The Tangled Series Complete Digital Boxed Set (Bad Boy Rock Star, Millionaire, and MMA Fighter Bundle)

BOOK: The Tangled Series Complete Digital Boxed Set (Bad Boy Rock Star, Millionaire, and MMA Fighter Bundle)

Tangled Boxed Set


Tangled Beauty

Tangled Mess

Tangled Fury





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Sinclair Jeffries thought she knew what she was getting into when her zany, gay friend, Jesse Eddington, talked her into portraying his girlfriend during his parent's anniversary party on Huntington Beach. That is, until she met Reed, Jesse's sexy as hell older brother, and ends up getting much more than what she'd bargained for.
Reed Eddington assumed his future was settled until he met Sinclair, his brother's so-called "girlfriend", but the raw, sexual tension between them is hard to ignore. As he watches their ruse from the sidelines, he finds himself wanting to uncover more than just their amusing little facade.
Due to sexual content and heavy subject matter, this book is recommended for ages 18+


Tangled Mess – Click To Read

She has a dream...
Twenty-one-year-old hairstylist, Tiffany Banks, thought her life was planned out until her coworkers talk her into auditioning for American Icon, a popular reality-singing competition. Unfortunately, her dreams of stardom are threatened when one of the judges, a notorious bad-boy rock star, Ransom, is hell-bent on standing in her way.
He'll stop at nothing to get what he wants...
After winning American Icon four years ago and signing away his soul, Ransom’s life became a blur of booze, concerts, and women. Then, when pressured into becoming one of the judges on the show to save his career, he finds himself face-to-face with Tiffany, his sister's beautiful and naive friend, he takes it upon himself to stop her from making the same mistakes he did, and screwing up her life, no matter the consequences.


Tangled Fury – Click To Read


Thane Bishop wasn't looking for a relationship, least of all with Sera Billings, the mousy nail technician he'd hired for his newly acquired salon, Tangled. But, love is never planned, and he quickly finds himself risking everything to help her, and her young child, Emma, escape from a violent past that refuses to be left behind.

This boxed set contains adult content and is recommended for ages eighteen and over.



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She stares down at me and I am lost in those magnificent emerald eyes. They hold me prisoner – a willing captive to this beautiful creature who makes my heart
every time I am in her presence. The desire to taste those sweet lips, and bury myself deep inside of her heat…

It torments my soul.

I struggle to control myself as her hands slide through my hair, ever so lovingly. Her touch, gentle at first, grows bolder as she continues her glorious administrations. Inside, I am groaning with desire as I imagine these able hands wrapped around other parts of my body, followed by her full, succulent lips…

It is almost too much to bear.

I close my eyes and grip the edge of the chair as these wicked thoughts consume me, thankful that my lap is draped in plastic. I try to think of less desirable things, but my body refuses to cooperate, and I am on the edge of control. Just when I think I can no longer contain myself, the faucet is turned off, and she speaks my name…


It rolls from her tongue like a lover’s caress – so smooth and sexy.

I open my eyes and smile up at this lovely enchantress, wishing I could stare forever at her beauty.

She smiles back and urges me to follow her.

I obey without question as I am quite smitten with this beautiful angel. Truth be told, I would follow her to the depths of Hell if asked. I wouldn’t even question it.

I sit down at her station, smoothing the plastic back over my thighs as our eyes meet in the mirror’s reflection. She opens her lovely mouth and asks me what I’d like.

I pause.

My pulse is racing and I am brimming with desire. I would like nothing more than to take her, right then and there. To claim her as mine and
alone. To destroy anyone who might interfere or stand in the way of our destiny.

But for now…

I think I’ll just settle for a trim.


Chapter One




“Have you heard the news yet?” asked Tiffany.

We were in the back of the salon, mixing hair color.

“What news?” I asked, trying to brush a loose strand of hair away from my eyes without getting any powder in them.

“Judy sold the shop.”

I raised my head and stared at her in horror. “What? When?”

“I guess the deal was finalized last night. She sold it to some guy from L.A.”

“So, are we getting shut down?”

“No. Nothing’s changing but the ownership. She sold it to one of her friend’s sons so she could retire.”

I heaved a sigh of relief. “Jesus, you scared the hell out of me. I don’t know what I’d do if
was shut down.”

“Me neither. Anyway, I cannot
to meet the owner,” gushed the pretty nineteen-year-old. “Judy says he’s freakin’ hot and that we’re all going to love him. He’ll be here on Monday.”

“Huh,” I said, stirring the color. It would be nice having another guy in the shop. I wondered if he knew anything about hair or if he was gay. Many times, it went hand-in-hand.

the color your customer wants?” she asked, pointing towards the swatch I was examining. “It’s going to be quite a change for her.”

I stared at the bright red lock and nodded. “I’ve tried talking her out of it, but she keeps insisting.”

