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Authors: Dawn Blue

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What a Big Wiggly Butt Can Do: A Novelette

What a Big Wiggly Butt Can Do

A Novelette

By Dawn Blue

Copyright 2013 Candace Mia

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What a Big Wiggly Butt Can Do


I grew up in a well-to-do little city. There
was a lot of money there. My mother and I didn’t have it. Going to
high school with rich kids, who had a lack of need and desperation,
I felt safe, but scared. I was afraid of being noticed. I didn’t
have their designer clothes. I could have gotten them at the
secondhand store, but I didn’t want to be the girl that wore the
clothes they gave to charity. I did okay going unnoticed. I was
small and kind of homely looking. I had pimples, but looking back
on it, they weren’t as bad as I’d imagined. I guess I was always
afraid they would get worse. And having a pizza face opened a kid
up to nicknames and condemning stares. But, as I said, I did okay
staying invisible.

Then came the summer before my senior year. I
could actually feel it coming on. It was like everything I ate went
straight to my butt. At the beginning of the summer I barely
noticed it was there. By the end of the summer I could feel it
wiggling with every step. I dreaded going back to school. I looked
like a petite girl who’d stuck a couple of footballs back there,
except those footballs were made of a thin layer of plastic and
stuffed with whipped cream. It didn’t help that I was small
everywhere else. My chest hadn’t grown at all.

But I had to go back, and it was torture. I
drew a lot of comments.

Shake it, Mama.”

That white girl stole a black girl’s

Look out. It’s the butt that spanks

I cried every night until I noticed
something. I noticed it when I started looking behind me more.
Quite often, I would catch a boy looking at it. And if he didn’t
notice me noticing him, then he would continue to stare at it, and
the look on his face wasn’t disgust. That made things a bit

None of those boys would ask me out or
otherwise risk being seen with me. But I suspected they daydreamed
about what I would be like. That was enough to end the tears at
night, that coupled with the idea of turning eighteen around the
time the school year ended and getting out of that place.

About ten miles down the road from that
terrible little city was Tooktown, a bigger city, with a much
larger variety of people. It was also the home to a state college,
where I received an academic scholarship to start in the fall.

“Things will change for you there, Martha,”
my mother said. “They won’t care where you came from there.”

That sounded awesome. I couldn’t wait to
leave town. I didn’t wait. A week after graduation, I landed a job
at a dollar store in Tooktown. I had a little money from graduation
presents, enough to get me through to my first paycheck. I answered
the ad of two girls needing a roommate. The three of us shared a
three-bedroom apartment. Neither of them seemed to care about what
clothes I wore or the size of my caboose. Things were looking up
for me. Things were about to get better.


The Happy Dollar was not a hard place to
work. Everything in the store was a dollar. So basically I had to
know how to run a register and stock shelves. Within a day of
starting, I had it down. The rest was basically just perusing the
shelves and memorizing where everything was. I worked the day
shift, mostly, which would change in the fall. There was usually a
manager or an assistant manager and two clerks. I was about a week
into the job when he came in.

“Excuse me,” a male voice said. It was kind
of deep and raspy.

I was at the register. I turned to the voice
to see a shock. The man standing there didn’t belong there. He
didn’t belong anywhere in my life except for maybe on television.
He was probably six-two. His hair was sandy blond and down to his
shoulders. He had pretty, bedroom brown eyes. His face was covered
with a little stubble. He wore a tank top and a pair of biker
shorts. His body was tan but not overly tan. And that body was like
nothing I’d ever seen in person. He had muscles coming out of his
muscles. Even a shy girl like me couldn’t help but stare.

I might have said something like, “Can I help
you?” But I’m pretty sure I said nothing. I just stared at his
massive arms, trying to decide if they could be real.

“I was in here the other day, and saw someone
buying dried apricots. Do you know where they would be?”

I wasn’t certain if I’d said something
before, but I was positive I couldn’t speak now. He was that hot. I
thought I might be on some reality television show.
Hot guys
surprise Homely Girls: Real reactions.

I motioned for him to follow me. There was a
whole section of dried fruits, along with trail mix and nuts and
crap like that. I led him there and looked over the shelf. He stood
beside me, looking it over too. And he stood right beside me. He’d
obviously been doing something athletic. I could smell his sweat,
and it was yet another shock. Even that smelled good. It smelled
manly. I’d spent very little of my time lusting for males, but at
that point I thought I wanted to lick him.

Then he put a hand on my back, just touching
me softly. It sent pleasurable chills through me. I found I had
another urge that was brand new. I wanted to just take off all my
clothes and let him touch me all over. That urge didn’t last long.
I thought this perfect man would be grossed out to see a girl like
me naked.

“I looked here the other day,” he said, just
after touching me. “This is where I thought they would be too.”

I thought of another possible slot, at the
end of that same aisle. Sometimes new or rare items went there. I
motioned that he follow me and headed toward the end of the aisle.
As I walked I became very conscious of my big, wiggling butt. I
felt humiliated, just to have him behind me. I chanced a glance
back, in hope of seeing him not looking at it. But he was. For an
instant, he was. Then he looked up.

