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Authors: Charlotte Howard

Tags: #Erotic Romance Fiction

Taking Care Of Leah (17 page)

“Don’t try to shelter me, Ty. You started being honest with me last night. I think you need to stay with that.”

“They wanted to know about you and your relationship with Jerry. I explained and they understood why I hit him.”

“So you’re not being charged?”

“I don’t think so. I’d better go. The house is in a state and I doubt I’ll get any help.”

“Give me an hour. I’ll come over and help tidy up, but I’m still spending the night here.”

“Okay. See you in a bit.”


Chapter Twenty-Seven




Leah pulled her car up alongside the curb and looked at the house. From the outside it looked like any other part of the suburbs. There were no signs of a drunken brawl, smashed punch bowls or spilled secrets. Beyond the door was a different story.

Stepping over the debris, Leah picked her way toward the kitchen. Ty was on hands and knees, scrubbing at a sticky blue residue that had been smeared all over the tiles. He was shirtless, and the morning sun broke through the window, glistening off his back.

“I like that view,” she said, leaning against the fridge.

Ty turned. “I like that one too,” he said, standing up. “You look a hell of a lot better in my clothes than I do.”

“Hmm, I agree,” she said. “And considering you stole my knickers, I think I might keep this.” She hugged the T-shirt and smiled. But the curve of her lips soon dropped. “So last night…”

“Last night…”

“A lot happened.”

“Yes, it did.”

“Is Rainie still here?”

Ty shook his head. “I called her a taxi when I got home. She’s a very hung over, confused mess right now. It might take a while for her to recover.”

“And Lance?”

“Same. He’s not all that bad. He just wants to be Jerry.”

“Speaking of which…”

“He’s at his brother’s. The house is mine—ours if you’ll stay.” He stepped forward, grabbing her hips and tugging her forward, planting his lips on hers.

“I had a long talk with Von about you. She thinks I should give you another chance and be less prudish.”

“I don’t think you’re a prude.”

“Maybe not, but…”

“You still need space and time. I get it, I do.” He let her go and turned back to the task of restoring the kitchen to its former glory.

Leah watched him. Her mind was losing the battle with her heart, and stood to lose the war as well. Nothing made sense when she was around him. She wanted to slow down a bit, get her head together. But how was she supposed to do that, how was she supposed to concentrate on anything when he looked so goddamn tasty?

“Fuck it,” she grumbled to herself, leaping into him, grabbing his arms and forcing him backward. She straddled his hips and leaned forward, her hair falling in his face as he lay down against the cold floor.

“Shit,” he exclaimed as she dug her nails into his chest, raking her fingers down to the belt of his jeans. Shifting back, she made little work of his fly, releasing his cock into her hand. She was surprised that he was hard already. Ty murmured, blinking slowly. “I’m always ready for you,” he said, answering her unspoken question.

“I want you to take me upstairs,” she said, leaning to him and kissing him fully, her tongue forcing him to part his lips. “I want us to start again, and I want you to show me who you really are. No more games. No more hiding.”

Ty sat up, throwing her off him. He stood and pulled her up, sweeping his hands around her hips and grabbing her ass. “Then I’m in control,” he said. “I want to do so much more with you. What we’ve done…” He blew out a breath. “Is nothing. If you want to get to know the real me, you have to give me complete and utter control and promise you’ll use the safe word when you need to.”

“Detention,” she said, letting out a small gasp as his fingers drifted over the crease of her bum.

He lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist. His dick, hard as marble, stood away from his clothes, pressing into her thigh as he carried her through the hall, over the mess and upstairs into the bedroom.

Dropping her on the bed, he stripped. Leah gazed at his magnificent and proud erection with nervous wonder. Ty strode over to her, tugging her jeans over her hips, pulling the T-shirt over her head and helping her out of her underwear.

Sparks shot to her core. She could feel her pussy begin to swell and her nerves liquefy at the power of it all.

“I am going to educate you, Miss Beauchamp,” he said, his voice low and meaningful. Walking to the wardrobe, he threw open the doors and pulled out numerous toys and things she had never seen before. “First, I am going to restrain you.”

