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With a sinking feeling Maureen opened it and was temporarily taken aback with the luxuriousness of the office. A thick maroon carpet covered the floor. The walls were painted a soft gray and decorated with framed photographs of outdoor scenes. Behind a huge ebony desk sat the most handsome man, black or white, she’d ever seen. He wore an expensive black silk suit and a crisp white shirt with a plain black tie. He was a big man, imposing, broad shouldered. His fine featured face reminded her of a movie star whose name she’d momentarily forgotten. His large hands were folded on the desk top. She noticed his fingernails were manicured. Although he was smiling at her, she was aware that his eyes were hard and knowing. He gestured to a wood and leather chair in front of his desk. “Please, Mrs. O’Donnel, have a seat,” his voice was deep. His offer sounded to her more like an order than an invitation.

“Thank you.” She sat, tugging her skirt down and folding her hands over the photograph on her lap.

“I understand you’re Travis’ new acquisition?”

“Well, I’m….” she felt her face turn red, “ah...we’re…Travis and I are seeing each other.”

He looked steadily at her for a moment, “No games here, Mrs. O’Donnel. You’ve agreed to be the newest whore in Travis’ little stable of whores. You’re Travis whore. Is that not correct?”

She looked down at her hands, “Yes,” she said softly, “that’s correct.”

“Good. You are certainly the prettiest of the lot, prettier than I expected. But there is the problem of your marital state, and I understand you have kids?”

Maureen thought this was very much like a job interview, “Yes, I’m married and have two children.”

“We don’t usually take women like you but when your husband becomes aware of your decision, I’m sure a divorce will quickly follow. Considering your new status, he’ll get custody of the kids. It would be foolish to object to that and drag the children into such a sticky mess. Right?”

She hadn’t thought of the consequences. The idea of losing her children terrified her. “I couldn’t let them go!” She shook her head, “Oh, no, not ever.”

There was a remote on his desk. He tapped a button. On the wall behind him a screen lit up. She was horrified to see herself being led naked into the dining room of Travis’ house. She watched as Travis fitted her with the anal plug. She heard herself say, “Put it in my ass. When I’m ready, Travis’ friends can take me there…take me in my ass.” She watched as Sammy painted a clown mouth around her lips. Then she was on the floor begging to lick his balls. After that she saw herself sucking their cocks. Each of them fucked her mouth. There were close-ups of her swallowing their cum.

Dexter turned off the video. She bowed her head and wept silently. He waited several minutes before speaking. “Now Mrs. O’Donnel,” he began gently, “you wouldn’t want a divorce court judge to watch and hear that would you?” She shook her head. “As long as you don’t make a fuss, maybe you can get visiting rights to see your kids one weekend a month. That’s all I want you to ask the judge for, just one weekend a month.”

She nodded again. “Weekends are when the high rollers come into the city. None of my whores get a weekend off, but in your case I’ll make an exception. After looking at you I decided you aren’t going to do tricks in bumfuck Riverton. I’m saving you for the guys with money. You’ll be surprised how many black men have become rich. Some, like me, are legit. Others aren’t. But they all like to be seen with a good looking young white woman. They want a good looking white woman who will do what she’s told and don’t mind a little pubic humiliation. It’s a kind of payback, you know. ” He sat back appraising her, “Yeah, just rich black guys for you. How’s that?”

In her mind, Maureen was still seeing the tape. Tears continued to run down her cheeks. “Yes,” she said, “just blacks, rich black men.”

“I’m sending you to a good doctor on Monday. He’ll give you a complete physical. You go back to see him at the end of every week. I’m also giving you a membership in a gym I own. You’ll have a trainer and workout four days a week. He’ll also tell you what not to eat. There’s a make-up artist I know. She’ll give you some lessons and then you go back once a month so as to keep in style. She’ll also pick clothes and shoes for you. She’s good.” He waited for her to say something.

Not raising her head, she nodded, “I understand.”

“Any chance of you getting pregnant?”

“No, after our last child, I had my tubes tied.”

“Good. Guys paying big bucks don’t wear rubbers. They’ll want to fuck you bareback.” He watched for her reaction. There was none. She sat there, her head bowed. The tears had stopped. He leaned forward, “Travis said you were bringing me something.” Her hands tightened on the photograph. She said nothing. He waited several moments before speaking in the same even tone, “Your father has a bad heart. He lives at 220 Adams Street in West Briarcliff. What if he were to receive a brown envelope in the mail that contains photographs of his first born daughter sucking black cock?”

