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Surrounded by Death

BOOK: Surrounded by Death
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By Mandy





Mandy Harbin

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This book is a
work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are
products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any
resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead,
is entirely coincidental.

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To JT Lacy for
being the first friend to ever buy and read one of my books and for
loving my work so much that you want me to write 100 books a year.
Um, yeah, that ain’t happening. But this is a start. Love you.






To my

This is Eric
Woods’ untold story. I’ve gotten lots of emails asking about what
really happened to him, so I wanted to tell it as a thank you for
taking the time to read the books about our feral mountain lion
shifter family.

Because this is
a night in the life of Eric Woods, this book is a prequel to the
series. If you’ve already read the books that are out, you know
Eric is deceased. For those of you who haven’t read the books and
this is your first taste of the Woods men, don’t worry, Eric’s
death isn’t a spoiler—it is mentioned right away in Book I,
Surrounded by Woods

I couldn’t, in
good conscience, write a book about Eric that equaled the size of
the others in the series since his fate is already decided;
however, I felt giving you a taste of how his life came to an end
would not only satisfy your need to understand what happened to him
in his final moments, but also give you a greater understanding of
the complexities of our heroes in this series.

I hope you
enjoy this story and it makes you want to read about Eric’s
brothers’ experiences with finding their mates in
Surrounded by
(excerpt at the end),
Surrounded by Pleasure
, and
Surrounded by Temptation
(coming October 2012). The fourth
and final book in this series is currently being drafted.

In my heart,
Eric is living his happily ever after vicariously through them.






Chapter One

Chapter Two



Excerpt of
Surrounded by Woods
(Woods Family Series Book 1)


About the Author



Chapter One


Eric Woods
lounged in the chair of his cabin, watching his fuck buddy strip
out of the sexy as hell lingerie she was wearing. God, he loved
black lace.

“You’re gonna
fuck me all night, aren’t you?” Simone asked then licked her lips
as she sashayed in front of him with this little makeshift
striptease. He would be thanking the universe until his dying
breath for giving him these opportunities to fuck this woman.

He loved his
friend Alex, and he loved it even more that Alex and his wife,
Simone, were in an open relationship. The only way Eric would ever
get laid was with women who were taken, which made it damn near
impossible, considering he was trapped on his family’s estate. Alex
was an old friend of his. Someone he’d met back before his parents
had yanked him out of school—before it’d become too dangerous for
him to be there. They never explained to him why everyone in their
immediate family was a mountain lion shifter harboring a deadly
need to mate with any available female once puberty struck. It was
just their life, and Eric had learned to accept it as best he

But thanks to
technology, he had stayed in contact with several of his friends
over the years. One night, he and Alex were chatting via a webcam
when Simone had come in wearing nothing but the hot-ass birthday
suit God had given her. It had been obvious to Eric that it was her
intent to seduce her willing husband, so he’d planned on just
ending the connection. But to his surprise, rather than freak out
that she’d had an audience, Eric watching had turned her on even
more. Who knew she’d had a little exhibitionism streak in her? Eric
had been all about voyeurism—his life hadn’t really afforded him
many other opportunities.

Simone had
leaned over Alex and unzipped his pants, though all Eric had been
looking at was her beautiful breasts, spilling over Alex’s
shoulder. Eric hadn’t been able to control his dick at that point,
or the hand that reached into his sweats. He’d jacked off three
times that night, the last time coming when Alex shot his seed all
over those sexy breasts. After that night, the three of them had
cyber sex on multiple occasions.

It was six
months later before the possibility of Simone coming out to see him
came up in conversation. Alex was going on a business trip and
would be gone a month, so he’d casually mentioned he was okay with
Simone coming out for a visit. Eric hadn’t been sure how to respond
to that. His dick was screaming, yes! His head was wondering if it
was such a good idea. By the end of that night, he was covered in
cum and his right hand was so tired from doing all the work that
he’d agreed to the visit. He just couldn’t resist the thought of
fucking her pussy, not just imagining the feel of it, but actually
sinking into her wet heat. Yeah, there hadn’t been any other

That had been
over a year and a half ago. Ever since, the three of them would
still meet up online to get off on watching and being watched
during the act of sex, and every few months or so, Simone would fly
out to see Eric for a couple of days of no-strings-attached
fucking. It was great.

“I’m not sure
if you can take it all night, darlin’,” he said while unbuttoning
his jeans as he lay on the bed.

She rotated her
hips as she ran her hands up her softly rounded belly. “I can take
whatever you give me,” she purred, and he had to grit his teeth to
fight the need to just grab her and fuck her. It had been too long
since the last time she’d been here and he hadn’t had time to meet
up with one of his other three fuck buddies in the area since the
last time Simone was here. Eric might be stuck on his family’s
estate, but the tree farm they owned kept him busy from dawn till
dark-thirty, which this time of year meant pretty damn late in the

“Come here,” he
ordered, yanking his shirt over his head. He started pushing down
his jeans when she crawled over him.

