What Money Can Buy 3 - to Have & to Hold


To Have & To Hold


Katie Cramer


Copyright 2012 Katie Cramer


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This is a work of fiction. Any similarities to any situations or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


This ebook contains explicit material, strong language and sexual references intended for mature audiences only. All sexual acts portrayed or suggested are between consensual adults over the age of 18.


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"Holy shit, Lauren," my chief bridesmaid, Amanda, sputtered. "Sorry, that was really inappropriate." She looked up at the assistant who started to giggle. "You just look so mind
blowingly beautiful."

The owner of the bridal shop smiled at me knowingly, having probably seen the same reaction so many times in the past. "She's absolutely correct. You look gorgeous, Miss Wade."

I walked over to the wall of mirrors on the far side of the shop and barely recognised the woman looking back at me. Just
a year ago I had been living in a crappy apartment, desperately trying to make my way in the relentlessly brutal world within a world that is New York. As much as I loved the city, every last cent I had was gone before payday every month. My father, slowly recovering from cancer, was all I had. Then, one fateful day, my temp agency sent me to work for Jason King. Little did I know that the job I dreaded so much would
my life forever.

To say I had changed beyond recognition was an understatement. That stressed
out girl with her hair tied back, rushing to work each and every day and praying that I wouldn't be fired by some overzealous boss, had gone. Now, I stood in a vintage Hollywood
inspired silk
satin designer wedding gown,
soft fabric drape
beautifully over my slim body. It was Italian, designed by Angelina Rousseau, and would cost almost as much as I used
make in six months.
I wore a
sexy pair of Manolo Blahnik ivory high heels
that, aside from sending
my body
inches skyward, resulted in a confident posture that not only made me feel unbelievably glamorous, but made me look it. I threw my shoulders back and walked slowly towards the woman in the mirror,
smile creeping over my face as I realised it was me. I wasn't dreaming, after all.

"Work it, baby," Amanda laughed. "Let's see those angles."

I looked back at her and giggled. "Stop it,
," I smiled. "You're embarrassing me."

"Bullshit," she replied. "You're sexy and you know it. Look at how you
posing in that mirror. You've
been reading Cosmo Bride."

She was right, of course. I wasn't born to be a model and I would take any tips I could

"If you're happy, Miss Wade, we'll send
today for final adjustments."

I turned back to the owner of the boutique. "More than happy. It's stunning."

I headed back towards the changing rooms, ready to slip out of the dress and give it back to them. As I carefully remove
d it
, I looked at myself in the full-length mirror opposite. My bridal lingerie, which I would take away today, looked almost impossibly erotic on my toned
slightly tanned body. My strapless bra pushed my breasts together, the matching white panties – barely there and slashed high, with a revealing thong back – revealed a
of pubic hair beneath
the lace
, an alluring combination that I was certain would bring Jason to his knees on our wedding night.

top stockings clung to my long legs, leading down to those delicious heels, the peeptoe and slingback details revealing just enough of the curve of my foot to send him crazy. He would
want me to fuck
in them, have them raise my ass up towards him as he took me from behind. He would want to feel them slide up his thighs as he slipped inside me.

I felt my pulse quicken and a rush of juices
my panties.
, I thought.
I still have to hand these back to the assistant…

It was too late. They were already soiled and my nipples have gone unbearably
inside my bra. I slipped my hand down between my legs and massaged the sodden fabric. I closed my eyes, peeled back the bra
nd pinched gently at my nipple. I gasped slightly as I imagined Jason's tongue flicking at its
rect peak, his teeth gently biting down on the swollen areola. Involuntarily, I had moved my hand into my soaked panties and my fingers slipped effortlessly between my slick
. I teased my clit with my fingertips, its sensitivity almost unbearable. I bit my lip slightly to avoid moaning out. Soon my movements had become more vigorous and I felt an orgasm build. My legs began to shake slightly as I felt my stomach tighten.

I slipped two fingers inside my sodden pussy and squeezed my thighs tightly together. My eyes were screwed shut and I clenched my teeth, doing everything I could to muffle my pleasure. A tiny noise escaped, but not enough to alert anyone. My breathing became heavy and laboured as my insides tightened around my fingers, warm juices flowing over them. I felt my back begin to slide down the wall behind me and I grabbed on to a hook above, used for hanging clothes, to maintain my balance. I looked into the mirror opposite to examine the exquisite agony etched on my face, my uncontrollable arousal sweeping over my features and turning me on even more. As my orgasm subsided, I pulled myself back up and brought my fingertips to my mouth, tasting my sweet juices.

