The Melier: Home World (Women of Dor Nye Book 2)

BOOK: The Melier: Home World (Women of Dor Nye Book 2)
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Erotic Science Fiction Romance


Poppy Rhys

J.T. Wynne


Copyright 2016 by Poppy Rhys


Edited by J.T. Wynne

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the author, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other non-commercial uses permitted by copyright law.




This story contains explicit sexual content involving multiple heterosexual males (m/f/m), graphic language, and situations intended for mature readers.



The release of this book is bittersweet for me. I appreciate all of the support from my crazy family, the amazing readers who continued to keep their eyes peeled for the release of this novel, and to my long-time companion that I miss dearly, who kept me on my toes for nearly fifteen years.

I’m so grateful for all of it!


Chapter 1


July 15, 402 A.E. (After Earth)

Year 2515 C.E. – 402 years after Earth’s evacuation

Day 2 – Destination: Melierun


Lucia slowly swiveled back and forth on one of the chairs that decorated the bridge of the
, Gi’Ren’s personal war shuttle. She had Re’Len in her arms, rocking her as she fed and watched the white streaks of stars fly past the large expanse of space around them. It was her favorite part about warp, and maybe her only favorite part about space travel in general. Being confined to a ship in space just made her feel like a caged animal. Thankfully, Melierun was only a two week trip, so she wouldn’t be trapped with three grumpy beasties and a wailing babe for very long.

Lu’s nerves were still a wreck. She’d been to
planets in the five years she had been part of Raz’s crew, but she never had to be diplomatic with
or convince a human hating species to erase centuries of prejudice.

What was I thinking?

You should’ve told Zun to suck it.

Yeah, I should have.

The devil walked past her then, specifically avoiding eye contact. They’d only been in the ship for two days, but every time Lucia whipped out a breast to feed Re’Len, everything
Lucia was interesting to Gi’Ren and Val’Zun. It was comical how squeamish they were when she breast fed. She’d begun to purposefully strike up conversations with them
feeding Lenny, just because it tickled her pink as they tried to avoid looking at her while speaking.

They still hadn’t caught onto her game yet.

“So, Zunny,” Lu started, her cheesy grin widening as he boiled while glaring at the screen in front of him. “How old are you? Please don’t tell me Soren is an old man.”

Lucia hadn’t even thought about it. What did Melier look like as they aged? Did they get wrinkles? Did they look youthful until they just keeled over one day?

Val’Zun looked like he
smiled before he went back to glaring. “We are not old men. I am twenty-nine, and Val’Ja is twenty-eight, Gi’Ren is thirty-two… at least by human years.”

She made a gasping sound, “That’s

made Zun’s concentration break.

His eyes whipped to her, insulted, and then when he realized he’d fallen right into her trap, his pupils dilated and he stood up abruptly. Lucia peeled her delight, continuing to swivel in her chair while Zun stalked from the room.

Unca Zunny
Unca GiGi
are so easy to fluster,” she cooed at Lenny. Lucia heard a pan crash and clang from the mess room, followed by a groan. “Yes they

“You do it on purpose,” Soren grinned as he walked into the room and sunk down beside her. He wasn’t squeamish at all about her feeding ritual with Lenny.

“They make it so
,” Lu smiled and leaned forward to peck Soren on the lips. She stared down at Lenny for a long moment, and her smile faded.

Her nerves were back to bouncing and bunching again and she just didn’t know what to do about it. Part of her wanted them to turn the ship back around so she could go be herself and raise her youngling with her family. Then another part of Lucia kept telling her that wouldn’t be fair to Lenny or Soren, since Melierun is
of them.

Warm knuckles brushed along her arm.

“What is wrong, Loo-Sha?” Soren rasped, forehead wrinkling with concern.

Lucia sighed.

“Soren, I know Val’Zun has
this confidence in me that I can convince your people to like humans, or tolerate them. It’s flattering and all…” she raised her own brows, thoughts momentarily veering, as Val’Zun and Gi’Ren both walked into the room looking at her
she was still feeding Lenny.

“But I wasn’t trying to be modest when I said I’m a terrible candidate for the task. I
don’t know when to shut up, my brain to mouth filter is glitchy at best, and I know
about your world. What if I step on some sacred bug and I’m executed?”

Val’Zun and Gi’Ren scoffed at this.

“I’m just
, it could happen.”

Re’Len decided to detach and wail at that moment. Val’Zun scrubbed his eyes and looked away, making Lucia snicker softly despite her serious worry about her assigned

Righting herself so she was back to being covered, she sat Lenny on her lap to support her chin and encourage her to burp. She’d barely finished wiping her mouth before Gi’Ren was gently grabbing for her. Lucia gave her up and watched as the scarred and imposing Ren transformed into a giant teddy bear.

“I’m just a cow, aren’t I?” Lucia complained. It seemed all she did was feed Lenny only to have her snatched away afterward. Lu sucked in her lips to keep from grinning, because she really wasn’t mad about it; she just enjoyed giving them a hard time.

“You can do this, Loo-Sha,” Val’Zun said, coming to stand on the other side of her and sink down. “You have a strong mind,” he scowled, like this was hard to admit. “Our people will respect you. Eventually.”

“That’s not helping me feel any better,” Lu huffed.

“Loo-Sha,” Soren warned. “Do not stress.”

“You aren’t allowed to say that,” Lu whipped her eyes back to him. “I’m not pregnant anymore; I can stress all I want dammit!”

“Look what you have started,” Val’Zun accused Soren, who groaned.