She flinched as if she’d been struck. Looking up she pleaded, “Please, Mr. Wells, I beg you, for the love of God I beg you, don’t do that. It would kill him.”

He reached his hand across the desk. She gave him the photograph. He placed it in front of him. “How old is she?”



“I think she is.”

“Natural blonde?”

“Yes, natural blonde.”

“Travis says she played a lot of sports?”

“Since junior high: track, soccer, tennis, swim team, diving team, lacrosse.”

“Good. I like women with athletic bodies. They’re flexible and have endurance. She like to watch football?”

“Yes, she’s always been a fan, especially professional football. I’m sure she knows of you. She wanted to be a cheerleader in high school but was playing soccer and lacrosse.”

He propped Eileen’s picture on his desk and looked hard at Maureen. “Listen up. Here’s what you’re to do. You take her to the dining room at the Hotel Pierre next Friday evening, 8:00 o’clock. Tell her you want her to meet me and your new boyfriend, Travis. We’ll be at a table near the back. Make the introductions. After dinner, Travis and you make some excuse to disappear. You go with him to a suite I got you in the hotel for the night.”

Maureen was staring at him in disbelief. “I couldn’t do that…couldn’t leave her like that.”

He held up the remote. “Want to watch more of the movie?”

“No! No!”

“Want your daddy to get a copy of the tape?”

“How will she get home?”

“She’ll get home. It may not be until morning, but she’ll get home.”

Maureen gripped the chair and leaned toward him, her eyes flashing angrily, “You can’t do what you’re planning! My God! She’s my little sister!”

He smiled across at her, “You can’t be so stupid, Mrs. O’Donnel. You knew the score when you brought the photograph. Did you really think I just wanted to look at a picture of your sister? I like what you brought me and I always take what I like.”

“I won’t let this happen. I’ll go to the police.”

Now he leaned toward her, his eyes narrow slits, “First you should know that just about every cop on the force owes me. Second, you should know that unless you deliver your sister to me next Friday your father will get both the photographs and the tape. I expect that will kill him. Third, after you come home from Daddy’s funeral, you better keep a close tab on your kids. Do you get my meaning, Mrs. O’Donnel?” He sat back waiting for her response.

A shudder went through her body. She held back the tears that were forming. “You wouldn’t…not the children?”

“Maybe, maybe not. I don’t think I’d have to. Knowing that you caused your father’s death and could be responsible for more would bring you around. Face it, Mrs. O’Donnel, you’re going to bring your sister to me and leave her with me. You need to remember no one forced you to come to Travis’ place. No one forced to do any of the things on the tape.”

Maureen stared into her lap for several minutes, then lifted her head. “I’ll bring her but you must promise not to hurt her, not to force her and…and not to show her the photographs or the tape.”

“I promise nothing. You still don’t get it. What are you to Travis? Say it, say the words.”

“We’re together. I…I’m his woman.”

“You’re his whore. His pretty white whore. Isn’t that what you are?”

She nodded, bowing her head, “Yes,” she whispered, “that’s what I am.”

“And that’s what your sister is going to be to me. I intend to make her my personal whore.” Maureen sat dumbly before him, trying not the grasp what he’d just said. Dexter tapped his fingers on the desk, “She got a boyfriend?” he asked.

“Yes, they love each other. They’ve just begun to talk about marriage.”

“Well the boyfriend’s got to go. Either she breaks it off with him or I’ll just make him disappear. Understand?”

“I can’t make her give him up.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of that. You just bring her next Friday and leave her with me while you and Travis go off for a night of fucking.” He chuckled, “When Travis gets that dick of his in you, you’ll forget all about little sister.” She felt her face grow scarlet. She was terrified to think that maybe he was right. He chuckled again, “You’ll bring her. You’ll give her to me just like you gave me this photograph?”

“I have to. There isn’t a way out.”

“That’s right. There’s no way out.” He pushed his chair back from the desk, “Travis says you learning real fast how to suck cock. I saw on the tape how good you lick a man’s balls.” He crooked a finger at her, “Come over here and strip for me. I want to see what our new white acquisition looks like.”

