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The Ming Dynasty Tombs

BOOK: The Ming Dynasty Tombs
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looked out of the lounge window
they were well into the rainy season. How he loved to watch the rain, forming into rivulets as they followed gravity onto the window sill and then dripped off onto the paving that ran around the outside of the house. He stood there for a long time, a glass of premium brandy in his right hand. Then deciding to move he swallowed the remains of the drink and turned to face the girls who were sat in the lounge sipping coffee. There was the Princess Quing Lai, Shimeko, Aioko, Sofia, and Fei-Ching. It had been 7 months since he had done anything of interest to him. He had flown several hundred hours. Life had become almost monotonous a routine that he had slipped into. He secretly craved adventure
, and action.

“Have you something to say to us Kester” Lai asked smiling as if she knew what was coming.

“Are you all happy?” he asked smiling at the girls, who looked back somewhat demurely.

“Need an adventure, some action, life for me is training and working out. I want to do something, get my andrelin going again” Shimeko commented as she started to paint her fingernails with bright red nail varnish.

“I have the same fee
lings, when the old man died he
passed on to me a wooden box, inside were maps to five secret Ming dynasty tombs, but these are in the heart of China, but one is in Vietnam. Which used to be a part of ancient Cathay I wonder if you would mind me doing some tomb raiding” Kester asked. Shimeko left one hand unpainted and smiled to him, she took out some cotton wool cleaned the nail varnish off, and then clipped her long elegant nails to normal length.

“I’m game for a bit of raiding I’m certain the sisters here would never hold you back, in fact they probably relish a few weeks sexual activity rest” Shimeko said softly.

“That does sound so good” Fei-Ching answered, and looked at the other girls.

“I personally wondered how much longer you would be around here, and a rest from sex would do us all good” Lai answered, as she drained her coffee cup.

“Princess, we are about to launch our jewellery line in Paris and London, like to take charge of that. You three girls can get dollied up, and represent the company at the jewellery launch. I will detail four security
to accompany you. The two shops should just about be ready for opening. Fei-Ching, cover the opening with
your expertise in photography” Kester said as a maid refilled his glass with brandy.

“We would love that Kester fancy living it up in Paris and London girls?” Lai asked chuckling softly.

“Oh yes, you will give us a good budget Kester sweetheart” Aioko asked.

“You have your cards, but be frugal, nothing over £100 million” Kester teased.

“You call the Ritz in Paris, and the Dorchester and make reservations for us” Lai asked as she placed her cup and saucer down on to the nearest coffee table.
Kester picked up his phone and called both hotels, and booked them into both for a consecutive two week stay at each. Then he and Shimeko went to the study and he took out the box given to him by the old man.  The tombs were located miles apart four were inside modern day china. The fifth was in northern Vietnam.

He made a note of their exact locations on his small laptop, and they studied the locations on goggle earth. It took them three hours and he downloaded photographs of all five sites. Then closed his computer down Shimeko was wearing leggings and a cropped top. He moved behind her and placed his hands onto her hips, she was not wearing any panties and he could feel her body through the stretch material. 

“It’s been a while since we were like this, don’t stop I like it” she murmured pushing her behind towards him.
He pushed her forwards face down onto the desk top, and pulled her leggings down to her knees. Then he rimmed her, and delved into her vagina with his probing tongue. She gasped and squirmed, and opened her legs more, at the same time kicked off her shoes and the leggings. She came and ejaculated a stream of musky fluid into his waiting mouth. He opened his desk drawer, and rolled on a condom, and lubricated her star, then the condom. He pulled her gently backwards and entered her, pulling her onto him so slowly, and flexing himself as he proceeded. When he was inside her he moved her slowly at first, savouring her tightness, then more strongly, until she was gasping with pleasure.
He pushed her top up, and caressed her small pointed breasts, teasing her nipples to become hard and erect. She had changed her position and was now sitting on his chair her feet high and squeezing him strongly.
He came 50 minutes into her multiple orgasms and she gasped as he finally withdrew. He disposed of the condom in the toilet off his study as she sorted her clothing out, and used a fresh box of tissues to dry herself.
Kester left her outside the study, and walked to security, to see Paul his
head of security.

“Hi Boss, how are you?” he asked with his customary grin.

“I’m just topping, I need two good regiment guys and two other locals with passports to accompany the Princess along with the two other girls to Paris, and then London. Small arms only, and tell them to do a good
job, they are flying out with £5
50 million worth of jewellery” Kester remarked.

“What hotels?” Paula asked as he made notes in his desk diary.

“Ritz, in Paris, and Dorchester in London” Kester replied, he nodded.

“I will arrange transport there, I will call the hotel security I know both guys”

“Make sure the girls go nowhere without our four guys” Kester remarked.

“Don’t worry boss, It’s as good as done” Paul answered, as he picked up the phone from his desk.

“They are flying to Paris, Monday morning, on the airbus” Kester added.

“I will prepare an itinerary, and plan of action and deliver it to the house this evening” Paul stated.

“Thanks grab the Mrs and join us for dinner” Kester suggested, he nodded and called his wife. Then Kester walked back to the house.

“Dinner tonight sir” Mr.Rai his butler asked. Kester thought for a moment before answering.

“Bison steaks and jersey potatoes and a pate starter, and a nice desert for the girls and a cheese board and a bottle of 20 year
old port” he asked, the Nepalese nodded and smiled. 

After dinner Kester and Paul sat around the dinner table with cheese and port. He browsed Paul’s plans for the trip to Europe. It was perfect, and he nodded his approval and handed it back to him. Then refilled his glass, and had some more excellent stilton, and high baked water biscuits, Paul did likewise.

“Is everything ok between you, enjoying the job?” Kester asked.

“Just perfect however we would like a holiday in the UK later this year” he answered.

