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Waiting for Me

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Waiting For Me (Beautiful Surrender: Part Two)









Waiting For Me (Beautiful Surrender: Part Two)

Ava Claire

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The Beautiful Surrender Series

Waiting For You (Beautiful Surrender: Part One)
(available in the
It’s In His Kiss
boxed set exclusively at Amazon; available at all retailers July 2014)

Waiting For Me (Beautiful Surrender: Part Two)—May 2014

Waiting For Us ( Beautiful Surrender: Part Three)—June 2014

Waiting For Forever (Beautiful Surrender: Part Four)—July 2014

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here was a woman in my bed, who wasn’t bound or splayed out for my pleasure. Begging
for more with her eyes; with her dripping wet sex, because a ball gag muted her words.
There was a woman in my bed, and she wasn’t my submissive...but I felt the Dom in
me stirring regardless. Wanting to simultaneously protect and nurture—and bring her
to the brink of pain and pleasure.

Melissa Foster was in my bed, and even though she wasn’t mine, in the way I required
every woman before to be, she still made my heart skip a beat as I watched her sleep.
My heart stammered in my chest. I could get used to this.

I tore my eyes away, fighting to shut down that train of thought. It was a struggle
to ignore the matter at hand. I didn’t sleep with vanilla women. And I didn’t let
any woman, regardless of her level of kink, sleep over.

Maybe you were waiting for the

I should have leapt from the bed, tossing aside that ludicrous statement, along with
the covers and the invading emotions Melissa invoked, but every breath she took stirred
the cold blooded thing in my chest. The heart I pretended was closed off. The fact
was I
feel, but life taught me what a mistake love could be. A mistake that once cost me

I folded my arms beneath my head, watching the fan above me spin idly. I needed to
rationalize this. Get my head on straight.

I hadn’t violated
of my rules. She was too stubborn to admit it, but Melissa was far from vanilla.
I knew it the moment I turned and met her gaze when I caught her peeping. Eyes so
blue. The color of the oce—

I rolled my eyes. This wasn’t a romance novel. Her eyes weren’t the color of the ocean.
Her eyes were just blue. Normal and blue. But the truth was her eyes slayed me, waves
of blue that held the most beautiful conflict I’d ever seen in my life. Eyes I’d felt
on me, watching and wanting a few days ago. Eyes that licked every inch of my erect
cock, but still held back—and in the moments after she realized I’d seen her moment
of erotic vulnerability, held such disdain and outright defiance.

My lips tilted into a smirk, remembering how I’d struggled to not pull her into my
arms, take her then and there. For the briefest moment when she sized me up, an irrational
streak of jealousy had cut through me. I wondered if her brusqueness was because she
was claimed by another. But that fight was just Melissa. The sexy little blonde didn’t
mince her words, and it made me hot with need.

She had to be mine.

My smile faltered. And she
been mine. Hours ago, she’d opened up for me like some beautiful flower, stretching
its petals towards the scorching sun. I never knew that sex without the D/s element
could be so fulfilling.

But if I was fulfilled, why hadn’t I pushed her away and out the door like the others?

I eased back towards her, my eyes washing over her face. So serene and calm. Skin
glowing in the soft darkness, pretty features infinitely more so, from the slope of
her nose and high cheekbones to the curve of her full lips. Lush, pink lips—slightly
parted, like she was about to ask me to kiss her.

My chest tightened apprehensively. I didn’t rush her out because I wanted her to stay.
I wanted to wake up next to her.

“Fuck,” I whispered. The gravity of it nailed me to the ground. Getting tangled up
in some woman, no matter how beautiful and beguiling, was the worst possible thing
I could do at the moment. With all the bad press Mason Enterprises had been hit with
after the last company liquidation, my business, along with worried board members,
needed to be my top priority. And then there was all the drama with Deli—

My thoughts froze as Melissa stirred, luring me back to her—just in time to see her
bite her lip. It was a tiny, unconsciously sexy action, but it made me forget everything
except the way she’d smiled while I buried myself in her. The sounds she made when
I sunk into her warmth. The excitement that flickered in her eyes when I told her
to flip over so I could take her from behind.

Lust consumed me. She’d obeyed the command without hesitation. Giving in. Her surrender
made her pussy that much sweeter. My eyes skated down, rounding the curve of her pert
little breasts, caressing her smooth stomach, and lingering on her sex. It was partially
covered by the sheet, golden curls highlighting the way back to her. Back to the warmth
that made my cock so hard that rational thought and the rules that dictated my no-strings-attached
sex life became irrelevant.

I had to have her.

I had to taste her.

Almost as if I’d said the words aloud, she stirred again, the sheets falling away.
Her gentle snore got caught on a moan and the sound went straight to my cock. From
the way she writhed, opening her thighs and licking her lips, she was having quite
the dream.

