Welcome to Diablo Vista (Axl Dane #1)

BOOK: Welcome to Diablo Vista (Axl Dane #1)
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Axl Dane Volume One









Crow Gray





































© 2016 Crow Gray






All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reprinted without permission of the

author. Any resemblance to actual people living or dead is entirely coincidental and all characters and situations are fictional.





Cover design by Melody Simmons

































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“Mmm you drive me wild when you do that,” Trista said as Geoff ran his tongue over her thigh.

              “I know, that's why I do it,” Geoff answered, then continued tracing his tongue over her leg.

              “Fuck, stop teasing me and get to it,” she said, her voice becoming huskier as it always did when she started to get aroused.

              Geoff ignored her pleas and continued to lick near her pussy, carefully avoiding the sweet spots. “You boss me around enough, this is the one time I get to be in control.”

              “Fuck,” Trista replied. She started to grind her hips, trying to move her pussy under his tongue since he wouldn't move his tongue to it. He simply grinned and shifted with her, not letting his tongue near her perfectly waxed vulva.

              She moaned in frustration and gripped the satin sheets, thrusting her hips up toward him. After making her squirm for a few more seconds, Geoff finally relented and began to lick her pussy. As a way of making her pay for her impatience, once he began he didn't tease at all and instead dove right into her, gripping her thighs in his hands to hold her in place as he flicked his tongue rapidly over her erect clitoris.

              “Oh god, slow down, oh god, not like that fuck fuck fuck,” she stammered as he showed no mercy with his tongue action. She gripped his firm shoulders so tightly her nails dug ridges into the skin, but it didn't deter him at all. He continued to flick his tongue against her sensitive clit, kissing it and wrapping his lips around it to suck it from time to time before going back to slapping it with the tip of his tongue.

              Her moans soon became unintelligible, and she gripped his short black hair tightly and bucked against his face. He buried his face, keeping a tight hold on her thighs as she came all over his face, nearly squirting as she finally got relief from the teasing he had given her earlier. He continued to lick and suck until her throes subsided. Geoff lightly kissed her pussy before slowly kissing up her flat stomach, up her sweaty chest kissing between her breasts, over her neck where beads of perspiration had formed, finally planting a kiss on her lips. She returned the kiss, enjoying the taste of herself on his tongue as she slowly rode the orgasm down.

              “First, you want faster, then you say slow down.  What is it with you women and your indecisiveness?” Geoff said playfully as he nipped at her lower lip.

              “You're an asshole, you know that? An asshole that knows how to eat pussy, but an asshole nonetheless,” Trista said, her throaty voice betraying her high level of arousal.

              “Damn, look what you did to me,” Geoff said, indicating his shoulder. Her claws had dug down deep enough to draw blood, and a thin trickle of it had run down the tribal sleeve tattoo that covered his right arm.

              “Oh you poor baby,” Trista said, wiping it away with her palm. She pushed him onto his back and looked into his eyes as she lowered herself down his body. “Let me make it up to you.”

              Geoff leaned back and closed his eyes as Trista kissed down his tight, washboard stomach. He was very tan compared to her pale skin due to his outdoor work as a pool man. She mostly stayed out of the sun and kept her skin fair. She made her way to his cock, finding it hard but not quite fully erect. She thought of teasing him as he had teased her, but decided against it, and instead wrapped her hand tightly around his shaft and slowly pumped. He groaned and stroked her long blonde hair, which ran straight down all the way to the top of her very nice ass. She didn't use her mouth yet, instead just slowly stroking him as she watched his cock grow.

              “Mmm look at that,” she said, running her thumb over the precum which was leaking from his slit. She stroked him tightly, releasing more precum which she leaned in and licked off. She took a firm grip on the bottom of his shaft and started to suck the head hard, not taking him any deeper into her mouth yet. The pressure at the base of his cock combined with the pressure on the head made his entire body tighten, and Trista appreciated the definition of his muscles as they flexed.

              “Damn you're good at that, I've never felt anything like it,” Geoff said, even though she'd done this same thing to him many times.

              Trista took him deeper, sucking his cock in a little more each time she bobbed her head until she was easily deep-throating him. Geoff wasn't small, but he wasn't huge either. His cock fell right into the size most women were most comfortable with: big enough to feel good, but not so big it was uncomfortable.

              Trista reached onto the nearby nightstand and retrieved a condom. She ripped it open with her teeth and then slid it onto his cock, keeping a firm grip on the base of his dick as she did so. She then climbed on top of him and slid him into her tight, bald pussy. They both groaned as he filled her, her wetness enveloping his penis as she took him all the way. She didn't ride him yet, instead placing her palms on his muscular chest and just moving back and forth. Her ass cheeks rubbed over his balls as she moved around on his dick.

