Wolf Desire: 5 Delicious Alpha Wolf Shifter Tales

BOOK: Wolf Desire: 5 Delicious Alpha Wolf Shifter Tales

Wolf Desire


By Clarissa Black


Copyright © 2014




This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination, or, if real, used fictitiously. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means, including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without the express written permission of the publisher, except where permitted by law. All characters depicted are 18 or older.




Table of Contents


Claire’s Alpha


Since childhood, Angelo has loved his curvaceous friend Claire. However, Claire doesn't return his affections. She is conflicted.
Are the insecurities over her curvy body getting in the way?
Meanwhile, a new wolf pack claims his territory taking the girl as the first step of their conquest. Claire is reluctant but her questions haunt her. Angelo is forced to do whatever it takes to keep her safe. Even if means tearing through an entire wolf to keep her his.
Will Claire realize that she truly deserves Angelo or will it be too late for the fated-couple?

Eastern Wolf
Ancient bloodlines runs deep into American heartland.
When upstart architect Cindee is sent on a placement on cow-city Omaha she has no idea that the foundation of her life will be forever changed.
What had started as inner-city romance has now become her inspiration, and also her biggest problem. ‘
’, the rare Japanese shifter, has more to him than meets the eye.
But she needs all the help she could get including that of the
and Dillon the farmhand! Cindee is about to discover the secrets of the Eastern Wolf..

Primal Mates


Curvaceous Carol realizes her current indecisive boyfriend will never fully satisfy her. She craves an alpha man, a hero, someone like Asch, a city squat-force and now famous personality, who saved the city from a devastating bomb blast.
But Asch has a secret from the clamoring public. Not only does he shows psychological side-effects from the bomb's radiation, there is also something in him. Something more primal. Carol uncovers Asch's secret when their paths collide in a hotel lounge, witnessing his shift to a fierce, dominant alpha wolf.
Passions flares between them when Carol uncovers details of Asch's heroic bomb-diffusing jaunt. Carol soon learns that she needs Asch’s help, and learns the she holds the key to control his fiery psychology.
Will Asch take Carol's embrace and can Carol tame Asch's primal nature?

Wolf Mates


Studious Cynthia had eagerly waited to finally embrace the life as an exclusive breed-mate for her alpha. She’s done everything to get ready; researching alphas, understanding wolf psychology, spending time with pack members, and even getting her curves right!
But upon her arrival she’s horrified to learn that a berserking alpha wolf, Thane, had laid siege to the wolf territories, capturing all alphas and pitting them against each other. Cynthia’s loyalty is tested when the fiercely dominant Thane claims her as his special last piece.
But isn’t the way of alphas? Should she pledge her allegiance to Thane for subjugating all under his dominant rule or will she stay true to the alpha of her heart?

Forced by an Alpha


Aspiring photographer Natalie had patiently waited for the blue moon. Camped in the professor’s hidden lagoon, camera at hand, she hopes to capture the exotic ‘blue light’ – a rare phenomenon that only occurs at the lagoon.
But, it turns out, Natalie is not alone. A lone wolf prowls the territory.
And it needs a mate.
She faces a difficult question.
How far will she go to complete her life mission?
Read the twists and turns of her story as they are captured in lens.





Claire’s Alpha


(BBW Werewolf Romance)


By Clarissa Black


Copyright © 2014




Why does he have to be so annoyingly cute? Flipping through my psychology. Studying for my finals in the coming week. The pink bed crunched on his weight. This was my room after all. A girl’s room.


Long lashes curled on his gorgeous eye-lids. In this light, he looks cute. Looked innocent. Girls from school had a crush on him. I lost track how many. It’s not my fault I was on the chubby-side. This weight can make a girl insecure.


He looks like he’s sleeping. My neighbor, Angelo, and soon to be step-brother. Our parents were going to be wed thanks to his efforts of pushing them to date. Now they’d moved in together. And I had to share my bathroom with him.


He followed me wherever I go. Ever since we were kids, he was always there for me. Now we’re a little older nothing has changed. Nothing changed even except now we’re living under the same roof. Mom and his dad were taking a vacation as always. I suppose it’s good to have him around. It’s just that he can be so annoying when he shows too much concern for me. I’m a big girl now. Figuratively and literally.


