To Claim the Elvin Princess: Apprentice

BOOK: To Claim the Elvin Princess: Apprentice
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To Claim the Elvin Princess:



Book One of a Three Book Saga


A Novel By


Jack Bessie



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Transcendence Publishing Co.

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Going above and beyond for the love of words


Copyright 2015   Jack Bessie


ISBN: 1-940592-13-8


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This book is a work of fiction. No characters, places or events are intended to mimic real world people or events; everything within including the plot are the creation of the author, and any similarity to real people or events is only accidental.


Cover design by: Jack Bessie

Photography by: George Mayer





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A Thought


Of all the thousands of books I’ve read, none ever moved me or touched me as deeply as
Lord of the Rings
. I suppose it was inevitable that I would eventually undertake such a grand and sweeping fantasy saga, wishing to combine the sword and sorcery with the quest and romance that I love so much.

I am, like many who write, much more comfortable in the lands of my imagination, where good and evil are clear and sharply drawn, not vague and ill-defined. That within that place, heroes and heroines can rise up, and struggle mightily, doing great deeds and meeting a destiny that lacks nothing of greatness. Such seems more appealing than the confused and indistinct world we actually inhabit.

This saga is indeed a quest, one of epic proportions. Most quests are ordeals aimed at finding something of great power or worth, or an inner value, such as faith, knowledge or confidence.
Lord of the Rings
was a quest to destroy a source of evil, to attain freedom for a people and a world.

To Claim the Elvin Princess,
in all it’s volumes is a quest for belonging, for ones birthright, and for peace. That it is perhaps the hardest of all quests, wherein an entire people, an enemy of ancient standing, must be turned into friends and companions, makes this a most unusual quest.

It should not surprise you that I would choose to be in the lands of the Elvin, on the world called Am-Coteriru. Turn the page, and keep can come visit it for a time also. But beware; you may fall in love with it too...







Rasten Hammonds knew he had an odd name. He had been teased unmercifully by kids during school, until he had snapped one day, and beat two of his tormenters into bloody messes. His mother had come to his defense, and spared him suspension, by threatening to sue the school over all of Rasten’s abuse. It was after this altercation that he had asked, once again, why he had such an odd name.

His mother had shrugged, turning away, not wishing to answer, but Rasten would not have it; he wanted to hear something that would explain why he had suffered such aggravation.

“Your father insisted!” she finally whispered.

“The one I’ve never seen? Why did what he wanted matter?” Rasten demanded. This was a sore subject and a deep wound, which had no healing. Other children had fathers, or at least knew who they were. He had nothing but a name;
. Hammonds was his mother’s maiden name.

“Because it...does. He...he...was special, but I can’t tell you why!” she managed to speak the words, but the strain seemed obvious even to Rasten. This touched his curiosity.

“What could stop you from speaking? You’re having trouble talking. Why?!” he demanded.

“ a...spell...” she managed to say, gasping for breath, looking agonized, before breaking into tears. This pronouncement made the hair stand up on his neck.

“Spell as in magic?” he whispered.

“Yes. Please, ask no more questions. It is not time for you to know such things. You are barely twelve. Enjoy being a child, while you may...” she ended, her voice trailing away, as she hugged Rasten. “You’re special, and not just to me...” she whispered.


Rastin had grown into a strong and strapping young man, but he never learned what else his mother might have told him; she died in a car crash, on her way home from work, when he was sixteen. One of his teachers volunteered to have him live with their family, and this had suited Rasten immensely. Certainly none of his mother’s distant relatives had offered. He had done well, graduated from school with high marks, and had gone on to college, intending to become an engineer. It was during his sophomore year that he at last learned the riddle of his name and why he might be special. The answer did more than turn his life upside down!

Rasten had found girls of interest, but had not discovered any that might infatuate him. Most seemed too flighty, being inclined to play and act foolish. He thought this unfortunate, but took advantage of it when he could; sex was sex after all, and the college girls were cute and willing. Still, he barely tolerated them, unsure what he really wanted.

