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The Pleasure's All Mine

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The Pleasure’s All Mine
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Second Edition

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My mother, Jean Woodson

My grandmother, Mildred E. Williams

My brother, Eric Harold Spears

My niece, LaKecia Janise Woodson

Anthony “Green Eyes” Johnson, the man who helped me learn what unconditional love is all about.

My sister in the pen, Leslie Esdaile Banks/L.A. Banks,

your words, your smile, your laughter will be missed.


All praise is due to the Creator first and foremost. A special love and respect to my guardian angels, ancestors, teachers and guides.

To my mother Jean Woodson, to my spiritual mothers: Sandy Spears and Bettye Mason Odom; to my son, Jeremy, who is still, to this day, teaching me more than I’ve ever taught him. To the people who continuously inspire me: Rev. Renee “Sesvalah” Cobb-Dishman, Leslie Esdaile, L.A. Banks, Annie Armstrong, Teena Guterz Kwaaning, Pam Nelson, Lisa Nichols, Louise L. Hay, Carol Mackey, Avalon Betts-Gaston, Esq., Cassandra Hughes, Matthew Gabriel and Sarah Brooks Gabriel, Marisa Murillo, Ella Houston, Sheree Gilmore, Gretta Chamberlain, Debra Mitchell, Marilyn Gill, Milliletti Forrest, Quiana Williams, Ehryck F. Gilmore, MaKeva Cargill, Aisha and Janice Lusk, Dr. Yosha Yvonne “Every Woman Needs a Wife” Tolbert, Vera Warren Williams, Michelle Wade, Leslie Dishman; Melanie Caswell; Frankie, Alyse, and George Payne; Marilyn Miglin, Camylle DeLaurentis, Sue Russo, Marv Hieppas, Tammy Stewart Stuckey, Allan Greggs, Sanceau-Rae Williams, Charlotte Willingham, Geneva Arvinger, Tonda Reese, Yolanda White, Anna Moore, Kara Hallman, Santrece Ross, and Cheryl and Morris Kimbrough, and Gayle Jackson Sloan. To Barron Steward, the graphic designer who knocked the cover of this book, and several others, out of the ballpark. You are the best!

To my editorial team: Janice Pernell, Susan Mary Malone, Marilyn Weishaar, Sidney Rickman, Aimee Algas, Christine Meister and Erica Weber, to my Intender’s Circle Family, which includes: Lester Tehuti Dishman, Myra Neal, Janine Ingram, and Sheila Washington.

To my literary angels: Dee Dee (Sexy Ebony BBW), Tee C. Royal, Cindy Smith, Victoria Christopher Murray, Brenda Hampton, Constance Shabazz, Tammye Bush, Veronica Johnson, Susan Peters, Lisa Wedekind, Trice Hickman, Wandra Worthy, Mabel Tyler. To my international crew at Atlantis Resorts: Calvin Ford, Sherol Julious, Dorethea Moss; and to Dorcas Bowler--thank you so much!!


New York

Raven Ripley wondered if she could get off on with an insanity plea. She stared helplessly at the wicked scene unfolding on the widescreen television: the intimate caresses, the sensual kisses, the feverish working of her lover’s hips to bring about an explosive climax. To her horror, one of the most private and pleasurable experiences of her life had been secretly filmed. She would kill him for this!

Both furious and frightened as she stood in the plush Manhattan office, Raven began counting to ten as her hands curled into tight fists. Making it past three was impossible. She imagined her hands wrapped around his thick neck, could actually feel the pleasure in choking the life out of him. “What do you want?” she asked through clenched teeth, unable to tear her gaze from the screen.

Dressed in a navy suit from his own clothing line, he propped a small pair of feet on the edge of his desk as a smirk played about the corners of his full mouth. “I guess a blow job’s out of the question?”

“I’d rather give you a swift kick in the nuts.”

He slapped his desk, causing her to jump. “Mmmmmmm. Fire! I like that.” Then his hungry, predatory gaze flicked over her body. “I’d tap that ass, but you’re a little too thick for my taste.”

