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The Debt 2


The Debt 2 (Club Alpha)

By Kelly Favor


© 2014 All Rights Reserved


Raven had expected Jake Novak to come for her in the night.

Or was it just that she’d been hoping he’d come for her?

In the darkness of the luxurious hotel bedroom, Raven had lain in the soft bed and waited.
She’d waited for him, even as she told herself that she was afraid of him, afraid of what Jake Novak would want to do to her.

She could still hear and even feel the slaps against her buttocks, delivered by Jake with just the precise amount of force needed to spark that odd combination of pain and pleasure that Raven hadn’t even known existed.

She knew now, though.
She knew and she couldn’t forget any of it.

Raven thought about what she would say if he came into her room wearing nothing but his jeans, shirt off, rippling muscles and bare skin glimmering in the light coming in from the doorway.

Would she pretend not to want him, would she be able to muster enough sarcasm and brittle self-righteousness to keep him at bay?

Or would her cheap defenses crumble away, no match for the need she had to feel his bare skin against her own—nothing left but to allow him to do with her whatever he wanted, to become his fully and without reservations.

She couldn’t stop replaying how it had felt when he’d spanked her over the piano, his hand cupping her butt, the sensation of the sudden orgasm that had swept through her, leaving her moaning and breathless.

She wanted that feeling back again.

She wanted him again, and she hated that he probably knew it.

Jake Novak had all the power and she had nothing.

But then Raven remembered that she was lying in this king-sized bed in the penthouse suite of the Four Seasons for a reason.

I’m here because he wants me.

These thoughts and more swirled in her head as she waited for Jake to reappear, to come to her and make his wishes known once more.

But the night wore on and he never came.
Finally, she drifted into a merciful sleep.




Raven awoke to the sound of light knocking on the bedroom door.

She sat up in bed, confused, trying to remember where she was.
Instantly, it all came flooding back to her.

I’m in Jake Novak’s penthouse suite
, she remembered.
I’m his now.

No, Raven.
Jake Novak doesn’t own you.
Club Alpha doesn’t own you.
If you decide to, you can get up and leave and never look back.

Was that really true, though?

How far would they go to make her life a living hell if she defied them again?
As it was, in a matter of days they’d gotten her fired, kicked out of her basement apartment, and somehow even arranged to have her credit card shut off.

None of it had been difficult for them at all.

The knocking was louder now.
“Raven, you awake?” Jake called through the door.

“Yeah,” she said, clearing her throat and pulling the soft comforter up above her breasts.
She didn’t have a change of clothes, so she’d slept in her panties and bra.
Somehow, having Jake see so much of her skin made her simultaneously nervous, embarrassed and excited.

As he entered the room, he was rolling a cart that looked like it had been brought up to the suite by room service.
Steam was pouring out of the cover.

“Feeling hungry?” he asked her.

“Ummm…I don’t know.
I just woke up.”
She ran a hand across her face, blinking, hoping she didn’t look hideous.

Jake straightened up and looked at her.
He didn’t look hideous.
On the contrary, he was just as hot now as ever, maybe even more so.
He was wearing shorts and a simple white t-shirt; maybe he’d even slept in that outfit.
Whatever the case, the ensemble showed off plenty of his rock hard body, his chiseled arms, thighs that looked as strong as jackhammers.

She realized that she was staring at him and forced herself to look away.
“What time is it?” she yawned, feigning grogginess.

“It’s late enough,” he replied.
“You should get up and eat something.”

“I don’t have anything to wear,” she said, pulling her comforter up again, as it had begun slipping down.

Jake looked at her, and she couldn’t help but meet his penetrating gaze.
His eyes seemed fixated on the line where the blanket met her bare skin.
Did he perhaps think she was entirely nude under the blanket?

She felt warmth creep into her stomach at the thought.

“Don’t worry about clothes,” Jake said, finally.
He turned and pulled the cover off the tray of food.

“Don’t worry about clothes?
I think I need something to wear.
I need to go out to my car, at least, and find something suitable to change into.”

“I’ve had a wardrobe delivered to the room,” Jake said in an offhand way.

“I don’t understand.”

“I wasn’t sure on the sizes, so they sent a variety of apparel for you to choose from.”
He started out of the room.
“Why don’t you just put on the bathrobe in the closet for now?”


He was already gone, closing the door behind him.

Raven got out of bed and went to the closet, where she found a cozy bathrobe and put it on, cinching it closed, before pulling the breakfast cart closer to the bed and sitting down in front of the substantial breakfast that had been delivered to her.