They tasted delicious, a reminder of the
I had for the man I loved.

I slipped off the underwear and put
in my bag, thankful I had already paid for
them earlier
Screw the gift wrap.
The thought of hand
over the saturated panties horrified me yet a wry smile formed across my face as I thought about what I had just done. Since meeting Jason, everything had changed. I was so much more confident, so much more daring.

I was sexier.

As Amanda and I left the shop, she suggested we get a coffee. "How are things going with selling Jason's stake in
companies? There must be tons to get through."

"It could be smoother," I replied with a sigh. "We're getting there. I keep telling him he doesn't have to do this. He doesn't have to give this all up, but he
s adamant. He wants nothing more to do with the business – he just wants to leave it all behind and start living, as he says."

"He's giving it all up for love," Amanda smiled. "He's giving it all up for you. You lucky, lucky thing."

"Don't I know it."

As we were about to head into the coffee shop, Amanda grabbed my wrist. "How was it in the changing room? Was the orgasm good?"

My jaw dropped. "Amanda! What the…"

"Oh, don't worry about it. I would've done the same if I was in that lingerie as well. Who could blame you?"

We headed giggling into the coffee shop. It was a brief respite from the stresses I would face over the coming weeks as Jason and I attempted to start a new life together.

Dark forces were at work. Jason may have wanted to say goodbye to his companies for love, but some people weren't going to allow him to walk away that easily.




"I never pictured you as a pig farmer."

I looked up at Jason, raising an eyebrow before breaking into a giggle.

"I told you, Lauren, not all of my investments were successful. In fact, some of them were a disaster."

We were looking through the last of Jason's companies to sell off, the small investments and businesses that he still had stakes in. Many of them could simply be dissolved, others needed to be transferred to new owners. The majority of them had been accounted for and it was only his larger investments that remained – but there were still a few stragglers, bizarre companies that he had somehow managed to get his name attached to.

"Oh, I can see why you'd invest in a pig farm, Jason. Given your love for bacon and all that. But the celebrity sperm bank? That one has to be an all-time low."

Jason leaned back in his seat and started laughing out loud. His happiness was infectious and I felt the broadest smile form across my face. He looked typically gorgeous, a man at ease with himself and his life at long last. He was still the Jason that everyone expected him to be – tough, uncompromising, a winner. But it was moments like this, laughing about pig
and sperm banks, that he became somebody else entirely. The man I loved.
My Jason.

"It seemed like a good idea at the time. Who wouldn't want a baby fathered by a multimillionaire sportsman or actor?"

I walked over to his desk and perched myself on the edge of it.

"How come it never got off the ground?" I said sarcastically. "I mean, it was such a considerate business venture, wasn't it? Your charity knows no bounds, Jason. All those poor childless couples who would be able to have superstar babies…"

Jason roared with laughter, tears beginning to stream down his face. He wiped his eyes, desperately trying to compose himself. "What was I thinking?"
e cried. "
How would I have approached donors? '
Hey, I know you're a multimillionaire already, but how would you feel about donating some sperm?

"You mean there weren't many takers?"

"Hell, Lauren, there were

I slinked over to his chair and leaned down to kiss him, grabbing his tie with my fist. "Well, I know one woman who would gladly receive the virile seed of a billionaire. No millionaires for me, Mr King.
They just won't do.

His eyes sparkled as he looked at me. "Maybe this venture does have some legs in it after all."

I undid the top button of my blouse and leaned in to his ear. "I want you inside me, Jason," I whispered. Warm juices flooded my insides and I felt the thin lace
my legs begin to get moist. "My panties are soaking. You could slip right in
o me now."

I reached down and undid his zip, feeling the hardness of his cock beneath his Hugo Boss suit. We looked each other straight in the eyes, without words, as I took his erect shaft in my hand and exposed it from beneath his boxer shorts. I looked down at the swollen head, glistening with pre-come, amazed at how hard he had already become. I began to slowly masturbate him as he slid a strong hand up my smooth, shaved leg. His fingers slipped under my hitched
up pencil skirt and I felt air hit my buttocks as he pulled the fabric up.

Just as I was preparing to take him in my mouth, he ripped off my panties.

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