“No problems I have a trip to China, but when I get back have 3 months off. Mr. & Mrs Roberts want to go home, so take the airbus. He is going to shop for some essentials so hitch a li
ft with them both. If that’s ok

“That would be magic boss” he answered as Kester signalled Mr Rai, who was at his side instantly.

“Two nice brandies please” Kester asked, and he nodded. The couple left two hours later, and Kester had one brandy nightcap. He slept with two of the girls afterwards, and in the morning spent three hours with Fei-Ching
, who was definitely one of his favourites. She was an incredible, responsive lover and he enjoyed her every single moment they spent together. But the love making exhausted her and she slept for the rest of the day. He drove them to the airport on Monday morning, and waved them off, the fortune in jewellery was loaded into the cargo hold. Paul had arranged high security to deliver the gems to the new store in the heart of Paris jewellery sector.

The shops were already fully stocked with over £1 billion worth of jewellery each, and he hoped they would all.

Sell well the stuff with the girls was exceptional items for sale at specialised auctions in the cities.

He drove back to the house, and into see Shime
who looked stunning, wearing a smart white business suit.
She looked so good, her body was truly remarkable and she exuded an air of confidence

“You look remarkable, turn around?” he asked and she did as he requested. She was perfectly dressed and looked
part s
he was 19 only just a few days earlier, and was extremely fit and she dressed accordingly.

“Your weapon?” he asked she pointed to her shoulder bag, inside was the 357 magnum Manurhin revolver he had given to her. He checked it over it was spotlessly clean and had a light film of oil over the working parts
here were also 10 quick loaders in the bag, the only other contents were a small wallet containing her cards.

“Pack five boxes of 50 rounds in your suitcase, just in case” he reminded her, she nodded. He left her to finish her packing and went to his own suite. Alan had packed his two suitcases, and in a small diplomatic x ray proof case was his personal weapons and plenty of ammunition. He went through to his lounge and opened the safe, and took out wads of new US $500 dollar bills. Then packed them all into an expanding suitcase, staff carried his luggage downstairs where Shimeko was already waiting. They were driven to the airport where the Lear Jet stood waiting for them a few minutes later they were airborne. The jet landed in Beijing, and a limo whisked them to the Imperial Hotel where they had taken over the Royal suite of 8 rooms and the whole of the tenth floor. The place had changed since he had last been there, there were construction sites everywhere. Staff took their luggage, the suite had been refurbished and most fittings were new, a sign of China’s growing prosperity.

Kester called the concierge, and he arrived almost instantly, considering the suite was costing him £10k a night, so he should have been.

“What can we do for you Sir Kester” he asked in perfect English.

“Change the bar for the best I want Louis Trios cognac, and good malt whisky. A good selection of western soft drinks and
some good bottled water please
” Kester asked.

The man talked into his Dictaphone.
Then nodded and checked the bars contents before rejoining the couple

“Dinner here tonight Sir?”
he asked softly, and smiling.

“Yes please real Chinese cuisine” Kester asked, he nodded and smiled. He
left them alone, and Shimeko un-
strapped her high heeled shoes, and removed them. She walked to the master’s bedroom and removed all her clothing, and walked naked to the bathroom.
She ran the tub and Kester undressed and joined her. They wallowed for 30 minutes, then one thing led to another and he had her in the soapy bath tub. Only leaving when both were satisfied an
d very wrinkly a
fter 2 whole hours in the tub they laughed as they dried themselves and slipped into white bath robes. The bar had been re-stocked and Kester cracked open a bottle of Dom Perignon 66.

The meal arrived at 7.30 and was a truly magnificent spread. They both ate their fill, and then relaxed with a drink afterwards, before sliding away to bed at 10pm.
They both slept very well, and Kester was awake first, he showered and shaved and dressed in casual clothes. Then walked through to the lounge and ordered breakfast for 9am.
Lee joined them later that day, having visited his family in Shanghai. Kester called the Chinese Government interior minister and made an appointment to see him. The minister rang him back and stated he would see him there at the hotel. But they had a week to wait they did some
and visited the imperial walled city. Kester found it disappointing as most of its opulence had been stripped and disposed off during the Cultural Revolution. Lee was sent off on a fact finding mission, as a Chinese National he was allowed total freedom, so Kester bought him a new car, and he left with a suitcase filled with Yuan dollar notes. Lee had to visit all five sites, leaving the Vietnamese site till last of all. Shimeko went out several times and returned with some nice clothes. On the fourth day she returned obviously exited about something.

“I was talking to a beautiful girl, she is at the university. She is coming to this suite this evening for dinner with me. Perhaps we can have some fun” she said her face slightly flushed.

“I took some photo with my phone, look?” she stated showing him several shots of a beautiful girl.

“What time is she coming?” he asked, she checked her watch, then answered

“In two hours time” she whispered.

“Ok, I will go for a long walk, here are the drops, only one drop in her drink, that will put her out for
two hours” Kester stated.

“But give her a drink or two first” Kester added, she nodded undressed and walked to the bathroom.

An hour before the girl was due to arrived Kester went for a walk.  Returning some 2.5 hours later Shimeko and the girl were in the lounge. 

“She has been out for twenty minutes” Shimeko stated looking at the sleeping girl.

“She is so pretty, and what a body” she said excitedly.

Kester fetched a syringe from his suitcase and filled it with ST5, and waited as she started to come around, he injected her and they waited. Kester talked to her for an hour then gave her the second dose of the drug treatment. The girl came around and looked about her, then picked up her handbag, and made a call to her family saying she would be staying with a friend that evening. Then she switched her phone off and placed it inside her handbag.
She remained sitting where she was, and Kester walked over to her.

BOOK: The Ming Dynasty Tombs
13.46Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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