He attached the black leather cuffs to her wrists and ankles, the fur lining was soft against her skin. He took out some ties, tying one to the D-ring on each cuff.

“Roll over,” he commanded. “Onto all fours. I want to see how wet your pussy is. How much you want this.”

She did as she was told, shocked by how turned on she was by the brutality in his voice. There was a bottle of chocolate-orange- flavored lube on the bedside table that he’d put there along with the neon pink vibrator, but she knew that lubricant was definitely not required. She could feel herself almost dripping with anticipation.

There was a sense of embarrassment as she bent over, ass in the air, but it soon disappeared as he planted his mouth on one cheek, giving a gentle nibble, trailing toward the other side and repeating the motion.

“Stretch your arms in front of you.”

She reached up to the pillows, pressing her cheek into the soft duvet beneath her. Ty took the ties and attached them to the bed frame. He smoothed her hair out of her sight and kissed her, forcing his tongue into her mouth. She sucked on it.

“I love your mouth,” he said, moving away from her. “I am going to show you how good this can be, and then I want you to suck on my cock until I come.”

She didn’t know why, but the forcefulness in his tone, the expectation brought her closer to the edge. She was sure that it wasn’t going to take much fucking before she exploded all over him.

With two more ribbons, he tied her legs to the end of the bed. She was in a prime position for him to do whatever he liked to her ass. She remembered how it had felt when he’d taken her over his desk. Anal was not something she’d ever considered before, but it hadn’t been as bad as she’d expected.

He ran a hand over her backside before giving it a playful slap—nothing like the ruler, but enough to draw a gasping breath from her. Running a finger over her slit, he groaned with delight. “You really do want this,” he said, sounding so sure.

“Yes,” she whispered. He plunged two fingers into her pussy and she clenched around his hand, crying out as he twisted them in a small circle. Everything in her tightened.

“Relax,” he soothed, smoothing her buttocks as he continued to rotate his wrist. He pulled away from her. She couldn’t see what he was doing, but she was sure he was looking at her, admiring her. Leah tried to clamp her thighs shut, but the ties held her in position.

He blew over her wet sex and she shuddered in response. His tongue flicked out, catching her throbbing clitoris. She tried to writhe against him, desperate for some kind of release.

Ty chuckled and slapped her bum. He left her alone and she was afraid that he’d left the room completely. Twisting her head to the other side, she could see he was at the wardrobe, but whatever he’d picked was hidden behind his back. He put it at the foot of the bed away from view.

“If you’re going to peek…” He took a handful of her hair, yanking her head and catching her mouth with his. She saw that he was holding a blindfold. He lay the soft satin over her eyes and tied it at the back of her head.

Shrouded in darkness, her vision impaired, she strained to use her other senses to discover what he was planning.

Sound. She could hear his footsteps as he padded around the bed, to where he could see how much she was aching to be fucked. She could hear the swish as something was dragged through the air.

Touch. Whatever he held, it tickled over her back. Feathery strokes danced down her spine, over the curve of her bum and…

“Shit!” she squealed, as he drew it over her pussy and clitoris. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

Ty chuckled and continued his torment as she shook all over. The feathers were removed. Cold leather replaced them. More than one strand brushed over her buttocks. Leah squeezed her eyes shut, ready for the punishment she was about to endure.

! The leather strands landed against her sensitive skin.

Slap! Slap!
He brought it down on her again and again. Heat radiated from her ass as he smoothed where he’d struck her, and placed a tender kiss on the spot. It didn’t hurt much, but enough to elicit an audible gasp.

Scent. Leather. He’d drawn the flogger up her body, laying it over her shoulder so that she could smell it. He stood behind her, one hand gripping the handle of the tool, one running down the crack of her backside, smearing her creamy juices all over her.

The flogger was dragged down her spine before being used on her again.

“Fuck me, Leah,” he said, and she could tell by the breathiness of his voice that he was just as excited as she was, if not more so. “I wonder how wet I can make you.” He let the damp pad of his thumb rest against her anus with a teasing threat, performing minute circles while he ran the leather straps over each cheek.

