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Wayward Soul

The Wayward Saints, MC

Book Two

K. Renee





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Wayward Soul

2015 K. Renee

Published by K. Renee


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Published: K. Renee - 2015

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Cover Design: KLa Boutique

Formatting: K. Renee

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Editor: Kim Young

ISBN-13: 978-1507851463

ISBN-10 : 1507851464


To the fans who believe in me and my stories.


Have you ever felt alone? Like no one even knows the real you? That they judge you based on the way you look or the rumors about you? I have been judged all my life. My hair isn't the right color. It

s auburn, so I am made fun of daily. You know of any redhead joke, I've probably heard it. I

m too skinny, so I must have an eating disorder or a drug problem. Both are far from the truth. I have an overactive thyroid that keeps me from gaining weight.

I gave my virginity to a boy a few years older than me, and he told everyone I liked things kinky. Not just a little kinky, but full-blown kinky. He told everyone I liked to be handcuffed, whipped, spanked, punished, and so much more. What we actually did didn't even come close to any of that. It was more like the worst pain of my life, followed by two seconds of his moaning. Now I hear whispers in the hall about how I'm a whore and a freak.

So if having sex with one guy makes me a whore and a freak, so be it. It was a mistake that I can

t take back now.

Over the last few years, I have learned to just let all the negativity roll off my back. I want to be stronger than these assholes with whom I go to school. I don't know how they can be so mean and judgmental, but I guess that is just life. I can't wait to graduate. I'm going to leave this town and everyone in it, and not ever look back.

Chapter One

Sitting in the back of art class, I watch a girl I've never seen before walk into the room. She looks so scared and lost, I feel bad for her. She must be the new girl that everyone has been talking about. She doesn't look anything like what I

ve heard people whisper in the hall, but those are typically wrong anyway. She

s actually beautiful. She's got a natural tan and long, dark hair. She looks like she could be a model, and I'm instantly jealous. She's everything I wish I was. After talking with the teacher, she looks around the room for a spot to sit.

When her eyes meet mine, I pat the seat next to me. I see something change in her eyes. It's almost like she

s relief. I look around the room and all of the stuck-up bitches are snickering and saying mean things under their breath.

When she finally makes it to the chair next to me, I see her take a deep breath, then she sits down and folds her hands in her lap. Out of the corner of my eye, I watch her as I pull out my art project, grabbing an extra sheet of paper and pushing it in front of her.

"Here. You

ll need this. I'm Casey, by the way."

She looks over at me with a small smile. "Thank you," she whispers. "I'm Anslie." She pulls a pencil from her bag and sets it on the table.

We're drawing buildings today." I say casually. She nods her head and starts to draw. I watch her for a few minutes, then go back to work on my own drawing.

Halfway through class, I hear footsteps coming towards us. Looking up, I see Tara walking towards our table. She smirks. "So, new girl, I heard you hang out with those bikers. Do you get gangbanged every night?"

Her friends start to snicker and Anslie's head drops a little before she lets out a meek,


She looks up and around the room, noticing that everyone is now staring at her. I can see the tears starting to well in her eyes. Fuck these stupid bitches! I won't let them hurt this poor girl.

I stand up and square my shoulders to face Tara. "Hey, Tara, why don't you worry about yourself for once or, better yet, your boyfriend? I heard he was fucking your best friend behind your back."

I hear her gasp and look at her best friend, Cindy. Cindy looks at the ground, refusing to make eye contact with her. Tara storms off and the rest of the girls go back to their seats without another word. Anslie stands up and turns to me, throwing her arms around my neck. "Thank you,

she says.

I stand there frozen, unsure of what to do. I've never really had any friends, so I awkwardly hug her back. "You're welcome. I know what it's like to be on their bad side, so I wanted to help." We sit back down and continue working on our projects like nothing happened.

Over the next few weeks, we continue to hang out, becoming closer every day. Last week, I learned her dad is the president of the Wayward Saints Motorcycle Club here in Vegas. Personally, I think it

s pretty neat and scary at the same time. I

ve heard some crazy things about them, but I

m trying not to judge.

She also told me a little bit about why she moved here, and that she has four older brothers. God, that must suck. I don't think I could live with four older brothers. They don't let her out of their sight and she doesn't get to do anything. I would go insane!