There were delicate crepes with various berries and sauces drizzled over them, and there were pancakes, stuffed French toast, scrambled eggs and bacon.
Every bit of it was delicious, and Raven decided to taste some of all of it, since apparently Jake had brought this entire tray for her and her alone.

She didn’t know what to make of any of it.
Her mind was still struggling to get used to the idea that maybe she actually could do this.

Why not?
Why not stay with gorgeous Jake freaking Novak for one month, be his little plaything, and then go back to normal life having lived out the fantasy of a lifetime and getting paid for it to boot?

As she ate, tasting the delicious flavors, closing her eyes and savoring her breakfast in bed, she’d almost decided that maybe she didn’t have to fight so hard against this outcome.

Jake intrigued her in so many ways.
He was hot, mysterious, and in a sense he was treating her better than she’d been treated in a long time.

Oh, yeah?
Was he treating you well last night when he spanked your ass red?

Raven nearly choked on her eggs as she thought about it.
She put her fork down, tried to calm her nerves.
It was true that what Jake had done to her last night had been downright strange, and she wasn’t necessarily proud he’d done it to her—but Raven also couldn’t deny the very real fact that she’d enjoyed every second of it.

That doesn’t make it right
, she thought, her own critical voice unwilling to let the matter slide.

Raven sighed, knowing that she would be in conflict over this decision no matter what she ultimately chose to do.
Part of her wanted this, wanted him and everything that came with him—while another part of her was terrified and angry and wanted to run away as fast as possible.

She picked up her fork again and started eating, giving in to inertia.
For now, it was easier to stay on the course that had been set for her.

Score one for Jake
, she thought.

As she was starting to get full, there came another knock on the door.
“Yes?” she called out.

“It’s me,” Jake said.
He came in carrying what must have been a dozen or more different items of women’s clothing.
“Let me know if any of this is wearable, and what you do or don’t like.
Oh, I’ll also need your shoe size,” he said.

“My shoe size?”

He glanced up at her, those brown eyes twinkling with mischief.
“I have a wardrobe department that can get me anything I need pretty much right away, assuming your taste doesn’t run to the newest fashion line coming out of Milan or Paris.
Actually, even if that’s what you like—I can get it.”

Jake gently laid the clothes on the bed behind her.

“You don’t need to do all of this for me,” she told him.

“This is just the beginning of what I’m going to do for you,” he said, his voice firm and knowing, as if he’d already seen the future.

She glanced at him, noticing that cute little scar above his
eye brow
, and suddenly pictured herself softly kissing it, and then kissing his cheek, and then those lips…

“I guess I can try a few things on then,” Raven said softly, having trouble getting the words out.

“How’s breakfast?” he asked, examining her plates of partially eaten food with a knowing grin.

“Everything’s amazing,” she said.
“Although I don’t think I have the kind of appetite you seem to assume I have.
Not sure if I should be flattered or offended by the amount of food you ordered for me.”

Amidst the clothes that Jake had laid on her bed, she noticed a small stack of papers.
Jake picked the papers up casually and held them in one hand.
He noticed her looking at the papers and answered her question before she asked it.

“Oh, this,” he said, holding the papers up.
“I figured you might like to read while you eat breakfast.
I usually check the paper, but this should do for you.”
Jake plopped the papers down on the tray beside her plates of food, making her silverware clatter.

It looked like a high school midterm—she glanced down at it, her brow wrinkling with confusion.
“What is it?”

“Just a few details about our arrangement,” he said.
“Give it a look while you finish up eating and then we can discuss if you have any questions.
But it’s all pretty self explanatory,” he finished, hands on his hips.

“Uh, I guess.”
She picked up the papers, which had been stapled together in the top right corner and seemed well worn already.
Some of the ink on the typed pages was smudged.

The top line said:
Duties and Obligations for the New Hire

Her stomach did a slow flip and she’d suddenly lost her appetite.

“When you’re done reading and eating, you can pick out an outfit from the stash I brought in, and come out and join us in the suite,” Jake told her.

“Who is us?” she asked him, overwhelmed now by the speed at which things were moving.

“My tour manager and road manager will be here discussing details for the show tonight.”
He gave her a long look.
“Don’t stress,” he said, as if he could tell how anxious she was getting from all the news he was dumping on her.
“It’s going to be fun.”

And then he left the room and closed the door again.

Raven picked up the stapled sheaf of papers and started to read.
It was basically a job description.

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