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To the Edge (Hideaway)





To the Edge

(Hideaway, 4)

by Elyse Scott


In the Custody of the Dom (Hideaway, 1)

Repeat Offender (Hideaway, 2)

House Call (Hideaway, 3)


















Copyright © 2013 by Elyse Scott. All rights


Before we begin....


This is an erotic story intended for
readers of 18 years and over. It contains heavy kink including BDSM, very
graphic medical play, watersports, whipping, spanking, and other activities
which may be offensive to some readers. It also includes play reluctance, and
although everything in this story is done between consenting adults who are
enjoying themselves, if you are at all uncomfortable with reluctance, please
don’t read this.

This is a work of fiction only, and in
no way do I recommend you try any of this at home! Please practice safe, sane,
and consensual sex, and do your research first.

No part of this story may be reproduced
or retrieved by any means, electronic, mechanical, or otherwise, without
written permission from the author.

All characters and events in this story
are fictional, and any similarity to persons living or deceased is purely

Now that all that’s of the way, I’d like
to thank you for purchasing this story. I hope you enjoy it! Comments and
constructive feedback are welcomed at [email protected]

And now, Sam Reilly is back for her
fourth mind-blowing session with Master Dan and Master Jake at The Hideaway,
where her most extreme fantasies are about to come true… and take her right to
the edge.

It was a sweltering, humid afternoon,
and Sam had finally turned in her assignment on teenage runaways. It had been
an exhausting, physically and emotionally draining couple of weeks as she’d
lived on the streets, experiencing the constant fear and desperation of her
subjects, gaining their trust, and getting them to open up to her, in the hopes
that her piece would throw a spotlight on young people who desperately needed
aid and protection in every way imaginable.

couple of hours after she’d hit
, he’d called and given her instructions.
Not without misgivings, she’d obeyed, because he was her Dom, and she wanted to
please him.

retreated to the bedroom, shucked off her jeans, and had fallen into a fitful
sleep when they arrived. The first she knew of their presence was when her
bedroom door crashed open. Loud, sharp voices barked at her; too many and too
cacophonous to make sense of.

half-asleep and disoriented, her adrenalin levels went from zero to a thousand
in less than three seconds.

opened her mouth to scream, and a big hand in a black leather glove silenced
her even as several pairs of hands pinned her face down on the mattress. How
many of them
there? She struggled for breath, fought to control her

easy now, darlin’. Let’s not trouble the neighbors. We’re taking you in,’ came
a sexy, Southern growl from inside the SWAT helmet. ‘Somebody wants to see

Jake?’ It had to be him. Didn’t it? She tried to focus on his eyes.

right,’ he soothed. ‘But it’s
Jake, right now; and I have Agent
Aaron and Agent Will here with me. You will still refer to us as ‘Sir’.’

him; the Dom who’d held her down to have her temperature taken.
Who’d been so kind when he’d suckled her, helping her to do as Master Dan had
ordered, and avoid punishment. Who, alongside Master Dan – literally – had introduced
her to double penetration. He wouldn’t hurt her.

Sir,’ she said, trying to calm her breathing.

gonna come quietly?’ he said, adding with a trace of amusement, ‘At least, for

nodded, willing herself to relax under their hands, allowing them to cuff her.

girl,’ he said, watching her face as his men secured her hands. Funny how she
felt safer, even as they made her more vulnerable.

been told you may be a little uncomfortable by now,’ he said. ‘In fact, that
you had

the shock of their arrival, she’d momentarily been distracted from her body’s
increasingly insistent demands, but now that he’d drawn her attention to her
bladder, it was all she could think about. ‘I am, Sir,’ she admitted, her face
flushing hot with embarrassment.

