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Veil of Shadows

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Praise for the novels of Shiloh Walker
“[A] hold-on-to-your-seat tale of demons, hunky warriors, and witches served with a mix of love and betrayal. Fun! If you enjoy otherworldly, action-packed adventures with a hot and steamy romance, this is for you.”

Fresh Fiction
“A good read . . . Walker obviously has an unmatched imagination.”

Romance Reader at Heart
“Walker does an excellent job of creating a world whose inhabitants are fighting for their very existence. Dark and evocative, this tale is filled with danger, betrayal and a destined love.”

Romantic Times
“Action, adventure and romance abound . . . An engaging tale.”

Romance Reviews Today
“A fabulous action-packed romantic fantasy . . . Fans will believe that the world on the other side of the veil exists, which is key to this fine tale.”

Midwest Book Review
“Suspense that can rip your heart open and leave you raw . . . The characters are absolutely fantastic, from the leads to the side characters. The setting is wonderful . . . If you enjoy suspense/thriller/romance novels, heavy on the suspense, then I highly recommend Shiloh Walker’s
The Missing

Errant Dreams Reviews
“Walker pulls it off brilliantly . . . [She] certainly has a future in paranormal and/or romantic suspense.”

The Romance Reader
“Great romantic suspense that grips the audience.”

Midwest Book Review
“A page-turner from the very start. Intense and fast-paced, the action is gritty, the emotion heart-wrenching and the characters lively. Sexy and romantic, this tale has plenty of action—of the erotic kind—and is loaded with suspense. No wonder Ms. Walker is loved by fans everywhere. This is a winner.”

Fresh Fiction
“This book is a double page-turner. The story is thrilling, and the sex just makes it better—two great reasons not to put it down until the end!”

Romantic Times
“Breathtakingly wonderful . . . Smoothly erotic . . . Utterly amazing . . . Will definitely keep your pulse racing!”

Errant Dreams Reviews
“Exciting erotic romantic suspense.”

Midwest Book Review
“[A] flawlessly sexy suspense novel . . . Exhilarating.”

Romantic Times
“An excellently crafted mystery and romance!”

Errant Dreams Reviews
“Suspense, romance and an ending that I can’t say anything about—because that would be a spoiler . . . I recommend reading this one.”

The Best Reviews
“Intense, sexy . . . Ms. Walker has created another unforgettable . . . fast-paced, edgy tale.”

Fallen Angel Reviews
“One of the best tales in a series that always achieves high marks . . . An excellent thriller.”

Midwest Book Review
“Some of the best erotic romantic fantasies on the market. Walker’s world is vibrantly alive with this pair.”

The Best Reviews
“Action, sex, savvy writing, and characters with larger-than-life personalities that you will not soon forget are where Ms. Walker’s talents lie, and she delivered all that and more . . . This is a flawless five-rose paranormal novel and one that every lover of things that go bump in the night will be howling about after they read it . . . Do not walk! Run to get your copy today!”

A Romance Review
“An exhilarating romantic fantasy filled with suspense and . . . star-crossed love . . . Action packed.”

Midwest Book Review
“Fast paced and very readable . . . Titillating.”

The Romance Reader
“Action packed, with intriguing characters and a very erotic punch,
Hunting the Hunter
had me from page one. Thoroughly enjoyable with a great hero and a story line you can sink your teeth into, this book is a winner. A very good read!”

Fresh Fiction
“Another promising voice is joining the paranormal genre by bringing her own take on the ever-evolving vampire myth. Walker has set up the bones of an interesting world and populated it with some intriguing characters. Hopefully, there will be a sequel that ties together more threads and divulges more details.”

Romantic Times
Titles by Shiloh Walker
(with Emma Holly, Lora Leigh, and Meljean Brook)
(with Robin Schone, Claudia Dain, and Allyson James)
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For Ann W. and Angie W.,
who believed in this new world from the start.
And for my family,
always for my family.
I love you.
The first time she saw the man, Laisyn Caar knew he was going to be trouble.
Syn really, really didn’t have the time nor the inclination to deal with it. Obviously, fate didn’t give a damn.
Like a lot of the refugees they’d taken in over the years, he wore threadbare clothes and he carried little in the way of material goods. Many refugees arrived on the base camp on solar-powered gliders or riding a baern. The big pack beasts could carry two people easy, and because they were somewhat protective of their owners, they proved to be very handy guard animals.
This man was on foot. He had a pack strapped to his back and enough weaponry to have her eyebrows going up.
All those weapons were the first thing that set him apart.
Even though he was surrounded by other refugees, he looked to be traveling alone—that was the second thing that set him apart.
It wasn’t wise to go anywhere alone. Not here. Not even now that the Gate was out of commission. They no longer had to worry about raids from Anqar but it was far from safe in their devastated pocket of the world. Demons ran amok in the heavy forests covering the valleys at the base of the Roinan Mountains. There were still Warlords as well, those who had been in Ishtan when the Gate collapsed. Syn suspected those Warlords weren’t too damn happy about being trapped in a primitive, inferior world, good only for the slaves it provided for them.
Going anywhere alone was a bad, bad idea.
But there he was—a lone, rather wild-looking wolf amid a bunch of scared and nervous sheep.
His hair was black, as black as her own, but it didn’t have the same blue-black hue to it. It was dense and dark, no hints of red or brown. He wore it pulled back in a stubby tail that left his rough features unframed. He had high cheekbones, a broad forehead, and his mouth looked as if he never smiled. Broad shoulders stretched the worn cloth of his tunic. If it had ever had sleeves, he’d long since ripped or cut them off. His arms were long, tanned and roped with muscles. He had thick wrists, and she had suspected part of the reason for those rather impressive arms was the blade she saw sticking over his shoulder.

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