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Void's Psionics

Void’s Psionics (Book Two of the Star Pirate

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Chapter 1


Come on already, Olly! I
Fractured in the first two weeks and it’s already been three months
since we left the downed ship. Focus ya moron. Pull the

Normally her soft, sultry voice would set
Oliver’s blood afire and make wild thoughts of her naked bouncing
breasts appear in his mind, but recently Renee’s already limited
patience was wearing him down.

And irritating.

Sitting cross-legged out on the spacious deck
of the Dorgenox, a gigantic starship in the shape and appearance of
a triple mast freighter sailboat of the fifteen hundreds, Oliver
was wearing just a pair of loose, short shorts and was having
trouble in the hardest part all individuals had to undergo through
when learning the more difficult and intricate aspects of utilizing
psionic efficiency. Psionics was the ability and cornerstone to
harness the electrical impulses of the mind and focus it throughout
the body to achieve a purpose. By focusing it further to a point
through ones intent, a person could levitate objects through what
is known as telekinesis. If one had the innate fortitude to do so.
Some people given the psionic gene were naturally limited to need
lower gravity to lift so much as a cup of water whereas others were
exceptionally gifted to the point they could raise entire cities at
regular Standard gravity.

Classes were established in numbers ranging
from One to Twelve, One being the correctly assumed lowest a person
could get. Classes One to Four could barely do much at all, but in
a category Four a person could just be able to create a visible
discharge of electricity with enough power to equal a constant
stream of static shock like what happens if a person in wool socks
builds up enough of a charge on carpet. They can levitate small
things as well. Power truly manifests best in classes Five and
higher. On humanity’s average, people are roughly category Six and
can make shields or barriers through solidifying telekinesis. Class
Sevens can condense their powers to a point in their palms to
create a concentrated ball of electrical plasma and in releasing it
can detonate what is called a kinetic blast. Classes Ten and up are
rare and the highest number of the category is rarest of them

And Oliver sat facing the strongest woman in
existence with a temperament that could make Beasts turn tail for
their lives.

Yet despite his love for her he struggled
under her harsh methods and snide comments. And still he sat alone
with her after more than seventy hours of sleep deprivation,
lifting a training puzzle cube using nothing other than raw psionic
capabilities. He was a mountain of bulky lean muscle and even
sitting on the ground was no pushover. On the ground to his left
thigh laid an onyx black, meter long cutlass and a large mug of
half consumed caffeinated coffee just to remain awake. He was
roguishly handsome to the female population and ever since being
found nearly six months ago in the belly of an extinct volcano he
had let his originally bald head grow out a thick mane of dark
brown hair. It was roughly eight centimeters long and handsomely
brushed back, but not now. Dark rings under bloodshot eyes showed
how long he had gone without a wink of sleep. He was beyond tired
and struggled with an effort few possessed to not snap and go on an
overwhelmed rampage or just collapse into slumber.

But focus he did. Oliver was a unique entity
that had had his memory and entire life wiped away tens of
thousands of years ago, long before humans had even conceived
traveling the cosmos. He was of a people human’s entitled
Solarians, but currently he was the only pure one left. Renee, his
sole reason for living, was genetically made into a Solarian by the
greatest minds of two great parents, but had lost her mother soon
after childbirth from a culmination of deadly circumstances. Since
being discovered and brought aboard the Dorgenox, Oliver’s psionic
strength had increased from Class One to Five through eating the
essence of deadly Beasts. Eating them combined with his own DNA to
thereby increase his own limitations. Quite a symbiotic

Imagining a mental lever allowed Oliver to
let loose his energy so as to collect together a mental reservoir
of power he had yet to experience filling completely. Called
‘gathering’ the release of energy made a person’s body resonate to
their own frequency and always felt wonderful, like an adrenaline
rush that didn’t require danger or fear to express. It felt so good
that people strived to continuously let it flow, but it also served
to keep telepathic people and electrical discharges from taking
control of one’s own body.

And right now Oliver sat with a hand out,
palm upraised to levitate the puzzle cube. It was eleven and a half
centimeters long in all three dimensions and made completely of
silvery steel. The puzzle itself was made up of one hundred and
fifty wholly different pieces. Each piece of the brainteaser had a
certain way to be fitted together to be cohesive. Any incorrect
variation and it would fall apart. Done properly and it would hold
true. And now it hovered centimeters over his hand, sometimes
making arcs of the bluish-white lightning on a small scale whenever
anger, frustration and loss of patience did too much and struck the
metal since metal conducted so well.

Relax. Just relax.
He mentally reminded himself again as he watched
and made the partially disassembled cube rotate in six individual
Open the valve? Check. Gather?
Check. Focus the energy to the surface of my left palm? Check. Keep
the distance close to lower the cost of distance? Check. Okay, let
my senses infuse through the telekinesis, like an extension of my
own body. Feel the individual pieces as if they were part of
He closed his eyes and it helped some,
like when sensation is more acute when losing one primary sense.
Through the output he began to mentally picture the puzzle parts
and one at a time he pulled it apart, but kept it

Renee watched his progress closely on a cube
every child learning to harness their inner power used. The cube
was hardly easy to reassemble even for adults, but there was a
purpose. It built a foundation that would allow the individual to
conserve their power and not waste too much since each individual
had limits. The more effort put in, the faster said person grew
fatigued. Simple Gathering could be held for hours, days or
constantly, but using outside the body was increasingly more
demanding the further an object got. The reason for this method
encouraged what is commonly known as Fracturing.

