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Authors: Colin Tabor

The Fall of Ossard

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The Fall of Ossard


Title Page

Copyright Page

The Truths of the World

The Northern Dormetian region of Unae

Ossard & The Northcountry

Prelude The Witches of Ossard

Part I Ossard, City of Merchant Princes

Part II Ossard, the Pious Empire

Part III Ossard, the Nest



Dedicated to Dom Glenn

With thanks to;
Mum & Dad, Andre, Andrew & Heather, Andrew C, Andrew F, Basil & Jim, Brad & Iris, Brad H, Donna, Elizabeth, Gary, James, Jaycen & Peter, Jen, Jo, Lauren, Matt, Melissa & Brendan, Mike, Millicent & Simon, Nick & Karen, Samantha, Sara, Stefen, & Paul & Suzanne.

The Truths of the World

Three races of man separated by the ages;
The high, the
Lae Velsanans
the numerous common-men of the
and the lowly

Three branches of magic, each with a league to control them;
Mind, governed by the women of the forbidden
Soul, wielded by the priesthoods of the faiths;
and Heart, regulated by the
Cabal of Mages

Three realms of existence;
Ours of soil;
of souls, gods, and magic;
and the

Three stages of godhood;
, seeds within mortal shells;
, awakened gods upon our world;
and the
, those matured and raptured to the next.

And all in a world forged by the goddess, Life,
in partnership with her husband, Death.
Yet now they are estranged and waging divine war,
a war that promises doom for us all.


Northern Dormetia

Ossard & The Northcountry

The City-State of Ossard


The Witches of Ossard


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