Jake rubbed her back through her white t-shirt. ‘Wow, you’re
two for two. He’ll be pleased with you.’

took hold of the light sheet covering her and stripped it off, baring her blue
silk panty-covered ass to the air, and to whomever was in the room; she
couldn’t even see them all. All she could see was the left side of a man in
black SWAT gear.

flinched as a hand brushed over her bottom.

appears to be something inserted in the suspect’s rectum, Sir,’ said one of the
men. His voice was young, slightly accented… Native American. Agent Will.

the panties,’ said Agent Jake.

hooked into the material and began to tug.

yelped, trying to turn over. ‘No!’ She hadn’t expected to sleep until they’d
arrived; she’d been planning to remove it before they got here.

by the sudden resistance, the Doms immediately countered with greater force,
overwhelming her in moments. The side of her face pressed into the cool cotton

answer,’ said Agent Jake. ‘You have exactly two seconds to come up with a
compelling reason for me not to rip these pretty panties off you. One way or
another, we’re going to see what’s making that little round bulge between your

they cost too much,’ she stammered. ‘I can’t afford to buy silk panties every
damn day of the week, you know.’ It was a lame but valid reason. Or not.

it,’ said Agent Jake. ‘And
,’ he said to her, ‘watch your language.’

winced as the sound of tearing silk filled the room.

she gasped, annoyed that they’d gone ahead and done it.

worry, I’m sure Agent Dan’ll find a way to compensate you,’ he said.

closed her eyes as his fingers explored the object she’d inserted in an effort
to comfort herself until
arrived. Except, he

was silence for a moment. ‘Well, well,’ said Agent Jake, taking his time to
probe around the area where it disappeared into her body. ‘What have we here?’

is it?’ said Agent Aaron. Sam felt his weight on her back shift as he leaned
over to look.

butt plug!’ said Agent Will. Then, puzzled, he said, ‘What kind is
It’s got a hollow bulb at the end.’

take a look,’ said Agent Jake, cheerfully. ‘The plug has to come out anyway.’

buried her face in the pillow as the Dom jostled the thick plug-like nozzle in
her anus, and gently worked it free. They all let out a breath as it slipped
out of her with a loud sucking noise.

firm latex anal pacifier,’ said Agent Jake. ‘Dan came up with this as an
aftercare aid for this sub. When she squeezes her rectal muscles, it ejaculates
a dose of a mild herbal stress remedy, which is then easily absorbed by the

hand came down on her shoulder. ‘Am I right?’

nodded, her face burning, missing the comforting fullness back there, a
tangible connection with her absent Dom.

long has this been inside you?’

blinked. ‘I don’t know… What time is it now?’

little after five pm.’

put it in around three.’

Jake nodded, and pushed his hand between her legs, forcing her to spread them
wider. His finger entered her vagina, wiggled, and then withdrew. ‘Wet,’ he pronounced,
with satisfaction. ‘Another benefit of the constant, low-intensity stimulation
of the pacifier, and a testament to the fact that there are at least some ways
in which this suspect most definitely isn’t resisting.’ He looked up at Agent
Will. ‘Prepare the solution.’

she watched, Agent Will produced a rectal syringe loaded with a clear liquid,
and handed it to Agent Jake.

very still,’ he said. ‘I’ve been instructed to give you this before we
transport you.’ His fingers brushed over her buttocks, and parted them.

tried to turn, but they wouldn’t let her. ‘What’s in that? What are you giving

Jake gave a low laugh. ‘He said you’d ask that. Nothing to worry about, angel.’

he didn’t answer the question. It was probably nothing - perhaps it was the
herbal remedy; perhaps just purified water, it didn’t matter. What mattered was
the experience of having it administered while she was restrained, and how
Master Dan and the other Doms at The Hideaway strove to discover what she
enjoyed, what made her happy, what made her scream out her pleasure or release,
and tried to give it to her, even if fear or insecurity made her resistant at
first. She understood that now, and so she didn’t fight them as the cool
plastic tip touched her anus. She closed her eyes and let herself enjoy her
Dom’s gift.

nozzle was lubricated. It was long, thick, and tapered enough to feel
incredibly good as Agent Jake slowly inserted it to full depth, and held it
there. She took a shuddery breath, and tried to squirm in feigned protest as
the burly men held her down, and watched the entire procedure take place. Agent
Jake seemed in no hurry to inject the dose.

was silent. Sam felt them all around her; gauging her responses, controlling
her, keeping her safe with utter professionalism beneath the ‘agent’ act. The
only thing that would have made it better was if
was there. However,
they were acting on his orders, and he’d told her on the phone that he expected
a full report on what had happened and whether she had been cooperative as they’d
brought her in. He’d made it crystal clear that there would be consequences if
she disobeyed him or his agents.

