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1663 Liberty Drive

Bloomington, IN 47403

Phone: 1-800-839-8640


This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance of characters to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. The Author holds exclusive rights to this work. Unauthorized duplication is prohibited.

© 2012
by W. Ferraro. All rights reserved.

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Published by AuthorHouse 10/18/2012

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To G

For the love you’ve shown and given

To S & E

For the blessings and fulfillment you have brought





Okay, so you think you can find the house?”

“Yes, I have my GPS. You said 311 Locaboo Way, correct?”

“Yes ma’am, the drive is after the house; just follow the drive all the way to the back. Use the stairs on the far side of the place. See you in 20 minutes, Ms. Turney.”

“Please call me Mae”

“Great, see you in 20, Mae”

Mae hung up the phone. From the short conversation with Robyn Finn, she immediately liked the woman. She was so happy one of her patients at the hospital had given her Robyn’s number about the apartment for rent. Mae couldn’t wait to be out of her current apartment that she shared with another nurse. Mae realized after moving from Boston to Hamden, Vermont that she was done sharing space with others and just wanted space of her own. Space where no one would drink all the milk or say “oh you didn’t mind that I used some of your shampoo, did you?” Mae realized that it was kind of petty to be annoyed over use of shampoo, but every day? Really?

Mae had punched in the address to the apartment and as it was calculating, she turned up the volume of the Madonna tune pumping out of the speakers. Mae loved the vibration of the bass pulsing over the smooth baby soft leather seats of her Camaro. The cream colored leather was such a contrast to the shiny black surface on the outside. The roar of the V6 340HP manual transmission always made her feel powerful and in control.

As she turned on to Locaboo Way, the view of the lake immediately awed her. She had heard of the beautiful, tranquil water but the breathtaking sight was something she had not imagined. Crystal blue ripples moved with the motion of all the different types of boats cutting through its water. Trees of all different shapes and sizes bordered the water, showcasing hues of green that Mae didn’t even know existed.

Trying to keep her eyes on the road proved to be challenging given the scenery around her, but she didn’t want to miss the driveway. She was watching the house numbers and slowed as she approached 303. She proceeded to go around a bend and saw a white mailbox with beautiful orange lilies protruding around the granite stand and the number 311 painted on the side. Mae pulled the car into the drive and followed Robyn’s instructions. Before she could cut the engine she heard yelling coming from the dock about 100ft in front of her and saw three teenage boys running towards her. She noticed the two taller boys running were as different as two boys could be. One had light blonde hair and a fair, almost red complexion while the others skin was dark like her favorite cashmere sweater, with long hair reaching his shoulders. Both boys were immediately bending down in front of her car and Mae noticed the last of the trio had come right behind them, but rather than go to the front he went to the open passenger window and felt the leather interior. Since she was still in the car, she could see he was fair-skinned like one of the others but smaller in build and stature. She saw that his eyes were a unique green color that reminded her of the trees she saw. She guessed the young man to be around 12 years of age. Just as she was about to ask him his name, she heard “Conner, Aidan and Michael… get away from the car, you’re going to scare Ms. Turney away! She doesn’t need a bunch of drooling motor heads getting finger prints all over her car.” Mae turned her head to see who was calling to the ‘motor heads’ and knew she was looking at Robyn Finn.

Robyn Finn was a beautiful woman. She had beautiful reddish blonde hair that hung in straight layers to her shoulders with not a strand out of place. Her eyes were green, but lighter than the vivid green of the smaller boy. Robyn’s figure was as opposite to Mae’s as you could get. Where Robyn was tall and willowy with long limbs and athletic grace, Mae was short in stature and, as society put it, “full figured”. Mae always considered herself pleasantly plump, with emphasis on the plump. She was well endowed in the chest area but so were all the other women in Mae’s family. Her hips were a trouble area for her but she thought they gave her a female curve that some women such as Robyn never would have. Mae didn’t think she was ugly; just not what the world considered beautiful. She wished that her body was different but at the age of 32 she realized with genetics and the late night rituals of Oreo cookies and a large cold glass of milk, her figure was not going to be slim.

The boys scurried away. However, not far enough, Mae could still hear the ongoing talk of the great piece of machinery that was now parked in the driveway.

“Hi you must be Mae, I’m Robyn Finn.” The two women shook hands.

