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Turned Out Saga

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Turned Out Saga
Angel M. Hunter
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Table of Contents
Title Page
Chapter One
“Shining Star” Earth, Wind & Fire
Chapter Two
“Let's Wait Awhile” Janet Jackson
Chapter Three
“Just Got Paid” Johnny Kemp
Chapter Four
“Boys” Mary Jane Girls
Chapter Five
“Friends” Whodini
Chapter Six
“Caught In The Middle” Will Smith
Chapter Seven
“Freaks Come Out At Night” Whodini
Chapter Eight
“Man Size Love” Klymaxx
Chapter Nine
“Meeting In The Ladies Room” Klymaxx
Chapter Ten
“Give It To Me Baby” Rick James
Chapter Eleven
“What's Going On” Marvin Gaye
Chapter Twelve
“I'm Every Woman” Chaka Khan
Chapter Thirteen
“Freak Like Me” Adina Howard
Chapter Fourteen
“My Girl” Temptations
Chapter Fifteen
“Superfreak” Rick James
Chapter Sixteen
“Fake” Alexander O'Neal
Chapter Seventeen
“I Didn't Mean To Turn You On” Cherelle
Chapter Eighteen
“I Wanna Sex You Up” Color Me Badd
Chapter Nineteen
“Temporary Love Thing” Full Force
Chapter Twenty
“Back And Forth” Cameo
Chapter Twenty-one
“I Wonder If I Take You Home” Lisa Lisa
Chapter Twenty-two
“My Prerogative” Bobby Brown
Chapter Twenty-three
“Turn Off The Lights” Teddy Pendergrass
Chapter Twenty-four
“Used To Be My Girl” O'Jays
Chapter Twenty-five
“Keep On Movin'” Soul II Soul
Chapter Twenty-six
“All Around The World” Lisa Stansfield
Chapter Twenty-seven
“Rumors” Timex Social Club
Chapter Twenty-eight
“Secret Lovers” Atlantic Starr
Chapter Twenty-nine
“It's Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next To Me” Barry White
Chapter Thirty
“Say Yes” The Whispers
Chapter Thirty-one
“Smooth Operator” Sade
Chapter Thirty-two
“End Of The Road” Boys II Men
Chapter Thirty-three
People only do what you allow them to.
Chapter Thirty-four
Change is challenging, yet necessary.
Chapter Thirty-five
Think about what you really want before you go making demands.
Chapter Thirty-six
Watch your back and your front; you never know who's eyeing you.
Chapter Thirty-seven
Sometimes you want what you think you can't have, but the reality is you probably could if you just asked nicely.
Chapter Thirty-eight
Sometimes you have to take a risk to know what your chances are.
Chapter Thirty-nine
Don't worry about others when you have a full plate.
Chapter Forty
Never say never because you just might be right.
Chapter Forty-one
Some things are best kept to yourself; just figure out which ones.
Chapter Forty-two
Keep your eyes open at all times, you never know who you might run into.
Chapter Forty-three
Let the haters Hate. They're just mad because they know your power.
Chapter Forty-four
Obsession and love are not that far apart.
Chapter Forty-five
Follow your gut instinct; you never know where it may lead you. It might take you right where you need to be.
Chapter Forty-six
A day with someone special can make up for a week of hell.
Chapter Forty-seven
People are not who they seem all the time, but they are always who they tell and show you they are.
Chapter Forty-eight
Everyone that comes to your door should not be welcomed in.
Chapter Forty-nine
Charity can come in many forms; two of them are time and money.
Chapter Fifty
Sometimes things get worse before they get better, just hold on and learn the lesson.
Chapter Fifty-one
Just ask a person what you want to know; don't assume they know what to tell you.
Chapter Fifty-two
Ask who when meeting, ask what beforehand and ask why when you're doing it.
Chapter Fifty-three
If you doubt it, ask. If you don't believe, do research. Take only your word.
Chapter Fifty-four
Sometimes there is nothing you can do but wait.
Chapter Fifty-five
Know when to go, know when to stop, and know when to pause.
Chapter Fifty-six
Why be afraid of the Unknown? You won't know if it's your cup of tea unless you try it.
