Whisper (The Voice trilogy Book 1)

BOOK: Whisper (The Voice trilogy Book 1)
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Copyright © Noelle Bodhaine 2014

All rights reserved. Except as permitted under the US Copyright Act of 1976, no part may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, stored in a database, retrieval system, without prior written permission of the publisher.


Authors Note: All events and people described in this story are fictional and a product of the
writers imagination. This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.



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Naughty Nellies Pervy Press

ISBN-13: 978:0692208151

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This book was a hard fought labor of love. I struggled, cried, gave up, changed everything and then went back. It took me 354 days to write. Finding time late at night when my house was sound asleep, or stealing an hour while my kids played at McDonalds. Yes, I feed my children McDonalds from time to time, sue me. Besides…I will have you know, some of the steamiest parts of Rhys and Sophie’s story were written either at McDonalds or on a playground somewhere. Yep, that was me, tap tap tapping away.

couldn’t have happened without the support of my husband. Who tolerated sharing his wife and his bed with another man. He has since decided he is willing to share me with any and all of my characters as long as there is a low-rider in his near future (which I have promised, so please buy my books!) I started writing this for a few very close friends to whom I also owe a debt of gratitude. Etta, Maina…I love you both, and Cheryl, who encouraged me and read every dirty word.

With all those thanks aside, there is one other person who deserves more than a mere mention, the woman to whom anyone who falls for my Rhys owes a great debt. She was the first person to meet him, the last person to look him over and my best friend through every excruciating step. Writing the book was a piec
e of cake compared to editing, formatting, making covers, teasers, Facebook pages and so many other things. A new author can really get lost, but I am so lucky that she found me! She pushed me forward, edited relentlessly, made crazy hot teasers, gently convinced her patient husband to help with my  beautiful cover, thank you Scott! Basically, she talked me off of cliffs for 6 months, while we laughed until our sides split. She is a Godsend and someone I am now so proud to count among my closest friends. She is my badass pimpin PA, editor, graphic designer, cheerleader, drill sergeant, nurse, therapist and date for the 50 Shades of Grey movie. Colleen….none of this would have happened without you. I love you.

Now, for the sake of all that is smutty and hot….let’s get to the story. I hope you love Rhys as much as we do. He is so damn dr
eamy, how could you not?!










Two weeks ago, my heart was broken, broken by the man who helped to piece it back together. I served it up on a silver platter, free for the taking. But that is the end and this is the beginning. I should have known better. I did know better. He had his secrets and I had mine. It was just a fling, a momentary affair that went on too long.

My life was in desperate need of reworking. Something had to change. I needed to reinvent myself, to do something spontaneous and prove to myself that I still had ‘it’, whatever ‘it’ was. Four years of struggle and heartache had left me feeling older than my 24 years. I was in desperate need of an escape when Olivia called and offered me just that, a wedding, in Miami, her wedding, new people, new to
wn, celebrating new beginnings; a perfect elixir for this unreachable itch. Between caring for my aging and forgetful grandmother and working full time, I had little time for myself or friends, if I had any left. Most of them went away to college and never came back, rightfully. I landed on a different path and have been afraid to change course ever since.

Nineteen years old and returning home for Christmas from my first semester away at college. I had never been that far away for that long and I was so homesick. My parents were so proud of me, as was I. I had made it to the University of Washington, my first school pick. First semester went off without a hitch and I found myself falling into a good rhythm. I crushed my finals, packed up my suitcase and headed to the airport. The weather in Washington was less than ideal. Snow really sends that State into a tizzy. But being from Colorado it was no big thing to me, I was used to the snow and cold temperatures, after all it was December. I just really wanted to get home. The winter storm covered the entire western half of the US. The snow wasn’t very heavy in Washington, but the temperatures were
frigid, so everything was covered with a blanket of invisible ice. We sat on the tarmac for two hours, just waiting to hear if we would even take off. When they finally de-iced the plane and gave the green light I was ecstatic if not a little nervous. I’m pretty sure ours was among the last planes to go in or out of Denver International Airport, as the airport closed soon after dusk, stranding hundreds of travelers that had not yet made it out. The wind was too fierce and temperatures were too low, but I was so happy and relieved to be home. Even though I had gone to Washington with my best friend, Olivia, I still felt a little lonely and longed for my family. She was enthusiastically swept up in the camaraderie and excitement of rushing a sorority, which was something I had no interest in. It was only natural that we drift a bit, but all in all we were having a great time, college was everything we had hoped.

We were so close to home, painfully close, crawling along at a snail’s pace on the ice slicked highway. I could see the Christmas lights on our house from where we were, a bright white star that my father had always perched atop of our garage. Lost in thoughts of all the delicious treats my mother had waiting for me, I turned my head to ask a question and everything slowed to a crawl. It was as if the world was turned on its side. The strained screaming of rubber fighting ice and the stillness of the snow collided in a torrent. I watched the truck slide across the ice and fishtail, tires slipping and
struggling against the slide. The truck narrowly avoided two other cars in his lane before losing control. He came crashing across the wide median, blowing loose snow and ice in his wake. Skidding tires echoed in the stillness of the storm and echo still in my dreams. The ice screamed under the abuse of rubber and a ton of steel. New snow crunched under cold tires, offering no resistance. 

