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Authors: Lola Kidd

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Wolf Seeks Wife (BBW/Shifter Mail-Order Bride Romance) (Mail-Order Mates Book 2)


Wolf Seeks Wife

MailOrder Mates Book 2

Copyright 2015 by Lola Kidd

All rights reserved.

This book is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is entirely coincidental. Names, characters, businesses, organizations, places, events, and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination or used fictitiously. No part of this work may be copied or reproduced without the express consent of the author.


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About This Book:

Molly Pitt’s life is going nowhere. Fast. Losing a job she loves causes her to reevaluate exactly what she wants out of life. She realizes that what she really wants is to be a wife and have children. Only with no one special in her life, there’s little hope of that happening anytime soon. Seeing an ad for a mailorder bride company renews Molly’s hope for her future. Even if she doesn’t get matched right away, this could be exactly what she needs to get her back on the right path.

Kellan Lunar has gone against his instincts and signed up for Lovely and Kind Brides. Seeing a happy couple get married convinced him that he could use a little help in the romance department. He’s excited when Olivia Grey calls and tells him that she has found his perfect mate. Only there’s a slight problem that may put Kellan off. Can he overcome his own prejudices and claim the mate that fate has put in front of him? Find out in book two of MailOrder Mates series.


Molly Pitt opened the app on her phone to update her status on social media. She was lying in her bed procrastinating. She needed to get up and get ready for work but it was so hard. It was the last day for the preschool that she worked at. The last day for her, anyway. They couldn’t afford to keep her on anymore and she was being laid off. She hadn’t been able to find a new job and was dreading what the next week would bring. Her mom had assured her that it wouldn’t be a problem for Molly to take her time searching for a job.

That was very sweet of her mom, but Molly wanted to work. It felt like she was backsliding. Still living at home and now without a job—it felt very much like she was back in high school. She cringed thinking about the list of goals she’d made for herself last year. She’d found it when she was cleaning out her college boxes over the weekend. Her goals at the time had seemed fairly easy. Lose the Senior 60, get a job in education, and get married before she was twenty-five. A year ago she had been working out three days a week, had interviews lined up with two school districts, and had been dating a wonderful fellow education major. Fast-forward four months after graduation and it had all gone to hell.

Her wonderful boyfriend had taken a job four states away. Instead of asking Molly to come with him, he’d broken up with her, saying he wanted to have “a clean start.” She’d felt so bad about the breakup and her inability to find a job, she’d stopped working out. Once she’d moved back in with her mom, her life was even more depressing. At least she’d been able to find the job at the preschool. That was the best thing she had going for her. The kids were so great and Molly felt like she was really making a difference. Plus, it was great training for when she had kids of her own. And Molly couldn’t wait for that. She was young but she knew what she wanted. She just had no idea how to get it.

She wanted to be married and have a family, but it wasn’t working out. Everyone told her to be patient, but dang it, she didn’t want to be patient. She wanted to be married! She went on dates all the time. None of them ever worked out. The men were perfectly nice but none of them was the one for her. They didn’t give her butterflies. And they certainly weren’t anything to write home about in the sack. Molly sighed. She was scrolling through her feed of happy couples and drama queens when an ad caught her eye.

It was a picture of a happy couple at the altar and had a catchy tagline. “Happily Ever After…with a little more fur.” It was an ad for Lovely and Kind Brides. Molly had only heard of the company in passing but now she was curious. She did a little internet research and furiously filled out an application before she left for work.

“Molly, you’re going to be late.” Her mom knocked on her bedroom door again.

“It’s my last day, Mom. It doesn’t matter if I’m a few minutes late.” Molly went over her application one more time before pressing Send. It was a wild idea. The agency was a mailorder bride company and they specialized in hooking shifter men up with single women. She had dated a squirrel shifter in high school and had gone on a date with a whale shifter in college. Shifters were HOT, and from everything she had heard, they were animals in the sack. Marrying one had never crossed her mind, but neither had being a mailorder bride.

Besides, she reasoned as she ran out the door pulling on her coat, it wasn’t like she was agreeing to marry anyone by filling out the application. She just wanted to see what they had to offer. She’d always loved books about mailorder brides in the old west. They were so romantic and sweet. She could use a little more romance in her life. She couldn’t wait to check her application when she got home that night. At least she had something more than the bottom of a carton of ice cream to look forward to.


Kellan Lunar opened his email and saw a message from his Lovely and Kind Brides agent. Olivia Grey was emailing that she’d found him a match. A good match, at that: they were 99% compatible. Kellan couldn’t believe it. He’d only been with LK for two months. His neighbor and good friend Owen Brooks had used the agency to find his bride. Kellan had been very skeptical about the whole mailorder bride racket, but after seeing Owen and Erin get married, he’d changed his tune. He met Owen’s agent Olivia at the wedding and she’d promised to personally find him a match if he signed up with LK on the spot.

Kellan had filled out application with tempered hope. It all sounded good, but he was still guarding his heart. He’d dated before and been burned. When he was in his twenties, he’d met a wolf shifter whom he was sure he was going to marry. His human side had loved the woman with all his heart but his wolf didn’t go wild. The damn thing could barely be bothered when he was with her. After three years of dating, Kellan had to end the relationship amicably. Her wolf hadn’t gone crazy for him, either. He’d been hurt, but he’d learned a valuable lesson. If his wolf didn’t go for the woman, the relationship was doomed.