Tiffany picked up her bowl of color and turned to leave. “Well, good luck with that.”

I snorted. “I need more than luck.”

My customer, Mrs. Lancaster, was a thick-jowled, heavyset lady in her fifties; a woman who was normally very conservative. Today, she’d brought in a picture of a twenty-something celebrity who had long, vibrant red hair, and wanted
same color. Unfortunately, on Mrs. Lancaster, it was going to look like a crime scene.

“Okay,” I said, after returning to my station. “You’re certain that this is the color?” I asked, holding out the brightly colored strands. 

“Yes, dear,” she said, touching the sample lovingly between her fingers. “I want that
color. I know it’s going to be just lovely.”

I forced a smile. “Okay, then. Let’s do this.”

“Oh, no… oh no, you did not just do that!” hollered Felicia from across the salon.

I turned around and stared at the little old man sitting in Felicia’s chair, a huge shit-eating grin on his face.

“Oh, my God,” apologized a well-to-do older woman sitting in a chair beside them. “I am so sorry. Henry! You have to behave yourself!”

sorry,” said Felicia, setting down the scissors. “I am
cutting this old man’s hair if he’s going put his mouth on me. Hell no.”

It was then that I noticed the front of Felicia’s hot-pink T-shirt. There was a wet spot on her right boob.

“Henry, did you hear that? You have to behave yourself!” scolded the woman. She turned to Felicia. “I am
sorry. My brother suffers from Alzheimer’s and doesn’t always know what he’s doing.”

I watched the delight in the old man’s watery blue eyes and there was no doubt in my mind that he knew
what he’d done. Felicia was a very top-heavy woman and her breasts sometimes got in the way. She’d even cut my hair once and I was lucky not to walk away with two black eyes.

Felicia picked up her scissors. “Okay, but if he touches me again,” she narrowed her eyes. “I’m gonna cut more than his hair.”

  “Oh, my Lord,” whispered my customer. “This is better than daytime television.”

I grinned. “You can say that again.”

To me, it was just another day at
. I’d seen everything, heard everything, and it was what kept me coming back to work every morning. I loved my job, loved my coworkers, and wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Fortunately, Henry kept his hands and mouth to himself for the rest of his appointment with Felicia, while I finished coloring and styling Mrs. Lancaster’s hair. When it was finished, I turned her back towards the mirror, and held my breath as we stared at the results.

“What do you think?” I asked.

“Oh, my God…it looks fabulous!” she beamed.

I sighed with relief. It still looked shockingly bright to me, but if she liked it, that was all that mattered.

“You look like a new woman,” I said, spritzing her hair with hairspray.

She patted the side of her hair fondly. “Mr. Lancaster’s idea, actually. He has always

I stared at my own auburn hair in the mirror’s reflection and wondered if he’d meant something a little more subtle than the ‘Ronald McDonald’ color she’d selected.

She grabbed my hand and pulled me closer. “Tell me,” she whispered. “Do you do pubes, as well?”

“Ah, no,” I whispered back. “You’re on your own down there.”

She bit her lower lip. “Oh, shoot. Maybe I’ll just shave it off.”

I opened my mouth to reply, but then changed my mind. I certainly did not want to continue that particular conversation.

After she’d paid and left, I rushed to clean my station. I had the weekend off and was going to be spending it on Huntington Beach. I still had a lot of packing to do before the trip and couldn’t wait to get started. It was the first time I’d had an entire weekend off in months.

“At least that old geezer gave me a decent tip,” declared Felicia, holding up a stack of bills.

“I still can’t believe he did that,” giggled Tiffany. “What a crazy old coot!”

She nodded and shoved the money into her bra. “The worst thing is, I haven’t had
much action for almost two months. And then, to get my titty sucked by a toothless old white man?” she clapped her hands and laughed heartily.  “Lord, have mercy!”

“Two months?” I snorted. “That’s nothing. It’s been over a
for me.”

Her eyes widened. “A year? Girl, next time Henry makes an appointment, we’ll make sure
get him.”





“This is never going to work,” I told my friend, Jesse, as I slid into his Jag a couple of hours later. “Trust me, we will
fool anyone.”

He reached over and patted my kneecap. “Sweetie, it
work. It
to work.”

I pulled my hair back behind my ears. “Then you’d better stop calling me ‘sweetie’ and quit primping yourself every five minutes. You’ll never fool your parents if you keep acting like a princess.”

Jesse threw his perfectly chiseled face back and laughed. Then he stopped abruptly, and glared at me with faux venom.

I smiled. “Hey, I’m just saying…”

“God, you’re such a snotty little bitch.”

I shook my head. “No, you’ve claimed
title, honey, and I wouldn’t dare try and take it from you.”

Glancing into the rearview mirror, he ran his fingers through the top of his short, blonde highlights – the ones I’d given him last night. “And that’s why you’re my best friend, Sinclair. You know just how to sweet-talk me.”