The computer chair I sat on creaked. I got up. Trying not to make a sound. But the wooden panels gave out a slight sound.


“Where are you going?” He asked. An open eye followed me.


“None of your business.” I grabbed my psychology book from my bag. Time for some reading on the living room couch.


“Ouch. I said I won’t bother you. Are you hungry?” he said as he shot up.


“You know I have to pass this exam.”


“I know you will. You’re a smart girl. And attractive.”


He doesn’t fail in letting me know I was attractive. I needed it. Especially now in collegeBut now we’re older, it’s getting a little bit more… well lovey-dovey. But I was inexperienced in the matters of love. The lack of boyfriend nor suitors sure didn’t help. I suppose it was my weight. I mean I am little chubby. No denying that here. But the weight didn’t matter to Angelo. He even asked me to the prom. I declined at first thinking it would be unfair to him. He could go out with any girl that he wanted. But I finally relented. Thinking of our prom night still churn butterflies in my stomach.


He got up in a flash. More precisely, a flip. Athleticism was his game.


“You sure you’re not hungry?” he asked. Beaming a smile.


Well I was a little bit hungry. How he knew that was beyond me.


“Then I’ll get pizza.” He finished. “Can’t let a studious girl like you go hungry. You need food to power that brain of yours!”


I chuckled. Then threw him my favorite giraffe stuff toy.


“Why you..!” he said with a smile pretending to be about to lunge.


I ran out the room. “Eeeeeeh!”


We were in college but still we were kids at heart. I raced down the kitchen. Panting. He was already there. How on earth could he have moved so quickly?


“Pizza’s coming in 20 minutes.” He said leaning against the fridge. A lot more muscle now adorned his body. He was a far cry from the scrawny kid that I knew.


“Take a break?” He knew exactly what I needed to hear. I nodded.




He was flipping the channels, resting on the sofa, and eating Pizza. I couldn’t notice how seriously massive he was becoming. He was filling up with bulky muscles. His chest had turned to planks of steel. I could see abs ripple from his shirt. And he wasn’t getting less cute either.


His face was morphing to that of a Californian beach model. Deep gorgeous eyes encased in perfect slits. His manly chin complemented his increasingly angular features. But his smile. Ugh. His smile retained all the boyishness. Coy and at the same time, seductive.


It’s not like I didn’t take care of myself. I just eat when I’m stressed. Which is more now than ever. I couldn’t let him know that I regretted turning him down so many times. The pangs of insecurity gets a hold of me. I couldn’t bare facing the fear of being close to him, only for him to realize that he deserved someone better.


I felt that awful feeling of jealousy form in me. That insecurity again. I don’t deserve him. Even when he got all of my favorite toppings right! Olives and tomatoes with a dash of anchovies.


Inching closer to me, he placed his hand on my thigh. I snapped it away. He put it back again.


“Angelo, the TV. Change the channel” I chuckled inside. His hand left my thigh and reached for the TV remote. It’s not that I don’t want him. I was inexperienced, so I shot down every one of his advances.


“Why can’t you let it happen – just this once.” He said.


“It’s not going to happen. Get that through your thick skull,” I said biting into my pizza.


“You’ll give in to me eventually.” He said as he wormed himself to my lap. Caging me underneath his thighs. His smell was that of ground, pine, and overwhelmingly masculine. Why couldn’t he find a girl who could take care of their weight?


“Stop it.” I said.


He leaned in close to my ears and whispered, “Come on just this once.”


He looked at me with those deep seductive eyes. His peck on my lips was soft and delicious. A warmth radiated through my body. I leaned back at ease and control. I never was very experienced in mouth to mouth. What if I was not doing it correctly? I couldn’t bare of the idea of being such a bad kisser. But when I felt his tongue inside of me, I got all the encouragement I needed.


Our tongues whirled together. Oh how fine he tasted. But the feeling that this was wrong shot through me. When the warm tingling sensation of his hand grabbed my left breast, I shoved him.


