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Twisted Minds

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Twisted Minds


By Komal Kant


Twisted Minds

Copyright © 2016 Komal Kant

First Edition

All rights reserved.


No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form by any means, without the prior permission in writing of the author, except by a reviewer who may quote brief passages for review purposes only. It cannot otherwise be circulated in any form of binding or cover than that in which it is published and without a similar condition including this condition being imposed on the subsequent purchaser.


This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to any person, living or dead, or any events or occurrences, is purely coincidental. The characters and story lines are created from the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously.


The author acknowledges the copyrighted or trademarked status and trademark owners of the following words mentioned in this work of fiction: Pedialyte, Daniel, New York University


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This book is for my wonderful friend, Michelle Rowe (Flick), for all the years she has loved and supported me. I hope there are many more.


Oh, the twisted games we play…


The Girl at the Window


My eyes stalked her as she removed her shirt and threw it aside.

Her big tits almost spilled out of her lacy, cream bra as she turned towards the window.

For a second, I was worried she would see me, but her eyes glided past the car and back towards what I could only assume was a mirror inside her room.

I’d been worried for no reason. There was no way she could see me sitting in my car with how dark it was outside. Besides, my Ferrari had tinted windows—I was practically a part of the shadows.

My eyes stayed trained on her. She was frowning at herself now as she lowered the straps of her bra slowly down her shoulders. I’d seen women do this before—they were scrutinizing their bodies, trying to pick out things that could be better.

Most women did this, but she didn’t need to worry. She was fucking perfect.

Her lips were big and luscious; her skin as creamy white as her bra; her hair was thick and long. My eyes lingered on her cascading blonde hair a little longer, picturing myself pulling on those curls as I bent her over something.

My cock hardened inside my jeans.

She pushed her hair behind her shoulders, seeming to change her mind about something, before readjusting her bra and disappearing from sight.

A disappointed groan escaped my mouth. I could’ve sat here all night watching her, but it was probably for the best. I hadn’t exactly come here to lurk in my car all night, like a stalker.

My hand reached for the duffel bag that was sitting on the passenger seat beside, and I unzipped it, pulling out the journal that had been sitting right on top of my clothes. Almost instinctively, my fingers flipped through the weathered pages, finally pausing when I knew I’d hit my mark.

Blonde, long curly hair, big tits –

I frowned at the tally. I’d had plenty of girls her type before—plenty of curly-haired, blonde girls who’d gotten down on their knees, ready to make me happy in whatever way I wanted. She was nothing special or new, yet something about this girl was captivating, entrancing.

Maybe it was because she had been unaware I was sitting in my car across the road from her window. Maybe it was because she was so damn hot. Or maybe it was simply because in a few seconds I was about to walk into the house she was in.

My best friend from college, Griffin Walsh, lived here. Well, at least his family did.

See, Finn was a pretty simple guy. He’d grown up in a small town, Ripley, in New York State. His parents were hard working and loved their son like crazy. He’d studied hard, made good grades, and gotten into New York University, though his parents had barely managed to pay the steep tuition fee.

Unlike my father, who owned
Maxwell Property Development
and was worth millions, Finn’s parents led a fairly middle-class life. His dad worked at a local winery in Ripley, managing the business side of things, and made decent money. Finn’s mom was a loan officer at the local bank in town.

Enter me into the story. Finn and I had both been Business majors at NYU and had become fast friends. Now that college was over and we had graduated, he had come back to his hometown before he returned to the city to start his new job late in the summer at my father’s company.

It’d been a couple of weeks since I’d seen Finn—he was a great guy, a better friend than I deserved. He’d invited me to hang out with him and his family for a few weeks this summer so that my “entitled, rich boy” side could experience what life in a smaller town was like.

Which was why I was here, sitting across the road from his house, trying to get my hard-on under control after watching his younger sister undress.

Trust me, I wasn’t a desperate man. Women literally threw themselves at me—it kind of helped being the wealthy son of a New York businessman who had successfully invested in real estate. My looks and way with words didn’t exactly hurt my game either.