It was on an April day when he first noticed a young woman gazing unreservedly at him, as he crossed the quadrangle, heading off to his small apartment, having finished his classes. Seeing him look up, she smiled widely, and stood up, from the bench she had been occupying. He noted that she was unencumbered by books or backpack, which seemed odd.

Even more astounding, was the fact that she walked straight at him, holding his eyes with hers. He stopped, his gait faltering, completely mesmerized, and watched as she crossed the few steps separating them.

Rasten beheld the approach of a somewhat tall but slender young woman, whose tight fitting clothes displayed a lithe and strong body, small of breast but with a womanly bottom. Her long dark hair was lush and full, and hid her ears, and some of her cheeks. Rasten, who was over six foot tall, and a hefty, well muscled two hundred plus pounds stood immobile, unable to look away from her jet black eyes.

She stopped in front of him, so close that a hand wouldn’t have slipped between them. Her height made it easy for her to gaze into his eyes, as she smiled knowingly.

“Greetings Rasten, son of Sayarin! I am pleased to have found you!” she breathlessly whispered.

“ do you know my name?” he managed to whisper, barely able to think coherently. Her breath seemed wondrously sweet, and he could note a female smell about her, which seemed delightfully erotic. He quickly found himself aroused by her, in a way no other girl had ever done, and soon had a raging erection. This was embarrassing enough, but the woman slipped her left hand against his bulging jeans, taking stock of his engorged organ, not moving her eyes from his.

“You find me desirable? Wonderful!” she purred. “Kiss me!” she commanded, slipping her arms around him. Rasten, whose hands were free, owing to his backpack, did likewise, finding her eminently irresistible. He ended up holding her bottom, which seemed to be encased snuggly in the ridiculously soft leather of her pants.

Their kiss was luscious and long, which only made Rasten’s hard-on worse. When they paused to catch their breath, he struggled to think.

“Who are you?” he at last managed to ask.

“Someone who has come to find you. My people call me Sa-Tarin lo Ameinidine; the Princess of the Morning Star. You may call me Amein. Come! Take me to your place, and I will explain more!” Before they moved, she held his eyes, unblinking and wide, and touched his neck with a fingertip. He felt a small shiver, but this passed quickly.

They said nothing more, walking hand in hand several blocks to Rasten’s apartment, a small efficiency built long years before for broke college students. Rasten was still stunned by this strange occurrence, felt near to bursting with questions, but every time he started to ask, he felt compelled to say nothing. It occurred to him that he was likely enchanted. He found this thought ridiculous, but even more perplexing was the idea that he accepted it as reasonable.

Inside his apartment, his companion looked around.

“You won’t miss this, will you?” she asked, gesturing around, and then snapping her fingers in front of his face.

Rasten found himself free to speak, and laughed. “Am I going someplace?” he joked. Amein turned to look at him, putting her hands on her hips. “Of course you are! I didn’t brave the crossing, didn’t spent a hundred years searching old dusty records to figure out where your father snuck off to for nothing! You’re going home, where you belong!” she declared, looking suddenly stern and unlikely to listen to any other possibility. Rasten found this even sexier.

“You seem pretty sure of yourself for a young woman. Wait...what did you say about searching a hundred years...for...” his voice trailed off, the incongruity of this suddenly giving him goose bumps. Amein seemed to be a girl of at most twenty.

“How old are you?” he managed to ask.

“Only a bit past two hundred, but I am quite of age!” she insisted. Seeing his shocked look, she giggled, and stepped close, where she could touch him as she had before.

“I am immortal, but a young adult well of age and privileged with the rights and duties accorded to adults of our kind. I have commanded a thousand warriors, and battled the darkness, as a fair Princess of our people should. Now it is time for you to pick up your mantle, and learn the ways of your people’s home world!” she insisted, simply.

“This is crazy! You look just like any other cute girl! Well, more cute than most! If you aren’t human, what are you?!” he loudly demanded.

“I am of the Atorisharini, as we name ourselves in the high tongue; Atorin, in the common language, what you might call the elves or the Elvin kind.” They stared at each other several moments. “You don’t believe me?” she asked, her voice carrying a hint of disappointment. Amein pushed herself back a pace, and tossed her head back shaking her thick hair. Brushing it behind her ears with her fingers, she stood still a moment, her pointed ears well displayed. Rasten stood transfixed.

