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The Spaces in Between

BOOK: The Spaces in Between
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It had always been my intentions to dedicate my first book to everyone who thought I would never do it, but you know what? Fuck those guys.

If you are holding this book then I want to thank you. Without you none of this would have ever been possible. I would just be dictating to the wall.

And of course, to my wife, who still hasn’t left me.


I don’t know how you got a copy of this book.

Maybe you found this volume mixed in with other used books in the stacks of the Goblin Market. Its cracked leather cover spoke to you with promises of secrets better left untold. The purveyor’s one glass eye darted away in deference when you picked it up.

Or perhaps a shrouded figure shoved this tome into your hands. “Keep it secret. Keep it safe,” he said. Any of his features draw a blank in your mind. You check your watch and realize that you’ve lost time.

Or maybe against all odds you downloaded this from my site.

In any case, however, if this is an e-book or .PDF file and you paid for it, you need to cut a bitch. I am offering the e-book version and audio podcast of this book free of charge. Any other copies are sold
wherever books are sold
. Seriously, could you help me out here? I don’t know where these things are sold.

The Spaces In Between
is Copyright 2010 by Chase Henderson under Creative Commons: Attribution, Non-Commercial, and Share Alike. So yeah, if you want to pass this around to your pals go for it, just remember you didn’t write this. And if for some reason the mood takes you, yeah, fanfiction is approved, but for God’s sake don’t make money from it.

At least not before I do…

Now on to this unsavory topic. If you like this book then please pass it on to a friend. If you really like this book then why not consider heading over to
to purchase merchandise, books, or to just donate. I might just make another one then.

Also another thing you could do for me. Should you spot any spelling or grammatical errors in this work, Instead of putting on your grammar SS hat and marching through town square, just drop me a line: typo (at) thehometowntourist (dot) com. Leave as many details for the correction as possible and hopefully they will be implemented in future editions.

And of course:
These characters and events are fictional and any resemblance to persons living, dead, or fictional or situations past, present, or fictional is purely and completely coincidental.

If you actually got this far through a foreword, you have my thanks and respect.

Chase Henderson,

May 02, 2010

Buried in an Obese Coffin


“So much of what we call reality actually happens in the spaces between this life and the next.”

- Cameron Styles, Pirate King









The Spaces in Between

Chase Henderson












SUBJECT: Attn to all of Creation

FROM: [email protected]

TO: all

CC: Everyone and Everything


All things big and small from all walks of life are to be on high alert.
awareness if you still have the intergalactic security chart. The recent exploits of the Dread Pirate Cameron have come to our attention. We ask that the following precautions are taken while we apprehend this villain.

Do not speak the name of the Dread Pirate Cameron. He is able to hear his name spoken from any distance. From this moment forth he will be referred to as the Pirate King. The Pirate King can lie in any and all ways. In thought, appearance, etc.

The Pirate King can steal anything. After the theft of an entire Andromedan star system he is not to be underestimated. No eye color, artifact, planet, soul, free will, idea, dream, etc. is safe from the Pirate King.

If you have any suspicions that the Pirate King is in your solar system do not approach, glance at, or talk to the Pirate King. Most likely if you suspect nothing then he’s already there. Please report anything suspicious and unsuspicious to your star system’s Ashtar representative.

The contents of this message are highly confidential and shall only be stored deep within the collective subconscious.


From the desk of

Lord Sananda, Head of the Ashtar Command


“The butterfly effect, please, if a mouse farts on the Astral it could set things in motion to destroy several realities. That’s probably true, too.”

- Cameron Styles, Pirate King





























In which a chance meeting during a coma sets it all in motion…











Warren Elliot stirred from his two-day coma.

He clenched his eyes as he ran over the events in his cloudy mind. This was the delicate time while waking up where one tries to shuffle their thoughts into the categories memories or dreams. A time where one could actually believe that he had woken up as an insect before they remember who they truly are. Occasionally, dreams slip through this filter and Hollywood religions are born.

The eye boogers cracked as Warren opened his eyes. The room was such a sterile-looking off white that when the light reflected off it his atrophied eyes could barely make out his surroundings. Warren flinched and looked away. For a moment he slipped back into his dreams, this was nowhere near as bright as the white he had seen. In his dreams Warren Elliot had seen black and white in their purest forms – light and nothing.

He took a deep breath and squinted into the brightness. The dark shapes of the life support machines leaned against the walls. Their beeping finally registered in his mind as he realized he’d been hearing them all through his dreaming. He jumped when he spotted the dark shape heaving at the end of his bed.

