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By Sienna Valentine
Aubrey St. Clair




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This is a work of fiction.  Names, characters, places, dialogue, and everything else are products of the author's imagination.  Any resemblance to people or events, living or dead, is purely coincidental. 


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"If I had only just fucking jerked off into a tissue one more time you'd have been flushed down the toilet." Joel's dad growled, making an obscene gesture with his hands to illustrate his point.  His face seemed to grow larger as he raised his fist over his head.  He brought it crashing down as Joel reached up to block, closing his eyes, but he didn't feel anything.


"You think you've made a difference in this life, boy?  You haven't and you never will.  I wish we'd never even had you."  He looked past his arms and his father was still there, his face still menacing, towering over him.  He was unbelievably tall.  There was no way Joel could defend against him now.  He was too big.  "You think you're big enough to stop me now, you little shit?    I'll always be stronger than you." 


"Never fucking listen to me, a day in your life. Like your bitch of a mother."  His mouth grew larger, his voice roaring in Joel's ears, impossible to ignore. "You'll listen to me now though, won't you?"


"Mommy!" Joel screamed, covering his head and cowering down in the corner.


His mother appeared, her face an unreadable mask.  She looked down at him and said nothing.  Surely she would be on his side?  He'd spent his life trying to protect her.  She was his mother.  She'll say something to stop him.


"Get the fuck out!" his father screamed.  "We've both been waiting for this day.  Get the fuck out!"


The door behind Joel flew open, wind and rain blowing against his back.  And it was cold.  Unbearably cold.  "Mom?"


His mother looked up at him with eyes that matched the chill he felt from the darkness behind him.


"Get out." she said, staring through him blankly.  She was looking into his eyes, but he could see no feelings behind them. 


"But mom..." he cried now, his breathing coming in gasps.  "Where will I go?  Who will stop dad from hitting you?"


"I didn't ask for you to protect me!" she screamed at him.  "Just go!"


Joel reached forward to try to grab his mother, hug her, beg her to reconsider - but the wind was pulling him now, like a vacuum sucking him out the door.  His fingers sought to grab the door frame but they were wet with rain and he couldn't grab on.  His feet lifted from the ground and he was sucked out into the darkness, his house disappearing instantly and nothing around him but the night.  He screamed.


"Joel, oh my god, what's wrong?"


Joel was sitting up in bed, his mouth open and sweat covering his body.  Amber had pushed up next to him and put her arms around his broad shoulders.  The images were just a dream, but the scream had been real.


"Nothing," he muttered.  "Just a nightmare." 
If only that was all it was.


"What about?  I woke up and it sound like you were crying, and then you screamed."


"I don't remember," he lied.  He'd had that dream before, or a similar one.  Memories plucked out of his head and strung together to terrorize him in the night.  It usually came when he was stressed or something new was happening, a change to his routine. 


"Okay," she said.  Amber's fingers squeezed the muscles between his shoulder and neck to relax him.  "Do you think you can go back to sleep?  Big day tomorrow."


"Yeah," he said, laying back down on the bed.  Amber's arm still lay under his neck and she curled up to him, draping her other arm across his chest.  She nuzzled her face into his neck and gave him a little kiss.  Within a few minutes she was asleep again. 


Joel stared at the ceiling in the darkness.  It had been almost two weeks since he had even thought about his parents and his past.  Things had begun to look up for him, and he was able to ignore the demons of his past while he settled in to this new relationship with Amber.  But the dream was a reminder that  no matter how good things got for him, his past would always be lurking in the shadows.


It was a while before unconsciousness took him again, but it continued to be devoid of peace or restfulness.  The heat of the apartment didn't make matters any better, and he finally gave up trying to sleep completely when the light of dawn began to stream along the edges of their blinds. 



When Amber opened her sleep-filled eyes the next morning, a thrill of fear stabbed her as she realized the other side of the bed was empty.  Her chest
felt tight as she reached across the mattress, in an effort to validate what her other senses were telling her.  She relaxed slightly as she grazed along  the indentation that had been Joel - it was still warm, so he couldn't have left very long ago.


When a sudden banging of pipes against her bedroom started, she breathed a heavy sigh of relief.  He must have just gotten up to shower.  Ever since that first night when she had woken alone the next morning only to find a goodbye note calling their time together "nice", she was waiting for him to disappear again.   True, it had been a couple of weeks since then, with no repeat of his vanishing act, but Joel was a hard man to read.  Amber wondered, sometimes, what thoughts were behind those deep blues of his.  What pain was he hiding from his past that made him so wary of any display of altruism or friendliness. 


The red LED on her nightstand told her it was just past six in the morning, although the sunlight streaming in from behind her blinds seemed bright enough for noon.  Joel was up early.  He didn't have to be at Rock House for almost three hours.  She thought he'd want to sleep in a bit more this morning to keep his energy up for his first day of training.


She slipped out from under the thin sheet that they had slept under, the weak air conditioning in her unit not strong enough to keep the warmth and humidity out of the air.  A shower was a good idea.  Summer mornings in this shit hole apartment always left her feeling sweaty and gross.  She couldn't wait until she could afford a better place. 
can afford a better place
, she amended.  She had been meaning to float the idea of Joel moving in with her.  He had been staying over every night since the tournament anyway.  But she knew he would balk at the idea, if only because he wouldn't be able to pay his own way.  Not that she cared about that.


