his Political Science degree at Vanderbilt. Because of the availability of on-line courses and virtual programs, Finn was able to complete three-quarters of his degree while serving.

Finn’s also from the area and he had no problem hooking up with a few friends to live with on the outskirts of campus. They have a traditional bachelor pad that I’ve been staying at while getting adjusted to the campus and learning my way around. It’s not unusual for me to wake-up with one of his roommates cuddled next to me. After the second time one of them barged in the bathroom while I was showering, I made Finn promise to watch the door. Even the lock didn’t stop them. They thought making me scream was hilarious.

Don’t get me wrong, all four of these guys are HOT! Finn is probably one of the best looking guys I know. He is 6’4” with no body fat at all. He has dark blond hair and aqua blue eyes that remind me of the Caribbean Ocean. He purposely keeps a minimal amount of stubble on his face and dresses like a laid-back playboy.

For most of my life, my friends have assumed that Finn and I will end up married and having babies by the age of twenty-five. However, they don’t know that my brother and Finn have a pact. I’m off-limits. At first, I was livid that my brother, Robbie, would make this demand, but I now understand that Finn is a perfect friend to me. He’s also not my type in the romantic department. Finn has promised my dad and my brother that he would be a constant in my campus life, including accompanying me house-hunting. He is a pseudo big brother that is dedicated to keeping me safe.

As we approach the cute ranch style house, I see several things that catch my eye. First, there’s a concrete semi-circle driveway that’s bordered by annuals perfectly placed six inches apart. Second, there is a cobblestone walkway to the front porch that leads up to the front door. Thirdly, the front porch has the cutest bistro set I have ever seen with flower boxes lining the railings. The boxes contain blooming wild flowers in every color. Last, the front door is pink- I mean hot pink.

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