This morning, I am waiting in our normal meeting spot by her locker when I see her get off the back of a bike. The driver looks in my direction and I my knees go weak. He is hot as hell! I watch her expression as she watches him. I know that if I was in her position, I would totally be staring at him the exact same way.

The hallway is already buzzing with the news of the hot biker dropping Anslie off. I just shake my head. I swear, sometimes I just wish they would mind their own damn business. She walks up to me with a dreamy look on her face. Oh shit. She

s got it bad!

Gosh, Anslie. Way to make an entrance. You know, everyone is talking about the hot biker who just dropped you off.

I smirk and she just sighs.

He is pretty hot,

she says, her cheeks turning crimson.

Oh, my god! You have a crush on him!

I squeal. She blushes more and ducks her head into her locker. I watch her grab all of her books that she needs for first period and we take off towards our classroom.

Over the next few months, Anslie and I are inseparable. We do everything together. Of course, we also get to have one of her brothers or Brantley around, so at least we get some hot guys to stare at. Occasionally, we get into trouble and Brantley has to come help us out. The night he came to save us from the football players, that night at the house party, Brant had to save us from being date raped and I knew something had happened between them. Anslie wasn

t the happy-go-lucky girl she had become. Now, she

s always sad and never wants to do anything anymore. We don

t see Brantley anymore, either. Anslie says she is fine, but I know she isn

t. She misses him and it is hard to watch her hurting every day.

Pulling up to Anslie's house, I get out of the car and walk up the steps. I ring the doorbell and wait. Dom, Anslie

s oldest brother, lets me in and I rush up to her room. When I walk in, she is in bed with a book in her hand. I jump on her bed until she looks at me. "What do you want, crazy?" she giggles. I probably
look crazy. I've had a smile on my face for the last hour.

"I got in!" I shriek. "We are going to Seattle!"

She jumps off the bed and grabs me, pulling me into a hug. "Oh, my god!

she yells.

We have been waiting for my letter to come from the school in Seattle we applied to. She had already gotten accepted, so we just had to wait to see if I was. I can't wait to leave. I am so excited to spend the next few years away from this place.

We spend the rest of the night looking for an apartment and local hangouts.

The excitement is just dripping off of us by the time the rest of her brother

s show up. Going downstairs, we see them hanging out in the kitchen. Dom looks at us. "Why the fuck are you girls so fucking cheery?"

We look at each other, then back at them. Together, we both yell,


re going to Seattle!" The guys flinch and look at us like we

re crazy, which is nothing new.

Dom hugs us both and tells us he's proud of us. He

s like the older brother I wish I had. He is always making sure we stay out of trouble, especially after the last party we went to. My brother couldn

t care less about what I do. If I told him I was going to have sex with somebody I just met, he would tell me to have fun. If I told that to Dom, he would kill the poor bastard.

After the night we were drugged at a party, I'm pretty sure every guy is afraid to come near us anyway. When they found out, Brantley, along with Anslie's brothers, made sure each one of those guys was in the hospital. They won't even talk to us anymore, which is fine by me. I don't like any of the assholes we go to school with anyway.

Today is graduation day and I couldn't be happier. We are days away from moving to Seattle, and we

ve been packing all week. I can tell her dad, Cason, isn't too happy about us going, but Anslie is standing tough. He had a fit when she told him she wanted to go to Oregon for school. That idea got shot down as fast as she got it out of her mouth. He knew why she wanted to go there. Hell, everyone did. He finally agreed to Seattle because it was the lesser of two evils.

As I walk across the stage to receive my diploma, I think how amazing it is that I

m finally done with this town! I can't wait to see what

s in store for us. College is going to be awesome. I can finally become the person I want to be.

Anslie's family cheers for us when we walk across the stage. I am pretty sure my mom is going to faint. She looks over at the rowdy bikers, then back at me with a disapproving look, but I didn't care. She can think whatever she wants.

After the ceremony, Anslie and I rush to meet her family, who greet us with hugs and flowers. I've never seen so many people who were proud of someone. They treat Anslie like their princess. In a way, I guess she is.

That night, I stay at Anslie

s. They are holding a party in our honor, so we make the most of our last night in town. We hang out, eat, and laugh with the club. This will probably be the only thing I will miss about Vegas. The Wayward Saints MC has become the family I have always wanted.

The next day starts our new journey and I can

t wait to get on the road.

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