The Doomsday Prepping Crash Course

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Doomsday Prepping Crash Course

The Ultimate Preppers Guide to Getting Prepared When You're on a Tight Budget


By Patty Hanne



The purpose of this book is to help people with their emergency preparedness plans. It's the goal of this author to provide the most accurate information possible.  The author believes, to the best of her knowledge, that the information provided in this book is correct at the time of this writing.  The information contained herein is intended for informational purposes only and the author claims no liability for the use or misuse of anything contained in this book. Any trademarks mentioned in this book are done so for editorial purposes only. These trademarks are the property of their respective owners and the author of this book is not affiliated with them in any way.


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Table of Contents


The First Step in Prepping Is the Most Important

Getting Your Priorities Straight From the Beginning

Having Good Plans in Place Will Pave the Way to Success

Avoid Frustration by Starting With the Easy Things First

Properly Storing Water for Emergency Use

Collecting Water When Supplies Run Low

Filtering and Treating Water to Make It Safe to Drink

Preparing to Help Your Animals Survive Doomsday

Making Use of the "One Extra" Method When Shopping

Save Money by Learning the Art of Couponing

Stocking Up on Medication and Medical Supplies

Remembering To Take Your Vitamins after Doomsday

Get the Upper Hand by Storing Bartering Items

Leverage the Power of Buying In Bulk

Get Back To Basics and Learn To Preserve Food Now

Learn How to Obtain Food in a Post Doomsday World

Turn Your Survival Food into Meals That Satisfy

Becoming Prepared To Defend Yourself and Your Property

Preparing Your Body to Survive Doomsday

Planning for Your Post Doomsday Transportation Needs

Heating Your Home without Electricity or Gas

Making Sure That You Have a Way to Cook Your Food

Know How to Make Fire Before You Need It

Storing Fuel for Use after Doomsday

The Importance of Having the Right Tools on Hand

Communication Devices That Will Work after Doomsday

Preparing To Have Electricity after Doomsday

Keeping the Lights on When the Power Goes Out

Dealing With the Dirty Job of Waste Disposal

Don't Underestimate the Importance of Cleanliness

Don't Forget to Stock Your Bug Out Survival Caches

Be Prepared To Seal Your Windows and Doors

Keeping Things in Perspective When It Comes To Prepping

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There are a growing number of people who proudly call themselves "preppers" in the world today.  A prepper is someone who spends their time preparing for what is commonly called "doomsday".  In this day and age, the prepper community is one that is growing by leaps and bounds.  It's a sub culture of people who see the importance of preparing for the harsh times that are to come.

People from all walks of life are feeling a sense of urgency to prepare for some form of a doomsday type event that is bound to happen sooner or later.  Whether it will be a catastrophic natural disaster, an economic crisis caused by hyperinflation, or some other kind of major event, one thing is certain, those who are prepared will have a much better chance of weathering the storm than those who do not take the time to prepare.

It's no secret that the US economy has seen better days.  With the unemployment rate above 8%, a lot of people are finding it a bit tough to stretch their money and make it from paycheck to paycheck.   If people are having a hard time finding enough money to pay the bills, how on earth can they find the money to prepare to survive a major natural or economic disaster?  Well, follow along in this book to learn some helpful tips that you can use to prepare for doomsday even if you're on a tight budget.

You'll find tips and tricks that you can use to save money while prepping but you'll also find useful advice to help you understand the kinds of preparations you should be making and the types of things you should be stockpiling.


The First Step in Prepping Is the Most Important

The single most important step to prepping is to just start doing it.  This may seem easier said than done if you are on a tight budget but it's true.  The most important and difficult thing for people to do is to just get started doing

Many people tend to feel so overwhelmed with the huge list of things that should be done to prepare for a doomsday event that they never actually take any steps to get started.  Looking at prepping like this is backwards thinking.  It's extremely important that you break prepping down to its individual components and tackle them one by one.  Remember that old saying that says the way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time?  This is especially true when it comes to prepping.

Even the preppers with the most impressive stockpiles and plans started somewhere.  Do you know where they started?  They all started at the beginning, just like you will.  It's true that some people have more money and resources than others but
everyone started somewhere

There are plenty of wealthy individuals who haven't spent one cent prepping despite the fact that they have unlimited resources.  Likewise, there are plenty of people who barely get by from month to month who have a rather impressive stockpile of supplies and well thought out and designed emergency preparedness plans.

As you are reading through this book, try to keep things in prospective. You may end up choosing to adopt some of the advice that is given in this book and ignore other parts of it altogether.  Remember that prepping is a
and it's one that most of preppers never actually complete.  We're constantly prepping and doing the things that we think will help us to survive doomsday. 

