Taken (A Bad Boy Romance Book 1)

BOOK: Taken (A Bad Boy Romance Book 1)
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Taken, Book 1: A Bad Boy Romance


By Amanda Scott


© 2016 Amanda Scott.



All rights reserved. This document may not be reproduced in any way without the expressed written consent of the author. The ideas, characters, and situations presented in this story are strictly fictional, and any unintentional likeness to real people or real situations is completely coincidental







This is supposed to be easy.

Punch in, punch the fuck out.

At least that’s what my tour manager, Rex, tells me. And he’s never steered me wrong before.

Maybe that should have been my warning sign. Every record gets shattered eventually.

I hesitate before I knock on the office door to read the name on the sign.
Leila Crawford, PhD, LICSW

Remember your golden rule.

Before I can knock, the door swings open on its own and my attention gets hijacked by a pair of black ankle strap heels and a long, silky set of legs to go with them.

I see a hand reach towards me before I can even look up from that dick-twitching pair of legs and those delicious, curvy hips.

“I’m Leila. You must be...” her voice trails off as she scrambles to find my last name.

Fuck. Me. This chick doesn’t have a clue who I am. That’s a first around these parts in a long, long time.

I look up to meet the softest, sweetest eyes I’ve ever seen- two of the bluest works of art, laden with tiny golden speckles.

Life isn’t fair.

She’s fucking gorgeous.

Did I mention beautiful? I find it almost impossible not to grab a fistful of her long, flowing strands of amber honey hair.

those lips. God fucking damn those soft, virginal lips- no doubt they’d best be served locked around the head of my cock.

My stomach starts to move in ways I’m not all that familiar with. And that’s just not okay in my book.

I slowly reach my hand out to greet hers. I swallow half my Adam’s apple as my palm engulfs her warm, soft hand. “I’m Brady. And I believe I’m in the wrong place.”

She smiles and squints her baby doe eyes at the same time. I can smell fear on this chick, that much I’m familiar with. She looks down at her clipboard again, giving me a split second or two to give her body a full once-over.

Damn. My cock is already aching in my jeans.
Fucking Rex, man. I swear to God when I see him…

Whatever the fuck this chick’s wearing just isn’t playing fair- some tight-fitting grey coat dress that’s fighting for dear life just to keep those big tits from bursting at the seams- an outfit like that just shouldn’t be legal in a place like this.

She looks up at me and catches me staring at her chest. I make no apologies. Leila points to her black appointment book. “Unless there’s another Brady in the waiting area, I believe you’re in the right place.”

I’m gonna fucking bash Rex’s skull in.

I clear my throat. “Right. So…”

“Come on in.”

My chest tightens as she turns to head deeper into her office. I feel another twitch from my cock as I watch her ass move up and down as she strides across her office floor. “Should I shut this?” I ask.

“Yes, please. Unless you don’t mind the whole world listening in.”

“Actually, I do.”

I shut the door behind me and my stomach instantly drops, like I had just free fallen thirty floors in an elevator. And that’s when I know I’m in big, big,
big trouble.

“Please, have a seat,” she says.

I ignore her completely as I thumb through a book on her shelf. “I should probably tell you that I don’t do therapy,” I say.

“You don’t?”

“Not unless I have to,” I say.

“I’m sorry to hear that, Brady,” she says.

The sound of her voice saying my first name somehow rattles my nerves. I shove the book back on the shelf.

“No need to apologize, Leila. You don’t even know me.”

“Right…” her voice trails off.

I reach for another book off the shelf that catches my attention.
Diagnostic and Statistcal Manual of Mental Disorders.
“Looks like a great way to spend Friday nights,” I say as I gesture towards the Bible-size textbook.

Leila ignores me altogether. “Would you be more comfortable sitting?” she asks.

I slowly nod my head from side to side as I thumb through the book. “Not really. Would you?” I turn to face her, gripping the book tightly with my fingers. Her eyes dart to the book.

I pick up a slight tremor in her voice. Even though I’m supposed to be
client, I’m the one in charge. “No, it’s fine, Brady.”

Then again, it’s getting harder to concentrate when she keeps saying my name like that. I just wish I had a better handle on her. I was born to do three things better than any other dude on the planet…


Play guitar.

And fuck women.

I don’t do hard-to-read.

I thumb through the dense book’s table of contents. “Which one are you?” I ask.

Leila sits up slightly in her chair. “Excuse me?”

I can’t hide my smirk. “In the book. Which mental disorder do you have? Isn’t it true that only people with serious issues themselves become psychiatrists or therapists or whatever?”

Leila’s gorgeous blue eyes narrow into a cold, icy glare. And what’s bugging me the most right now is that I can’t tell if want to fuck the angry Leila, the smart, uptight Leila, or the nervous, totally naive Leila.

Fuck it. How about all three of them?

“Everyone has issues, Brady. It’s whether or not we face them that separates us out.”

I let out a caustic chuckle and toss the book back on the shelf. “I take it you’ve faced yours then, right?”

She stares at me blankly. Leila runs her hand through her smooth, golden hair. And even though I know she’s stalling, I enjoy watching the strands of her hair fall over her hand and down her neck.

“My what?” she asks.

“Your issues.”

She presses her lips together, then looks over at a small silver clock that’s situated directly across from where she’s sitting. “We only have an hour, and I see here that you’ve been court mandated to complete six sessions.”

“Twelve?” I spout. “Rex told me three.”

“Nope, it’s six. Is that a problem?” Leila taps the tip of her pen on her thigh.

Yeah it’s a goddamn problem!

What I wouldn’t do to walk over to her, spread her legs wide, and show her exactly how I like to deal with my issues.