I smiled, positioning myself at the end of the bed. I would show her that reality
had her wet dreams beat.

I rained kisses up and down her calf, my lips skimming her skin. She was waking up,
a yawn and sniffle giving her away.

“Kisses?” Her voice was thick with sleep. “You sure know how to wake a girl up.”

I gripped her knees and yanked her thighs open. Her gasp was shocked—and aroused.

“Are you—”

“Oh yes,” I answered in between kisses, her muscles responding to me. Tightening as
she arched her body toward me.

Even though her body betrayed her, she still goaded me. “And what if morning oral
wasn’t my th—” Her final word was clipped as my tongue drew closer to her inner thigh.
To her core. “W-what would you have done?”

She clearly wanted to feed me her pussy, vaulting herself closer to my lips, but I
restrained myself. She wasn’t the first submissive who tried that game, tempting me
to give in.

I smirked. She wanted to talk? We could talk. I’d make her squirm, hanging on every
word so the second my tongue touched her, she melted.

“What do you think?”

She propped herself on her elbows, eyeing me with a mix of surprise and impatience.
“I think you’d do it any way. Because you’re the man, and I’m the woman and all that
caveman BDSM stuff.”

I didn’t take the bait, instead, leaning closer until my lips lingered deliciously
close to her slit. “I’d do it, because I know what you need.”

She was panting, her juices a fragrant tease of how amazing she’d taste. “And what’s
that? W-what do I need?”

“You need a man to take charge. To take what he wants.”

She was trembling. I was planning on waiting until she squirmed, but my self restraint
abandoned me when she whispered my name.


I spread her open with my fingers and my tongue dipped into her. Her juices were like
honey, matching the melody of moans that flowed from her lips. They changed pitch
when I lingered on her clit, tongue swirling furiously around the swollen nub.

Every sound she made echoed through my body. The blood in my veins was replaced by
white hot desire, fueling me with one sole purpose: giving her pleasure. I should
have rose up and put the solid, rock hard bulge that impaled the mattress where it
belonged; where my mouth was currently exploring. I longed to replace the tongue that
pumped in and out as she shuddered, overloaded with pleasure. It was my routine, bringing
my woman to the edge, then slamming my cock inside her. Then when she was writhing
and wild, I allowed my sub to come.

But not Melissa. I wanted her to come. I wanted to taste her release.

My tongue left no part of her quivering warmth untouched, my fingers pumping in and
out at a fevered rhythm. My cock raged, wanting,
to be inside her. Control slipped away as Melissa swirled her hips. It was a brazen,
decidedly un-submissive move, yet I growled with approval, replacing my fingers with
my tongue.

I devoured her essence, lost in her erotic musks. And her moans...fuck, what was this
woman doing to me? The lines that structured my sexual life blurred. This was the
first time that my need to come was second to my lovers. I wanted her cream in my
mouth, her ultimate satisfaction screeching from her lungs.

Her fingers gripped the sides of my head and I knew she was close. She shook wildly
and my name shot from her lips as her body went wild. I’d heard orchestras from the
West Coast to Australia, playing the most beautiful music ever created, but none of
it was as sweet as Melissa’s moans as she came.

I was drunk off her. Lost in her.

And it was fucking terrifying.

I pulled back, rising to my feet. I avoided the lusty look on her face. Desire was
etched on her features, confirming a truth I couldn’t fight. She was the most beautiful
thing I’d ever seen.

“Wow.” Her voice still gravelly with sleep. Or likely raw from the extensive moaning.

“If that’s what waking up with Logan Mason is like, all I can say is, where have you
been all my life?”

I knew it was meant to be a joke, but there was nothing amusing about the way I faded
into her. I was a Dom, damn it. I held the reins, not my submissive. And whether she
wanted to admit it or not, she
my submissive.

I wiped her juices from my lips, fighting the urge to lick my fingers. “Feel free
to help yourself to anything. Mi casa es su casa.”

“And what if I want you?” she purred.

Oh hell, she was biting her lip, her big blue eyes hot with desire.

I’d already let her in, closer than anyone had been in a long time. The walls I built
around myself weren’t there for decoration. They weren’t mere checkboxes for some
stock caricature of a brooding billionaire. I kept my lovers at a distance for good

So even though I wanted nothing more than to fuck her brains out, to forget about
everything except Melissa Foster, I posed a proposition that I knew she’d decline.

“Are you ready to submit?”

Her face fell, her eyes dimming with reluctance.

“That’s what I thought,” I said icily.


“I’ve got a few calls to make.” I interrupted dismissively. “I’ll use the guest bathroom
downstairs. You can use mine. There should be some shower gel and shampoo in the bottom
drawer. Something sweet and female approved. There’s also a couple of dresses in the
closet that should fit you quite nicely.”

Why the hell would you go there, asshole? Rub her nose in the fact that she’s not
the first?

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