Chapter Fifty-seven
Know your enemies as well as you know your friends. Know what motivates them to despise you so.
Chapter Fifty-eight
Before you can face others, you need to face yourself.
Chapter Fifty-nine
Sometimes the best thing to do is give in, especially if it pleases the one you're with.
Chapter Sixty
When you know it's over, don't look back.
Chapter Sixty-one
Sometimes you have to get involved. Don't think of it as a chore, think of it as a gift to the other person.
Chapter Sixty-two
Pick your battles slowly. Don't go charging in.
Chapter Sixty-three
Keep your cool and never let them see you sweat.
Copyright Page
Chapter One
“Shining Star” Earth, Wind & Fire
At the age of twenty-nine, you would think Champagne Rose had it all. She worked as a publicist in New York City and was engaged to the man of many women's dreams, Zyair Truesdale. Not only was he a wealthy entrepreneur, but he was kind, supportive, and willing to do anything for her. Even with the picture-perfect life, Champagne felt that something was missing, and she was ready to make changes in her life and in her relationship.
She didn't believe in moving in with someone before marrying them, up until Zyair convinced her otherwise. Now five years later, she and Zyair still lived together, unmarried.
The funny thing was, he wanted to get married, but she was comfortable with what they had. She enjoyed having her own bank account. She enjoyed the independence that came with not being married. Champagne watched her friends' relationships fall apart right after they got married, for one reason or another, and didn't want that to happen to her and Zyair.
She wasn't ready to get married, but she also wasn't ready to break up. It's just that they'd been together now for so long and things were starting to wear thin. The chemistry just wasn't there. The sex had become routine, the same shit over and over—You lick me, I suck you, you put it in, and then I'll ride you. You cum, and I'll cum, maybe . . . if I'm lucky. At least that's how she perceived it.
Champagne yearned for more caressing, kissing, cuddling, and talking. She knew she still loved him but the passion was gone. She often found herself avoiding sex altogether.
If it was bothering her, it had to be bothering him.
Was it her? Was it him? Was it their busy lifestyles? Whatever it was, she knew it had to change, and fast. She wanted to feel his fingers in her hair, moving down to her neck, where his fingers would be replaced with his lips. She wanted him to tease her with his tongue, tease her with his manhood, putting just the tip in and pulling it out. She wanted to beg for it, to demand that he enter her. She was tired of him putting it in, whether she was ready or not, tired of the rollover sex, the moving-in-and-out, up-and-down momentum of it all. She was just plain tired.
Champagne wanted things to change. She needed things to change. She still loved him, for goodness' sake. She just wasn't in love.
Were you supposed to stay in love,
she wondered,
or did this happen to every couple?
If it did, the thought frightened her. She was determined to gain back what they once had.
Sometimes late at night as they made love, she would lay in their king-sized bed and let her mind wander. She pretended to instruct him, tell him what to do, where to kiss. She'd ask him if he forgot her secret spots, and he would then ignite the slowly fading fire.
She chose to hold these thoughts in. She realized thinking something and saying it were two different things. She was afraid. She didn't want to hurt his feelings, and she definitely didn't want him going off to be with some other woman, just to prove he still had it.
So she put up with the mediocre sex and wondered if he was doing the same.
Little did she know, Zyair was getting bored with their sex life as well. The fireworks and the umph was gone. It wasn't like he wasn't attracted to Champagne anymore. He was. To him, she was still fine and sexy. He was still drawn to her, still interested. Heck, he was ready to marry her. So why wasn't their sex life the way it used to be? Why wasn't it as intense as it used to be? He remembered when they used to have to dry their bodies off because of the steam they created together.
They used to have sex in every room, and everywhere. She'd even given him a blowjob in the car not once or twice but a number of times. Now he could count the number of times she'd suck his dick in a month on one hand. What the hell was going on with them? He wished he had the answer.
Sometimes while they were making love, he would feel his dick go soft. He would then have to close his eyes and fantasize. Normally, that fantasy included another woman. So common, he thought, but he couldn't help it. He didn't have this fantasy because he wanted to sex someone else down. He did because he believed it would enhance what was slowly fading. He also knew it was an ego thing. He wanted to be “the man,” the one to satisfy two women. He also wanted to see his woman being pleased. He loved how she looked when she was at the point of no return, the way her eyes would close and her mouth would part, and she would arch her back and let out a soft moan.