I watch as she studies her notes more carefully now. I try not to wonder how much she knows. I mean really, what do I give a shit what she knows or doesn’t know about what I’m doing here. Like I said, I just need to do my time, then I’m free and clear in time for the North American tour to kickoff at Madison Square Garden.

“So does my time here so far count towards my six sessions?”

“Actually, no. It doesn’t.”

“You’re totally joking, right?”

She smirks. “Actually, I’m totally not joking. I expect you to work if you’re going to be here. At the end of your final session I’m responsible for reporting back to the court,” she says.

I raise both of my brows. I’m not too thrilled with what she’s saying, but the way she puckers her lips and gets all serious when she talks has me a bit distracted. And the biggest problem is, I’m finding myself
wanting to taste that mouth of hers.

Maybe even more than I want to fuck her, at least right this second.

And that’s just not cool. Not in my book anyways. The fact that I’m even thinking about kissing her over fucking her is just downright disturbing.

“So basically my fate is resting your hands,” I say.

“I wouldn’t say that Seth.” She looks down at her clipboard once more.

I can’t hide my grin as I talk. “Do you happen to have any answers yourself, or do you just get all of them from that piece of cardboard you’re holding onto for dear life?”

Her knuckles turn white as she twirls a big batch of her luscious hair around the gold pen that she’s holding onto. “To be honest, I’m kind of new at this.”

I walk over to the brown leather chair that’s positioned directly across from her legs. I make myself comfortable, resting back in my own two hands as I study her every move. As she glances down at her clipboard,
, my eyes dart to her chest. My cock starts to pulsate in my pants as I ponder what else she might be new at.

new?” I ask.

“Excuse me?”

Let’s try this again. I raise my voice, “

She stares at me with that blank, innocent expression again.

She twirls the pen around in her hair feverishly. “Pretty new, actually,” she says as she crinkles her adorable nose. “You’re my first client.”

A smile erupts across my face at the exact same moment my dick starts to ache even more. “Jesus, a true rookie.”

She clears her throat and sits up a bit straighter in her chair. “Why did you choose to come here?” she asks.

I’m speechless, another first for me.

Her eyes twinkle slightly and I could be mistaken but I think she might be fighting back. “I mean, you did have a choice, didn’t you?”

This time it’s me who looks over at her clipboard. “Looks like you already have all the answers, Rookie.”

She puts her clipboard down on a small end table and crosses her legs in front of her. I’m two seconds away from walking over to her and prying her legs apart with my own bare hands. I bet that would wash that smirk of hers away pretty fucking fast.

Fuck, what I wouldn’t give to see her eyes dilate the moment I ran my fingers up her creamy thighs and slid my thumb into her wet pussy. I’d just love to see how good her PhD would do her the second I got my hands on her moist clit.

“I would prefer that you call me Leila. Or Dr. Martin, unless you’re uncomfortable with that,” she says.

“No problem, Rookie.”

She doesn’t flinch. This chick is tougher than I thought, but still- I know it won’t be long before I break her. It’s never very long before I break any woman, let alone the Virgin Mary herself over here.

“Okay then, if you need to disrespect me to feel comfortable then by all means.”

“I’m not trying to disrespect you,” I say, “unless of course that’s exactly what you want me to do.”

The lovely Leila squints her eyes and shakes her head as if she’s never seen anything so wild and lawless in her life. But hell, at least she didn’t spit in my face or call the cops.

“Maybe this isn’t such a good fit,” she says, but there’s something missing in her voice.


“I can easily put in for a transfer given that you seem to be looking for someone with a bit more experience than me,” she adds.

This girl is so hot it’s outrageous. Like I said, fucking Rex.

I move to the edge of my seat and lean towards her. And now I’m totally close enough to smell whatever fruity perfume she's got on her skin. If this shrink knew the thoughts I was having about her right now, I’d already be hearing sirens in the background.

“First day on the job and you’re ready to quit, Leila?”

She pauses before answering. Actually, she doesn’t answer me at all.

“I mean, what even made you decide to do this in the first place?” I ask.

Her eyes flicker with strain. “I’m not quitting.”

I move in slightly closer. “Are you sure?”

Her eyes twitch slightly and her knees come towards one another. “I really don’t see how this line of questioning is going to help you,” she says.

Little does she know, the more she fights back the more determined I am to fuck her little brains out.

This time, I stand up and walk right in front of her- probably not the most socially appropriate thing I could do in this office right now.

Fuck appropriate

“Don’t you think it’s important that we trust each other?” I say.

I do everything in my physical power not to grab the sides of her face and stick my tongue in her mouth.
I would do anything to taste that mouth of hers

To make it mine

She leans back quickly and takes in a sharp hit of air.

“I think that’ll be it for today’s session, Brady.” A long silence between us follows.

Shit. I pushed her too far.

I back up a step and let her breathe once again.

I reach into my back pocket and pull out two tickets to tomorrow night’s benefit show. I toss the tickets down onto her lap. It’s the only thing I can think of doing to fix this right now.

“What’s this?” she says.

“A gift.”

She studies the tickets carefully. “I can’t take these, whatever they’re for,” she bumbles.

I bite down hard on my lower lip.

“Don’t be a quitter.”

She looks up from the tickets, her eyes wide. “I’m not quitting, I just can’t-“

I scoff and cut her off midsentence, “I’m not giving you a choice right now. Besides, I’m pretty sure we both need a fresh start.”

I tower over her body as her eyes dart back and forth between the tickets and me.

BOOK: Taken (A Bad Boy Romance Book 1)
10.11Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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