My life did not pass before my eyes in that moment. There was nothing but my mother’s horrified face. My father reached over to her, to cover her with his arm, but nothing was going to save us from what was
coming. She reached out for my father, a silent scream passing her lips. No sound, just terror. Her cry would have stopped my heart if it wasn’t trying to escape from my chest. The truck slammed into the driver’s side, crushing the car. The sound of twisting metal filled the heavy winter air. We were pushed violently from the road, skidding off the shoulder. Heaven became hell, up was down. The sheer inertia of the truck pushed us for one hundred yards, gliding easily over the freshly fallen snow. Smoke poured from the wheels of the truck as it rolled over us and then everything stopped, my heart, my breath, my life. Everything was crushed under the weight of that truck. I briefly remember the world being upside down, my hair a curtain in front of my face, my body hanging by my seatbelt, and the noxious smell of burning rubber and crushed steel. There was no sound. My mother was silent. My father was silent. The next thing I knew, I woke up in a hospital, two days after Christmas, alone. Empty, broken, battered and lost.

I could not bring myself to go back to school. The only person I had left was a broken-hearted Grandmother, her mind half gone. I moved in with her, enrolled in a state university, got a job at the local paper and buried my head, watching from the sidelines as Olivia lived and did all the things we had planned to do together. When she headed to Cambridge last year for a year abroad reality crept over me. My life had come to a stand-still, while the rest of the world continued to turn. I stood still for years, willing the world to return to the way it had once been, but that was never going to happen. And now I am faced with a best friend who has moved on, who has continued to live while I merely exist. We have always been close, like sisters, but now she’s starting a new life. She went off and traveled the world, like we had planned to do together. She came back from Cambridge with a fancy degree, a haughty new world
view, and a fiancé to match.

4 years later I have become a whisper in the background, quiet and inconsequential. I have a

, half empty apartment, a fractured heart and battered body, a Grandmother mired in the early

of dementia who hardly knows me and a rotating cast of hospice nurses who tend to her care.

Miami was calling my name. Miami changed everything. Escaping my past had never been an option

until Olivia’s wedding. I needed to forget, to get lost, and be swept away in the romance and magic of a

. I didn’t count on him. I didn’t count on how I would react to him. A man, a series of soul

orgasms and a young woman who listened only to the cries of her wanton body, it was magic. And it was bound to end in disaster, but still it hurt more than I ever could have imagined.



Chapter 1


Stepping off of the plane in Miami, wafting coconut oil and salt water tickles my nose and the thick air wraps its welcoming arms around me. I am warm to the core of my body, warm and dry. A welcome change from what was beginning to feel like a never ending Colorado winter. The weather has been so cold, I swear my bones were beginning to rattle when I walked.              

Olivia is getting married to Matthew a successful real estate developer. Just her luck, he is wildly successful, comes from an important family and travels the world.
Poor girl. It seems the only drawback, so far, is the future mother-in-law that she can’t seem to crack. I know nothing of what she is about to enter into. Neither of us grew up with much money, but we always had what we needed. To even try and comprehend the kind of wealth she is marrying into is mind boggling. I say ‘no, thank you’ to the responsibility and pressure she is taking on. I like my low key life. 

My eyes scan the terminal for Olivia. Everyone is so tan….
.and thin. All around me women are strutting and swishing like they are in a secret fashion show, swaying their hips side to side as they walk down an invisible cat walk. Men pretend not to notice under their dark shades, leering sideways. Languages float about like a Latin symphony, people greeting one another, or saying goodbye. And then I hear her, over every other sound in the terminal.              

“Sophie!” I look to my left to see the crowd part just as a wash of blonde hair launches at me, embracing me like a sister. We hug each other for a moment and swing in one another’s arms like we did when we were little. I hold her back from me so I can get a good look. It has been a long time since we have been face to face. Our lives have gone off in such different directions, sometimes I
fear I will lose her for good.                                                                                 Now she is getting married and looking forward to a wonderful life, so adult, and refined. She looks amazing! I cannot believe this is the same girl. Her hair is long and blonde, her tan flawless and she is glowing with that sickening look of love. She is head to toe class in a sleeveless ivory silk top and crisp gray slacks. Her ears are weighed down by sparkling diamond studs, and a matching single diamond sits at the base of her throat.

“You look amazing
, you Bitch!” She punches me square in the arm, deadening the muscle, stinging just like it used to.

“Me? Look at you,
Soph, you are so cute!” Cute, that’s me, the cute one. Even in my best jeans and cutest lacy tank I’m still painfully underdressed, under adorned, and generally unremarkable.

Yeah, right, Liv. I am never going to fit in here. I cannot believe how beautiful every single person is. I am surprised they even let me off the plane.” My head starts to swim as my pulse picks up and pearls of sweat rise on the nape of my neck. “Oh, my God, Olivia I am freaking out! You are getting married!” My palms are so wet that my bag begins to slip and I lose my grip. I let it drop to the ground and use the back of my hand to wipe away the gathering curls from my damp forehead. Olivia grabs both my hands and pulls me in close.

BOOK: Whisper (The Voice trilogy Book 1)
6.84Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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