Between the commotion of her vehicle, excited adolescence and mental comparisons, Mae didn’t notice the house in which Robyn had come from. Mae was mesmerized by the beautiful multi-tiered decks and huge floor to ceiling windows. Antique white vinyl clapboard covered the house and was trimmed with midnight blue shutters and doors of the same shade. Impressive potted flowers adorned with every color of the rainbow. The yard between the house and dock had multiple mulch paths winding through with more potted flowers and planted shrubbery. In the rear corner of the property amongst the winding paths was a gazebo. A perfect place to curl up with a good book while she listened to the ripples of the water. Mae was already falling in love with the place and she hadn’t even seen the apartment.

“Any trouble finding it?”

“No, not at all. Your home is beautiful Robyn.”

“Oh well, thank you, it is my brother’s place.”

“Oh, I’m sorry I thought you were renting the apartment.”

“Well in a way I am” Robyn chuckled

“Seth owns the house and lives here with the kids. I live in the apartment on the far side, and I’m moving. So that is the apartment for rent. I’m showing the place and deciding if the person should meet with Seth.” Robyn explained.

“Oh I see. Well if you don’t mind me asking Robyn, why are you moving from such a stunning place?” Mae asked

“Well my fiancé, Bryan, has asked me to move in with him and I figured why wait until after the wedding.” Robyn said, with a look of pure happiness and blush to give her cheeks a bit of color.

“Congratulations on your engagement.”

“Thank you. Come let me show you the place and we can get to know each other.” Robyn started toward the far stairs but then halted and turned to the boys who were still staring at the car but had at least put some distance between themselves and the vehicle. “Conner, Lynne and Megan will be coming home with the groceries soon. Please help her carry everything in. And please keep an eye on Megan; you know how fast that little spitfire moves.” Robyn turned from the boys and started to climb the stairs. Mae thought it odd not to wait for Conner, whom she assumed to be the taller of the blonde boys, to respond. But just as Mae finished that thought, she heard, I’ll take care of it Aunt Robyn

Robyn climbed the stairs to the first landing and turned and walked through a screen door to a sizable screen porch that opened to an open deck spanning the remaining length of the home. Inside the porch was a lightly battered brown wicker love seat with matching arm chairs. All three pieces had a large red botanical print. There was a French door going into the house.

Robyn opened the French door and Mae took the lead and entered the room. Mae was in awe of the large, bright and beautiful open concept room. To her right was a small but adequate kitchen with stainless steel appliances, including a refrigerator that Mae was sure she could fit in it. There was a greenhouse window over the sink that looked out over the side yard and was filled with all kinds of small potted plants with ceramic label picks indicating they were herbs. There was a breakfast bar that had seating for two. To her left was a dining table with four chairs and matching server, and more greenery in various pots around the room. Straight ahead was a cathedral ceiling living room with large windows on two sides. Tucked in the corner, a gas fireplace surrounded by ivory tile and an oak mantle, with a large flat screen television hung above. As Mae walked farther in she noticed a door on the left side of the room, which she assumed connected the apartment to the main house and a staircase that went up to an open loft. The entire space had a rich caramel color on the walls, with beautiful oak trim. The floors, with the exception of the kitchen area that had ivory ceramic tile, had wide pine boards polished to a shine and colored to compliment the overall color and warmth of the space. The banister on the stairs to the loft had the same oak wood but the stairs were covered in a plush beige carpet. There was a large overstuffed sofa with matching loveseat in a color that reminded Mae of dark chocolate. Mae turned in a circle to take in everything and said “WOW!”

Robyn giggled. “Yes it is quite nice, but then again everything my brother builds is gorgeous.”

Mae turned to her and asked “Mr. Finn built the house?”

“Yes he did, he bought the lot and tore down the original house and built the current home with this attached apartment for me when I moved in.”

“Is Mr. Finn a contractor?”

“Yes, he is. He owns S&D Contracting with his longtime friend Dylan Cross,” Robyn explained.

“I’ve heard of them or at least seen their name. Didn’t they just finish the new children’s wing at Hamden General?” Mae asked.

“They sure did. In fact their other friend, Wes Thompson, was the architect for the design of the wing. Seth, Dylan and Wes have been friends for as long as I can remember. We all grew up here in Hamden.”

“That’s great, and must be nice to have the same friends in adulthood as you did growing up.” Mae added, “I moved around a lot growing up. My dad is in the Air Force. I went from base to base with him and Mom, until I went off to college. After I graduated, they left the States and went to Germany, where they have been ever since.”

BOOK: Three of Hearts
7.16Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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