Warren regretted catching the shape’s attention. He feared that the shape was one of those dark amalgamations that haunted HP Lovecraft’s dreams. After significant squinting the amalgamation revealed herself to be the ordinary beauty of Janet Rockbell. His fiancé’s face was striped with black streams of mascara. She was still beautiful - the fact that she would even stay with Warren made her more beautiful to him.

He was in no way a looker. His body was in the final stages of “Programmer’s Ass” an ailment common amongst computer programmers who are rarely able to leave their computer. Those afflicted with this ailment suffer from an ass at least forty pounds overweight. Like most programmers he had grown a beard in a vain attempt to establish a chin line. Only to result in the further stigma of neck beard.

“What…what happened?” He knew damn well what happened.

“When we were on the phone…” Janet said, “You were t-boned by a Hummer.” Liar. You mean while we were arguing on the phone I stopped in the middle of the freeway.

He could clearly see what happened playing in the small theater of his mind. They were arguing about finances. He could make steadier money working at Best Buy, but he was a programmer, godammit. At one time he forged the dot COM boom with millions of strings of code. Then the bubble popped. No one wanted a programmer without a degree, which is just a nice way of saying “We don’t want
associated with the dot COM crash.”

Hateful words were exchanged. Like “mother-fucker” and “cunt”. Both were classics in destroying any kind of relationship. Janet hung up on him, wishing she had an older phone so she could have slammed it back on the cradle. Warren scrambled to call her back.

He screamed her name into the Bluetooth headset. His cell phone seated next to him reported in the voice of a monotone, robotic female that it was dialing one of his clients. Ok, his only client. The owner of an Australian website which provided 24-hour streaming “Ostrich Shows” to subscribers.

Warren glanced away for a moment to hit the cancel button on his phone before the Birdman’s phone rang. But what happened next was very unclear, and it was fading fast.

Warren spotted his handheld tape recorder sticking out of Janet’s purse. He intended to grab it, but nothing worked. He used it to record any important thoughts so uses were few and far between. He was worse off when he lost the damn thing, which was more often than not. He was amazed to see that it was intact, but surmised that he probably left it at the apartment.

“Janet, I need you to get out my tape recorder. I need you to turn it on.” She looked at the tape recorder in her purse. It had been her only source of his voice for nearly forty-eight hours. “Please! Quickly! This…this is the dream I had…while I was out.”




I don’t remember much about when the Hummer hit me so I was probably out immediately. I do remember seeing the doctors working on me. I was floating above them…no, no, don’t give me that look. It was a dream, of course. You know it’s incredibly common that when someone visualizes himself or herself it’s from above.

Anyway, I felt almost a tugging at me. I followed it far away. I soon realized that I was no longer even on Earth anymore. It wasn’t heaven or hell. I wasn’t anywhere. I was surrounded by nothing. Absolutely nothing.

It was the purest black I had ever seen.

There was nothing, but I don’t think you’re getting how black it was. I don’t think I have the words to ever get you to understand it. This is what H.P. Lovecraft was trying to say when something was indescribable. He was talking about his dreams, you know.

I was seeing what Joss Whedon called the Black. It’s terrifying. Nothing that stretches to infinity. I continued forward, because I was
. I wandered through this void for what felt like days, but of course it was really only minutes.

Then something broke the monotony. A bright light. It was the purest light; greater than anything my imagination could have ever mustered. I was convinced that this is the only thing that could have ever really pierced the oblivion. This is where I was drawn, but this wasn’t the light at the end of the tunnel complex. I wasn’t in a container. It was infinite like space.

In the light I finally realized that I was not alone. I was surrounded by strange objects and symbols. Words and letters of almost a million different languages swam around me. One string of Engrish, ‘This guy are sick.’ bounced off my chest. The letters were flung everywhere. I even considered eating one.

While I was distracted the light had grown. Something was headed towards me. It was the strangest thing – a ship, but it wasn’t a spaceship per se. It was no space ship like I’ve ever seen in
Star Trek
Battlestar Galatica

And goodness knows that I’ve watched a ton of those. It looked just like an old sailboat. The only thing remotely space age about was the pulsating pyramid where the topsails would be and the matching pyramid on the bottom. The damn thing was even flying the Jolly Roger.

I was suddenly hit with a feeling of dread. I didn’t want that ship catching up with me. I turned heel and bolted back the way I came. Just like a dream, I was stuck in place, but when I looked down there was a chain right through my stomach. I was pulled back towards the ship with one big tug and unceremoniously hit the deck.

BOOK: The Spaces in Between
10.43Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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