The Boxer: A Stepbrother Romance

BOOK: The Boxer: A Stepbrother Romance
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The Boxer


A M/f Romance




Roma Dark


Not all knockouts are in the ring...

Copyright © 2015 by Roma Dark


All rights reserved.


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All characters are of legal age and are not related by blood. All characters have consensual sex.

Roma Dark


Roma Dark was born in a small town and raised around sunshine, love, and everlasting happiness. However, the creeping darkness within her couldn't be extinguished and flourished into lifelong fetishes and a newfound career writing dark romance. Inside her pages is a place where even the most flawed and broken people can find their match. Roma invites those that look at the moon a little longer than their friends do, that feel the gentle pull of an ocean tide a little stronger than others do, and those that sometimes feel that misery is just another form of happiness to step inside her world and read.


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When Emery Stevens goes to Vegas to blow off some steam, she meets a sexy stranger and hopes that what happens in Vegas really does stay in Vegas.


Semi-pro boxer Chance Fowler cancels on his own bachelor party just to spend more time with the geeky Dr. Who lover sitting in the bar with him.


When Chance and Emery leave Vegas, they never dreamed they'd meet back up during a Thanksgiving family dinner. Will they be able to put their night all in the past, or is this one knockout Chance never saw coming?



*This Roma Dark novella is filled with graphic depictions of taboo, BDSM, or group sex and is not intended for those who do not like hot, steamy reads or for those under 18 years of age*


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Chapter One


              The plane ride to Vegas was long and more annoying than Emery Stevens thought it was worth. She had dealt with a crying baby nearly the entire time and on several occasions had nearly lost control and screamed at the mother. She just couldn’t stand parents who let their children cry, especially for hours on end. The aggravations made her want to hit the bar as soon as she got there but she had to check into her hotel first.


              “I wonder what kinda drinks they got there.” Emery thought, envisioning the bar at the hotel and getting drunk there so she didn’t have far to go to get to her bed. “Ugh… this is supposed to be a stress reliever and so far it’s just been more stressing. Stupid lady… take care of your damn child!”


              Emery gritted her teeth as the flight attendant finally walked out and started helping people out of their seats. She sighed, feeling relieved that she was finally getting off that damn plane, but as fate would have it she found herself in line right in front of the woman and her crying baby.


              “Ugh… five more minutes… just
more minutes.” Emery thought as she gripped her purse.


              She walked down the aisle and smiled a fake grin at the flight attendant as she walked into the terminal. She walked up to the luggage rack and waited for her bag to come through. For being a fairly girly girl, she actually didn’t pack very much when she went on trips. Extra clothes and hygiene stuff was all she ever grabbed. She used to pack
full of stuff, but had since found that she could use the spare room for things she found while she was out traveling the world.


              She felt relieved as she hauled her carry on down the airport and headed for the exit. As she got outside she found a line of taxis just waiting for passengers and flagged the next taxi in line down.


              “Where to miss?” The cabbie asked as Emery got into the cab.


              “Uh… the Plaza Hotel please.” She replied, not really wanting to spend too much on a hotel but didn’t want to stay in a slum either.


              “Alright, we’ll be there shortly, miss.” The cabbie replied.


              “I stayed at the Palazzo last time I was in Vegas but it’s expensive.” Emery said, trying to have a casual conversation with the cab driver.


              “Oh yeah? I’ve never stayed there. How pricey is it?” He replied as he drove them out of the airport.


              “It’s like a three hundred and fifty bucks a night.” Emery said as she looked out the window. “The Plaza’s only like a hundred bucks a night.”


              “The Plaza’s a nice hotel. I’ve stayed there.” The cabbie said, “Wife threw me out one time and I had just enough to stay the night there. At least the TV got more channels than the one we have at home.”


              “I’m thinking about going to the casino part of the Plaza. Hopefully they’ve got some good drinks there, too.” Emery said, watching the city pass by quickly as they sped down the road.


              “I suck at gambling.” The cabbie replied as he turned a corner. “The Plaza’s not too far away from here. We’ll be there in just a moment.”


              Emery was glad to have finally gotten to the Plaza and even more glad that she had called ahead and reserved a room. It had been too long since she just got to relax and not stress out over work. She was a cook, but had dreams of becoming a chef. There was quite the difference between being a cook and being a chef, she knew that. She had often overheard people ask what the difference was and most times answered with the same thing,


              “Thanks, you’ve been a great cabbie, sometimes you run into asshole drivers.” Emery said before paying the cab driver and climbing out of the car.


              She walked into the Plaza hotel, looking up at its huge red sign hanging off the very top of the hotel before she went into the hotel itself and checked in. “I have a room reserved for an Emery Stevens.”


              “Ah, yes. It’s right here and thank you for choosing the Plaza. Enjoy your stay.” The lobby attendant said with a smile on their face as they waved her to the section of the hotel where her room was located.


              As Emery walked off she thought about how life would be as a lobby attendant. It really was easy money to get paid to stand around and check people into the hotel everyday, but it would bore her to death. She liked things that were challenging, like food. Some foods could kill people if they’re not cooked properly. Other stuff didn't taste that great by themselves but if added with certain other foods and spices they were delicious. A tomato came to mind when she thought of that. She couldn’t stand the taste of a tomato on its own but on a sandwich or pizza she was in love. She finally made it to her room and just wanted to open the door and throw her luggage in there to head off for the bar. She opened the door and sat her luggage inside the room before shutting and locking it behind her.


              It had been too long since she'd been able to relax and unwind. And while there were other parts of the day where she could hit the tables and get into trouble, right now she was just wanting something to take her edge off and mellow.