              He leaned up to suck on her nice tits, taking her nipples between his lips much as he had taken her clit earlier. She ran her fingers through his hair and swiveled her hips, moving on his cock.
              He grabbed her long blond hair and wrapped his fingers in it, whispering in her ear, “Fuck me.”

              She complied, using her hands on his chest for leverage as she started to ride him. She lifted herself up and dropped herself down, leaning forward to get deeper. He reached back and squeezed her well-rounded ass cheeks, helping her move as he lifted her up and pushed her down.

              She readjusted herself, putting her feet flat on either side of him so she could bounce. She started to lift herself until just the head of his cock remained inside, then dropped down on him. He slid his hand to her pussy, rubbing his thumb over her clit as she began riding his cock harder.

              “Oh fuck that's nice,” she said. He slapped her ass hard in response, causing her to yelp.

              “Ride that cock and make me come,” he whispered.

              “Yes, sir,” she replied, and started to move up and down on his stiff member with reckless abandon. He spanked her ass a few more times for encouragement, and soon they were both on the verge of an orgasm.

              They didn't say a word, instead just gazed deep into each other's eyes. Both of them bit their bottom lips, and Geoff started to thrust up as she rode, the two of them slamming into one another hard.

              Even though this was her second orgasm, Trista came first. She stopped moving as she came, unable to do anything more than cry out as the climax tore through her body. Geoff continued to thrust up into her, and the spasms of her pussy set him off as well, and his orgasm ripped through his balls as they unloaded. His testicles ached he came so hard, filling the condom with his hot seed.

              She collapsed on top of him, and they kissed deeply, the tremors of their orgasms not having quite subsided as their bodies rubbed together, their sweat mingling in a salty bath. The only sound in the bedroom was their heavy breathing.

              “I'm glad you're a good pool man. Otherwise, I'd have to do all the pool work myself and tell my husband you did it just to keep you coming around here,” Trista said with a laugh.

              “Yeah, well, you should count your blessings,” Geoff said, rolling over and retrieving a cigarette from the nightstand.

              “Those things will kill you,” Trista admonished.

              “Yeah and I just fucked a drug kingpin's wife in his bed. What can I say, I like to live dangerously,” Geoff said, as he lit up and took a drag.

              “Drug Kingpin? I think that's giving him a little too much credit.”

              “Hey he's got a mansion and some bad ass cars, he must be doing something right.” Geoff looked her over a second. “Plus one hell of a trophy wife. If he's not a kingpin, he's close.”

“Yeah, whatever. You really need to stop smoking in here. If Esteban ever smells smoke in this room--”

              “Esteban has snorted so much coke he can't smell shit, literally. I'd be more concerned about burning a hole in the carpet or something.”

              “Don't even say shit like that!” Trista said. She climbed out of bed slowly, stretching her nude body sensuously. “I'm going to take a shower. Join me?”

              Geoff looked her over as he smoked, seriously considering the offer. “I'd love to, but I better get moving. I've got to do Mrs. Johnson's pool today, and she bitches if I don't get it done by lunchtime.”

              “Bitches if you don't get the pool done by lunchtime or her done by lunchtime?” Trista said, mock jealousy in her voice.

              “Uh, Mrs. Johnson is seventy-nine years old. You have officially killed off any amorous feelings I had remaining.”

              Trista laughed. “Yeah, yeah, whatever. Just lock up when you go,” Trista said, reminding him since he always forgot to lock the door behind him.

              “Sure, sure. See you next week,” Geoff said as Trista disappeared into the bathroom. Soon he heard the shower running, so he quickly dressed and headed out, once again forgetting to lock the door behind him.

              Esteban and Trista Morales lived in a newly constructed gated community in Southern California, near the Mexican border. Only a few homes had been built there in what was essentially the middle of the desert. Geoff drove his Corvette Convertible with the top down and enjoyed the warm, dry air as he left the neighborhood, waving to the guard at the gatehouse. He was always surprised a man involved in such illicit activities as Esteban Morales didn't have more security, but considering the fenced in community employed a full-time guard at the gate, he supposed Morales thought that was good enough.

              He didn't see the car parked at the house down the street, or the man who got out and walked towards Trista's house, almost as if he had been waiting for him to leave.




BOOK: Welcome to Diablo Vista (Axl Dane #1)
8.69Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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