Still, there was something primal about watching a woman take her clothes off when she was completely unaware she was being watched—something in her naivety and innocence that was attractive.

The first time I had met Finn’s younger sister was about four years ago. She hadn’t been terrible as far as gangly fourteen-year-olds went. Her hair had been a little shorter, her teeth had been trapped in wiry braces, and there had been promise in her cute face, but she hadn’t been a woman. She hadn’t come into this body back then, but now—now she was trouble.

The moment I had laid eyes on her at the graduation ceremony a couple of weeks ago, I knew I had to have her. She’d come along with her parents to see Finn walk, but hadn’t stayed around to party with us. Disappointment had sank into me, but I’d quickly forgotten about her with other women around as distractions.

But now I was here, moments away from being confronted with my attraction for her again.

Giving myself—and my cock—a second to calm down, I slipped the journal back into my bag and got out of the car, heading across the street. I cast a backwards glance at my 2004 Ferrari 550 Maranello, hoping it would be safe in this neighborhood.

The car was a graduation present from my father. My entire life, he’d been too busy obsessing over his job and flying through girlfriends, currently a hot Chilean model, to spend any real time with me. Gifts like these were just one of many special perks you got from an absent father who had too much money on his hands.

When I knocked on the Walshs’ door, I peered in through the glass panels as I waited for someone to answer. Catching sight of my reflection, I had to admit, I looked pretty damn good despite the urgency of my departure.

Dark hair slicked back with some overly priced men’s product, blue-grey eyes as bright as ever, olive complexion not as pale as I’d expected. Not so bad, if I did say so myself. It was amazing how quickly I could get myself together when I was determined.

And my determination to get out New York City had been pretty fucking strong today. It was my mother’s birthday and I’d wanted to surprise her. The housekeeper had let me into her house, and I’d crept up to her room with an expensive bottle of red and a bunch of tulips.

The soft moans drifting down the staircase should’ve alerted me to what I was about to walk in on, but I continued to her room anyway. And that’s when I found her on her bed, legs stretched as far apart as they could go, as the pool boy knelt in front of her and ate her out.

I’d bolted from the house as quick as my legs could take me.

Happy fucking birthday, bitch.

The door opened with a creak, snapping me out of my thoughts.

A goddess stared back at me, her head tilted to the side as she studied me. Her eyes were a vivid blue, almost as though she was wearing contact lenses. Her skin creamy, cheeks flushed.

Kira Walsh, in all her glory.

I hadn’t expected her to answer the door. Licking my lips, I contemplated all the ways I was going to do her. My boner pushed against my jeans again.

“Were you really just checking out your reflection?” she asked, a smirk playing on her mouth.

“What?” I asked, her words breaking the spell I was under.

Kira stepped outside, gesturing at the glass panels on the door. “It looked like you were staring at yourself in the glass. But the entitled, rich boy couldn’t really be that predictably shallow, could he?”

Huh. She had some bite to her.

Lust stirred within me as I gave her a steady look. “Does it look like I need a reminder of how good I look?”

She faltered, pausing in the doorway as she tried hard not to look me over. Tried, and failed. Her creamy skin flushed peach. Before I could say anything further, I saw Finn’s familiar frame appear behind her.

“Nate! You made it!” he said, a wide grin on his face as he pulled open the door wider than his sister had and flooded the porch with light.

When they stood side by side like that, it highlighted their differences even more. Finn had dark brown hair, though it was lighter than mine, a tanner complexion, and hazel eyes that favored yellow.

Which made it even easier to see past their resemblance and dissociate her from Finn in my head.

Trying my hardest to ignore Kira, I stepped forward and gave Finn a quick bro hug. “My GPS almost missed this middle-of-nowhere town, but, yeah, I’m here.”

Finn laughed as he ushered me inside, but I heard his sister make an angry sound as she stormed past me. My eyes shifted to her ass. Goddamn that thing was big. The way her jeans hugged her ass was perfection.

“Don’t even think about it,” Finn said, elbowing me in warning. “She’s my little sister, and she’s absolutely off limits.”