The bottom line is that doing something to prepare is much better than doing nothing at all.  Some of you will choose to only do a few things that are outlined in this book.  Others will go to the extreme end of the spectrum and do much more.  The important thing is that you do something and the goal of this book is to help you do just that!


Getting Your Priorities Straight from the Beginning

One thing that all good preppers have in common is that they have their priorities straight. They have all come to a point in their lives that has enabled them to make a real commitment to prepping.  It's one thing to
that you would like to start prepping but it's something entirely different to actually make a serious commitment to start and stick with it. 

If you really want to be a prepper, you need to make a commitment to prepping.  If you're on a budget, this will likely mean that you'll have to make some personal sacrifices.  You'll need to take a close look at how you spend your money and find ways to free up money to buy prepping supplies.

Now, before you say that there's just no money in your budget to start prepping, you really should challenge yourself to take a good close look at it and do an "honest" evaluation.  You may need to be brutally honest with yourself and ask yourself some tough questions.

For example, if you think that it's impossible to start your day without stopping by your favorite coffee shop for a grande low fat latte with a double shot of espresso, you're probably not being honest with yourself. 

These are the types of things that people can cut out of their budget to free up money to spend on prepping.  Let's take a closer look at this example. If you spend $3 a day for your gourmet coffee, that's $1,080 that you're spending each year just to feed your morning coffee habit.  This doesn't even include how much you spend in gas to make a special trip to the coffee shop every day!

Drinking gourmet coffee may not be your particular vice but if you take a good close look at your budget, you'll probably find something that can be eliminated - or at the very least, cut back on.  Maybe you'll have to cancel your $100 a month satellite TV subscription.  That would free up $1,200 a year that you could spend on prepping supplies.  Maybe you can trade your huge four wheel drive Suburban in for a gas saving economy car.  You could then use the money that you save on gas on prepping.

The point is that most people aren't really being honest with themselves when they say that there just isn't any room in the budget to start prepping.  In most cases, with a little creative thinking, you can find some money to allocate to the prepping portion of your budget.   It often really just depends on how badly you actually want to start prepping.


Having Good Plans in Place Will Pave the Way to Success

In just a minute we'll get into the
meat and potatoes
of this book and share some great prepping tips but before we do that, let's talk about the importance of having good prepping plans in place.

It's very easy to get overwhelmed with all the things that need to be done to successfully prepare for doomsday.  Being overwhelmed will either lead to frantic unorganized prepping or doing nothing at all to prepare.  Neither of which are good paths to take.

The best advice for now is to read through this book entirely.  This will help to familiarize yourself with the types of things that need to be done in order to prepare for doomsday.  Then, take an afternoon and sit down to write out a list of all the things you would like to do to prepare for doomsday.  Write this list as if you had the money to go out and buy everything today.  This will help make sure that you're not leaving things out because you're worried about how much everything will cost.

Once you have this list made out, it's time to break the list down into things that you can do right away.  There will be plenty of things that you can do to prepare that won't cost much, if any money at all.  The simple fact that you are doing something to prepare will motivate you and inspire you to continue prepping.  That's why it's so important to get started doing the little inexpensive things right away.

Next write down your mid-term goals and your long-term goals being sure to include the dates that you would like to accomplish them.  Don't be afraid to set goals because they are, in fact, only goals.   If you have to adjust the dates later on down the road, that's just fine.  The important thing to remember is that goals that are written down are much more likely to be achieved than those that aren't written down.

You're going to want to have a few different types of plans in place.  The first is the plan that includes the list of tangible items that you'll need to collect to put back in your emergency supplies cache.  We'll cover these later on in this book.

The second type of plan includes the intangible things that you should be doing to prepare for doomsday.  These include increasing your knowledge, skills, and physical fitness so that when you eventually find yourself having to survive in a crisis, you'll be up for the challenge.  We'll cover these topics as well later on in this book.

The third type of plan that you should have in place is your "bug out" plan.  A bug out plan is a plan that preppers have in place for times when it might become too dangerous to stay in their homes.  Depending upon where you live, you may plan to try to stay put and survive at home for as long as you can.  In the prepping world, people call this "bugging in".

Regardless of how well you plan and prepare to bug in, you need to be prepared to get out of town if conditions become too dangerous at home.  When it comes to bugging out, you should try to anticipate multiple scenarios which means that you should have several evacuation routes in mind.  If you only have one planned evacuation route in mind and half a million other people happened to have the same idea, you'll find yourself wishing that you had taken the time to include multiple evacuation routes in your planning.

Having these three types of plans in place will enable you to move forward as you prepare for doomsday and achieve your goals one by one.  If you try to be a prepper without having well thought out plans in place, you'll find yourself wandering aimlessly as you gather a little here and there. Ultimately you won't end up being nearly as prepared as you would have been if you would have followed a set of well thought out plans.

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