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The Mystery of Miss King (6 page)

BOOK: The Mystery of Miss King
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The class were stunned into complete silence. And I still haven't got over it.

Mr McGregor arranged to collect Miss King at lunchtimes and our coaching started right away.

In exchange, I took Thor out for long walks along with our dog, Brutus. They were great company for each other, and Thor stopped digging holes in Miss King's garden.

Miss King was really pleased and insisted on giving me some money to add to my bike fund.

“You deserve it, Jonny,” she smiled.

I thanked her and, when I got home, I took out the rest of my savings and counted them up.

Yippee! I'd finally done it! I'd saved enough money for my new bike.

I went into town at the weekend to buy it. It's bright blue and goes like the wind. I know because I rode it all the way home.

“Will you give up your paper round now you've got your new bike?” asked Dad, when he'd finished admiring it. “After all, that's what you wanted the money for.”

“I've thought about that, “I said. “I don't really like getting up early, but I've made some good friends on my round. So I think I'll carry on for a while. Anyway, I'm really curious about the new person who's moved into number 14. Yesterday, I noticed she had a bright-pink broomstick parked outside her front door…”

First published 2009 by
A & C Black
Bloomsbury Publishing Plc
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BOOK: The Mystery of Miss King
7.47Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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