The Alpha Masters: Unlocking the Genius of the World's Top Hedge Funds

BOOK: The Alpha Masters: Unlocking the Genius of the World's Top Hedge Funds



Foreword: The Less Mysterious World of Hedge Funds






Chapter 1: The Global Macro Maven


The Makings of a Maven


Coming of Age through a Crisis


Building Bridgewater


Winning Over the World Bank


Belly Up: Learning from the Bad


Calculating Crises


Foreseeing the Financial Crisis


Extracting Alpha


Bringing Home the Alpha


Fund in Focus


Procuring the Principles


Watchful Eye on the World Today


Going After What You Want


Chapter 2: Man versus Machine


Tim Wong: The Engineer


Pierre Lagrange: The Money Maker


Chapter 3: The Risk Arbitrageur


The Making of a Risk Arbitrageur


It’s Not All Numbers


The Stuff of Legends


Knowing What You Don’t Know


“I’m Sort of an Independent Person”


The Greatest Trade Ever


Mispriced Risk: Dow/Rohm & Haas


Jumping into the Deep End: Citigroup


Good as Gold


A Little Help from His Friends


Fighting Back


Chapter 4: Distressed Debt’s Value Seekers


The Auto Bailout


Brother-and-Sister Partnership


Catching the Eye of Robert Bass


Killer Combination


Detecting Diamonds in the Rough


Extracting the Value


Chapter 5: The Fearless First Mover


Gearing Up at Goldman


Pulling in the Profits


“A” for Appaloosa


The Early Days


No “A’s” in High School


Learning and Earning


Fierce and Fearless


Titanic Track Record


International Intrigue


Russian Roulette


Bullish on Bankruptcies


Delphi Dilemma


WaMu Winner


The Force Behind Financials


The ABC’s: AIG, BAC, and C


Sizing Up the Sweet Spot


Chapter 6: The Activist Answer


Bright Beginnings


Getting Gotham Going


The School of Rock


Making a Name for Himself


Return on Invested Brain Damage


Buying the Farm


Rising from the Ashes


Fast Food, Building Record Results


Making Cents at McDonald’s


Borders and Target: A Couple of Clunkers


Zeroing in on Target




A Dud


The Greatest Trade


A Penney for His Thoughts


Canadian Pacific on the Rails


What Makes an Activist


Chapter 7: The Poison Pen


The Young Whippersnapper Finds His Way


Catching the Big Wave in the Storm


Evolution and Revolution


The Third Point Tao and Team Approach


Chapter 8: The Cynical Sleuth


Cause for Cynicism


The Contrarian Investor


The Secret Sauce of Short-Selling


Defending an Investment Strategy


China’s Coming Crisis


Back to Business School Basics


Chapter 9: The Derivatives Pioneer


The Rise of a Trailblazer


“Lehman Weekend” at the Fed


The Technicalities of the Trade










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