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Cat Thao Nguyen is an Australian writer and lawyer. She was born in Thailand to Vietnamese parents and grew up in Western Sydney. Cat Thao is married to Tony, a Canadian Chinese man whom she met at a sushi bar in Vietnam. She has dabbled in filmmaking and theatre but unfortunately has never played the violin or piano. Cat Thao has keen interests in creative arts, economics and the leadership role of women in emerging economies like Vietnam. She is particularly passionate about quality fish sauce and Australian shiraz.

First published in 2015

Copyright © Thao Nguyen 2015

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To Mum and Dad, my heroes.

Công cha như núi Thái Sơn

Nghĩa m
như nư
c trong ngu
n ch
y ra.

t lòng th
kính cha,

Cho tròn ch
u m
i là đ
o con.

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