No one was off limits in my mind. When I wanted something, I got it.

“Of course,” I lied, but I could tell he wasn’t convinced.

He knew I had a one track mind, that women were my specialty. It was amazing he even trusted me enough to invite me here, considering he had that live wire of a sister. I guess it showed how much he valued my friendship. He really was too good to be my friend.

“Here he finally is, the man of the hour, Nathaniel James,” Finn announced as though I was some sort of celebrity.

Not that I cared. I lived for attention.

Finn’s parents and sister stood just inside the hallway, a set of stairs the backdrop. Kira’s arms were folded, watching me with aversion. It looked as though I’d already rubbed her the wrong way. That was exactly what I wanted. To rile her up, to get her blood boiling. That’s when it was the most fun.

Finn was a replica of his father—identical features, same hair and eyes, and both very tall.  Finn’s mother was also tall, just like Kira, and she and her daughter looked very similar too—dazzling white smiles, straight noses, pointed chins; more than just the blonde hair and blue eyes.

“It’s so good to see you again, Joe and Theresa.” I immediately put on the polite demeanor I had perfected over the years.

“It’s about damn time you stopped by and scoped out the babe pool in Ripley,” Joe said, stepping forward to shake my hand.

“Babe pool?” Confused, I glanced over at Finn who let out a groan.

“Yes, dear, now that you’ve finished college, it’s time for you to settle down,” Theresa said just before enveloping me into a hug I wasn’t expecting.

A hug from a mother. Not something I could honestly say I was used to or had received recently. I tried to brush it off as though it wasn’t a big deal, but some messed up, ruined part of me recognized it as a significant moment.

My own mother was a gold digging socialite who was onto husband number four. Her love and affection for me often depended on whether she was in the country or if she was vacationing somewhere exotic. My childhood had centered on nannies and my maternal grandmother.

“Settle down?” I asked, clearing my throat as she stepped away from me.

That was the last thing on my mind.

“Yes,” Theresa confirmed with a nod, her ocean blue eyes twinkling. “There are plenty of women in Ripley who are wife material.”

“After all, Ripley is where I found this hot, little thing,” Joe said with a wink, wrapping an arm around his wife.

“Uh.” My throat made a strange, gurgling sound.

Obviously, I must’ve looked really confused because Joe and Theresa burst into laughter. There was even a hint of a smile on Kira’s mouth.

“Please ignore my parents,” Finn said with a roll of his eyes. “They’re morbidly embarrassing.”

Despite his words, I sensed the affection in his voice. I had only met his parents a couple of times over the past four years, but considering what a good guy Finn was, I could tell they were nothing like my parents.

“We’re just giving you a hard time,” Joe said with a wink. “What with you being a notorious playboy and all.”

Ah. Now it all made sense. Clearly, Finn had told them about my philandering ways with women.

My voice dropped to a more demure tone. “I guess the right girl hasn’t come along yet. I am trying hard to change my ways.”

Finn snorted at that.

“As long as my daughter isn’t the one doing the changing,” Joe said jokingly, though I knew within his words was a friendly warning.

Back the fuck off my daughter.

“Speaking off, it’s
nice to see you again, Kira,” I said, diverting the attention onto her. “I still can’t believe how much you’ve grown. It’s a shame we didn’t get to talk much at the graduation.”

Kira glowered at me, and her eyes seemed to glow. “I doubt very much you would have much to say to a girl from the middle-of-nowhere.” With that, she turned and stormed up the stairs, letting me admire her butt from a different angle.

Her parents stared after their daughter.

“What the heck’s gotten into her?” Joe asked, looking around at his wife. “Women, I tell ya. I’ve been married to one for thirty years, and she still doesn’t make an ounce of sense.”

Theresa proceeded to smack her husband on the back of the head, making him chuckle and grab her around the waist.

“I apologize for Kira’s behavior. I’ll go and talk to her,” Theresa said to me, trying to extricate herself from her husband’s hold. “She’s at that age where they think they know best. Though I’ve never seen her act quite so rude before.”

BOOK: Twisted Minds
5.75Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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