And that is how Soren got the next diaper duty.


Val’Zun rubbed his nose absently and huffed a breath as he read over the same paragraph for the eighth time, still not registering what it actually said. No, because his mind was on the human wandering about the ship.

he corrected himself. He tried not to call her
anymore, in his mind that is. It was sometimes hard to remember it was insulting to the Therran’s.

He noticed too, Dor Nye inhabitants called their old planet ‘Earth’ still. To the rest of the universe, it was known as
. It was registered as such in the Intergalactic Coalition’s official planet registry. Why the humans still insisted on calling it Earth was a mystery to him. They were overly sentimental beings.

Val’Zun rubbed his nose again, and then shook his head to himself after he read the paragraph for the
time, still without comprehending.

All he could think about was
. His sinuses were so sore, constantly smelling her scent flood his brother’s ship.

“I cannot stand it,” he moaned to himself, and rested his forehead against the wall above the circuitry panel he was in front of. He set his thin tablet down and gave up trying to read the manual on how to reroute the air circulation. All he wanted was a little
pheromone free
air. Just for a while.

Her scent was making his entire being throb, and he could barely concentrate on much of anything.

A ripple shrieked through his body as he felt himself harden just thinking about Lucia and her breasts that she so unabashedly revealed, no matter where she was or who was in the room.

He felt a slight guilt, since he knew she uncovered herself to feed the youngling, and not because she was acting lewdly.

He tapped his forehead against the wall as he growled with frustration. Val’Zun tried not to think about the fleshy mounds that tremored with even the slightest movement, but that was near impossible. His fingers twitched as he imagined what the weight of them would feel like in his hands, or if the skin there was as soft as it appeared.

The oxygen circulation began its cycle once more, and to make matters worse, a fresh gust of Lucia’s pheromones flooded the room around him. His hips jerked involuntarily, nostrils flaring, and claws lengthening with his mixed arousal and anger. Anger because he couldn’t seem to control himself at all when it came to the human -
– or prevent his annex from hardening.

It was

And disconcerting.

Val’Zun had always had trouble when it came to control. He didn’t understand why it was so much harder for him to be
, like other males; like his brothers or his father. Everything always seemed more difficult for him to do.

Mating was a tragedy waiting to happen, his anger was hard to control if he let it get to a boiling point, and because of these things, he never expected to actually ever have a mate.

He had expected his request to join with Lucia would be denied by Val’Ja, which was his right since he found her first. It would be frowned upon by his people, but it was still Val’Ja’s right.

The stipulation was tough, however. Lucia was from a monogamous society, and trying to convince her to pair with him would be a challenge. He wondered if it would be worth it. Was it just the pheromones that caused his strange attraction to her? Or did he actually enjoy her company?

She is infuriating.

“A’Drast,” he sighed, and snorted through his nasal passage.

It wasn’t a physical attraction, not in the traditional sense. She wasn’t beautiful, not as other females of his race were. No, she didn’t have any strength. Not truly. He could hold her down with one hand without any effort. It was pitiful.

She was short, she had no natural defenses, unless her jabbering counted, and she was most obviously,
not Melier

She is brave.

Despite her physical shortcomings, she had survived Trepnils. It was baffling the humans had survived as a race at all, being so disadvantaged, but for Lucia to have survived Trepnils… it said something to him.

That she was still sane, also spoke of strength of a different kind.

The hu-
, may not be
strong, but she
mentally. She had
in her. Maybe this was what caused his attraction.

Another fresh waft of her pheromones rode the air and circled around his being.

He choked, his claws curled while his hips jerked again and he was nearly humping the wall.

Another frustrated groan vibrated through his throat as he willed his hands to not stray to his straining pants.

He closed his eyes, letting the memory of his tutor’s monotone droning flood his mind. The lecture looped in his brain until he felt his blood begin to cool, and his annex deflate just enough to stop the nearly painful throbbing.

“A’Drast,” he sighed again, wondering what he was getting himself into. He decided then, he would not ask Lucia to pair with him until he could control himself around her.


The final day of their journey, everyone was in the mess hall, eating a bowl of some surprisingly tasty mash Gi’Ren had made. It was sweet and a little salty and unfortunately yellow. Lucia tried not to look at it as she ate, otherwise the fact that it looked like a bowl of mucus would make her gag.

She figured it was the perfect time to try and cram some much needed information about the people she was going to have to

“Is it just you three or do you have more siblings?” Lucia thought that was a good place to start.

“We have two more siblings; Val’Koy and Gi’Calla,” Gi’Ren supplied as he watched Lenny try to grab onto his big fingers.

Lucia took another bite while trying to look to the ceiling and shove the spoon in her mouth without getting it everywhere.

“How old are they? Are they males too?”

“Val’Koy is male, and Gi’Calla is female, both are thirty-three human years. They are twins.”

“Why do you keep making that distinction, ‘human years’?”

“Time is calculated differently on Melierun.”

, “Shorter years?”

“No,” Zun shook his head once. “Longer, as the days are longer.”

“How much longer?”

“Not by much. Twenty-six Dor Nye hours in a day, four-hundred and five days in a year.”

Lucia tried to do the math in her head and it began to hurt. “Does that mean you’re actually
in Melierun years?”

“Yes. On Melierun, I am twenty-six.”

Lucia wasn’t sure what to think of that. For a second, she stirred the goop in her bowl idly. If the year was longer on Melierun, maybe that meant they really
age slower than humans.

BOOK: The Melier: Home World (Women of Dor Nye Book 2)
6.79Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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