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Taylor's Gift

BOOK: Taylor's Gift
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“As a journalist, I believe in the transformative power of storytelling.
Taylor's Gift
is an exquisite example of the power to move people . . . the power to heal . . . the power to inspire through a breathtaking story.”

Juju Chang
correspondent, ABC News

“Tara and Todd Storch share their story so openly that you will be inspired no matter what the circumstances are in your life.
Taylor's Gift
reminds us of the importance of organ donation and how special of a gift it is.”

Alex O'Loughlin,
actor, Donate Life ambassador

“The Storches are a truly amazing and inspiring family! They show beautifully how faith and hope can bring you through the toughest of times.
Taylor's Gift
clearly shows that there can be a purpose in the pain. I love what
Taylor's Gift
is all about, and I would highly recommend this book.”

Carly Patterson
, Olympic gold medalist

“Todd and Tara Storch are a true inspiration. Their story is amazing and touching. This book promotes faith, family, and the gift of life. Taylor was a special person and her spirit will live on forever. This book has been a gift that has changed my life. It will change yours too.”

Jarrett Payton
, ESPN analyst, radio personality

“Tara and Todd Storch share their story so openly that you will be inspired no matter what circumstances are in your life. I love how
Taylor's Gift
shows how organ donation can be a beautiful gift and also shows the blessings that can come if you have hope and follow your purpose. I would highly recommend this book!”

Roger Staubach
, former quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys; executive chairman, Jones Lang LaSalle Americas 

Taylor's Gift
, the Storches are an example of an ordinary family that experienced an extraordinary and tragic event. The Storch family transitioned from grieving to becoming a shining example of giving the ultimate gift of life all over the world.”

Everson Walls
, NFL all-pro, kidney donor

“This is a book about love on so many levels. How grieving parents turned their anguish into joy by seeing their daughter live through others.”

Cynthia Izaguirre
, WFAA-TV news anchor

“Tara and Todd's courage and strength in the face of tragedy are an inspiration to us all. The entire Storch family's dedication to Taylor's memory and Taylor's gift makes them my heroes.”

Ann Lopez
, kidney donor

Taylor's Gift
, Todd and Tara Storch take us inside the agony of losing a child. But more than that, they take us inside the unexpected joy that comes in seeing God use the worst thing we can imagine for good, helping us to believe He will do that in our lives too.”

Nancy Guthrie
, author,
Holding on to Hope
Hearing Jesus Speak Into Your Sorrow

We dedicate this book to our children Ryan and Peyton:
This is not just our story; it is your story too.We love you deeply.



Title Page    

Copyright Page    



Foreword by Max Lucado    

Part 1 Endings    

1. The Accident    

2. Snapshots of Taylor    

3. The Cowboy    

4. The Nurse    

5. The Bike Rider    

6. The Teenager    

Part 2 Rewriting the Stories    

7. Waiting Rooms    

8. Holding On to Taylor    

9. Signs of Life    

10. Saying Goodbye    

11. Homecoming    

12. Honoring Taylor    

13. A Wake    

14. Finding Purpose    

15. Opening Doors    

16. Opposing Grief    

17. Purpose in the Pain    

18. Looking for Confirmation    

19. Showers of Emotion    

20. The Cowboy's Daughter Connects on Facebook    

21. Confirmation    

22. Of Course!    

23. The Nurse Responds    

24. First Meetings    

25. One Step Forward    

26. The Stock Market of Grief    

27. Her Heart Is in the Right Place    

28. Hearing Taylor's Heart    

29. Trust While Doing    

30. The Bike Rider Leaves a Message    

31. First Holidays    

32. Change of Hearts    

33. The Teenager's Mother Wants to Reach Out—but Can't    

34. I Am Outgoing and Friendly    

Part 3 New Beginnings    

35. The Cowboy: The Gift of Giving Back    

36. The Nurse: The Gift of Time    

37. The Bike Rider: The Gift of Freedom    

38. The Teenager: The Gift of a Future    

39. Outlive Yourself    

40. The Gift of Hope    


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Back Cover    


My initial contact with Todd and Tara Storch came in the form of an email blast. A longtime friend was asking everyone to pray for a player on his volleyball team. She'd suffered a severe injury in a skiing accident. There was concern she might not survive.

And so it was that I became acquainted with the story of Taylor Storch and her family. It is a difficult one. It is a story that causes every parent to grimace, every person to wince.

It is a story that challenges the faith of the most stalwart saint. Why? Why would God give a family a child only to take her? Why so soon? Why her?

These are difficult questions. The Storch family has asked them and a thousand others. They invite you to consider their journey. They don't gloss over their pain. You won't find any pious pretentions or shallow dismissals. Instead, you will find an honest itinerary through the valley of sorrow. Sadness comingled with hope. An alchemy of doubt, determination, regret, and resolve.

Their story makes us think of a well-known Bible verse. “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to
purpose” (Rom. 8:28 NKJV).

Note the phrase “work together.” Individually, the challenges of life are daunting and difficult. What good is found in the cemetery or ICU? But mixed together—by God's hands—good will happen.

The story of Taylor Storch is the story of Romans 8:28. On one hand, there is the tragic death of a delightful girl. On the other, there are the needs of ill patients, literally dying for want of a healthy organ. When the loss of Taylor met the needs of these people . . . good happened.

The prayer of this book is this: may good continue to happen. May this story bring hope to anyone who has suffered tragedy. There is life after loss. It comes after a monsoon of tears. But it comes.

May this story alert us to the potential of organ donation. Taylor's gift of life made the difference of a lifetime for the people you are about to meet. In more ways than we can imagine, she lives on.

Thank you, Storch family, for sharing your story. May God continue to bring healing until we are all finally home.

Max Lucado

BOOK: Taylor's Gift
12.74Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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