Their Virgin Mate [Panther Cove 5] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)

BOOK: Their Virgin Mate [Panther Cove 5] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)
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Panther Cove 5

Their Virgin Mate

Tanya Goodman has a secret. She may own a sex shop in Delight, North Carolina, and have the whole town believing she’s a Dominatrix, but she’s really an overweight virgin with more curves than the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Security heads Hercules and Casius Drake are panther shifters who take one look at the voluptuous blonde with the sassy attitude and know she’s their mate. They love that she’s a real woman and are determined to do what it takes for her to fall in love with them. Their fear is that even if they do gain her trust in the bedroom, when she learns their most cherished secret, she’ll run. What will they have to do to capture the heart of their mate forever?

Tanya knows these two experienced hunks want to share her, but what will happen when they find out she’s not what she claims to be?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

BDSM, Ménage a Trois/Quatre, Shape-shifter

48,836 words



Panther Cove 5






Melody Snow Monroe










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Panther Cove 5



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Chapter One


“Dildos on the top shelf? Check. Floggers to the right? Check again,” Tanya Goodman mumbled to herself as she made space on the second to the bottom shelf for more items. “And lubes and jellies here.” She stepped back to study her handiwork and smiled at the arrangement.

As owner of Tanya’s Sex Shop, she wanted her place to be friendly, sexy, and classy all at the same time. When she’d graduated from college four years ago, her mom had just died and left her a little money. It was always her mother’s dream to run her own business, so that was when Tanya decided to open this store, kind of in her honor. Sure, Mom always wanted to own a bookstore and would have had another heart attack if she knew her only daughter sold whips, dildos, and vibrators, but hey, an entrepreneur was an entrepreneur.

At least the good people of Delight, North Carolina had welcomed her store, in part she believed, because many claimed there was a certain mystery about her. That worked for her.

She rubbed her hands down her pants and groaned at the growing ripples around her hips.

“Some mystery.”
If they saw what was under this too-tight corset, they’d see it was just plain old fat.
“No mystery there, friends.”

Thinking of mysteries, she remembered last night’s party. Sasha MacLeash, her good friend, had looked so happy when Trace and Danny Sanders asked her to marry them. That was right before her friend told her that the amazing Panther Cove security men, Casius and Hercules Drake, had the hots for Tanya. That was a joke. They were close to seven feet tall, just a wee bit taller than her five-foot-three-inch height, and were solid muscle. No fat on those boys. Hell, when she’d wandered over to get a look at the eye candy, they’d turned their backs to her. That rejection still hurt.

Tanya checked the clock and realized she’d probably been standing there for over ten minutes daydreaming.
. She should have opened five minutes ago. Outside, the snow was blowing pretty hard, and the windows had rattled with every gust, so she doubted she’d get many customers today, but she still needed to open up. That was one negative of living in the Blue Ridge Mountains. While Delight was fabulous from March to October, the other months could be challenging.

She flipped the sign from
and traipsed over to the chairs near the front window and sat down for a moment, glad for the respite after stocking the shelves for close to two hours. Frequently, husbands would come in and not want to walk around while their wives checked out the undergarments. Hence this little alcove, which had been invaluable for sales.

She straightened the magazines on the coffee table then picked up one magazine that contained the newest in sexy lingerie and leafed through the pages. She sighed knowing she’d never fit in any of these delicate items. If she tried, even she wouldn’t have been able to stand looking in the mirror. She’d found a plus-size magazine once and thought she’d finally found clothes that would look good on her, but even those models were only mildly overweight.

The bell rang above the door, and two girls, who looked no more than eighteen, bustled in. Tanya jumped up to greet them. There must have been some important upcoming event for them to come out in this weather. They wore fur-lined jackets with hoods, tight leggings, and cute UGG boots, looking totally adorable.

Tanya stepped into the aisle. “Hi, ladies. How can I help you?” She hadn’t seen them in her store before.

The girl with the perfect nose, full lips, and carefully lined eyes gave her the once-over and arched a brow. “You carry anything in size zero?”

In Delight, there were maybe five women, all teenagers, who were that size. It wasn’t cost effective to carry something that tiny. Even though the girl’s jacket covered most of her, Tanya ran her gaze up and down. “I’m afraid not.”

“Why? Doesn’t the owner expect thin people to come into the store? Or does she think only fat people need help looking sexy?”

“I might have a bra in a size zero.” Okay, that was horrible, but right now she wasn’t in the mood to take shit off this pipsqueak. What gave her to right to judge someone?

The expected sneer appeared. “What’s your problem, lady? I can’t believe the owner even hired someone like you.”

The other girl, who was taller and a little heavier, tugged on her girlfriend’s arm. “Come on, Brittany. Let’s go.”

Please do.

Tanya refrained from telling them she was the owner. They didn’t deserve a response. Using her sexiest pose, she planted her hands on her hips, slid one foot forward, and tilted back her head, daring them to say one more word.

“Let’s go to the mall to the other shop.”

As soon as the door closed and the girls disappeared down the street, Tanya edged her way to the counter as anger roiled in her stomach. She had to inhale a few times to calm down. If she’d had claws, she might have been tempted to use them.
. Where was a whip when a girl needed one?

She didn’t know why she got so upset. It wasn’t like it was the first time people made fun of her size. Couldn’t they see she was a real person who had feelings?

Before her frustration diffused, the bell above the door chimed again. She prayed it wasn’t those two teenage girls coming back. When she saw who’d come in, her heart stopped.
Oh, fuck
. It was those two Adonises, Hercules and Casius, from last night’s party. Right now, she couldn’t deal with them picking up tiny lingerie for their woman.

“Hello, boys.” She pretended she didn’t remember them from the party. After all, they had their backs to her the whole time. She’d watched them while waiting for Sasha to ask her men some questions under the guise of checking them out. “Go ahead and look around.” She waved a hand and pretended to be busy at the cash register.

According to Sasha, the taller giant was Hercules. He nudged the shorter one, and they both faced her as if they wanted her attention. So as not to appear rude, she looked up and plastered on a smile. Now she could study them like she’d wanted to at the party. Hercules sported a short-cropped, dark beard and had a straight Roman nose that complemented his deep-set, black eyes. Her breath caught just gazing at his muscles. Statue makers had probably used the man’s image as inspiration.

Both men had on jean jackets, but they weren’t bulky. They conformed to their muscular builds. Casius’s lips had the slightest downturn to them at the end, making him appear to be the brooding type. While he wasn’t smiling, his intense, gray eyes stared at her almost in a lustful glare. Instead of making her uncomfortable, he made her body yearn for more.

Tanya lowered her gaze to his full lips that were made for kissing and then looked up slightly to his broad nose that distinguished him from his brother. It didn’t look like he’d shaven this morning, but the rest of him appeared quite perfect.

BOOK: Their Virgin Mate [Panther Cove 5] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)
5.53Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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