“Thank God for that minor detail.” She stood strong, heels pressed into the carpet, trying not to show an ounce of fear. “Besides, the fact that he has thirteen solid inches more than you might not make it worth your time anyway.”

In an instant, he was around the desk, yanking her head back by tendrils of hair. “I’ve had enough of your mouth.”

Anger dulled the spider webs of pain shooting across her scalp. “If you don’t release me right now, I’ll beat the cow-walking bullshit out of you!”

He hesitated, but only a moment. She towered over him by four inches, but more importantly she had thirty pounds on him. Raven could take him if she tried hard enough. Unfortunately, she still had to find out just how much harm he planned to do, especially since he had threatened her son as well.

“I’m not letting you bully me into
,” Raven growled, trying to regain her balance when he released her. “When people find out how that clip got around, it might cause me some grief, but you’ll lose the little respect of the
fans you have.”

He stared at her, face flushed with anger.

“All you’ve done is run your dreams into the ground. You screwed up your life and now you want everyone else to pay. He’ll always have more class than you, more morals, and certainly more balls.” She gestured to the screen. “And he’s also pretty well hung. Hell, if I were you, I’d be jealous, too.”

A fist sliced through the air, connecting with the side of her head. Blinding pain shot from just behind her eyes to every nerve in her brain. With one angry swipe he sent almost everything on his desk crashing to the floor. Thick, hammer-like hands grabbed her, threw her down on the glass, then pounded into her face.

Stunned, Raven gasped. But she swung, landing a solid right to his eye—and another to his nose.

Staggering at first, he regained his balance, then lunged forward, pinning her to the desk. She grabbed a handful of genitals and squeezed with all the power in her.

He doubled over but recovered quickly, slamming her head backward, dislodging her grip. He ripped away her blouse taking the bra with it, then yanked up the skirt, and tore away silk stockings and panties in one angry motion. The sound of a zipper cut through the air like a knife just before he positioned himself between her thighs.

Waves of nausea coursed through Raven as she struggled to keep him from making contact. She grasped a smooth object teetering on the edge of the desk, then hammered the paperweight into the side of his face.

As he stumbled backward, she lunged at him, clawed at his face, her fingers pressing toward his eyes.

Fists smashed into her face, neck, and chest. Soon she struggled to breathe.

Raven glanced up at him. Pure rage lit his face. Rape would be the minor thing; she could die right there in his office, and just like before, he’d get away with it.

Summoning her waning strength, she fought back, landing one blow after another.

Finally, he ducked under, grabbed her head, pressed it against the desk again.

This time she saw stars, stripes, and swirls.

Taking advantage of her dazed condition, he bit into the flesh around her nipples and she shuddered at the pain.

Raven kicked her legs out, trying to connect with something, anything.

With a handful of hair wrapped around his hand, he yanked with all his might.

Pain erupted from her scalp as she fought his every move. Gradually his blows became less and less effective.

Raven’s courage shot through the pain; a sense of calm replaced her anger. She looked him in the eye and said, “Then slap on a condom and do your thing. At least you’re so much
than he is, I won’t feel a thing…”

That firm erection withered like a grape drying in the California sun. He released her and looked down at his bloodstained hands. A flicker of fear flashed in his eyes—but only a flicker.

Raven still struggled to breathe. Maybe her nose had been broken, but even breathing through her mouth required a major effort.

Staggering toward the door, he grunted in pain and made only a few steps before slumping down on the leather sofa, dropping his head into his hands.

Slowly, Raven pushed herself off the desk and untangled her clothing so she could walk.

“You deserved it. No one talks to me that way.”

“You have lost your damn mind!” she shot back. “No woman deserves what you did to me.”

Raven failed in her first effort to stand tall, but tried again. Pain peppered every part of her body.
She had to get out of there while he was in a weakened state.

The glass doors seemed miles away, not the sixty feet they actually were. Raven’s chest heaved as she tried to take in air. Her lungs burned; sides felt as though someone had tried to slice her in half.

Inch by inch, slide by slide, she crossed the office until her swollen hand touched the silver rail leading to freedom.

Raven’s heart stopped as his next words cut through her: “Now you know I can’t let you do that.”

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