              “Alright Captain Morgan…” Emery said to herself as she headed down the hallway, feeling excited to make it to the bar.


              Emery walked down to the casino part of the Plaza and headed right for the bar. There were several people already sitting there drinking and watching boxing on the TVs hanging on the walls. She looked up, knowing she only liked boxing to see buff guys with no shirts on but didn't see anyone that interested her.


              “What’ll it be, pretty lady? Coffee, tea, or me?” The bartender asked in a flirty voice. She audibly sighed.


I wonder what dumb bitches that line works on
, she thought but kept a half-smile on her face as she watched the boxing match. “I’ll have a Captain and Coke please.”


              The bartender sat her drink down and went to the other end of the bar to wipe it down.


              Emery took a large swig off of her drink feeling the burn of the alcohol as it ran down her throat. Her belly burned and she knew it would be only a few minutes before her body started relaxing too. She sighed with relief and noticed the guy next to her was fairly attractive. She wanted to talk to him but didn’t know what to say. She’d always lost what to say when trying to start a conversation with someone new.


And besides, am I really here for any drama? I just want to drink and lose half my paycheck before boarding the plane back
, she thought.


              “My name’s Emery, what’s yours?” She asked, taking another sip of the warm liquid in her glass to calm her nerves.


              “Chance.” He replied, “I’m glad to know I’m not alone in the world of weird names.”


weird. Most times people just call me Emily.” She replied with a smile, proud of herself for starting a conversation with the attractive man. “I bet you get called Chase all the time, huh?”


              “Oh yeah. My mom said I was her lucky chance at a family. I was an only child.” He replied with a chuckle, sipping on his mixed drink as he stared up at the boxing match. “I don’t even know either of these boxers, but the guy in the red trunks is kickin’ ass.”


              “I barely watch any sports. Most times I’m stuck cooking in the kitchen at the restaurant.” Emery replied, taking a drink of her Captain and Coke. “I actually watch Dr. Who more than anything else.”


              “No kiddin? That’s like my
show.” Chance replied, grinning over at her. His smile made Emery feel butterflies in her stomach. There was really something about his appearance that made her weak. “I’ve been watching since last season and can’t get enough. I wish I’d been watching the whole time. I can’t believe how long it’s been on TV.”



              “Me either. I’ve been watching it since I was a kid. I think I started watching it when I was six. My favorite part about it is just how they can change who plays Dr. Who.”


              “Yeah, did you know that his regeneration was originally called
” Chance asked, raising his eyebrows a moment as he looked over at Emery before he took a swig of his drink.


              “No, I didn’t. How do
if you just started watching it last season?” Emery asked, confused by the conflict of information but yet intrigued.


              “Actually, I wondered how they were able to change who plays the Doctor so, believe it or not, I just Googled it.” Chance said with a laugh. “Ah, people underestimate what information you can find with Google. Just type in a question and you’re more than likely going to find an answer. I know I’m weird.”


              Emery looked into that deeply tanned face and those dark eyes. Weird was starting to not be the word she'd use to describe him.


              “Nice.” Emery replied with a chuckle. She thought about the replica of the Sonic Screwdriver from Dr. Who she had in her purse and pulled it out. “Check this out, you think
weird? My friends
when I pull this out in public but I love it. Look it lights up!”


              “That’s great.” Chance said with a laugh as Emery giggled and lit up her Sonic Screwdriver. Sounds from the show played off of it and she laughed again, seeing people looking over at them. “Your friends get embarrassed by that I take it? They’re not comfortable with random strangers looking over at them while they do goofy things, eh? I think being comfortable with that is attractive.”


              “Yeah?” Emery asked, looking over at Chance. He didn’t hear her as his friends walked up and called his name, stealing his attention away.


              “Hey Chance, c’mon let’s get outta here ‘n hit up a titty bar, bro.” One of his friends said, instantly dropping in sex appeal to Emery. She put her Sonic Screwdriver back in her purse and took a drink of her Captain and Coke, preparing to just be sitting there alone.


              “Nah man, I’m good. I’m gonna stay here and talk to this pretty girl I just met while I watch the fight.” Chance replied before he took a swig off his drink, internally wanting to go smoke a cigarette but he didn’t want to leave and end up coming back to an empty stool. He turned back to her and smiled before looking back up at the fight as it went into its fourth round. “I didn’t think the fight would go this long honestly. Look at how scrawny that guy is.”


              “You’re not much bigger.” Emery said in a teasing tone of voice, noting that the guy was lean and in shape. “I’m just kidding, you’re pretty tone, not scrawny.”


              “Ha, yeah. I’m still be a featherweight. That guy's a middleweight. He’d mop the mat with me.” Chance admitted with a laugh before he downed the rest of his mixed drink and looked over at Emery. “You want another round? I see you’re getting a little low there.”


              “Sure.” Emery replied before downing the rest of her Captain and Coke. “Thanks. So what made you not go with your friends to the strip club?”


              “Tits are tits. If you’ve seen one pair you’ve seen them all pretty much.” Chance said as he ordered them both new drinks with a wave of his hand then put up two fingers and pointed at their glasses. “Plus, I’d rather spend my night talking with a pretty woman than spending money to see her dance.”


              “Ha, you’re just saying that.” Emery said as she grabbed her new drink. She took a swig of it and chuckled a bit more. “Makes sense I guess. Seems like you’ve had your fill.”


              “Yeah, I have actually.” Chance replied, looking up at the boxing match on TV. “They think it’s fun to go to the strip club and spend money on chicks to see them naked, but they don’t end up going home with them. And if they do find someone, it’s most likely a one-night stand.”


BOOK: The Boxer: A Stepbrother Romance
12.38Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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