The Draglen Brothers - SHOWKEN (BK 2)

The Draglen Brothers

— S H O W K E N —


By Solease M Barner

Copyright © 2013
by Solease M Barner

First Edition –
November 2013

Cover design & formatting by Patti Roberts

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Solease M Barner




Aumdo (
) - The Laws, written in book form for dragons.

Cortamagen (
) - The land where the Draglen brothers live.

Cati (
) - Foolish, silly.

Dorli (
) - I apologize.

Giver (
) - A man or woman chosen by one of the Draglen Descendants to fulfil his or her sexual needs; the position approximates to that of a kept mistress.

Hulin (
) - A cliff that belongs to Draglen Dragons.

Kalin (
) - The planet on which Cortamagen is located.

Key (
) -A human who keeps a portal open for dragons to travel from their land to Earth. Not all humans have this ability.

Leka (
) - A loyal friend.

Magen (
) - The language of Cortamagen.

Molla (
) - The male mate in Kalin.

Taker (
) - A dragon who has taken a Giver.

Wella (
) -The female mate in Kalin.

Youngs (
) -Children.

Zell (
) - Beloved.

Always Mine!

I thought I had more time,

ut then, I laid eyes on you,

nd thought, she sure is fine

Even made up in my mind how to make you mine!

Yet, you wouldn't even let me take you out to dine.

I was persistent though, I knew you just needed time.

I even crossed the line and almost lost you,

or not using my mind,

Yet, here we are together


Shining forever!

Always Mine!




Why the hell did Draken choose me to run the business? Damn. If I’m running it, then human women are allowed in the car, house, and definitely the office. I’m happy Layern and Hawken are coming along. Gemi decides to stay, but Domlen decided he would come, also.

“Okay, I’m in charge now and I say there are no rules, except don’t expose us or I will be fucking pissed,” I say. Layern ignores me. Hawken and Domlen just look.

“You’re not running shit,” Hawken says.

“I run everything,” I say, “and unlike Draken, I will burn your ass, and that will take months to heal. Now, who’s up for a drink at a bar I’ve been dying to go to?”

“I’m up for it. What’s the name of the bar?” Domlen says, not looking up from his laptop.

“Hot Chicks and Drinks,” Layern says, looking serious. I have to make sure Layern gets laid. Domlen and Hawken and I have nothing to worry about.

“Well lets go see what’s in the Hot Chicks and Drinks Bar. I think this might be my lucky day.”

I go to my room to get ready. I love human women, and plan on bringing at least two home tonight. I just don’t like when they get all “Showken, you going to call,” or “Showken, I think I love you,” to hell with that. I don’t want that shit. I just want a good lay, and to keep it moving. I may settle down in about, oh, another hundred years, but right now I’m having fun. I walk back, Domlen and Layern are ready. Hawken
hasn’t bothered to change.

“Okay, no hurting the human women.
If they say no, respect it and move on. Don’t start any fights, as we have to go to work on Monday. Please, don’t fall in love like Draken, he went crazy. Now he is hooked on Cess. I don’t have time for a repeat.” I grab the keys to the Hummer.

“Showken, stop giving out orders, you sound like Draken. He always wants to give out orders,” Hawken says. We all laugh.

“Yeah, but now Cess is giving the orders,” Domlen says. Layern shakes his head.

“Let’s just go have some fun. Look, we’re already here,” Hawken says.

We all walk into the bar, and it’s pretty packed, but it’s Friday. I’m casing the place, and see her behind the bar placing drinks on a tray. She has dark brown hair, hanging straight. Her body has all the right curves. Yes, she is going to be one of them tonight. She looks mad, but I’ll just smile. She will melt and the panties will be off.

“I’m going to get a waitress for us, go find a table,” I say, heading straight for her.

“Stop giving out orders!” Hawken yells out. I ignore his jealous ass and keep moving until I’m right in front of her.

“Excuse me. My brothers and I need our order to be taken,” I say, hoping she will look up. Instead, she keeps placing drinks on the tray to deliver.

“So fucking what. Wait your turn,” she says, and moves around me, walking toward another table. Shit. This one has some issues. It doesn’t matter. I still want to have her in my bed tonight. I walk to our table, and sit. She walks over with a small pad and pen.

“What can I get you boys?”

“Boys?” Domlen says, “You see any boys?”

“As a matter of fact, yes. Now what you want to drink?”

Oh, she is really angry. I like it.

“We would like some pitchers of beer, the best you have,” Layern says.

“Is that all?” she asks, not looking at any of us. I wonder what that’s all about. She can’t be shy with a mouth like that. Hmmm . . .

“Yes, I would like to know what time you’re off?” I ask, trying to get her to look at me. She finally does. There are those beautiful grey eyes. She is one angry lady, but I like her. She could be fun.

“Look, I’m not interested. I’ll be back with the beer,” she says, walking away. I watch her sexy walk, back to the bar counter to get our orders. She is a woman. Her ass, breasts, and hips are perfect.

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