The door to her bedroom was closed, likely Joel's attempt to keep the noise from his shower from waking her.  When she approached it, she saw herself in the mirror she had hung on its back.


Her red hair was tussled, as usual after a sweaty summer night of sleeping on it.  Her green eyes were still half closed as well.  She needed coffee.  And both her thin white cotton sleep shirt and the powder blue panties she wore underneath were creased from the same issue that messed her hair.  The top felt damp.  She hated the humidity much more than the heat. 


She grabbed the bottom of the fabric and pulled it up and over her head, freeing her small breasts with barely any bounce.  The pale freckles from her face extended down her neck and across her chest, adding a bit of color to her alabaster skin.  Her parents had named her Amber because she had come out with a full head of orange hair when she was born, but she always thought it was unfortunate that her skin was so pale in contrast.  It was typical of redheads, but any time she tried to darken it by the sun she just ended up with a burn.


She left her reflection behind and walked over to the bathroom where that door was already wide open, as usual.  Joel didn't seem to have any sort of privacy boundaries after years of living in shelters and showering in community stalls at the YMCA.  It was one of the more shocking things Amber had noticed about him that first night they met, but now she was use to it.  In fact, it suited her purpose just this morning.


She walked in and dropped her panties on the floor, kicking them over to join Joel's boxers in the corner.  She then grabbed the shower curtain and yanked it aside.  Joel was just rubbing shampoo into his hair with his eyes closed, standing just outside of the stream. 


"Fancy some company?" she asked with a little grin.


Joel's soapy hands paused on top of his head as he opened his eyes.  He smiled as he saw her.  "I feel like I'm in no position to disagree."


"Good," she said, stepping into the tub in front of him.  The water behind was bouncing off of the bottom of the tub and she could feel the cool spray on her calves.  "Oh good, it's not too warm."  She always liked a cooler shower when it was so hot and humid in the apartment.


She looked over at the fighter's hard body, admiring his chiseled abs and well defined biceps that bulged in his current position.  But the muscle between his legs interested her even more at the moment.  She reached forward, taking it into her hand.  It was slippery and wet, but began to stiffen in her hand giving her more to hold on to.  "But it's getting warmer," she giggled.


"Let me just wash my hair out," Joel said, taking a small step back so that the spray of the shower hit his shoulders.  She knew he didn't want to lower his lathered hands onto her or let the soap drip down into her face, but she liked the fact that he was sort of stuck until he cleaned it off.


She closed her hands on his flesh, pulling him gently forward again.  "Leave it, I like you helpless and at my mercy."  She dropped down to her knees in front of him, admiring the body that towered above her. 
God this boy is beautiful.



When Amber surprised him
by joining him in the shower, Joel had been obsessing about his restless night that had been filled with stress dreams about his past and anxious ones about his future.  But as soon as she touched him, those thoughts were banished from his mind and all he could think about was the gorgeous redhead who was holding his cock and kneeling in front of him.


He inhaled sharply as she took him into her mouth, immediately rolling her tongue around his hardness and massaging his balls with her hand.  He wanted to reach down and grab her head but his hands were soapy and he didn't want to get it in her eyes.  Plus, she seemed to like him in this position.  So instead, he gave himself over to the pleasure.


Amber continued to work on him with her mouth and hands, using her free hand now to rub along his hard shaft, following her mouth as it ran up and down its length.  It felt incredible, and even though he was tired from a long night of bad dreams and little sleep, his arousal was starting to wake him up and get his blood moving again.


"Fuck that feels good," he muttered.  Amber made a little sound with her mouth in agreement and continued.  She let go of him with one hand now and reached around, grabbing a handful of his ass and pulling him forward into her mouth. 


He took her cue and started to thrust his hips in time with her, pushing himself deeper and reveling in the increased stimulation he felt.  A familiar tingling and tension began to grow in his body and he moaned a bit in response.  Amber moaned as well, tightening the hand that was on his ass and pulling him even faster forward.


He couldn't resist any longer.  He dropped his soapy hands to Amber's red hair and dug his fingers between the strands, wrapping them tightly to get a good grip.  Guiding her head, she continued until he was ready to explode.  He tried to pull her away, but she gripped onto his ass tightly until he couldn't hold on any longer.  He released himself into her mouth, feeling himself spasm multiple times at the feeling of suction as her mouth swallowed and her tongue continued to stimulate his glans. 


Amber didn't stop until she could tell he had nothing else to offer.  Only then did she pull away and look up at him with a smile.  He looked down at her with a dopey grin, and she reached up and pushed him backwards into the spray.  The water fell across his lathered head, cascaded down his face and causing him to close his eyes against the bubbles.


Before he could open them, he felt Amber's lips press against his and he kissed her back, leaning forward as he knew she was probably on her tip toes to reach his lips.  He wrapped his arms around her and spun her so that she was now the one under the waterfall.  He pulled back and wiped away his eyes so that he could look at her.


She stood under the cool water with her head back, a smile still on her face and her eyes closed.  Her small, pale breasts jutted forward, caped with small pink nipples that were like little water spouts now, directing the flow that came down from above.  He reached down and kissed one of them, taking it into his mouth and giving it a soft little bite.  Amber squeaked and then wrapped her hands around his head, hugging him close.

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