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ay My Name, Say My Name’ - Destiny’s Child

I can’t stand that bitch! I gotta get rid of her! She tryna stand
in my way, and that I can’t have. I’ma keep her man, keep him
close to me. She’s outta here for good. But not right now. First,
I’ma get mine, and I’ll worry about that whore later
, Kym
thought to herself.

“Say my name, nigga,” Kym said.

“K…k…ym,” this nigga stuttered.

Yeah, get it right
. He had screamed out the wrong name one
time before; his wife’s name, Dionne. Even though she had
dumped Diesel for his best friend the night after he got locked
up. Kym had hit his pockets so fucking hard after he did that
shit, he probably never called Dionne by her name whenever
he saw her.
Oh well

“Fuck me, convict,” Kym demanded.

Convict Diesel Smythe. His mom must’ve been on crack
while pregnant with him for naming him that. Diesel Smythe,
her newest sex slave.

She was twisting and convulsing on his twin bed with
scratchy, faded sheets, letting him get out all seven years of
frustration and missing pussy on her. She had her titties in her
hands, squeezing and licking her own nipples whenever Diesel
stopped. This was their first time getting busy, and she hoped
like hell his old ass mom wasn’t coming home from the senior
center just yet.

“Yeah, I knew you wanted this dick soon as I met you,
bitch,” Diesel said.

Oh, really…bitch. A minute ago, it was Kym
, she thought
to herself.

Of course, his dick was strapped, ‘cause his ass had just
come home from a seven and a half year bid at a state institution
way out in Pennsylvania cow country for Aggravated Assault,
Possession of Instrument of Crime, and Possession With Intent
to Distribute. Basically, he was selling drugs with a gun on him,
and whipped some fiend’s ass in the process and got caught.
Now he was out on State Parole and County Probation. And
that’s where Kymber Devers came in.

“Fuck this pussy, Diesel. Beat this shit up.” She almost felt
idiotic calling him by his Christian name, but good dick was
good dick, right? She stopped throwing that pussy back at him
for a minute, and let him slow stroke her to death. “Make me
cum all ova this dick.”

He grunted in response. She felt him stiffen up and start
jerking his dick in erratic movements. It felt like he was tryna
cum without her, and she almost flipped out on his ass.

“Nigga, you better not even try to get yours before I get
mine,” Kym said.

“K…k…ym, I…”

“Nigga, you tryna go back up state?” She stopped throwing
it back at him.

Enough said. He got his shit together quick.
Power, God it
was powerful
, she thought…the power of the pussy.

She let him fuck her deep and hard for a few, while she
slithered around and pumped her hips underneath his muscular
body. Fingers laced on top of his baldhead, she tried to pull his
dick deeper into her tunnel. He flipped her over and fucked her
doggie style, while he called her bitches, sluts and whore; all
her favorite names and oh, so appropriate. Her pussy was wet,
and she was drenching this nigga in pussy juices, backing her
onion up on his dick.

Kym could feel her wetness and fragrant juices sliding
around his dick, as he got harder each time she moaned, and
squeezed his dick with tight muscles. The excitement of what
she was doing, and how well she did it, got her hornier. When
she rubbed her clit with two fingers, she felt herself about to
bust all over him. She tapped him on his shoulder and pushed
him off her. Before he could react, she jumped up and put her
pussy in his face. Three fingers deep in her pussy, she spread
her pussy lips wide so he could catch the cum drippin’ out like
she was ‘bout to part with her kids.

After she nutted all over his lips, Kym was up in a flash and
back in a Dolce and Gabana shirtdress and boots before Diesel
stopped twitching from her orgasm and his.

“I’ll see you next week in the office, Mr. Smythe. Oh, and
when you get there, have a money order for $250, and make
sure it’s blank. We’ll fill it out later,” Kym stated.

She ran up outta there before his nosy old mother got
back. If the bitch called her office again, asking ‘bout when
she was gonna let him off probation; like it was her damned
decision personally. As if Kym was the judge and jury who
had sentenced her baby to seven and a half years in state prison.
Or if Kym had somehow made her baby sell drugs, and beat
people with a crow bar.

Kym ran out the back door and down the alley to a County
issued car, a 2009 Dodge Charger with dark, tinted windows.
The County wanted their probation officers to blend into traffic,
and sneak up on niggas out slinging dope on the corners. Until
she rolled down the windows, or jumped out with her 9mm
fully loaded with seventeen rounds and one in the chamber, she
looked like every other person driving around the hood.

She shook her head at the thought of what had just went
down, and smoothed down her hair. Kym figured she probably
looked a hot mess, but God damn, that young boy had just
fucked the shit outta her! He made her remember why she
loved her job so fucking much.

Bad boys…she loved them, wanted them, and needed
them. As soon as they came to the probation office, straight
out of the state penitentiary, Kym knew which ones she would
fuck. They were desperate; missing home, and hadn’t had no
real pussy in years. Her shit was deep and moist, fragrant and
luscious. Please, their shit was desperate. She had the keys to
their freedom, and made them pay for it in spades.

Diesel was eight days home on County Probation. He
was home to his mom’s house with no job, and no prospects
for employment. He was going to Welfare on day nine, and
would plead disabled so he could get $205 a month plus food

, Kym laughed to herself. If she wasn’t a junkie bitch,
loving sex with all things thug-like, and fine ass niggas recently
home from ‘Summer Camp’, she don’t know what she was.



m telling you she doesn’t have a clue,” Kym’s
supervisor, Rick Brooks, told his supervising lieutenant
from the quiet, soundproof office on the 22
floor of the former
KYW building at 16
& Walnut in downtown Philadelphia.
“Hold on, that’s Johnson on the phone right now,” Brooks

He clicked open his County cell phone, and listened to
Johnson give the latest report of Kymber Devers’ violation of
every rule and regulation they had at the County. He jotted down
notes as he listened, and would later add them to a growing file
of pictures, tapes of conversations, and transcribed notes. He
was going to get that bitch if it killed him.

“Yeah, Johnson, we’ve got the bitch red-handed. She’s never
going to get out of this without losing her job and pension. We
might even give her some jail time if we’re lucky. I’m telling
you, she’s running wild around Philadelphia, and one of these
convicts is gonna kill her before we snatch her off the streets.
She’s hitting them up for cash, double-crossing them, and
fucking them in the bed and out,” Brooks said.

Brooks had to stop and catch his breath for a second. He
was starting to sound emotional, and didn’t want Johnson to
hear anything other than disgust in his voice. He knew all too
well what Kym was doing to those men in the bed. He listened
to Johnson for a few more minutes before hanging up. His dick
was rock hard, as he fingered the pictures of Kym in the file.
She was beautiful, and had rocked his world two years before.

He remembered the day she had walked into the probation
office on her first day out of training. Then he remembered
how she had brained him under his desk, sucking him off like a
pro as his secretary, Mrs. Cole, marched in and out of his office
taking shorthand and dictating letters. Shit, the bitch wanted
it and he gave it to her. He fucked her mouth for a solid hour
before he spit cum into the back of her throat, and forced her to
swallow the kids he was abandoning into her tonsils.

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