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This story is more a journey than a book. I didn’t want to split it, however it was the size of 3 novels and therefore I really felt that it needed to be separated into 3 separate books. My intent is not to leave you with cliff-hangers, although that will probably be the case. These 3 books are NOT separate stories and should be read in chronological order. If you want to know more about WOS then refer to my blog where these characters are still living in continuing stories at: ttp://pepperpacefeedback.blogspot.com/




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Book 2


Chapter 1



Robin was lying in her bed. Patty had already left. Link had come by to pick her up just a few minutes ago. But before she left she had explained that Link hadn’t meant to be so rough.



“A couple years ago he had been to a college party with some friends. They had all driven together with one boy that had sworn he was okay to drive. He hadn’t been. Everyone had been killed except for Link. He was paralyzed from the waist down because no one had the guts to say no, you’re not okay to drive.” Robin watched her. “Just know that he cared enough to do that. Some wouldn’t put themselves out there like that.”



Robin sighed. “I understand.” She just felt bad that she had caused so many people to worry about her.



The next day her stomach still hurt too bad to do much more then to lay in bed. She mostly lay curled in a ball feeling miserable; a deep ache between her legs from the loss of her virginity, a throbbing headache that amplified every other ache and pain that she was experiencing. How could it be that she had lost her virginity and the respect of Jason in just one day?



With a sigh she decided to call her mother to tell her that she needed to call off church tomorrow.



“What’s wrong, honey?”



“I’m just coming down with something.”



“How about I come over and make you some soup?”



“Okay.” Damn, she knew she was feeling poorly if she didn’t even mind Mama coming over. Betty Mathena fussed over her like she had when she was a kid. Robin thought that if only her Mama knew that the root of Robin’s illness was based on the effects of drinking and sex, she definitely would not have received the primo attention. She made chicken noodle soup and then cleaned Robin’s dusty apartment. She did her grocery shopping and then folded her laundry. All of this was done while Robin dozed off and on throughout the day. Robin grimly checked her cell phone, but no call from Jason.



Later that evening the two sat at her little used dinette table and had soup and crusty French bread. Mama reached out and touched her forehead. “You don’t have a fever.”



“No.” Robin agreed. She was feeling better, but not well enough to spend two days in a row with her mother.



“So what made you cut off that beautiful hair?”



“Oh Mom…” She touched her head. “It wasn’t all that good looking before. I couldn’t do anything with it but pull it back. I think this is much better.”



“I don’t know why you didn’t grow it out and get it relaxed. Our family has always been blessed with good hair.”



She hadn’t been. Her hair was springy and not apt to lay down even if pressed with a hot comb. Why was Mama telling that lie? She didn’t need her hair processed if it fit the true definition of ‘good hair’.



“Mama, did you know that you were in love with Daddy from the first moment you set eyes on him?”



“No.” She laughed. “I hated that arrogant, cocky man!”



Robin gave her a surprised look. “Really?”



“Oh yeah. You’ve heard this story before, Robin.”



“Yeah; about how you two met, but I didn’t know how you felt about him.” Mom folded her hands on top of the table and had a thoughtful look on her face.



“Well, there must have been something there. Anyone who expends as much energy hating someone else has to acknowledge that there is an excess of passion. I believe that too much of any emotion is akin to love; disappointment, jealousy, hatred.”



“It all means attraction?”



“That’s what I think.”



“When did it change from hatred to love?”



“I don’t know if it was ever truly hatred…but, one day we were debating. I don’t even remember what it was. But I was so aggravated and he smiled and looked at me closely. I just…well I just felt warm.” Mama was smiling and her cheeks reddened.



“Is that when you knew that you loved him?”



“No.” She chuckled. “I spent a lot of time denying my feelings. I knew I loved your father with our first kiss.” Robin smiled. “And then I didn’t want to ever kiss another boy…and I never have.” Robin gave her mother a sad smile. Betty patted her hand and quickly stood. “Do you want something to drink? Iced tea?”



“No. I’m fine.” She twirled her spoon in her bowl. “Mama…do you ever think about falling in love with someone else?”



“Oh…” She poured Robin more tea, even though she hadn’t asked for any. “I-well I’m too old for that now.”



“Mom that’s crazy. You are only in your forties. You’re not even forty-five!”



Mama sat down with a sigh. “Oh I know…but what’s the point? Your father and I built our first home together, we made a child and raised her. Everything that I have accomplished is all tied in with your father. There seems no reason to try to…be with someone else.”



Robin blinked at her in surprise, thinking about Miss Lucille’s sad, lonely life. “But…there’s so much more. There’s trips to the Bahamas and…forty more Christmases and forty more Thanksgivings. Mom, you don’t really think it’s over yet, do you?”

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