Amein continued on, unbuttoning her blouse as she spoke. “You have heard legends of our people, who once walked openly on this world. Yet seldom now do any set foot here. I assume that is why your father chose to secretly come here, and create you, assuming you might have a normal childhood, free of interference and strife!” She had tossed aside her blouse, revealing her breasts, which seemed to Rasten firm and beautifully shaped, small but just begging to be held and fondled. She was now peeling off her pants and panties after she sat on the edge of a chair to pull off her boots. When she was finished, she again stood confronting him.

“Do I seem a normal human to you now?!” she demanded. Her nipples were prominently hard, and seemed a bluish color. Her pubic area had a narrow strip of dark hair, which went up almost to her belly button. Giving him a naughty smirk, she turned around, and bent over, displaying her female self: her large and full vaginal lips were a deep bluish color that matched her nipples. She turned back around as she stood up, to confront him. Rasten managed to shake his head.

“Much better! I wish to hear no more foolishness from you!” she said, stepping close. She made short work of unzipping Rasten’s jeans, releasing his belt; a moment later his turgid organ was free, and being held in her hand.

“I gather that you’d like to ravish the Elvin Princess?” she asked, her eyes gleaming.

“Is that proper? Can...I mean, I’m not an elf!”

“You’re half-Elvin, Rasten, as your father was Elvin. If an elf and a human can make a child, surely a half-Elvin male can lie with an Elvin princess, don’t you imagine? I’m inclined to prove to you what we might do!” she added, dragging him towards his bed by his aching erection.

He found himself naked in moments, lying on his back, as Amein slipped astraddle of him. She rubbed her breasts against him and slid her female self against his penis. Her large and fleshy lips spread easily and he was quickly wet from her juices. Sitting up slightly, she deftly moved, and let his organ spring up, where she could easily impale herself on it. With him deeply inside her tight vagina, she leaned close to kiss him.

“You like being inside the cute elf’s womanhood, don’t you?!” she declared, more observation than question.

“What are you doing to me?!” he moaned helplessly, his body on fire from his arousal.

“Making you mine!” she said simply. “Now, hush and enjoy this!” she cautioned.

Rasten was overwhelmed by her skill. Not only did she seem fantastically adept at pleasuring both of them, she seemed able to control her vaginal muscles, to tighten and loosen them at will. She worked diligently, causing both to have a strong orgasm, and did not even pause, keeping Rasten hard and going on to cause them a second one, even stronger than the first.

At this point she paused, sitting astraddle of him, holding him inside her. It finally dawned on him that he was still erect.

“How...” he began, but Amein touched his lips. She reached down, between her legs, and touched the rich wetness oozing from her vagina, which had soaked both their organs and pubic hair. She held her fingers under his nose.

“Smell that? It exerts its magic on both of us. As long as you smell that, you’ll stay as you are, hard and eager!”

“Really? You want...more?” he asked, amazed.

“We aren’t stopping until we both pass out from exhaustion!” she declared, and giggled.

“Oh. Well, I can’t say no! Oh........Amein...I just squirted you full of...of...”

“Your seed? Have no care, I can not get pregnant without wishing to; we control our bodies in ways humans are unable to,” she answered. “Perhaps someday we shall do this, and I will wish for that, but not now. There are dire things we must do first!”

“Like what?””

“Don’t ask. Now is the time for us to enjoy each other!” she purred, leaning down to kiss him slowly, wiggling her bottom.

I must be dreaming! An Elvin Princess! And I’m part elf too? 
he thought, as he became even more aroused.

“You aren’t dreaming!” she whispered, giving proof that she might somehow know his thoughts. Before he could consider what that meant, he felt her vagina tighten, as she moved faster, causing him to explode in another orgasm. He felt in danger of blacking out.

I could die from this!
he thought helplessly.

“You have no need to fear that,” Amein’s words touched his ears, a soft and gentle whisper. “There are a thousand other things that might kill you, but my desire isn’t one of them!”

BOOK: To Claim the Elvin Princess: Apprentice
4.09Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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