“Let me do
that, sexy,” she said, swatting his hands away from his jeans.

Then her black
hair fell around her face as she dipped her head down. He groaned
when his dick met her mouth and thrust into her impulsively.

“Oh fuck,
baby.” His hands fisted into her hair, holding it up, and he lay
back, looking to the side so he could watch his cock slide in and

She hummed and
worked her hands inside his jeans to squeeze his ass, her nails
digging into his skin. That bite of pleasure made his gums itch,
made him want to let his fangs come out. This was always the song
he danced to whenever he was with a woman. His feral side needed to
mate, ached to bond to a woman who could be his lioness, but his
humanity wouldn’t allow him to take a mated woman. It was a battle
easily won in these situations.

But a battle

No one outside
his family knew of their true nature and that included Alex and
Simone. Eric had long ago quit giving excuses why he couldn’t meet
up for drinks or many of the other invites he’d received, but that
hadn’t meant he could be completely honest as to why. The Woods
family’s ability to shift into mountain lions was a deep, dark
family secret—one that even his father didn’t discuss to this day.
So that meant no fangs during sex, even if the feel of them being
extended heightened his pleasure. Letting them descend would never
happen, so being free to lose himself completely with a woman would
never happen. He was playing the shitty cards life had dealt him.
But no fangs during sex was a compromise because it mean he was
having sex with a woman and not his fist. Yeah, a pretty damn good

“So good,” he
moaned, thrusting his hips, forcing his cock deeper. His fingers
clenched in her hair, eliciting a little whimper from her. “Harder.
C’mon, baby, I’m close. Swallow me.”

She turned her
head to the side and his dick slipped free.

“Now why would
I let you come before me?” Her eyes danced, but the lust in them
shined through.

He groaned as
he released her hair. “You know I’ll be up within five minutes.” He
pouted playfully as he moved his hips, waving his cock. “Pretty

“Ugh, you are
such a baby.” She giggled and slapped his chest as she sat up.

“Well, I
the baby in my family.” He waggled his eyebrows and she

“Oh my God, can
you be any more corny?”

“I’m horny, not
corny.” He sat up suddenly and took her mouth in a searing kiss,
proving his point. When he broke away, she was panting. “Take off
your clothes, Simone, or I’ll rip them off you.”

“But I—”

He didn’t give
her a chance to finish her argument. He grabbed the black lace that
lied of coverage and tugged, letting the shreds of fabric fall from
his greedy fingers. His mouth found one taut nipple and he sucked
it so hard that part of her breast filled his mouth. She hissed at
what must have been pain mixed with pleasure because her shoulders
bowed as if trying to free herself of his mouth, but her hands
clutched his head, pulling him closer to her. He sucked harder and
she scrambled to climb on top of him.

“My panties,”
she panted, and he knew what she wanted. She was straddling his
dick, but her barely-there thong was providing an unwanted barrier
to skin on skin. He reached down and yanked, and in one quick
motion, the material gave way.

Eric grabbed
her ass, forced her to grind on his cock.

“Fuck, yeah.
Like that,” he said as he let go of her breast and dug his face
into her neck.

“Now!” she
begged as she moved her hips back and forth, soaking his cock with
her need.

And he wanted
to give her just what she wanted.

After he tasted

Eric grabbed
her waist and flipped them over, landing on top of her and making
her gasp. He pushed her knees apart and buried his face in her
honey. He’d never tire of the smell of a woman’s pussy, especially
one that was hot and aching just for him. He licked her from pucker
to clit, and she tensed. He smiled against her folds. She was
already so close. He tried savoring the smell and taste, feasting
on her with slow, deep licks, but she was too antsy. She kept
moaning and gyrating beneath him, breathy pleas falling from her
lips. His tongue stabbed into her and her hips came off the bed.
Her moans stopped, her whole body hard as stone. He fucked her with
his tongue one, two, three more times and then pulled out as he
shoved two fingers into her. His lips encased her clit and his
tongue batted it with fast, soft flicks as his fingers fucked her
hard. Her body bowed and she screamed. He sucked on her clit and
curled his fingers, massaging that sweet spot within, prolonging
her pleasure as her pussy clenched around—and drenched—his

When her spasms
slowed, he gently withdrew his fingers. Keeping his eyes on hers,
he put his fingers in his mouth and sucked. “You taste almost as
good as you smell.”

“If I were as
strong as you,” she panted, “I’d rip your jeans off.”

With a growl,
he grabbed the open flaps of his jeans and yanked. Thankfully, they
were old and worn; otherwise, he might not have been able to rip
them open. Once his jeans were hanging from his hips, he sat up to
divest himself of them in a more practical method.

BOOK: Surrounded by Death
11.88Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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