I couldn’t believe what I saw there. I’d seen
it before on much lesser males. He wasn’t disgusted. He seemed
embarrassed. He’d been caught looking.

I got to the end of the aisle and was kind of
upset that I had to turn my butt away from him. I looked over the
end there and shook my head.

“Okay,” he said. “Thanks.”

Before he left me standing there, he touched
my back again, but this time, he let his hand go down a little. He
wasn’t touching my butt, but he wasn’t far from it either.

After he left, I just stood there. I
pretended to look over the same racks at the end of that counter. I
wasn’t sure why I was staying there. I think a big part of me was
just hoping he’d come back.

After several seconds, I got a hold of
myself. I was able to walk back to the registers at the front of
the store.

Sally, the other clerk, an older lady and a
sweetheart, was waiting on a customer. I went to my register and
waited, hoping Super Hot Man would come through my line.

He did not. He made it to Sally’s register
about the time she was finished with the other customer. She didn’t
send him to me.

There was a consolation, though. My register
was next to Sally’s, and now he was only a few feet from me, with
his back turned to me.

Something in my mind registered good news.
Sally was speaking to him in her familiar voice. She knew this guy,
which meant he came in often. I couldn’t think of the exact words
they exchanged, though. I was too busy looking over his back. It
was a little too obvious if anyone would have walked up and seen
me, but I couldn’t stop. I’d never felt like this before, and I
liked it. His back was as amazing as his front. His lats were like
giant wings under his skin. His waist was lean, giving him a V
shape. And his butt. I’d never seen a butt like that. It stuck out
a little, but I could tell it was like a brick. I so just wanted to
bite it. I was a virgin and yet I just wanted to bite the butt of a
man I’d just met. I could actually feel dampness down low, just
looking at him and smelling him.

I found myself creeping toward him, just to
take in more of his sent. The transaction must have been over,
because he suddenly moved back a little. But that little was enough
to bump into me. Suddenly, my face was somewhere near the top of
his back. His amazing butt was on my waist. I could actually feel
the shape of that thing. I was amazed at how fast I reacted.
Something in me was telling me I’d never get a chance like this
again. I moved my hands and latched onto the side of his glutes.
They were even harder than I had imaged. I wanted to hop on him and
just ride around.

I suppose it could have seemed like innocent
enough of a thing. Sally probably hadn’t even seen little me behind
big him. He probably thought I happened to turn around when he
backed up. Him so big and me so small, he probably thought he’d
about knocked me over when our bodies collided. He wouldn’t know
the truth, that I’d basically sexually assaulted him and loved

“Excuse me,” he said.

I finally found words. “Oh. No problem.”

And he was off, taking that butt with

Once he was out the door I turned to Sally,
who was now staring where I had been staring. I suppose about any
woman would have been.

“Who’s that?” I asked.

She looked at me. “Oh. That’s Casey Lance. He
owns several businesses in town.”

My mind did the math. “Why would he come in

Sally nodded that it was an apt question. “He
comes in after his workout. He likes the 20 ounce chocolate milks.
It’s on his way and he can get one without having to wait in line

I thought that made sense. “He wanted dried
apricots,” I said.

Sally chuckled. “We get those from time to
time and sell out really fast. They’re a buck here and like three
dollars everywhere else.” She smiled at me. “I guess we should put
some back for him next time.”


That night, I lay in bed awake for a long
time. I kept thinking about him. I kept thinking about how at the
start of the day I had been a very different person. I had not been
a sexual being. I wondered what would happen next. I hadn’t been
that interested in sex until I saw him. He was the hottest man I’d
ever seen and it was very doubtful that he’d ever be interested in
someone like me. In fact, it seemed more likely that I would win
the lottery. Even if he had glanced at my butt and had been kind
enough to touch me, he still wouldn’t be interested in me in that
way. So what would I do? Maybe he’d opened me up to something else.
Maybe I’d be a horndog or a slut now and just fuck guys in my
league—fat guys, stupid guys and such. I’d just have to pretend
they were like him. Or maybe I’d not see Casey again or I’d see him
and he’d give me a big enough brush off that I’d get frustrated and
go back to like I was before. Who knew? Maybe the next day would


I would see other men the next day. Some of
them did flirt with me, the usual older or fat. I found I’d not
become so sexualized that I was interested in them. It was that
afternoon, and I was stocking one of the food aisles, when I
happened to glance up and see him. He smiled pleasantly and nodded
as he went by.

Again, he’d caught me off guard. Shivers went
through me. My heart started to race. I didn’t know what I wanted
from him. I just knew I wanted something. I was panicking a bit. He
would be going back to the cooler now to get his post-workout
snack, then he would be gone. There was someone up at the register
already, so moving up there to try to wait on him wouldn’t be an

In my panicking mind there was something
primal that came up. It said I had one chance if I wanted contact
from him today. It was one chance in a hundred I thought, but it
was what I had.

I waited until I could hear his steps coming
back down the main aisle. I bent down and pretended to look over
the lowest shelf, my butt presented for him. It felt embarrassing,
my fat butt raised, but something instinctual said it was

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