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With His Dying Breath (27 page)

BOOK: With His Dying Breath
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Major Characters

JJ Matthews–High school junior, works part time at Exquisite You Beauty Salon

Samantha (Sammi) Solomon Brockton –Accused of Blake Brockton’s murder

Blake Brockton –One of the Southeast United States wealthiest men found dead on the threshold of his colonial mansion

Jonas Attaway –Neighbor who found the body

Officer Dan Jensen –Policeman married to Sherry

Cain Matthews –JJ’s dad who is an award-winning journalist for the Macon Monitor

Chip James –Deputy Sheriff

Bill Fritz –Personal assistant to Blake Brockton at Brockton Real Estate

Wilson Lopez –Sammi’s lawyer married to Maria and brother to Mitch, Sammi’s gardener

Detective Hilda Marabell –Primary detective on the Brockton case

Detective Jasper Nelson –Working with Hilda on the case


Exquisite You Beauty Salon

Evelyn Young –Owner

Jenny –Manicurist married to Jess, Sammi’s massage therapist

Anne Jones –Stylist married to Austin, mother to Alan and neighbors of the Brocktons

High School

Mr. Grumman –JJ’s history teacher

Dr. Jacob –JJ’s favorite counselor

Dr. Christian –Counselor married to Everett Christian

Dr. Early –Assistant Principal married to Patsy who works at
Macon Monitor

Sara –JJ’s best friend

Wanda –JJ’s nemeses



In July of 2006, I met a woman in a South Georgia shopping center who was returning home from an annual writer’s conference. (I noticed her T-shirt.)
We had a most delightful conversation about the conference and the book she was writing about four grandmothers.

“I wish I could write a book,” I replied and, of course, she encouraged me beyond belief. I wish I knew her name. It was that night I penned the first chapter of With His Dying Breath. Chapters kept coming but somewhere along the way
retirement, a new career, my remarriage, two moves, my son’s marriage, the birth of a grandbaby and, well, life waylaid the novel.

It was not until January of 2012 that I returned to JJ and her murder mystery

JJ, Sammi, Evelyn, Anne, Jenny
and their men have been fun to get to know. They even surprised me at times! Cain, Hilda, Jasper were fun to introduce and, ladies, didn’t we all know a Mr. Grumman in our teenage years?

So, to you, my reader, thank y
ou for reading With His Dying Breath. I hope you enjoyed it and will leave a review on Amazon. If you’d like to contact me personally, my email address is 
[email protected]
. You can also find me on my
Facebook author page, Nancy Hogue.

The Internet is very helpful in conducting research but sometimes you just want clarification by a real person. I extend a big thank you to
Stephanie Sutton Mercer, my niece, for her technical expertise with the 9-1-1 calls and to Robert Sisk of Butler Toyota in Macon, Georgia for answering my questions about Blake’s Prius.

So many close friends were the first to purchase my novel expressing heaps of encouragement
and best of all, entering their five star reviews. To them I say a huge thank you.

To my wond
erful son and his sweet wife and to my grandsons, I love you!

Finally and most of all, to
my wonderful husband, John, who encourages me to write every day, supports me in all I do, never complains about anything and calms my frustrations (especially with computer glitches) — I love you very much and thank you so much!

hanks again for reading my break-out novel. I look forward to hearing from you! Nancy

Next in the Series

His Sins Exposed now available on Amazon for Kindle!

River Town citizens breathed a heavy sigh of relief when their much-loved community
returned to normal—normal in the sense a person could be out and about with their families with no worries of a desperate predator inciting fear in their lives. Last spring, the town became a resting point for news junkies and curiosity seekers when news alerts across the globe broadcasted the murder of Blake Brockton, one of Georgia’s wealthiest citizens, and the subsequent arrest of his young, beautiful, jet-setting wife, Sammi.

The TV and cable news trucks, reporters and cameras created traffic jams all over
the small town. Combined with the daily funeral possessions caused by this madman’s attacks, well, it was chaotic to say the least. Finally, after the surprising confession, arrest, and incarceration of a fellow citizen ending the nightmare, the families in this beautiful hamlet along the Ocmulgee River outside of Macon, Georgia, enjoy a peaceful existence once again.

But it doesn’t last long. JJ Matthews gets caught up in the crimes of a subversive group within a large mega church in her community when she extends her helping hand to the victims in a plane crash. Someone doesn’t want her help and will stop at nothing to keep her from destroying the plan.

The story begins on the last day of her junior year as citizens prepare for the many Memorial Day events honoring their Veterans and fallen heroes. However, the fireworks display will not compare to the real fireworks happening under the noses of the fine folks in River Town, Georgia.

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BOOK: With His Dying Breath
8.7Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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