“I told you... “ I said feeling a flush creep up my cheek.


“You told me what?” He said flashing a devilishly coy smile. “Besides you kissed me back!”


I jerked myself out of him, grabbed my plate, and thundered up the stairs. The door to my bedroom didn’t close. He had wedged his foot on the corner. How can he get-up here so quickly?


“Claire...” he started. He knew how I felt about it.


“I’m tired Angelo, and I’m not thinking straight.” I shouted as I kicked his foot from its wedge. The door slammed shut.


I immediately felt bad about it. My wideness plopped on the computer chair. Putting a half-eaten plate of pizza on my desk and grabbing a bag of rocktards, I opened a file with my Psychology report. What was wrong with me? Everything just felt so wrong but at the same time felt so right. Maybe, the psychologist had gotten it right. We are what we desire. In the course of reading, my eyes grew tired and I crashed on my bed. His scent was still on it. Pine. Ground. And overwhelmingly masculine.




The next morning I got up to a great start. I’d had made it a habit to try to walk around the block. My way of slimming my waist. That was the theory. After I finished, I walked in the living room removing my headphones.




He was completely naked. The sunshine glistened from his Adonis handle when he turned. I tried not to look down.


“Morning sunshine!” He said with a gleam of his face.


“You’re naked!” My jaw dropped. I’ve seen him with his top off many times but never completely naked. He plopped on the ground. Chest against the floor and with a single arm began pushing himself off the ground.


“Pardon me. We’re the only ones in the house anyways. Dad already left.”
He said without even missing a beat on his pushups. Sweat glistened the panels of his back. His outline was delicious to look at. Way better than pancakes for breakfast.


“Oh and I made you pancakes.” He said pushing off the ground, clapping, and then switching his arms. “And bacon.”


“Why are you naked?” I asked grabbing orange juice from the fridge, wafting the air crispy smell of my freshly made breakfast.


“Oh. I don’t know. Just something I do to start the day.” His arms had gotten enormously muscular. Curved, bulky, and powerful. He got up, put on his robe, grabbed milk from the fridge and poured himself a glass. I loved how he chugged milk. So animalistic. So primal.


I tried not to look down. I tried. But the panels of chest were throbbing, causing my eye to trail its outline down to his abs, which dragged my eyes to the corrugated leanness of his abdominals that trailed down to his Adonis handles and finally –


He tightened his robe. I could still see the outline of the fleshy pendulum on the sides of his legs.


“Claire!” he snapped me back to reality. “You need to get ready for school. I’m driving us so get ready. I don’t want you to be missing class.”


“I... I..” I stammered. “Ok.”




After a quick shower, I hopped to the car already warmed by Angelo. We didn’t have much time, so I applied make-up on the car as part of my ritual. I dabbed eye-liner and padded my chubby cheeks with foundations. Make-up to hide my plumpness. That’s why the kids in middle school called me the female version of the marshmallow man. I felt so embarrassed, so dejected. Kids can be so mean at times. I retreated by eating more.


It was during these times that Angelo would comfort me. If anyone got in line, they faced Angelo. He told me he started to get stronger so he can beat up the bullies in school. Those bullies that ridiculed me. Because of him, they all stopped. He was always there for me. I was scared that kiss would change things between us.


“You put too much make-up,” he said wearing his sun shades that made him look like a hot model driving a Ferrari down the freeway lane.


“And what do you care what I put on my face?” I said. Here we go again. Our little spats. If anyone didn’t know any better this would have been called a lover’s quarrel.


“All I’m saying is that you look fine without it. I like how you looked before. And I like how you look now. That will never change. I think you’re very attractive.”


Attractive? Hah! I mean I had a nice deep color of blue in my eyes. That was the only part I like about me.


I felt that stab of jealousy again, but I didn’t say a word. It was a marvel to see how my childhood friend had blossomed to be the hottest guys in campus. Not only that, he was also the university’s top wrestler in the division. Sometimes I wondered why he stayed with me.


“Do you still have that study session after school?” He asked, not pressing the issue further. I think he knew how insecure I got about my looks.

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