I laughed. “Seriously, though. What were you thinking by inviting me?”

“Well, since it’s their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary, they expect me to bring a date of the
persuasion. I certainly can’t bring Alex, Sin. My parents are assholes. Both of them. They’d never accept the fact that I’m gay and would no doubt freeze up my trust fund if they find found out the truth.” He bit one of his fingernails. “And I know it sounds shallow, but I can’t live without that money.”

I put on my seatbelt. “So, you’re just going to keep lying to them? How long do you propose to do that?”

He started the car and the engine purred to life, like an eighty-thousand dollar kitty. “As long as it takes, Sin, as long as it takes.”

Forty-minutes later, after listening to him rant about his friends, his career, and his sex life, we finally pulled up to his parents’ summer home on Huntington Beach, a luxurious oceanfront property that took my breath away.

“Wow,” I breathed, staring at the massive white structure that screamed “Wealth”, “Power”, and “Dream on, losers!”

“I know,” sneered Jesse. “They’re disgustingly rich, fortunately for me. But it’s also
money and even
fortunate for me.”

I’d only known Jesse for eight months, ever since he’d walked into
From the moment he’d plopped his Armani-clad butt in my chair, we’d clicked and I’d become his personal stylist and he, one of my very best friends.

“So, what exactly did you tell them about me?” I asked, feeling nervous now that we were actually going through with it.

The ruse had sounded like fun at the time – a weekend of parties, celebrities, and a chance to escape my own hum-drum life. It had been almost a year since I’d found my ex-fiancé in bed with another woman and I’d basically taken on the habits of a hermit soon afterwards. My life now consisted of work, taking care of my finicky black cat, Felix, and reading trashy romance novels. It was boring and sometimes lonely, but safe, which was what I needed after having my heart crushed by Shawn.

Jesse unwrapped a piece of gum and slid it into his mouth. “Okay, so you and I have been dating on and off for the last six months. Nothing serious yet.”

I raised my eyebrows. “Yet?”

“Well, I mean we’ve fucked and everything,” he said, snapping his gum a little too obnoxiously for a twenty-four-year-old.

I feigned a look of shock. “We have? Was it good?”

He puffed out his chest. “Damn right. That’s why you won’t leave me alone, you crazy, horny bitch.”

I laughed and shook my head. “Oh brother, you’re so freakin’ arrogant.”

He blanched. “Arrogant? Gawd… I
that word.”

I stared at him and wondered how in the world his parents could think he was anything

“Well, you might want to pretend to be ‘arrogant’. That’s a trait you’ll find on a lot of manly men,” I said, deepening my voice.

“Sin, I’ve
been a
man, and my parents have known me all of my life. They just think I’m a very creative and outgoing guy.”

I understood that because Jesse really was very creative. He was also a talented graphic designer which, unfortunately, hadn’t particularly sat well with his parents. They’d wanted him to become a doctor or lawyer, like his older brother, Reed, who I’d had yet to meet. Supposedly, Reed
an arrogant, cocky lawyer who had little time for his younger brother.

“So, you get to act natural while I’m the one who has to be totally enthralled by you?”

He smiled. “Oh, come on. It can’t be that difficult. You know you’d ‘do me’ if I was straight.”

I rolled my eyes. “Oh, here we go…”

“What? I’d probably ‘do you

if I was straight.”

“Enough,” I said, raising my hand. 

He sighed. “Sinclair, you really need to work on your self-confidence. I know it’s hard because of what fuck-head did to you, but you really need to get over it. I mean, you’re attractive, funny, and have crazy skills when it comes to hair. You’re an awesome catch, girlfriend.”

“Tell it to the straight guys,” I answered dryly.

“Honey, if they can’t handle a woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind,” he said, “then they certainly don’t deserve you.”

Jesse was being kind. The fact was that I had a little bit of a temper and sometimes didn’t know when to keep my mouth shut, which coincidently, was a trait we both shared. After I’d caught Shawn cheating and kicked him out of our apartment, I’d vowed to never let anyone manipulate or take advantage of me, ever again. So now, if I didn’t agree with something someone said, I let them know or if I felt threatened in any way, I usually pounced first. Surprisingly, it sat well with my customers because they kept coming back and asking
for advice. Even Jesse had laid his problems out for me, which led to where I was sitting right now – his newest partner in crime.

“How does Alex feel about all of this?” I asked. “Is he still giving you the silent treatment?”

He sighed. “Yes. He’s still pissed off that I’m hiding him from my parents. He just doesn’t understand. His parents are so freakin’ cool, and mine are just… well,” he sighed, “mine.”

I was having a hard time understanding why he didn’t just ‘come out’. Jesse had a decent job and his partner, Alex, was
well off. The only thing I could fathom was that Jesse’s monthly allowance from his trust fund was pretty damn considerable.

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