Fracturing was what happens during times when
the body is pushed beyond it’s normal capabilities. Sleep
deprivation is the standard method. When a person’s mind finally
Fractures, it is said it is like cutting a constricting rope
keeping someone from fully realizing just what they could do.
Fracturing would let the person to mentally multitask better than
they can do anything physically.

She sat in front of him, watching as
individual pieces pulled from the larger chunks. Plus she watched
his thick mane standing up as if caught in a breezy wind, but was a
result of using his power. Like Oliver, she was hardly diminutive
or slender like other women. She was full bodied, curvy and tall,
but not thin. Short, ripe strawberry red hair was styled cutely on
her pixie-like face. High cheekbones enhanced emerald irises as
well as full rosebud lips. She was a vision of ginger beauty having
adorable freckles sprinkled over her nose, cheeks, shoulders and
cleavage. She also barely looked beyond the age of late teens like
nearly all human women since the discovery of the immortality
chromosome gene therapy that is joined with the psionic one, but in
reality is thirty years of age. Oliver though was in appearance of
late twenties to early thirties like men everywhere, but had
discovered three months prior he was actually closer to eighty
three and a half million years old according to a standard Earth
calendar year.

Sitting on the edge she
watched the cube and all the pieces when it

Oliver was covered in sweat, grimacing and
completely pissed off. He was tired and in desperate need of sleep.
He couldn’t think straight and Renee’s constant pestering was
fraying his few remaining nerves. Losing count weeks ago doing the
same drill over and over had his usually calming demeanor buried so
deep he didn’t know if it would ever return. Delusions haunted him
and drinking more caffeine than advisable made for some wicked
hallucinations. He had dreamed of a full night’s sleep, but when
his brain shut itself down he’d be awoken by someone after no more
than an hour or two and there was nowhere to hide aboard, not with
biometric scans that show where every living creature aboard is at
any given time and a ball busting female who knows how to
administer chemical stimulants.

Power output was steady, but he could
practically see the forty seven pieces shaking without his eyes as
the struggle to maintain them individually took more and more

Frustration and anger suddenly overstretched
their lengths and Oliver could practically hear something inside
his head snap and shatter though no actual sound was made. All of a
sudden, clear as day, the puzzle burned bright in his mind,
cocooned in a network of invisible electrical impulses only he
could view within the imaginary conscious or inner eye.

Amber irises returned to view his object of
loathing and blinked as the nervous shaking became perfectly still
and rotated through the air in a quarter meter wide area. “Whoa.”
He breathed as the clumps disassembled part by part into a hundred
and fifty shiny metallic pieces that would make a whole.

About damn time!” Renee
sighed. “I was getting worried I’d have to take drastic

He didn’t want to know how drastic she would
go and didn’t want to know. He had problems as it is being this
exhausted. Imagining her cruel side was hard enough to deal with.
So he didn’t ask. Instead said “This feels good.”

After suffering three
months on no sleep it would. You’ve finally Fractured. I knew it as
soon as you stopped making them shake like nerves when someone is
scared or who breaks a bone.”

Is it over?” the haunted
hope was barely there as her heart broke at seeing him suffer for
so long when most people Fracture it in month one. Three months was
practically torture. “Will it come back? I don’t want to do it

No, once you Fracture it
doesn’t go back. At least not to me or any human I know. Let’s get
you in bed.”

The pieces rained down on the deck as a
monumental yawn surged through him and lost concentration. “Sorry,
but I won’t make it that far. Good night, Red.”

Before she could stop him, he leaned back and
was out cold before hitting the wooden planked deck. Legs remained
pretzel crossed and arms spread out wide. The abrupt slumber had
her eyelids blink a dozen times before she gave him a soft smile.
“You earned it ya idiot.” She admitted and looked down at the
puzzle and with a wave of her hand she reassembled it perfectly in
almost no time before setting it over by his sword and a two liter
volume capable mug. From there she grabbed his legs to uncross them
and lay each flat before staring at her right wrist’s black

The bracelet being an advanced piece of
technology so powerful, it had few limitations. Her clothes weren’t
really clothes, but a malleable armor the bracelet can control.
From it she modified her long sleeved white shirt, blue jeans and
casual running shoes into a thin, but wide brown bed sheet and an
airtight pillow. The material stayed connected to her body, but
could be extended through the bracelet. She looked down to find her
lacy black bra and lacy boy-shorts still on to then lift his head
and put it on the inflated pillow before she snuggled in close and
threw the sheet over them both. She was tired too, but not to his
extent. The hard ground was cold, but she knew Oliver’s body heat
would take care of that soon enough.

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