Maureen’s legs trembled so much she had to lean on the desk for support. She stood in front of him and blushing furiously, took off her blouse and skirt. She noticed he was looking at her spike heels. “You sure got little feet. The brothers like that. Our women got big ugly feet.” He glanced up at her, “Keep your toes pretty the way they are now.” He sat back appraising her. “They told me you was smallish, but I didn’t think you’d be this small. It’s unusual for someone your size to do a big man like Travis. I bet the first time he fucked you he split your pussy. Right?”

“Yes. Afterwards, I noticed some blood.”

“But he made you cum, didn’t he? Made you cum good.”

Maureen remembered the fierce explosive orgasm he’d given her and his tenderness afterward. “Yes, he made me cum better than I ever had, better than I ever imagined possible.” She felt a rush of heat. Her long nipples stiffened.

“Yeah, that’s why you’re here. That’s why you belong to us. That’s why you’re bringing me your sister.” She bowed her head. “Most of our white whores like black cock all right, but they’re really in it for the money. Once in awhile we get a woman who just loves black cock and isn’t interested in the money. Black cock becomes a drug for them.” He paused and nodded, “That’s what it’s like for you isn’t it? Like a drug. You got to have it.”

For a moment Maureen forgot she was standing naked before a black stranger. She frowned, trying to assess his words. Finally, she nodded, “Yes, Mr. Wells, I don’t know how such a thing could happen in such a short time, but it’s like a drug. Travis, what he is and what he does to me is like a drug. It’s his blackness, his scent, his taste, the way he seems to own me.” She shook her head, “I’ve tried several times, tried hard to…to return to my real life, my husband and children…but…but...”

He finished her sentence, “But you belong to Travis and that’s not going to change, not ever. Now you’re going to show me your ass, and then you’re going to get on your knees and tell me you want to suck my cock.” Maureen turned and bent over. Dexter kept her like that for several minutes, “Travis said you were making yourself ready to take him in your ass. What size is that plug?”

“It’s the middle one.”

“On Wednesday I want you to insert the biggest one. Travis wants to fuck your ass on Friday.” He chuckled, “Does that please you, Mrs. O’Donnel? Does the thought of Travis big prick sliding up your ass excite you?”

“It frightens me and excites me. No one has ever…ever taken me there.”

“Well even with the big plug and plenty of KY, he’s going to split you again. But after a few more times, you’ll get to love it. I expect in a couple of weeks you’ll be on your knees begging Travis to fuck your white ass. What do you think?”

She rose and turned to face him. She knew this talk had caused her pussy to become wet. “I think that soon I will be on my knees begging Travis to fuck my ass,” she said. “I want so bad for him to want me.”

He gestured her toward him, “Get on your knees now and ask real nice to suck my cock.”

She knelt before him and without his telling her, she took the position, her hands behind her neck. She looked up at him, “Please, Mr. Wells, let me suck your cock.”

He shook his head, “Damn if you aren’t the prettiest woman in our stable. The rich brothers are going to like those long nipples. You have a soft mouth and a fine shaped ass.” She blushed at the compliment. “And your skin is so damn white and smooth. I think we’re going to ask $1,500 a night. The split will be even three ways; me, Travis, and you. Any objections?”

“No, that’s fine. But…will...will Travis…”

“Yeah, you’ll be Travis’ woman and I’m sure Travis will want you to take care of him.” He unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock. She was surprised to see that it was almost as long as Travis’s and seemed even thicker. Unlike Travis, he was circumcised. “Now, there’s some things your clients are going to want to hear you say and other things they’ll want to have you do. $1,500 is a lot of money. They expect a good time.”

He sat before her stroking his cock, making it hard. “What should I say?” she asked.

“Something like, ‘let me please make love to your cock.’ Then you tease it and lick it, lick the balls, under the balls, kiss it, make love to it. When he’s good and hard ask him to fuck your mouth. We get off on that; using a white woman’s mouth like it’s a cunt. You put your hands behind your back and open your mouth wide. Usually he’ll hold your head and fuck your mouth till he cums. You know. He’ll just fuck your mouth hard. You always swallow and afterwards lick him clean.”

BOOK: The Sweet Wife
13.55Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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