A finger entered her vagina. Or maybe it was two? She couldn’t tell. She was so soaked that slipping anything of size into her would have been easy.

“Have you ever tasted yourself?” he asked.

Leah bit her lip and shook her head violently. She heard him suck on his finger.

“You taste delicious.”

His head was between her thighs, his nose pressed right into her perineum as he sucked and lapped and kissed and mouthed at her sex. A cry ripped from her throat as he probed her, parting her folds with his tongue, letting his tongue enter her.

As he pulled away, she called out in disappointment. He silenced her, slanting his mouth over hers, devouring her, her juices swirling over her own tongue.

Taste. The salty-sweet musk of her own pussy saturated her mouth. Fuck, if this wasn’t erotic she didn’t know what was.

“I’m going to make you come now,” he whispered, kissing her nose.

All of her senses whirled around her, bringing her to dizzying heights. She could still taste herself. She could still smell the leather of the flogger as he draped it over her shoulder. She could still feel the heat emanating from every single pore of her being. And she could hear the gentle buzz as he switched the vibrator on.

First the tip of it entered her, and it was as though she had been prodded with an electric bolt. Sparks shot through her, drowning her. Her skin prickled, each hair standing on end as he pushed farther until she was sure he’d put the whole thing inside her. Her walls clenched around it, quaking and dancing in time to its rhythmic hum.

He wasn’t finished, though. He reached under her, rolling her burning clit beneath his fingers, pinching it. She called out, her juices dripped around the toy.

“I want to hear you,” he said, and she obeyed him, letting out an animalistic shout.

He pulled the toy from her and thrust it back in, and she cried out again. Holding it in place, he held something against her ass. It was cold and felt as though it might have been metal. Covered in her own wetness, it took little work to slide it past her puckered entrance. Leah bit her lip, squeezing her eyes shut beneath the mask. Her safe word danced on her tongue. A lump grew in her throat. She could feel her legs quaking.

“Fuck, this is hot,” Ty said, and she thought he might be talking to himself. “Now come.”

Nerves forgotten, it was as if she’d been waiting for his permission, and she gave in. Her whole body shivered. She ripped her head back and screamed so loud her throat was left raw. Her muscles went into spasm, every one of them tightening, drawing in the toys that probed her.

He waited a brief moment before removing the toys, dropping them to the floor. She felt her legs slacken as he undid the ties. She collapsed on the bed from sheer exhaustion. Her heart thumped at her ribs.

“Oh no,” he said, untying her arms but leaving her blindfold in place. “We’re not finished yet.”


Chapter Twenty-Eight




Leah sat on the edge of the bed, still unable to see beyond the black satin. But she could smell him. He was standing in front of her, his proud cock inches from her mouth. The musky scent of masculinity—his need—mixed with that of her femininity and permeated the air. She’d had her orgasm, now it was his turn, and she knew what he wanted.

He swept her hair to one side, taking it in his fist at the back of her head, encouraging her forward. Leah opened her mouth. The tip of him balanced on her bottom lip. His cock was drenched in the taste of her orgasm, and she licked him clean. Pre-cum oozed onto her tongue and she lapped it up like some greedy whore. He tasted much better than she did. Fresh and salty, like a savory dessert that was far too expensive for her to consider ordering, but she was getting to sample anyway.

“Suck it,” he commanded. She closed her mouth over the swollen head of his dick, hollowing her cheeks and running her tongue over the sensitive slit. He sucked in a breath, pulling backward and almost popping out of her mouth. “Gentle,” he said, holding her head still and repositioning himself. “Try again.”

She felt him bob against her lips and took him into the wet confines of her mouth once more, going a little deeper this time. She swirled her tongue around his marble shaft, licking the velvet skin.

“Hands,” he said. Leah held on to his root and began to pump him, sucking and bobbing her head in time to the sound of her own pulse as it raced through her ears. She cupped his balls, heavy and full, rolling them in her palm while she worked him.

He may have said something else, but she couldn’t hear him, too busy trying to concentrate on what she was doing, making sure she got it right. Although if a ruler or a leather flogger were to be her punishment for getting it wrong, then she might make the occasional mistake…

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