Agent Jake’s voice brought her back to herself. ‘Good girl; it’s time to take
your medicine,’ he said, quietly. She knew he was respecting her psychological
space as she processed what was being done to her. At the same time, he was
trying to subdue her with his words, to keep her from becoming agitated and
difficult. This way, it would be easier for everyone.

felt the syringe slip a little deeper, and let out a soft gasp as the cool rush
of liquid filled her rectum.

resisting,’ one of them said.

be fooled,’ said Agent Jake ‘If the suspect were to be touched right now, she’d

whimpered. He was right. She loved how they could read her responses.

other agents were breathing more heavily, and it wasn’t because they were
fighting to restrain her; she lay compliant. However, she writhed under their
hands, almost uncomfortably aroused, picturing Master Dan standing before her
with a magnificent, gleaming erection jutting out of his open pants. Imagining
him pinning her down with his weight between her legs. Conjuring him teasing
her open, forcing her submission, sliding into her, filling her, spurting
inside her. She gave a soft mewl of desperation, remembered herself, and

enough, honey, soon enough,’ Agent Jake soothed.

a minute or two, Agent Jake withdrew the syringe. ‘Turn her over. Slowly and
gently, now; remember her condition.’

hands moved to different places on her body, and turned her onto her back.
Suddenly Agent Will and Agent Aaron lifted her legs and ass off the bed, the
position putting pressure on her bladder.

God!’ she moaned. Agent Jake quickly slid a diaper under her. The Doms set her
back down, and Agent Jake fastened the tabs at her waist.

not this, please,’ she said.

leaned over her, his fists denting the mattress either side of her ribs. ‘You
say ‘No,’ far more than you should,’ he said. ‘I chose to diaper you. All I
want to hear from you is, ‘Thank you, Agent Jake.’

glared at him. ‘Thank you, Agent Jake.’

Aaron and Agent Will laughed. Agent Jake didn’t.

not for me to discipline you without Dan’s permission, but I
speaking to him about it.’

eyes locked, and his gaze hardened. ‘Don’t test me, Samantha. You don’t know me

thrill ran through her. He smiled.

men helped her to her feet. Agent Jake helped her step into her jeans. He
pulled them up over the diaper and buttoned them.

time to go,’ he said, putting her sneakers on the floor where she could slip
her feet right into them.

faltered as they marched her past the bathroom, one ‘agent’ on either side,
preventing her from making a last-second bolt to relieve the terrible pressure
in her bladder.

managed to hold onto a shred of pride, though, and because she couldn’t
to see Master Dan again and wanted him in a good mood when she arrived, she was
utterly cooperative throughout the tortuously long drive to The Hideaway.


took her in through a back door, and guided her through a rabbit warren of
corridors until they reached one with a sign on the door that read ‘Intake’.
Agent Jake opened the door and ushered her into a luxuriously appointed hotel
suite, the middle of which had been set up as a medical play area with the
now-familiar, yet still seriously intimidating examination table, clinical
lights, and supply trolleys all around.

led her over to the wall, and uncuffed her. His hands carefully massaged her
back, shoulders, and arms for a couple of minutes. Then he took hold of her
right wrist and placed her hand high on the wall, and repeated the procedure
with her left hand.

remain in this position until Agent Dan instructs you otherwise,’ he said. ‘I’m
going to inform him that you’re here, and give him a full report of your
retrieval. I suggest you don’t attempt to deny any of it.’

Jake left the room, while Agents Aaron and Will remained, standing silently by
the door, as though guarding it.

was left with her thoughts, and the thrill of anticipation, which she knew
wasn’t just for the incredible sex that was – hopefully – in store, but was for
. She was excited, yes, and a little scared, because he did have both
the inclination and the means to explore her sexuality in ways that sometimes
took days or even weeks to process afterwards. She wanted to know more about
him, and wanted him to know more about her. She wanted to be sure that what
she’d felt for him that night in her apartment was still there, and was real.
And whether he still felt it too. The butterflies in her stomach were going

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