Since then, he’d been searching for a woman who could make both his human and wolf sides happy. It was much harder than he’d imagined. He knew he should look farther than the confines of his small town, but it was hard. LK Brides was his attempt to look far and wide for a wife. The women they matched him with would be vetted rigorously. He wouldn’t get any shifter groupies or gold diggers. The ladies would know what they were getting ahead of time and so would he. No surprises.

He called Olivia as she’d requested in the email. “Hey, Liv. It’s Kellan.”

“Kellan! Wonderful to hear from you. You must have seen the good news. I’ve found you a match.”

“What’s she like?”

“She’s a teacher from the east coast. She’s a very sweet girl and is looking to get married and start a family as soon as possible.”

“Really?” Kellan’s heart hammered in his chest at the mention of family. He was a lone wolf, but he still craved pups and a wife of his own. He didn’t even tell his best friends how badly he yearned for a family.

“Oh, yes.” There was a pause. “I have to warn you that there was one thing that might be less than ideal for you. She’s young.”

“How young?” Kellan asked, suspicious. He’d specified that he wanted a woman close in age or even older than himself. He was in his thirties and didn’t want to have to deal with some young girl working through her daddy issues. He wanted a grown woman who knew what she wanted out of life.

“Younger than you asked for, but I don’t want you to turn down this match.” Olivia spoke urgently. “This woman will be able to get a match easily. I have a hold on her for a day because I have a good feeling about you two. You have to trust me, Kellan. Just email her. You’ll see what I mean.”

“Alright,” he said reluctantly. “I’ll open a line of communication. I’m not promising anything, though.”

“Wonderful! Be on the lookout for the email.”

Kellan went outside once the call had ended. He didn’t think this was going to pan out. He hadn’t even liked girls in their twenties when he was that age! He’d always dated older women. Olivia might have worked magic for Owen, but it looked like he was going to strike out.

He needed to do a one night pass of his ranch. He lived alone on the 60 acre ranch. Once he’d come of age, he’d left the Lunar Pack in town and got a place of his own. It had shocked the pack. Many people had assumed he would be the next alpha because of his demeanor. It was a no-brainer. But Kellan had known since he was small that alpha wasn’t the job for him. He had family who were just as qualified and he didn’t want to take the job.

He still helped them whenever there was a problem, which was often. Since his uncle had died ten years earlier, the Lunar Pack was still without an alpha. Kellan didn’t let it bother him, but he kept a close eye on pack politics. They still sent young wolves out to help him on the ranch and he wanted to keep relations good with them.

Owen had recently become alpha of the Brooks Pride and now was getting help on his ranch. He was also spending more time doing stuff for the pack. It didn’t bother his wife, Erin, but it wasn’t what Kellan wanted for himself. He had enough to worry about with his ranch.

He shifted down to his wolf and set off on the patrol. He always checked to make sure the animals were all where they were supposed to be and that no tools had been left out. He had ranch hands, but it set his mind at ease to see things with his own eyes. He was almost done when he spotted a cow alone off in the distance. It seemed like a lost animal until he got closer. He could smell the blood.

The cow was injured and barely able to walk. There was a hunk of flesh missing from its chest and it had a badly damaged front leg. Kellan shifted back to human when he got closer. He didn’t want to startle the hurt animal. He checked it out and then quickly ran back to the barn. He shifted to wolf when he was far enough away so he could get there quicker. He came back for the cow with the truck. It was easy to get her into the truck, but Kellan was afraid she wouldn’t survive.

He called the vet and set up an appointment to come out the next day. For now, he made the cow comfortable and stayed out in the barn for the night. He hadn’t had a predator problem in years. He and Owen both marked the territory around their land. Most animals weren’t brave enough to mess with the strange smell from Owen’s lion and if they were, Kellan’s wolf was enough to deter the crazy ones. He couldn’t tell from the marks what the animal was, but it had to be small and part of a pack.

He hoped it was a one-off incident. He hated to see his animals in pain. He’d given the cow a sedative and she was sleeping for the night but he still stayed in the loft. He checked his phone before he transformed for the night to sleep as a wolf. To his surprise, he saw that he had a message from his match. Molly Pitt. She’d emailed him back right away, even though it was almost nine o’clock where she was.

She sounded very sweet, as Olivia had promised. She’d just lost her job but she didn’t want that to change his opinion of him. Her honesty was refreshing and she sounded very mature and driven. Kellan was impressed enough to want to email her again. It didn’t hurt that she had included a link to her profile and Kellan could see pictures of the girl. His wolf sat up and took notice as much as his human did.

Molly was beautiful. She had a mass of curly black hair, clear blue eyes, and a huge, toothy smile. There was only one full-body picture, but he could see that she was all curves. On her small frame, the curves were exaggerated and very feminine. Kellan had to stop himself from licking the screen of his phone. She was just perfect. He hoped her personality matched her incredible good looks.

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