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Authors: Ken Ham,Bodie Hodge,Carl Kerby,Dr. Jason Lisle,Stacia McKeever,Dr. David Menton

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War of the World Views: Powerful Answers for an "Evolutionized" Culture

BOOK: War of the World Views: Powerful Answers for an "Evolutionized" Culture
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War of the Worldviews

Powerful Answers For An "Evolutionized" Culture

Ken Ham

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1. The "Evolutionizing" of a Culture

2. Can Natural Processes Explain The Origin of Life?

3. Are Mutations Part of the "Engine" of Evolution?

4. Did Humans Really Evolve From Apelike Creatures?

5. Does the Bible Say Anything about Astronomy?

6. Does the Big Bang Fit with the Bible?

7. Where Did the Idea of "Millions of Years" Come From?

8. What's Wrong with Progressive Creation?

9. Is the Intelligent Design Movement Christian?

10. Can Creationists Be "Real" Scientists?

11. How Should a Christian Respond to "Gay Marriage"?

12. What's the Best "Proof" of Creation?

13. What is a Biblical Worldview?

About the Authors


The “Evolutionizing” of a Culture

Carl Kerby & Ken Ham

As you picked up this book, you may have asked yourself, “Why should I care about this stuff? What do “worldviews” have to do with me? Who cares about astronomy and biology? Who cares about mutations and the big bang? What does any of this have to do with real life? These are all just side issues; don’t we have more important things to worry about, like evangelism and caring for the needy?” We’re glad you’re asking these kinds of questions. Our society is engaged in a culture war: the Left versus the Right, pro-choice versus pro-life, etc. You see it every day on the network news and in the newspapers. But what is the foundational issue behind all of these battles? How can we reach people engaged in these culture wars with the truth? In this chapter we will examine the true nature of this war and see how a return to biblical authority in the church, particularly as it relates to Genesis and creation, is crucial to winning the war of the worldviews.

We are engaged in a war of worldviews. Secular humanism (with its evolutionary and millions-of-years foundation) is fighting tooth-and-nail against biblical Christianity (and the idea that God is the Creator) for the hearts and minds of our children. Over the past generations, we’ve seen the battle increase and intensify.

There’s no doubt America was founded on Christian principles based on the Bible. In fact, just two generations ago, the majority of Americans supported prayer, Scripture readings and Bible instruction in public schools. They also supported displaying nativity scenes, crosses and the Ten Commandments in public places. Gay marriage and abortion were outlawed.

Today, however, it is very obvious that the population as a whole does not see the Bible as the absolute authority as it once did. For instance, pollster George Barna found that in the US “a minority of born again adults (44%) and an even smaller proportion of born again teenagers (9%) are certain of the existence of absolute moral truth.”

So what has happened? Why the dramatic change? Why is the moral position of previous generations being outlawed more and more? What has driven this moral collapse? Why is this war going on?

Whereas Christian thinking once permeated the public education system, today the Christian God, prayer, Bible study and biblical creation have all but been excluded from the system. Now, generations (including the majority of students from church homes) are being trained in a secular (anti-God) religion.
They are being indoctrinated to believe that the universe—and all that exists within it—can be explained without God.

They are taught, with increasing intensity, a cosmology, geology, biology and anthropology that are all evolutionary. In essence, these students are being educated
the truth of the Bible’s history in Genesis, and thus, against its message of salvation and absolute moral standards.

Not only are our schools indoctrinating our children, but so are the media. Television shows, movies, comic books, ads and so on are all laced with evolutionary thought, subtly (and not-so-subtly) reinforcing the idea that we are nothing but evolved pond scum, the result of billions of years of natural processes.

Just a few examples of this should suffice: the more highly evolved X-Men and the “millions of years” taught in
Jurassic Park
. Magazines such as
Time, Nature
National Geographic
often have cover stories touting evolution as fact. And who can ignore the many cable channels, such as Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel and Animal Planet, which regularly broadcast shows on animal and human evolution?