The other reason was because, honestly, his mind did stray and he did think about new pussy every now and again, and this way he could actually get it without cheating. So, on second thought, maybe he did want to sex another woman down.
Just like Champagne, he didn't say anything. He didn't want her to kick him out or kick his ass. She might even have accused him of having an affair, which wasn't the case. That was in the past, where it belonged. He'd been there, done that, got caught, and won't do it again.
Zyair Truesdale owned his own business. Well, actually it used to be his parents', and when they'd retired, they turned it over to him. Both parents were now deceased. His father had died four years earlier of a heart attack, and his mother less than a year later, of heartache. At least, that's what he believed.
Being the educated brother he was, he capitalized on it in a big way. Because of his business sense, Zyair was able to live comfortably. He thanked his parents in his prayers and knew they would've been proud of him and what he'd done with the business.
Private Affairs, an upscale restaurant and catering service, had two locations, one in New Jersey, the other in Georgia. His plan was to open a third in Miami within the next two years. Only the rich or well-off could afford the prices, and that's how Zyair wanted to keep it. The food was not only delectable but the ambiance was classy. And on Thursday through Sunday, he showcased live bands.
It was where Zyair and Champagne met. She was wining and dining one of her potential clients, Jackson Davis, an up-and-coming actor who'd just landed a movie with top billing stars, and he was looking for someone to get his name and face out there. He'd heard that Champagne was the one.
Jackson was flirting with her, trying to get the message across that he was interested in more than business but she pretended like she didn't notice.
From across the room, Zyair couldn't take his eyes off her but didn't want to say anything, not knowing if they were on a date. It was obvious that the gentleman she was with wanted more than she was willing to give. Every now and then, he would try to take her hand, and she would pull back. He'd lean in a little close, and she'd lean away. Zyair chuckled to himself. “Damn, brother, can't you take a hint?”
Finally, Champagne stood up to go to the ladies' room.
Zyair saw this as his opportunity. He walked a short distance behind her, and paced a short distance from the bathroom door, waiting for her to come out.
When she stepped out and started heading toward her table, he approached her. “Excuse me, are you and your date enjoying your meal?”
Champagne placed her hands on her hips and playfully asked him, “Are you a restaurant critic or something?”
Laughing, he told her he was the owner of the establishment and was just checking on his most attractive customer.
Flattered, Champagne smiled. She liked the fact that he was straight to the point. She had noticed him watching her and already knew who he was. After all, she worked in the public relations field, and it was her business to know everyone with status, especially in the African American community.
A month earlier, she went out to lunch with Alexis, her best friend since college. She'd just read a feature article on him in Black Enterprise and was impressed. After showing his picture to Alexis, she joked, “This man is fine as hell. Rich and smart. I'm fine, going to be rich, and bordering on brilliant. Don't you think we'd make a good couple?”
Alexis laughed. Little did she know, that prediction might be coming true. Would she laugh when she heard that she might stand a chance?
“Well,” Zyair said, interrupting her thoughts, “are you and your date having a good time?”
“He's not my date, he's a client. And, yes, we're having a good time.” Champagne glanced toward the table and noticed Jackson looking their way.
“I have to get back.”
“What's your name?”
“Champagne Rose.”
“Yes, really.”
Placing her right hand in his, he brought it to his lips and placed a soft kiss on it. “Well, Champagne Rose, can I call you or see you again?”
Looking him in the eyes and shaking on the inside, Champagne said, “How about I call you?”
“You don't know my name or my number.”
“Zyair Truesdale,” she told him, “and I'll call you here.” On that note she walked away and left him with a smile.
“She knew who I was all along,” he said to himself.
He liked a woman that played hard to get.
* * *
Sometimes Champagne would think back to that moment and recall the rush of talking to him the first time. She wished they could go back and start all over again. Maybe not all over, because they'd overcome a lot and some things she didn't want to repeat. What she did want a repeat of was the energy of a new relationship. Realistically, she knew it was too late for that, but it wasn't too late to make some kind of change.
BOOK: Turned Out Saga
13.22Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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