Torn By War: 4 (The Death Wizard Chronicles)

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Praise for The Death Wizard Chronicles

Melvin shows his literary mastery as he weaves elements of potential and transformation; his tale dances among literal shape shifters and more subtle powers of mind.

—Ann Allen, Charlotte Observer

“Adult Harry Potter and Eragon fans can get their next fix with Jim Melvin’s six-book epic The Death Wizard Chronicles . . . Melvin’s imagination and writing equal that of J.K. Rowling, author of the fantastically popular Harry Potter series, and Christopher Paolini, author of Eragon and Eldest. Some of his descriptions—and creatures—even surpass theirs.”

—The Tampa Tribune

“Jim Melvin’s Death Wizard Chronicles crackle with non-stop action and serious literary ambition. He has succeeded in creating an entire universe of interlocking characters—and creatures—that will undoubtedly captivate fans of the fantasy genre. It’s a hell of a story .
 . . a hell of a series . . .”

—Bob Andelman, author of
Will Eisner: A Spirited Life

“Jim Melvin is a fresh voice in fantasy writing with a bold, inventive vision and seasoned literary style that vaults him immediately into the top tier of his genre. The Death Wizard Chronicles .
 . . is scary, action-packed and imaginative—a mythic world vividly entwining heroes, villains and sex that leaves the reader with the impression that this breakthrough author has truly arrived.”

—Dave Scheiber, co-author of
Covert: My Years Infiltrating the Mob
Surviving the Shadows: A Journey of Hope into Post-Traumatic Stress

“Action-packed and yet profound, The DW Chronicles will take your breath away. This is epic fantasy at its best.”

—Chris Stevenson, author of
Planet Janitor: Custodian of the Stars
The Wolfen Strain

“Triken truly comes alive for the reader and is filled with mysteries and places that even the most powerful characters in the book are unaware of. That gives the reader the opportunity to discover and learn with the characters . . . Melvin has added to the texture of the world by integrating Eastern philosophies, giving the magic not only consistency but depth. He has worked out the details of his magical system so readers can understand where it comes from and how it works.”

—Jaime McDougall, the

The series, thus far:


Book 1:
Forged in Death

Book 2:
Chained by Fear

Book 3:
Shadowed by Demons

Book 4:
Torn by War

Ebook Shorts

Torg’s First Death

The Black Fortress

(Coming 2014)

Rise of the Sun God (ebook short)

Book 5: Blinded by Power

Torn by War

The Death Wizard Chronicles: Book Four


Jim Melvin


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Blinded by Power
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To Maya, Metta, and Lia,

three gifts from Cambodia


Author’s Note

In Book 1 of
The Death Wizard Chronicles
, the sorcerer Invictus imprisons Torg in a pit bored into the frozen heights of Mount Asubha. After his escape, Torg and several new friends make their way toward Kamupadana, commonly known as the Whore City, where Torg hopes to learn more about Invictus’ plans.

Meanwhile, Laylah, the sister of Invictus, appears briefly as a sorceress whom Invictus also has imprisoned. Unlike Torg, she has not yet managed to escape. In fact, she has been her brother’s captive for more than seventy years.

In Book 2, the tale is told of Laylah’s escape. Under the guidance of the demon Vedana, Laylah flees to Kamupadana, where she eventually meets and is healed by Torg. Along with the Asēkhas, Torg and his companions flee into the wilderness, with Mala, a.k.a. the Chain Man, and an army of monsters in hot pursuit.

In Book 3, Torg, Laylah, and their companions work their way west toward Duccarita, known as the City of Thieves. There they destroy an evil being that uses the power of its mind to control thousands of slave creatures called the Daasa. Once freed from the being’s sway, the Daasa, which number more than ten thousand, join with Torg and the others as they continue their journey toward the safety of the White City. Meanwhile, the Asēkhas are ordered by Torg to travel eastward to join in the defense of the fortress Nissaya.

As Book 3 develops, three great wars begin to take shape: Mala and his minions advance toward Nissaya, the druids of Dhutanga prepare to invade the White City, and an army of zombies marches into the desert Tējo, where they encounter the few Tugars who have remained there to defend their own land.

In Book 4, the three wars set the world on fire.

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