American children, ages 2 to 17, spend an average of 19.4 hours watching TV each week (Nielsen Media Research, 2000). And this doesn’t include the time spent going to movies, playing computer games, surfing the internet or reading comic books and magazines. Our children are inundated with messages from the media, which by and large have an evolutionary, anti-Christian foundation.

In the United States, we have approximately 400,000 churches and 6,000 first-run theaters. Which do you think affects our culture more? Unfortunately, the Hollywood writers and producers have more influence on our youth today than our pastors and Sunday school teachers.

Christian Compromise

Sadly, most Christian leaders in the church have added ammunition to the other side by compromising with evolutionary ideas (either wittingly or unwittingly); they have added millions of years to the Bible, and many teach that evolution and Christianity are compatible. These leaders have, in effect, helped this takeover and fueled the culture war. What has resulted is that recent generations have begun to reject or reinterpret the Bible’s history in Genesis, thus opening a door to undermine biblical authority in general for the other 65 books of the Bible.

The more that generations are trained to disbelieve the Bible’s account of origins, the more they will doubt the rest of the Bible, as all biblical doctrines (including marriage) are founded (directly or indirectly) in the history in Genesis 1–11. We see the direct result of this doubt and compromise reflected in the increasing number of moral battles concerning gay marriage, abortion and so on. Again, the more people believe evolution and reject Genesis 1–11 as history, the more they will reject the rest of the Bible—including the morality that is based in that history.

Secularism, with its moral relativism, is in direct opposition to Christianity and its absolute morality. The battle is between these two worldviews: one which stands on God’s Word and one which accepts man’s opinions.

What will be the outcome? Can America return to a Christian worldview that will once again permeate the culture? Yes, it can, but only if there is a return to the authority of the Word of God … beginning in Genesis.

Ammunition for the Battle

In the following chapters, you will find valuable information to equip you to understand the nature of the battle and to answer the evolutionists’ latest arguments.

Chapter 2 deals with the Miller-Urey experiment of the 1950s that tried to produce the building blocks of life in a laboratory; science textbooks still refer to it today. See why the experiment fails at all levels and why it is impossible for life and information to arise by purely naturalistic processes.

Chapter 3 examines mutations—what they are and how they work. Find out why they cannot be the “engine” of evolution.

In chapter 4 we will look at supposed human evolution. By examining the actual evidence, we will see that there are no “missing links” between chimps and humans, just monkey (or ape) fossils and human fossils. Humans are truly unique creations, made in the image of God.

Chapters 5 and 6 consider astronomy. Is the big bang biblical? Does the Bible support modern-day cosmological theories? See how the Bible is truly the history book of the universe and is accurate when it touches on astronomical concepts.

The topic of chapter 7 is the history of geological thought. We examine where the idea of “millions of years” came from and the disastrous consequences of the church’s acceptance of evolutionary ages.

Chapters 8 and 9 take a critical look at the Progressive Creation and Intelligent Design movements. Are these biblical approaches to creation? What happens when we mix evolutionary thought with the Bible?

Many evolutionary scientists have stated that creationists cannot be real scientists. Is this true? See why this is not the case in chapter 10.

We also deal with the troubling issue of “gay marriage.” Does the Bible have anything to say about this? How is evolution connected to this issue? Read chapter 11 and find out how to give a biblical answer for these and other moral issues of our day.

Chapter 12 discusses the “proofs” of creation. We need to understand the nature of “evidence” and how our presuppositions affect our interpretations. This is a foundational message in the creation/evolution controversy.

And finally we come to the biblical view of history—the 7 C’s of history—in chapter 13. A truly biblical understanding of history helps us understand the rest of the world and helps us put the evidence where it belongs.

Winning the War

We cannot just tell people, “Jesus loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life.” The world has questions and we need to give them answers. We need to show skeptics that the Bible relates to the real world—that a biblical worldview addresses biology, astronomy, history and anthropology. We need to help our children build their worldview on the Bible and equip them with answers for their teachers and friends. We need to take action to halt the desertion of children from their faith after they leave home.

BOOK: War of the World Views: Powerful Answers for an "Evolutionized" Culture
8.39Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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